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Why Are My Cats Ears So Warm

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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This means we may look at certain symptoms in our cats and then make assumptions based on the closest correspondence to a health issue we may have. While a vet will be the only one who is able to give an accurate diagnosis, Animalized provides the possible reason your cat's ears are warmer than usual.

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If your cat has been spending their nap time splayed out in the sun or lying next to the fireplace, it is understandable that this part of their body might feel warmer than usual. If we want to understand if a cat having warmers is a worrying condition, then we need to also look at other symptoms and possible behavioral changes.

Knowing both the general habits of felines and the specific behavior of our own cat will help us to determine the cause. The heat is passed on by convection from many objects (not the sun), but even a cat's paws can warm their ears.

If they sleep in a call and wrap their paws over their ears, their own body heat can increase the temperature. This may be true up to a point as the cat's immune response will elevate their temperature and their ears may be used to regulate it.

If you notice that the cat's ears are hot, red, and they are behaving strangely, you will need to take them to the vet. As we have already stated, one of the main functions of a cat's ears is to regulate their body temperature.

If you feel sweat (not saliva from a cat licking their paws), then a fever may indeed be present. Another symptom which may suggest the presence of fever is if the cat's nose is both warm and dry.

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However, if we want to know undoubtedly that the cat has a fever, we need the vet to take their temperature. If the temperature is a little higher there may be an issue with the reading, but as soon as it moves past 103.6 of (39.8 °C) then fever is present.

In general, if a cat has hot ears, but displays no other symptoms, and they soon return to normal, there is little cause for concern. Their warm blood might circulate there, especially if they are trying to heat up their body, making them seem abnormally hot when everything is fine.

As we can see by the readings above, a cat's normal body temperature is higher than our own, so they may only feel comparatively warm. They might be overtired (sometimes hard to tell with cats), appear apathetic, be aggressive, does not react well to stimuli or generally changes their usual demeanor, there is a high probability something is wrong.

These are mites the size of a grain of salt, and they act by laying eggs in the cat's ear canal. If you have an outdoor cat, and they go outside, then they may simply have ears which feel cool due to the weather.

Staying in sunlight might make their ears feel warm just sitting in a draft may cool them down. If a cat's ears are cool to the touch, especially when they should otherwise be warm, it is possibly due to poor blood circulation.

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During warmer times of the year, vasodilation increases blood flow to these areas, the better to release excess heat from the body. The patches of color develop as these cats mature, and are darkest at the coolest parts of its body, typically the ears, nose and tail.

If a cat’s ear temperature is a source of concern, feel the stomach and underarms. Seek veterinary attention if you observe extreme total body heat for more than two days consecutively.

If this describes your cat’s current conditions, you’ll probably have noticed a number of related signs and symptoms, any of which will be more telling than ear temperature alone. Any combination of these symptoms points more conclusively to a potentially dangerous health issue.

Fevers caused by viral infections in cats may subside as quickly as they arise. Fevers caused by secondary bacterial infections are usually accompanied by wounds that you can easily observe or can be indicated by unnatural areas of swelling if they are internal.

Whether the source of the infection is mites or yeast, these microscopic organisms wreak havoc only when conditions are optimal. The Penna, or the outer part of the ear that you see and touch, may become warmer as well, but it is the heat inside that permits mites and fungi to flourish.

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Symptoms of an ear infection more alarming than warmth include dark-colored discharge and a strange, pungent smell. Heavily muscled in spite of their delicate appearance, each is capable of moving and turning independently of the other.

If the heat emanating from one or both cat ears is a cause for concern, don’t panic. Discoloration in and around the ear canal can alert you to serious issues, along with marked shifts in behavior and unusual odors.

Checking your cat regularly for abnormalities or illness is a great habit to get in, especially so you can establish what is normal for them and what isn’t. At first, we thought maybe we were imagining that the lesion was there, but after pulling Beau’s hair back a bit we noticed some redness between the follicles.

