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Why Are Siberian Cats So Expensive

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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On average, you may expect to pay a price of anywhere from $1100 to $1700 for a purebred Siberian kitten. That may seem like a lot of money, but remember, you are looking for a friend and a companion for the next twenty years of your life.

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Pets are generally costly, but purebred cats (or dogs) are especially pricey. That is because there are a lot of expenses that go into the kittens that result in a high price of a Siberian cat.

A good breeder will have to spend a lot to breed a perfect Siberian kitten with great looks and solid personality, and then raise that perfect kitten in full health. The variation of a Siberian cat price may depend on whether your chosen breeder does a genetic screening, micro-chipping, and spays/neuters the kitten in early age, as well as on some other factors.

All the above is just a small part of the financial and emotional expenses the breeder has to pay to be able to maintain his or her work of supporting and developing the breed. After all, you are getting a pet, a friend and a companion that will be with you for the next couple of decades and who you will love with all of your heart.

Here are a few things to pay attention to as you browse the internet in search of your kitten. If someone offers you a kitten for the price that’s way outside the mentioned above range ($1100 to $1700), beware.

It may be not a purebred Siberian kitten, which may pose certain issues in terms of kitten’s health and personality (purebred Siberians have not only their distinct looks but their distinct personality traits). With the advance of internet technologies and the growing popularity of the Siberian breed, there are also lots of scammers trying to make money on unsuspecting kitten lovers.

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It should be a legitimately-looking website with detailed information about the breeder, their location, their contact info, and pictures of them and their cats and kittens. Usually, breeders do, because they normally enjoy showing pictures of their cats and kittens and connect with other people working with the breed, as well as their kittens’ new owners and other people who are in love with the breed.

If you see a Facebook page with lots of followers and pictures, you can be sure the breeder is legitimate and also that they are excited about what they do, which means they love their cats, which means you get a bigger chance to get a healthy kitten! That is a huge red flag and a sign to run in the opposite direction.

If you feel like a breeder doesn’t care to ask about your personal details and is just in a hurry to sell, that means one of the two. If a breeder doesn’t offer you a contract, it isn’t a good sign.

There are a lot of important things to be stated in the contract, such as clauses about spaying/neutering and never declawing your kitten. It will be extremely important for any good breeder to get you that information in written form and to have you sign it as they care very much about their animals.

To further check a breeder and their reputation, google their name and the name of their cattery, and add word “reviews”. Of course, there are always people that are unhappy with everything, so if it’s just one bad review among lots of good ones, it may not really mean much.

siberian kittens cat range forest cost breeders reputable

If the kitten is real, your breeder will have lots of pictures to choose from and to show you. If you feel that the breeder isn’t willing to do those extra steps in your direction, or worse, is aggressive/negative towards you, it’s best to go with someone else.

Since the breed is becoming more and more popular, there are lots of Siberian cat breeders these days and you can easily find someone that will suit you just right and will give you your perfect kitten. Kittens are not a product or a thing you can buy at a store, that comes off a conveyor belt.

As a young family living in a city with a shared backyard, getting a dog just didn’t seem practical. It turns out that while there may not be a true “allergy-free” cat, some breeds have fewer allergens on average.

I am pleased to say that my husband has had only slight allergy issues with our Siberian, pictured above, and she has quickly become a beloved member of the family. However, in our families, cats were given to us for free, so paying anything for pets was a change.

So I thought I’d share a couple of reasons why this specific breed has been worth the gamble. Almost all the breeders in my area allow you to come spend a couple of hours with their cats before making any commitment to an informal, personal allergy test.

siberian cat forest kittens cost range breeders prices

One of the first things we noticed about her was how brave and unafraid she was of meeting children (probably for the first time) and my husband and I. When she had to wear a cone collar after being fixed, instead of wallowing in her misery alone (like my other cats were prone to), she’d come and lay her sad, cone-covered head in my lap.

While feisty and playful, she’s also even-tempered for the most part, and even her vet was impressed with her behavior and temperament. I definitely think that Siberian Russian cats make great family pets.

And finally, I was really pleased to find out that Siberians are some of the hardiest cats out there. If you are going to spend money on a cat, I think it’s smart to go with a breed that isn’t prone to health issues.

Pro wrestler, 'Jackass 3D' star Stevie Lee dies at 54 They're expensive because they are a pretty uncommon breed, still fairly new in North America.

A breeder takes their cats health and well-being seriously and only investing in the best of the breed. They paid a lot of money for the rights the cat for breeding, They do not think twice about take a cat or kittens to the vet for sneezing, runny eyes diarrhea or anything else that happens.

siberian cat side sitting names personality lifespan breeds catbreedslist

They are registered in the proper cat fancy association as is the parents. Many hours are spent cleaning, cuddling, and socializing the kittens.

