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Why Are Siamese Cats So Expensive

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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Though these felines vary in their shapes and colors, they are consistently smart, friendly, and adaptable, not to mention gorgeous! The cost varies significantly depending on the Siamese cats color, breeding, and age, demand as well as where you get the cat.

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Adopting a Siamese cat from a shelter can greatly reduce the costs. This includes feeding it a high-protein diet and being prepared for health problems that might arise with the breed.

When you get a Siamese cat, you’re getting a breed with a storied pedigree and special requirements for upkeep. One thing that can determine the cost of the Siamese you choose is its coloring and how common it is.

The coloring refers to “points” on the Siamese, which are its face, ears, feet, and tail. The color and age of the cat, the breeder, the location where you get the animal, and other factors play into what you can expect to pay.

The full list of required show cat characteristics can be viewed here. Breeders should be able to provide you with up to date information on the cats they have available and whether they are purebreds or mixes.

A Siamese cat is likely to come from a breeder, which will mean paying more, as with any animal, due to breeding and care costs. The unique markings and bright blue, almond-shaped eyes of the Siamese make it a pet people love to take photos of and show off to friends.

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Finally, the Siamese cat personality is consistently fun, friendly, and playful. Siamese cats are not known for being shy, and they typically adapt to their surroundings and families very quickly.

This loyal cat loves to entertain, jump, play, cuddle, and talk. These ideal characteristics of the Siamese cat are the main reasons why they cost more than other breeds.

But with Siamese cats, there are some special costs specific to the breed that you’ll need to consider when bringing one home. Because of their unique build and love for exercise, Siamese cats need at least 35% protein in their diets.

Cheaper cat foods will include a lot of cornmeal, gluten, and by-products that can cause weight gain and aren’t healthy for any cat, much less the delicate and active Siamese. Their legs and hips aren’t built to handle the excess weight, and being overweight can cause health problems.

Ultimately, the cat food you buy, whether wet or dry, may cost a bit more than it will need to guarantee the right level of protein to keep your Siamese on the run! It’s important to acknowledge that Siamese cats can develop a unique set of medical problems that may warrant expensive treatments.

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They also appear to have a predisposition for progressive retinal atrophy due to having been cross-eyed when originally bred. Siamese cats are also prone to PICA, an unusual disease that can cause them to lick and chew on different types of material like clothes, bedspreads, and carpets.

This can lead to a buildup in the animal’s stomach, and expensive surgery is needed to remove the items. Because of their lean build and high activity level, Siamese cats also can be prone to painful muscle and joint conditions like hip dysplasia, paresthesia, and arthritis.

With any cat, but especially with purebred animals like Siamese, it is also advisable to acquire pet insurance to help defray some costs that may likely come up. Get pet insurance early, as the price will increase the older the animal gets.

If you’re looking for a purebred, there’s a chance you might have to take a road trip to pick up your new furry friend. The Cat Fancier’s Association has approved the list of breeders based on standards of ethics and health.

Reputable breeders have excellent online reviews, have properly socialized their cats, have papers to prove the kittens received appropriate shots and examinations, and have raised the kittens in open areas rather than in cages. Perhaps instead of going to a breeder, you are interested in finding a displaced Siamese who needs a home.

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You can apply search filters for location, age, and gender to help you find your new friend. Much like visiting a breeder, you may have to travel a bit to find your Siamese for adoption.

Beware of Craigslist or other listings that offer cats “free to a good home.” While some may have good intentions, there is a chance you are getting cats that are not healthy, have not been adequately immunized, and do not have medical records or histories available. With all the expenses and potential health problems, some may wonder if it’s really worth it to buy a Siamese cat.

To make sure you get the most value out of your cat, you must have sufficient information from your breeder about your Siamese ’s health. Spending a little extra money on high-protein cat food may be annoying in the short run, but in the long term, a high-protein diet could help keep health problems and expensive vet bills at bay.

A healthy diet will support your Siamese ’s immune system and musculature and keep your cat in the family for a long time. But perhaps the most common reason the Siamese cat is worth it is their affectionate and loyal personality.

With its distinctive appearance, voice, and personality, the Siamese cat is a desirable breed. A pedigree Siamese kitten typically costs $400 to $1000 from a reputable breeder.

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However, the purchase price is above $1500 when both the queen and stud cats have championship status. Adult Siamese cats with a desired pedigree, exceptional point markings, and championship potential are more expensive than kittens.

We explain why the Siamese cat price varies, compare adult and kitten prices, and cover how age, colors, and patterns affect what you will pay. If you’re on a budget, Siamese cats and kittens cost less from shelters and rescue centers so it’s worth registering your interest with these.

When you consider the ongoing costs of their care, the Siamese cat price pales into insignificance after a few years of ownership! It will not surprise you to know that kittens typically sell for more money than adult cats.

The CFA also manages official cat shows and their promotion. Therefore, cats that have the correct colors have an associated uplift in their price.

There are pros and cons for each purchase option, with many people opting to buy online via Facebook or other social media platforms. You will have no real guarantee of health, vaccinations, or screening of the parents for genetic conditions.

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Some people prefer to buy from a breeder because there are more obvious controls in place and bigger guarantees of healthy kittens from healthy parents with no genetically transmitted illnesses. Honestly, introducing a cat into your life is a lot like bringing a newborn baby home.

In the days and weeks leading up to the arrival, there are many things you need to consider and the following table gives you a feel for how much this is going to cost. For instance, the insurance can vary dramatically, depending on how old your Siamese cat/kitten is and whether they’ve had any previous health problems.

This is understandable due to the extra cost, which depending on circumstances, can be sizeable. Try Pet plan for an instant quote, note what’s covered and compare this to similar providers.

This breed has a glossy, short, and soft coat with no under layer at all and known for its pointed coloring wherein the body is pale while the face, ears, legs, and tail have a darker shade. This cat breed is popular for their willingness to be walked on a leash and known for being affectionate, talkative, and sociable.

In a study made by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, the Siamese breed claimed the 6th spot among the friendliest cat breeds in the world with the Sphinx claiming the top spot. Other breeds included in the list are the Rag doll, Burmese, Abyssinian, Somali, and Maine Coon.

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The other cat breeds that made it to the top 10 include the Persian, Maine Coon, Rag doll, Exotic, American Short hair, Airman, Abyssinian, Sphinx, and Bengal. A Siamese cat named Katy was once hailed as the world’s fattest cat although the Guinness World Records don’t actually keep a record of the fattest living animals because officials allegedly don’t want people to overfeed animals.

Katy is from As best, Russia, and she weighed a whopping 50 pounds due to her voracious appetite as a result of the hormones given to her to stop her from mating. Two pet Siamese cats of then-ambassador Henri Held at the Dutch Embassy in Moscow, Russia began clawing on a wall one night and Held suspected that the cats detected noises that people can’t hear.

After further investigation, it was discovered that 30 tiny microphones were hidden behind the wall, thanks to those intelligent cats ! Take special care of your Siamese cats as they’re prone to suffer from health problems as most cat breeds do.

The most common health issue is the progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a degenerative disease that affects the photoreceptor cells and which could lead to blindness. PRA is an inherited disease among Siamese cats and it could cause total blindness with no effective cure at all.

Affected cats show signs of PRA as early as one and a half to 2 years of age. The life expectancy is around 8 to 12 years and the breed’s colors vary from chocolate to seal, blue, fawn, cream, and cinnamon.

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Commonly referred to as “geezers”, this breed enjoys human interaction and if they’re alone for hours they tend to get depressed and destructive. There’s no effective treatment for this disease but the proper diet and medication can help support the functions of affected organs like the liver.

Treatment of the condition include inhalers and oral medications to reduce the inflammation and help open up the airways. Lymphoma causes the formation of abnormal lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, and can show up in anybody part or organ.

Just some of its common symptoms include weight loss, swollen glands, and labored breathing. On the other hand, skin cancer is manifested mostly in the form of mast cell tumors.

Siamese cats are also prone to Feline paresthesia syndrome wherein they experience increased sensitivity to touch and other stimulation of the nerves and skin. Keep her off unsuitable surfaces for jumping and from objects that she shouldn’t put in her mouth like toxic household items.

Do a weekly check of your cat’s ears for debris, wax, or any signs of infection and clean as necessary. Make sure to keep the mind and body of your Siamese cat active and alert to prevent her from developing behavioral issues.

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Schedule daily play sessions to stimulate your cat’s desire to explore and hunt. Always make sure to provide a litter box for your Siamese cat, or better yet, have a spare one ready, too.

Scoop the waste daily as cats are meticulously clean and may end up pooping or peeing somewhere else if you left the litter box unattended. The Siamese breed can cost from $250 to $1000 depending on the pedigree but you’re sure to get your money’s worth because Siamese cats are smart and distinctly unique.

Much of Siamese cat history is lost in the mists of time, but records found in Thailand, confirm that Siamese cats existed then and that they were very highly prized pets. Ancestors of today's cats were found in the kingdom of Siam (now Thailand), which is where they got their name from.

The Lynx Point Siamese cat is one of the variations of Siamese cat, and its name comes from the fact that is has markings that are similar to those on a wild lynx. If you are referring to a kink in the tail, this is not common to the Siamese, and can occur in pretty much all other breeds.

---------------- Well, it depends on what you mean, as the first answerer says, all cats are related somewhere, like humans, but no, the yarn't connected in breeds. They bred these Siamese with other colors and eventually produced a number of black cats.

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Siamese cats cry too much because they need a lot of “locality”..... if don't understand go here: She is properly mowing a lot more than usual because she/he is hungry or has a stomachache.

That may be the case, but it is true that Siamese cats are much more vocal than other breeds, she may just be “talking” to you... My Siamese does that- we have “conversations”! While Singapore only grow to about four pounds, Siamese or Bombay cats can be much heavier.

They are hyper, and very good for families, BUT make sure you get them at a young age if you have children. She is shy toward visitors and runs away, but with our family she is kind and sweet.

Another unique thing about them is Titan is VERY tolerant, and as a fact a visitor CAN stick their head into his chubby stomach and shake their head, and he will just start purring. Since Calico is just a color not a breed, it depends on what kind of cat it is.