They usually have a full time job and the full time job of keeping the cattery a healthy condition and showing their cats is costly also. Before a breeder can even think of producing kittens they have to get their breeding stock titled to ensure that they are exemplars of the breed and have genes worth passing on, which means lots of traveling and hotel stays and show entry fees.

Then they have to spend hundreds more on ensuring that their cats are free of genetic and infectious disease, and once that's done they have to find a suitable stud and pay for his services. I would be very wary of anyone claiming to have Siberian kittens for cheap, firstly because there's a good chance they are not purebred, and secondly because the breeder would not be able to afford to sell them cheaply if they had made the appropriate investment in their health and quality.

If you are on a budget and want a kitten, the best thing to do is go to your local shelter and pick one out. Good breeders invest time and money into their pets.

Bad breeders allow any cat to breed and often give the kittens for free. These wild cats have long, slender bodies, and the design on their pelts might remind you of the fierce animals that roam the forest.

siberian cost much cats

But you might have noticed something that caused you to take a step back- they cost a pretty penny. They are expensive because it is hard to successfully breed a domesticated cat with a Serial.

Savannah cats are beautiful, loyal pets that require a lot of work and attention. Breeders take regular, domesticated cats and mate them with exotic African Serials.

Another thing that you will need to take into consideration is that Savannah cats are not legal to own in every state and county; be sure to check with the official legislation wherever you are. And again, as we said above, some places ban people from keeping these cats as pets, especially ones that are closer to being Serials.

You will need to check the laws of the area you live in if you are considering buying a Serial cat. Usually, Savannah cats between the F1-F3 generations will differ in terms of price between males and females.

This is due to the fact that F1-F3 male Savannah cats tend to be infertile from cross-breeding. So, breeders have to wait until at least the fourth generation in order to have a male that is capable of mating.

siberian cat much money

The next factor that makes Savannah catssoexpensive is how much it costs the breeder to actually breed them. But many breeders choose to purchase several of these cats so that they can have a higher chance of getting their desired result- which puts them way beyond $10,000.

The breeder needs to provide the appropriate housing for their cats as well as the proper food. Considering that Serial cats eat raw meat, this will certainly add to the overall cost.

Although you should never get any pet without having done the proper amount of research, that is especially the case if you want to purchase a hybrid cat. Considering the fact that this breed is very new and people will be able to make a lot of profit off of them, a breeder may try to take advantage of you.

Now, let’s look at some different aspects of their care that will drive costs upwards. Savannah cats require a special diet consisting of both wet and dry food, especially meat.

This food needs to be of the best quality and it should not contain any corn since Savannah cats cannot digest this too well. You’ll want to give your Savannah cat some sort of combination of wet food and raw meat throughout the day.

cats cat expensive siberian most breeds forest domestic types kitten pets these longhair getty sofia check meowza 2000 different turkish

If you own any pet, you probably find joy in spending money on toys and other gadgets to make them happy. The fact is, they are not dangerous at all and will most likely behave similarly to a regular domestic cat.

Savannah cats are characterized by being fiercely loyal and loving, and they require a lot of attention. Many owners agree that Savannah cats are loving, happy, and affectionate.

Siberians are medium to large muscular cats originating from Russia. According to Kate Conley, author of Siberians, the “ears and toes may have tufts, or a bunch of small hairs.

The triple coat is water-repellent and features medium to long hair, depending on the season. The earliest known reference to Siberian cats was recorded in the year 1000, according to the International Cat Association.

The cats started appearing in conformation shows in the 1870s and were referenced at Madison Square Garden in 1884. The first breed standard was written and published by the Toyota Cat Club in Moscow.

siberian kitten weeks

Siberians shed their thick coat in the summer, which means a daily brushing is in order while they molt. They will greet people at the door, come when called and enjoy playing fetch.

MEDIUM: Siberians are playful, athletic and active cats with a lot of energy. Their hind legs are longer than the front to give them impressive jumping power in their acrobatic movements and high leaps.

Because of the extra hair in the ears, you’ll want to clean them regularly (a good habit to get into, along with trimming the nails). However, they do produce a low amount of dander, so this may be a good fit for people with allergies.

Although this breed is not commonly found, it’s still a good idea to check with your local shelters or rescues in case they might have one who needs a home. Always view the breeder’s facility and other cats and kittens to ensure they are receiving proper care.

Although Siberian cats are relatively quiet cats, they do like to vocalize via sweet and melodic mews, trills, and chirps. They enjoy the company of other cats and even dogs and are good with gentle, respectful children.

siberian cat kitten grey tabby cats kittens brown cute spotted breeds sitting colours most paddington table garden wonderful shorthair very

Siberian cats were described in a book called “Our Cats and All About Them”by Harrison Weir, which was originally published in 1889. The United States got their first glimpse of the Siberian cat after the Cold War thawed in the 1990s, and it was love at first sight.