Most are just average domestic housecoats and aren't worth much Answer They are priceless, interesting pets with an attitude. Some cultures call them “money cats,” because they bring good fortune.

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A friend has offered you a pet cat, a beautiful Siamese with blue eyes, the unmistakable dark face of a Siamese, and an off-white fur. You hesitate, wondering if a Siamese will make a good pet.

They are friendly, active cats with distinct personalities who make excellent companions. Siamese cats are intelligent cats who are highly trainable.

Due to their activity level and intelligence, they can cause more mischief than other cats. Siamese cats also are more dependent on human interaction that many other cats, so keeping them alone for long is not advised.

But whether they make good pets is determined on what you want from a cat. To help you make a wise choice, you need to know what you want from a cat.

Consider these things before deciding to get a Siamese cat: Common descriptions for their meows are, in alphabetical order: annoying, baby-like, constant, demanding, endless.

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Just in case you don’t, here’s a short (merciful) video. As you can see (or hear), their meowing ranks as the number one reason NOT to get a Siamese.

It seems that cats have figured out how to use their cry to trigger a natural, mammalian response to help. Getting SiameseCats to Stop Meowing There are ways (or at least some people claim) to get a Siamese to talk less.

Even if these techniques might work as some folks claim (for example, Dr. Sophia Yin), they seem to require more time than many of us have. They will purr, chirp, and trill as a way to show their affection.

Combined with other affection body language, their purring indicates they love and trust you. They use their tails, for example, to indicate different emotions, including fear, anger, and affection.

Take comfort that your Siamese trusts you and enjoys your company. Cheek rubbing and head bunting are two other behaviors that show affection.

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Like the cheek rubbing, it is also a way to transfer those scents of affection and ownership. Their Affection is a Double-Edged Sword Since they are so affectionate, you need to consider if a Siamese cat fits your lifestyle.

If you want a pet that will become independent and self-sufficient, then a Siamese might not be a good option. An aggressive dog might be none too happy sharing his territory with a cat determined to become the most important pet in your life.

How do they act around other small animals or children when you are taking them for a walk? If you observe aggressive tendencies in your dog, then you might want to pick a different cat, such as a Siberian or Rag doll.

Some people will install a cat door that leads to another room. A sturdy and tall bookcase will also work, as long as your cat has a way to get to the top.

Put all of her toys, scratching posts, and cat towers in this room temporarily. Don’t wait too long, unless your idea of a good time is listening to a Siamese meow.

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Build up the time they spend with each other while still holding your dog by his collar once they can stand each other’s company for a few minutes it's time for the next step, which is holding your dog by a leash. This provides the dog with a chance to get to know the cat a little better while still being under your control.

SiameseCats Love Kids A friend of mine tells a story that one day she came home to find her daughter and her cat having tea. And the cat was wearing clothes borrowed from one of her daughter’s dolls.

“The cerebral cortex of cats is greater and more complex compared to that of dogs.” She goes on to explain that if brain size was an accurate measure of intelligence.

These are tests commonly used by researchers studying animal intelligence. Find a washable marker and put a big dot on your cat’s forehead.

A Weekly Coat Brushing Many short-haired cats don’t require a lot of grooming since they generally take good care of themselves. The cat won’t complain since she is getting quality time with you Don’t brush against the grain.

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Affectionate cats that they are, a second or third brushing won’t just be tolerated, but welcome. (Most veterinarians and cat experts don’t recommend declawing.

For more info, the Humane Society has an excellent article about it.) It’s not like your Siamese will sit patiently for long anyway, and she will want this to be over quickly.

You can get a kitten used to having her mouth handled by gently rubbing her teeth (after lifting the lip, of course). Before you grab the toothbrush, try using a damp gauze pad first to rub the teeth.

Cats all need dental care, should receive vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian, and be treated for parasites as required. Asthma is a common condition among cats, with Siamese being more at risk.

If your cat cough is reoccurring or extended, consult your vet. ConditionsCauseTreatmentAmyloidosis Proteins collecting inside organs such as the pancreas, kidney, or liver, causing those organs to fielded and medication can be used to help the affected organs function better Mega esophagus If the esophagus doesn’t contract properly, food does not go into the stomach but stretches out the esophagus.

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If your cat continually vomits after eating, consult a veterinarian. Cats with this condition sometimes inhale bits of food into their lungs, which can lead to pneumonia, so don’t delay calling your exchanges in diet, particular postures while eating, and prescribed medications can help manage the problem Lymphoma A type of cancer more common to Siamese cats than other breeds.

This cancer causes some white blood cells to develop abnormally. It can be detected with a blood test, so have your vet screen your mature cat annually. Very treatable with a high success rate when chemotherapy is used.

Unfortunately, treatment is expensive and requires a long-term commitment Thomas A type of lymphoma that begins in the chest. Chemotherapy is also a successful treatment Mast cell tumors A type of skin cancer that should be removed as soon as they are discovered.

They are small, raised, firm, and hairless lumps. Because they often become itchy, some cats hurt themselves by scratching and even chewing the lumps. Removing them with surgery has a high success rate.

Adenocarcinoma A type of intestinal cancer typically found in older acts. Sudden or severe vomiting, blood in the stool, or diarrhea can be symptoms. Can be successfully removed through surgery Siamese cats have crossed eyes, and the medical term for this is convergent strabismus (remember this for your next Pub Quiz!).

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Sometimes the pleading eyes do the trick, and before you know it, you have a meowing cat going home with you. After reading articles from experienced owners, I have talked myself out of owning (for now) pigs, sugar gliders, tarantulas, mice, rabbits, goats, chickens, and horses.

I'm not trying to sway your opinion of Siamese cats, but I do want you to make an educated decision and do what's best for everyone. The Siamese is one of the oldest recognized breeds of Oriental cat, originating from Thailand (formerly known as Siam).

If you're someone though who has thought about getting a dog but can't because you don't have time to walk them or your apartment/house doesn't allow them, a Siamese might be a great choice for you since they are very extroverted and some even love to play fetch! This article sets the record straight and answers some of the most common questions asked about this breed.

Unless this is the first article that you've read about Siamese cats, you probably have learned about the vocalization skills they possess. When we first brought our baby kitten home, we thought she was broken.

When I would hold her, she would look deep into my eyes and bellow inches from my face, with no regard to her fishy breath assaulting my nostrils. If you believe cats are quiet and stick mostly to themselves, prepare to be astonished.

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Siamese cats are regular “Chatty Cathy's” and enjoy nothing more than to tell you about their day. Most of them never tire from describing all the naps they took during the day, all the kernels of food they ate, all the bugs they saw, all the thoughts they had, all the furniture they destroyed––in great detail.

I know this will make me sound like a crazy cat lady (which I guess I am when it comes to Rain, my cat), but she will carry on a “conversation” until I get bored and wander away. There is no wall, door, or fence that can effectively block the sound from traveling directly into your ear canals.

It's more obnoxious than a baby's cry, your neighbor's mower early Saturday morning, or even your mother-in-law's laugh. The ones that I have known (I've owned three) absolutely loved to be cuddled, held, and fussed over constantly.

Rain will not go longer than an hour without sitting in my lap or sauntering into whatever room I'm in to make sure I'm still her faithful servant. Our family's Siamese cat when I was growing up, China, is now 15 years old.

But no matter how much I bothered her, she would always sit on my lap and treat me to her thunderous purr. Children are not the gentlest creatures towards pets, so the fact that China still loved me so much is no small feat for a feline.

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It seems like they need more love and affection than most dogs I've met. Because this breed can easily get bored, you'll need to make sure you buy them lots of toys, a scratching post, and some cat-climbing furniture.

They sometimes make up their own games and love to climb. Here is the biggest secret of them all: Siamese cats are extremely difficult to train.

When I tried the water bottle tactic the “experts” advised, she just squinted her eyes and continued doing exactly what I didn't want her to do. No matter how long I “stuck to my guns,” she held out longer.

I tried swatting at her because I thought if I mimicked her behavior she would get the point in her native language. When I began reinforcing positive behavior with kitty cookies, she believed what I really wanted was for her to annoy me as frequently as possible for another treat.

That means I give her tons of hugs and sing her songs about how lovely she is. While it's possible to train your Siamese to play fetch or walk on a leash, it has to be something that they are at least interested in doing.

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ProsConsThey love to be around people and act much more like dogs than cats. If you work full-time or are gone a lot, your cat will surely act out and become destructive.

They meow a lot, and their sound is known to be more obnoxious than a baby's cry. It's common for Siamese cats to engage in compulsive behavior, like constantly biting or licking themselves.

They may also suck wool or other fabric, or engage in pica, which is the consumption of non-foods. This behavior usually begins before the age of two, so if you notice your cat regularly doing any of these things, it may be time to talk to your vet about it.

Their short, fine coats can easily be cared for with a weekly combing to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Because these cats have long, slim bodies weight gain will show quickly.

They can even show a pot-belly after indulging in one day of over-eating, so their nutrition must be carefully controlled. There are a few different types of Siamese cats, and they are distinguished by their points, which refer to the flashes of color on the face, ears, legs, and tail, and should have a sharp definition.

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They have big blue eyes, a pleasantly triangular head, and a short coat. Seal Point: They can be recognized by their fawn body coat, which usually darkens with age.

Their overall coloring is believed to have come first among all types of Siamese cats. They have a lighter body color than the Seal Point, and their nose and pads tend to be pinkish.

Blue Point: They are very distinct in that they will have bluish fur on their face, ears, and the tips of their tails. This breed has a special modifier gene that inhibits pigment from developing in the fur, resulting in albinism.

But did you know that this gene only affects their fur when their body temp is between 100 and 102.5 degrees? Once their temp drops below 100 degrees, their color returns.

It's commonly believed that they originated in Thailand around the 14th century when they first appeared in a Thai manuscript, making them one of the oldest cat breeds in the entire world. Crooked tails and crossed eyes used to be common traits.

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While this was the result of genetics, legend has it that a group of Siamese cats were tasked with guarding a royal goblet. The cats stared at the goblet with such intensity that their eyes crossed.

This breed commonly belonged to royal families in Thailand who treated them like kings and queens. The first Siamese cat in the United States lived in the White House: This breed was not seen in the U.S. until the late nineteenth century.