To keep your Siberian cat mentally stimulated and physically enriched, expose it to a variety of fun toys and play lots of games. The Siberian cat’s luxurious, thick, full coat may come in any color or pattern, with or without white markings.

Despite its thickness and length, the Siberian cat’s coat tends to resist matting, so it only requires occasional brushing (more during the seasonal heavy shed). Occasional baths will help loose hair come out and remove dust and dander from the coat.

Although no scientific studies prove it, some allergy sufferers say that they can live successfully with a Siberian cat. For mild allergy sufferers, this might mean that Siberian cats elicit little or no allergic reaction.

Mutations of several cardiac (heart) genes have been identified in some cats with this disease, which suggests that genetics plays a role. Don’t leave food out all day, as this can contribute to an overweight cat.

siberian cat cats range cost forest kittens europe

The Spruce Pets use only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

So you did your research and after seeing the price for such a Maine Coon cat you almost had to cry? Actually, Maine Coon cats are not expensive at all if you see it from a different point of view.

A serious Maine Coon breeder will feed the Maine Coon mother and the kittens only high-quality cat food to make sure that the kittens grow and stay healthy. Often breeders have to change all their furnishings because the male cat has marked it and the smell doesn't go away anymore.

Actually, breeders make almost no money with breeding Maine Coon cats. Actually, you can get Maine Coon cats for less money than you think, but you have to be smart and to have to know your stuff.

Regular house cats are pretty easy to get and it costs almost no money. You can even often find kittens that you can get for free or you could adopt a cat from a shelter.

siberian cat cost much does grooming

Breeding regular house cats is not hard at all and it does not involve a lot of costs. The regular house cat gets fed like always, the kittens are born and nothing really changes.

Without any documents, without being vaccinated, without being tested for health issues or similar stuff. The female cat does not simply come home and the breeder notices it is pregnant.

The breeder has a female and a male Maine Coon cat that meets all the requirements of a perfect Maine Coon cat. Nice ear tufts, a big snout, good teeth and much more.

The two cats have to be separated from other cats so that no (happy little) “accidents” could happen. Which means that the breeder has to pay multiple times in the worst case.

If the female cat is pregnant the breeder starts to feed the cat with special food that delivers more energy, which is needed during the pregnancy. This will ensure that every kitten in the womb has enough energy to grow and stay healthy.


All kittens get checked for all the diseases Maine Coon cats are known for. The breeder actually gets documents that approve that the kitten is in good health.

Remember, the kitten you buy is your baby and someone before you took great care of it. A lot of people that sell Maine Coon cats are not official breeders.

They don't breed with cats that have a good family tree, and they don't make sure that the Maine Coon cat shows all the typical features of a Maine Coon. That’s why there are more and more Maine Coon cats that are small, that don't have a big snout, that don't have those nice looking ear tufts.

If everybody knew this and not pay the full price for those kittens, those breeders would disappear, because it would not be lucrative anymore. So I am not bashing people who had an accident and want to sell the kittens, because they don't have enough time and not enough space.

I am only saying that people who pretend to be an official breeder but don't make sure that the kittens are healthy should be boycotted. This means that you will get a happy and healthy cat and you don't need to worry about anything.

siberian cat cost much forest does

However, all the work, all the stress and all the expenses that I have described above are not the only reasons why you should pay the high price for a Maine Coon cat with pleasure. Let’s say no one would be willing anymore to pay the high price for a Maine Coon cat.

Slowly, breeders would stop to breed Maine Coon cats, because it would get too expensive. The market would be flooded with Maine Coon kittens that are not vaccinated or checked for health issues.

As you see, sometimes a high price protects things from turning bad. The price is high enough to at least cover the expenses of the breeder, but not so high that every wannabe breeder starts to breed Maine Coon cats because there is money to make.

They make sure that the Maine Coon breed gets more and more healthy, and they are determined to continue to do that. If you want to get a Maine Coon cat, I recommend doing your research thoroughly.

It’s only natural to want to know how much do Huskies cost if you’re planning on getting one. Siberian Huskies are very handsome, highly energetic dogs.

siberian cat range forest kittens cost cats utah

The breed demands tons of exercise, patience, and love. So if you’re really leaning toward adding a Husky to your family, then it’s important to ask such questions.

There’s variation in terms of cost due to age, health, AKC registration, and bloodline. But you should know that not all breeders strive to earn a large profit by deceiving you.

There are many reputable breeders who spend lots of money and time on puppy litters. They, no matter what, don’t neglect the health and well-being of both the mother and her puppies.