Is centered on a Siamese named DC (or Darn Cat) who helps stop a kidnapping. She chases her tail, I have taught her to sit, and she does play fetch.

Weenie is a 21-year-old female Siamese with long lack hair. She runs our house most of the tie (especially at night) and we aren't getting the sleep we need.

She wants to eat non-stop all night and is sleeping during the day (maybe 3 hours) I need some advice. Hi, I want to buy a Siamese cat because I feel like it's a perfect fit for me.

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The WORST habit that I will NOT put up with, is jumping onto the kitchen cabinets. I want to say if you are smacking your cats butt and spraying it, you kind of are the bad guy.

But the rational part of me knows you are likely not doing so with ill intent. So I'm going to share some of my findings with you....and by all means if you don't want to take my word, seek out your own information and form you own conclusion.

I have read several vet's & feline behaviorists articles and books advocating against trying to punish a cat. They advise against punishing cats mainly due to the reason that your cat doesn't know what it is being punished for and the experience potentially causing your kitty unnecessary stress.

It is very challenging to communicate the specific reason for the punishment to the cat. The logic/theory is that in your cats eyes you are suddenly smacking, spraying, etc it, and they associate the act of punishment with whatever happened precisely beforehand.

They theorized this due to the research of the feline brain, attention span, memory etc. The association with you and getting punished will likely do quite a bit of damage and diminish your bond.

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A lot of feline behaviorists and vets recommend that instead of punishing bad behaviors (unwanted is a more accurate term) reward the good (wanted) behaviors. Cats respond a lot better to positive reinforcement than to negative reprimanding or punishing.

Also, maybe your cat has a nutritional deficiency or a health concern that is driving it to eat weird things. Yeah, my little a-hole eats anything and everything off the ground (plastic, dirt, metal, rubber, etc) she also has to destroy everything in sight and when you spray her or smack her tush she screams at you like you're the bad guy.

But then she follows me around and every time I stop she cuddles my feet then Crawls up to me on the couch and sleeps there for hours and it makes me happy she's my best friend. She had surgery a few months ago to fix her locating patella and I'm fearful she's going to hurt herself awful.

But apparently she doesn't care so IDK what to do except pour another couple Grand into her knees when she breaks them again. They are too active to have them sleep on my bed as they keep playing and I cannot fall asleep.

They will climb up the sheers and shower curtains and screens on the windows. I have bricks as part of the kitchen wall as decoration, and they shimmied up those too.

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I had one growing up named Mr. Moto, and he would let me dress him up in doll clothes and always slept on my bed at night. I now own another seal-point neutered male I adopted from the Humane Society.

He has decided he wants to be an outside cat, even though we live close to a road with a lot of traffic and many families in our neighborhood allow their dogs to roam free despite leash laws. I carry him outside to get fresh air, but when I tried leash training him he's like a little Houdini.

I’m so glad we decided to get two this time as they do keep each company when we’re not at home. @markdeem, I have never heard that Siamese cats vomit a lot, but I will tell you from experience that my current Siamese cat does.

In fact any time she is overwhelmed or anxious she vomits, she gets ulcers, and must be medicated. And then it was like she would gorge on food and puke all the time, to the point that she was no longer able to free feed.

At first, I thought it was maybe just because the food wasn’t giving her the nutrition she needed, but after switching her food many times, she made it apparent that it was a behavioral thing. She's one yo, very talkative and playful, but doesn't like to be petted too much.


Hi I Owen a Siamese she two years I got her when she was a baby my problem she doesn't except my guest at home she gets aggressive I need to help my Family are upset CZ there unable to visit when she home she is sweet please help me My mom has a Siamese cat, and this cat is absolutely rude, loves hissing at everyone, she won't cuddle with anyone ...etc it's a tough breed to own For sure my mom has about had enough trying to get her to be nice.

When you put the different kinds of Siamese, you forgot the red point Mr. Cat & Miss Kitty, brother and sister, we got them at 12 weeks old.

Daryl on the other hand is quietest cat I’ve ever owned. We currently have our second pair seal point Siamese cats (brother and sister) they love to be the center of everything going on in the house.

I've had cats by whole life (63 yrs), and the Siamese are the most affectionate and love to be with you, sitting on your lap, watching what you're doing, or sleeping next to you all night. She loves my husband so much she insists he take a nap, so she can hold his hand.

I take her out but when I say “Home” she goes tight to the door, then insist on a treat. Last night I prayed on my knees to God to let her live many more years.

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I can't explain what all the fuss is about these cats in a short note as this but if she gets sick, I will take care of her to the end He was a tiny kitten when I got him and I finally got used to the constant meowing.

He is black with white paws, but he is a very long lean cat with diamond face and prominent ears. The water bottle thing I was told from all of my friends was fruitless when he was a baby and a big game for him now.

No amount of smacking him deters his sharp painful attacks on my feet and hands. I had a huge older Main Coon for years, and this has been so incredibly different.

Once I thought he might be part Siamese I started doing research and everything rings true. What I cannot imagine is why a hybrid Siamese would have been left out on the side of the road as a tiny kitten.

If I lived in a bigger place I would get him a friend, having cat scratches from head to toe is wearing. I can't envision life without my Darling Sin Lee who will be 19 years old.


I have a 5-month-old Siamese kitten, and she never talks (unless it's time for food). We got him when he was 8 weeks old, and we brought home this beautiful talkative cuddly kitten.

We play with him regularly I do pick him up and cuddle him even when he fights for me to stop. My blue seal point Siamese, Isis, will dance figure 8s around me and squeak like a mouse, she spoons me and takes up the whole bed, she plays hide n seek, and we talk for hours.

Not to mention she's worth thousands and I rescued her for only $60, vet said she was almost dead and wouldn't have lasted another day in that cage. I love how she watches TV for long periods of time like a human.

I have sim ease her name is cookie she is hipper all the time, and she shares everything even toes and hands I got her fix thought that she would calm down but that not the case with her she is half sim ease and tabby she is like to eat human food she is a good cat, but she does not like to be alone I am scared if I get a Siamese because I go to school and my brother go to school and my young sister goes to the kindergarten and my dad works in another country, and he comes every year to stay with us like for 1 month and I know that siamesecats don't like staying alone and the bigger problem that my cat hates cats she says she won't take care for him and I am afraid to get the Siamese cat, and he doesn't like staying alone WHAT SHOULD I DO.

And I live in Egypt and the only cat breeds that are available in Egypt are Siamese, Persians and Himalayan and it is very very very rare to find a rag doll cat their PLEASE HELP PPP Going to work tomorrow I usually like to restrict house access until she gets it so as of tomorrow she will be staying in the laundry room along with her litter box till I get home.

persian cats expensive why tweet

My cat “Chance” Siamese male senior has thyroid disease and has to get his medicine via the inside ear lobe. My Siamese cat CandySunshine is very clingy lately but the thing is she won't let me take her to the vet.

I've had many cats but my Siamese is definitely very different I adore her I just want her healthy & happy any advice? If your Siamese kitten is noisy, then you will have the vocalizing, chatty Cathy, kind as is the feline of the author's.

We converse, all the time, but, I will ask if she's hungry, and, I get a single, little meow. If I have to go on errands, and, am gone longer than expected, I do get a little more vocalization, unless she napped most of the time.

How do you take care of your Siamese cat that is scared of everything and only comes to one person? Can Siamese handle a person who like to scream and yell st the top of their lungs throw things slams doors.

Lydia Irene (author) from Southwest USA on February 13, 2018: That being said, I've also owned five non- Siamese cats, and their personalities were very different from what I've described in this article.

much siamese cost cats cat kittens ragdoll petskb

So beyond nature/nurture I think it's possible that Siamese cats may just be more docile and affectionate that many other cat breeds. Just like I believe most people are inherently good with the wish to be respectful to others.

In my experience with my Siamese, when you say aloof and standoffish, I think “sounds like my cat. J subscribe to the belief that a cats' behavior can be directly traced to its upbringing.

I got my Siamese at 6 weeks old I also had a 7-week-old man coon they quickly became best friends for the last 2 years and one day Molly (Siamese) turned on Mac and the fight was one!!! I try to give each a lot of attention in the own zone.

I have had to move food and water into my room, so crazy I don't know why or where to look up on what happened I have a Blue Point Siamese that I found when he was about 4 months old, his name is Kiki, he sits down on command, sleeps with me every night, follows and waits for me to start my semi, in the morning and comes down to meet me when I get home most of the time.

I wish I had a Siamese 'cause literally they can do tricks I mean like how cool is that I have a Burmese her names lily, but she will go into are basement and will sleep on a bouncy mattress. Shes a rare type of Siamese and I agree with what you posted. My Sapphire (my 2 year and 5-month-old cat.

She doesn't meow but her purr is loud. S he loves to play with our dog Levi a German Shepard mix. I have a Siamese and I agree with the majority of the quality article that you've posted.

I taught Oscar, (my 1 year & couple month old cat) that, poor behavior will result in consequences. She looks like a regular Siamese but with white socks a small patch of white on her nose. I had no idea of the chatty trait until a friend who is a vet tech asked me if she is a “talker”.

As a kitten of 5 or 6 months old, another cat had a litter when it was way too cold out, so they were raised in the house. Directed to Siamese “, below: Being as I have had many rescue and stray cats over the years (including out-and-out feral), I have seen a lot of different cat temperaments and situations.

What I have discovered is that there are some cats that have mental problems, just like people. Or organic brain damage that occurred before you even had the cat or kitten.

Some cats can be beautifully tamed and socialized and calmed. Some can't be, they retain a certain impulsive, instinctive desire to get tough with you and strike out from fear.

I keep learning cats, and learning what works and what doesn't work, and often it is about patience and seeing who the cat is, and making sure your home environment supports their healthy development. I have had half-Siameses, and they are fun cats, but the one I have now---a dear little rescue, just turned a year old---is a powerful little handful that needs constant feeding and entertainment.

She is also an electrical cord-chewer... I have had to cat-proof such things and am still finding new vices she is indulging clawing the protective cover on my tablet today when I didn't want to get up and feed her three hours after her last mini-meal. He was so sick we thought he was close to death, upper respiratory infection, could hardly breathe, we have our Little Bullet lots of (Love).