Along with adopting preventative steps for temperament issues, genetic disorders, and diseases. To be honest, many owners of Siberian Huskies don’t find the price too hefty once they know for sure that their pup has come from a reliable and caring home.

When your dog’s health and genetics are clean, you don’t feel cheated. Let me first point out that not all trusted breeders sell puppies and young dogs at ridiculously expensive prices.


So getting a young, purebred furry friend at an affordable cost is not entirely impossible. But then there are also breeders that sell puppies at a cheaper price because the dogs don’t meet the breed qualifications.

Breeders are more likely to sell you an adult dog not fit for breeding for a cheaper price. That if you don’t really care about getting a young pup, it’s better to buy or adopt from animal shelters and local rescue organizations.

You’ll be quite surprised at just how many rescued Huskies are waiting to find a home. It’s not a pretty picture imagining dogs being trapped in cramped, abusive, and filthy situations.

Situations that treat animals as cash crops are labeled as puppy mills. Such puppy mills don’t offer proper medical care.

The dogs aren’t screened for genetic issues or diseases prior to breeding. So it’s not uncommon or invalid to believe that puppies that come from such unhealthy commercial breeders suffer from emotional trauma and even behavioral problems.


But wanting to rescue puppies from such operations by buying them is not the solution. That’s the price range of purebred Siberian Huskies at the majority of pet stores.

They don’t treat puppies, dogs, and other animals as living beings. This explains why not many animal lovers prefer buying from pet stores that engage in such unethical practices.

However, the truth of the matter here are that Huskies are not a widely available breed. So these kinds of pet stores are still running because they supply Siberian Husky puppies to meet the growing demands.

A registered Husky pup from a professional breeder costs anywhere between $300 and $400. The chances are these puppies have already received some form of obedience, behavioral, and exercise training.

So it’s important that you take your new family member to the vet once you buy or adopt him/her from a professional breeder. So it’s up to you to ensure that the person in business is familiar with the practice of breeding Huskies.


You must adopt or buy from an operation that prioritizes the dog’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The most ethical way of adopting not only a Husky but just about any other dog breed is purchasing from rescue organizations.

And these dog shelters are not expensive sources to buy Huskies from. Not unless you think that $50-$100 price range is too hefty for a Siberian Husky.

More often than not, dogs that come from rescue homes have also received the necessary training and shots. After all, buying food is a regular expense you might want to take into account.

Typically speaking, Huskies eat around 2 to 3 cups of dog food daily. Now, obviously, this can vary depending on the dog’s activity level and size.

So the best thing here would be to have a word with the vet about how much to feed your new pup or dog. Let’s assume your hungry pet consumes 2.5 cups each day.


And the chances are you are going to be using the treats for rewarding your precious pup’s good behavior. It’s only logical to include vet expenses when calculating how much Huskies cost.

So all the more reason to have access to the medical history and background of your dog at the time of buying or adopting. Lucky for you, Siberian Huskies are a healthy breed.

On things like initial care, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. So the vet expenses don’t exceed more than just some hundred dollars on a yearly basis.

Apart from vet and food expenses, there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. Siberian Huskies, unlike many other dog breeds, are quite strict about keeping themselves clean.

Although the thick and luscious coat demands to brush once every week. Or head to the vet’s clinic and pay $10 for a single nail trim session.


Even training is essential if you want your adorable pet to live a happy and healthy life. So if you train them at an early age, they grow up to be obedient and well-behaved.

These things aren’t expensive to buy, both online and offline. As for the coat, the colors include black, white, copper, gray, red, sable, and about.

Siberian Huskies are very playful, naughty, and diligent dogs. Needless to say, a Husky brings tons of joy and positive energy into your family.

And by keeping them active, even you’re choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So if your priority is to guard and protect your home, a Husky is not the most ideal choice.

Huskies are easy-going and well-socialized dogs that dislike being alone for a long time. So don’t even think of leaving your precious pet alone at home for the entire day.


The personality of a Husky is governed by the fierce hunting instinct that is a part of the DNA. So even though the breed has now become a home pet, it still possesses that independent streak.

The coat of a Siberian Husky is packed with 2 layers. The undercoat offers warmth, which is layered by a waterproof, harsh outer coat.

The shedding of the hair that takes place once a year happens over a matter of a few days and weeks. However, with regular brushing, you can reduce the amount of hair sticking to your clothes.

When I talk about exercising Huskies, the first thing that comes to mind is that they used to be sled dogs. So it goes without saying that Husky puppies and adult dogs demand tons of exercise.

Do you have the time to make sure your Husky gets a lot of exercises done? The ability of Huskies to work and hunt is what makes them so energetic and playful creatures.

siberian cat forest

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