I'm curious she was silent most of the time, she doesn't want to be held I wonder why .when do they really show their affection. After I left and moved with my partner who had 2 cats (angora and tabby) I discovered that I just hated Siamese.

I officially adopted my cats few months ago and absolutely am sure of my love for them. I took in a stray who the vet determined to be half Siamese.

If I am petting or playing with one of the female cats, he saunters over and is right in top of us. When I have company over, doesn't matter how many people, he works the room so that every single person has petted him lol.

He needs several hours a day of constant feather wand attention, or he's an insufferable jerk the rest of the day and terrorizes our other two older cats. He meowed once the day we brought him home as a 10-week-old kitten and never again after that.

When I'm cooking, he wants to *sniff* each vegetable, fruit, meat, spice ... it's like he's collecting data for when he returns to his home planet lol. He's very entertaining as long as we can keep his energy drained, so he doesn't stalk the other cats.

Thanks, Jackson Galaxy, I learned a lot of tips from him. My Siamese daily meows and leads me from room to room, going in and out of the house too (he is an outdoors/indoors cat because we live in a safe village area with no wildlife and few cars).

(Sorry now a dog owner) male, a lynx who eventually was nowhere near white. He (Bright eyes) made his beautiful music at night.

Before, as a kitten, he was abused (mom died, he was malnourished, and some teenagers hurt him) and even though we got him at 5 weeks old, he had already shut himself off... He was very playful, but he lacked affection, would constantly hiss and was very fear-driven prior to being 2.

He started to attack my mother at random moments (a wolf spider in the bathroom, bringing back groceries from the store, a knock on the door, etc), turning into 3-4 serious attacks each year. At 9 years old, after 3 months of being chilled, he tried to attack my neck... and my mother intervened.

Anyway, my mom and I thought about giving him away to a non-kill shelter, but after talking with him, they said he would be killed because he was too dangerous. We tried to find a farm for him, but he was an indoor cat (with very long-hair) and needed a special diet (otherwise he would bleed in his urine).

I just wanted to say, that seeing our Siamese female deal with this pure, friendly kitten is heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking to think of our rescue, and how those formative baby weeks couldn't have been changed with even 9 years of constantly working with him.

She didn't approach him, but watched him from a distance, when he got his head caught in a basket and cried in pain, she was right up there to see what was wrong and to help, and she's so very protective. I know it will take time for her to feel free to play, and for her to trust another cat (she only knew one insane one), but I'm glad she has this opportunity.

She has a very Siamese personality and features, including ear and face shape. I am not sure if she is 'talking' to me or if she is annoyed and wants me to move my hand to another spot.

She is my baby and I love her so much but my mom gets annoyed a lot and I don't know what to do. I have recently adopted a Blue Point Siamese cat (about 3 months ago now) and she is absolutely beautiful and lovely natured, but she is still very skittish.

She's not literally scared of everything all the time, but she is easily spooked by sudden loud sounds and noises outside. You can tell when she's scared of something because she won't follow me around like she usually would, and she just moans under the couch.

We have had 2 Siamese (Lynx Point) in the past, and they were a lot like this too. We were working in the front yard and all of a sudden he was transformed into a fierce beast and started attacking us.

I just bought an 8-week-old Siamese kitten and was curious as to why he can't go 10 minutes of being alone without meowing non-stop. Or why he likes to wake me up every few hours of the night biting me and meowing.

Lydia Irene (author) from Southwest USA on December 15, 2015: Since their kittens, Stevie would most likely get his enjoyment from watching them play with each other, thankful that they aren't involving him in their antics.

When my Big Girl (in the pictures above) started seeming lonely, I got her a male companion. I adopted him as a kitten to give her the opportunity to bond with him, but her answer was to beat him up every time he had the audacity to darken her doorway.

If it seems like any of your cats are especially distraught, please seek the help of your veterinarian. He was a little ill lately and our vet told us to get him a companion cat preferably a female.

And once she returned the little fellow had attached himself to my youngest daughter. He sleeps with he, walks with her outside, talks to her through the bathroom door when she showers, and waits for her on the porch when the bus is dropping her off from school.

He comes when she calls, sits down when she tells him to, gets on “his pillow she but on her bed for him to sleep on when she pats the pillow and says “Come on Minion let's go to bed.” But the love that I feared would be lost and the heartache that they would feel when my mom's friend returned and wanted to move out and take “her cat” with her prompted me to buy the cat at the cost she paid for him.

She even is 6.5 years old knows that he will live a long life. I never thought about a Siamese cat to be an addition to our home, but he has shown me that they are a great breed and are very loyal.

My 3-year-old male Siamese, Indiana Jones, is talkative and loving. He is leash trained and enjoys chasing bugs, frogs, and dogs out of our yard.

She loves to fetch and boy is she a cuddle bug and very vocal when she wants attention. Siamese like all animals are a lot of work and money but well worth it.

I encourage anyone who is getting a Siamese or any animal to fully research and listen to this article this lady has Siamese's needtoknows down to a T. It is very true my Ruby talks to me constantly and I've always loved it.

Lydia Irene (author) from Southwest USA on March 06, 2015: I know she certainly doesn't tolerate rude behavior (if it's me doing it, and not her), so it may just work.

Lydia Irene (author) from Southwest USA on March 06, 2015: I would absolutely love for you to share your training trips on here, if possible.

My rotten little Siamese has me trained, but vice versa has proved impossible for me. Therefore, you should be able to see the signs to know if the skittish behavior of your Siamese cat is normal.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different reasons why your Siamese cat is so skittish. Additionally, we will also give you some tips and tricks on how to correct this behavior when it becomes bothersome for you.

Gone is the days when you will get worried when your cat does not calm down, so read on! Before we talk about the different reasons why your Siamese cat is so skittish, let us first go over the general personality of Siamese cats.

These lines were sung by the Siamese cats in the movie Lady and the Tramp and this is such a perfect description of their personality. Definitely, they will not hesitate to tell you what is on their minds, and they will express this via their raspy and loud meows.

They demand your full attention, and they will want you to follow their “advice.” You might think that this is such a pushy behavior but it is the opposite. In fact, they are very fond of people, and they can even supervise your activities.

Moreover, they will love to sleep with you, cuddled against those warm blankets. They can manage for your day of work, but they will get anxious when you leave them for far too long.

They also love to play so make sure to give them a lot of time and toys. In the event that you leave them without some form of entertainment, you might just come home with toilet paper around your living room.

We also included some tips on how to stop this behavior, so be on the lookout for those! We are all familiar with this scenario, you just took home your Siamese cat and the minute you put him down, he goes rushing to every room of the house.

The opposite can also happen, where he will just stay rooted on the ground. So never force your Siamese cat to settle down or push him to be energetic.

As they are social cats, they love to engage in conversation and be at the center of attention. Therefore, if they feel like they are being ignored, they will surely do all things to capture your attention again.

They may end up wreaking havoc or the exact opposite, where they will just be withdrawn and hide somewhere. Always make sure that no matter how busy you get, you always set aside time to play or simply talk with them.

This also includes the times when he or she keeps meowing at you as if they are narrating what happened during their day. More than that, if you notice that they become anxious or excited after pooping, they might be saying that their litter is full or it needs to be cleaned.

The reason behind this is that they are so intelligent, so they will deliberately do things that you have previously taught them not to do. What is worse is that they will deliberately continue doing the negative behavior.

This is nothing to be alarmed about since it is expected for him to be wary of people and his surroundings. As we have already established, they are very emotional and social cats so you have to make sure that you build your relationship with them before training them.

The best way to make your Siamese cat trust you am to spend a lot of time with him. Yes, they are one of the cat breeds that can develop serious emotional and mental issues, especially when they get ignored for far too long.

So always spend time with them as they constantly need your undivided attention. If there are other, more aggressive cats in the home that tend to block the food bowl or eat everything before others have a chance to get anything, this could the culprit behind her small size.

Or, she may not like the food that is being served and turn away from it, eating just enough to satisfy hunger and get away from it quickly. Getting adequate nutrition is a big factor around your cat growing to her full adult size.

It is also the way in which cats get the energy to play, grow up, build muscle and maintain body temp. The three main nutrients cats need are fats, proteins and a small amount of carbs.

Most pet owners do a great job of making sure their cats get enough to eat. However, if your Siamese was adopted from a place where food was scarce, her growth could very well be stunted.

Fats and oils are critical as they provide twice the energy of carbs and proteins. Cats should not be served a low-fat diet as it will likely give them trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

The body of a cat is a lot like us humans’ in that it is made up of 70% water. Cats naturally have a low thirst drive, and on top of this, do not like to be in water for swimming or bathing.

Therefore, it is critical owners make sure their pets get the water they need for bodily function and growth. Instead, introduce your cat to some quality canned food with meat as the first ingredient and always make sure your Siamese has plenty of clean water nearby.

Even if she likes to lick the drips of water coming from the bath faucet, just make sure she drinks enough. Siamese feature a slim, slender figure and also have a very fine coat.

Their colors are distinct too, the most famous image of a Siamese cat being the tan body and brown face with beautiful blue eyes. The reason for their small stature, says one expert by the name of Hope Conan of the Cat Fanciers Association, is because of too much inbreeding.

They are very similar to their Siamese relatives and tend to feature the same body type, just on a smaller scale. Orientals differ in that they feature more than 300 color and pattern types and are not as chatty as the Siamese.

Talk to a breeder and hear what they say about the cats they breed before you choose to buy one to ensure they are given the best care. We already discussed that cats who were of a feral upbringing may be lacking in nutrients thanks to not having access to adequate food.

Some breeders may also drop the ball on proper feeding, selling cats to owners that did not get the chance to eat and drink as they should. Some kittens become separated from their mothers, and we all know that mothers provide the greatest food of all-breast milk loaded with nutrients designed to help them grow into strong and capable kittens and cats they are.

Kittens need nothing but their mothers for the first four weeks of their life, and then the weaning process begins to take place. But weaning a kitten before they are ready results in unfavorable consequences-they miss out on vital nutrients because this milk is all they need for those first four weeks.

The Siamese cat bites due to over stimulation, sensitivity when touched on parts of the body like the back or belly, and generally feeling uncomfortable. They might become heavier and gain a bit of height after that, but largely, these cats reach maturity at age 1.

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