So, when we took Beau to the vet we had him shaved down and voilà, there was the lesion in all of its glory. Well since a cat’s ears are fairly exposed with minimal hair, fat and are fairly thin it makes it very easy for them to release extra heat when temperatures are too hot.

These blood vessels will expand and contract based on the weather. If the weather is cold, or your cat has had no access to heat there is a chance that your cat is sick, however, it is important to note that there are usually other symptoms that coincide with hot or warmers.

ears warm keep winter cat

Other symptoms of allergies may be but are not limited to, vomiting, diarrhea, hot spots, rashes, loss of hair or even lethargy. That being said, allergies are not the easiest to crack when it comes to cats since there are accurate tests available to vets.

Allergens aren’t usually fatal, however, having consultations with the vet and keeping track of things that may be allergies will be required in hopes of easing your cat’s discomfort. That being said, it may take a few months before you can confirm what the exact allergen may be since it will require quite a bit of trial and error.

These infections are commonly caused by debris getting stuck in cuts or abrasions. Similar to humans, redness from cuts usually is a sign that the body is trying to fight infection and repair itself.

These infestations are usually by fleas and ear mites and again, a vet visit is required. If your cat has a fever they will usually also have a dry nose that is warm.

Fevers are commonly related to bacterial, fungal or viral infections and always need a professional to look over them. Due to the wide gap in severity, it would be pretty hard for a pet parent to diagnose the cause by themselves.

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A cat's behavior and bodily reactions can all be examined to help determine if a problem is present that needs to be further investigated. The pads on the bottom of the feet are another area that can be checked for heat, if a fever is suspected.

It may be simply that the cat has been lying in the sun, or has become overheated in some way and the body is attempting to cool down. If there are any changes, the cat seems listless, sluggish, sleeps excessively or isn't acting in a usual way, this may because for concern.

Cats have a very high tolerance for pain and illness and will not usually show outward signs until the problem has exacerbated. When a cat's ears are hot and a fever is suspected, there are other signs that you can look for to determine if this is the case.

Checking for a warm and dry nose is not always the most telling approach, but this can also help to indicate a fever. Fever is actually a beneficial process, as it works to kill off bacteria, but very high temperatures for longer than a day or two can lead to dehydration, seizures or brain damage.

Today, the breed is still extremely popular, bolstered both by celebrity fans (Demi Lovato, Lena Dunham and Kat On D are all proud Sphinx owners) and a photogenic appearance that just begs for Instagram followers. While these kitties are known for their delightful personalities and adorable appearance, they also require special care and considerations.

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“Social” is not a word some people would associate with cats, but in the case of the Sphinx, it is a very apt descriptor. While many cat owners welcome Sphinxes’ outgoing personalities, some people are just not up to the breed’s social demands.

Someone dropped her off at the vet clinic where I was working and said she was too much for him to handle,” Dr. Merrill notes. Kirsten Franz, founder and executive director of Wisconsin-based Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, says that caring for a Sphinx’s skin starts with diet.

If you don’t feed them a high-quality diet, oils accumulate more quickly and can lead to not just ongoing skin problems but also issues with ear wax and infections,” says Franz. Because these kitties have no fur, they tend to leave grease spots on the areas that they frequent.

“Their skin is oily, and that oil can seep into your couch cushions or bedsheets and leave a stain,” Dr. Merrill says. When you’re done bathing a Sphinx, it’s important to dry them off quickly with a soft, warm towel to prevent their skin from getting chapped.

Both Dr. Merrill and Franz mention that the Sphinx cat breed is prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick. I strongly recommend regular echocardiograms to catch it early if it does occur,” Dr. Merrill says.

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They need regular dental cleanings, and sometimes they need to have all of their teeth extracted, which can be very expensive,” Dr. Merrill says. “It’s really important to have a vet familiar with these cats so that if and when you run into problems, they can be properly diagnosed,” she says.

Another issue that stems from Sphinx cats carelessness is that these kitties get cold more easily than their fuzzy cousins. However, clothes soak up those skin oils, so they must be washed fairly often to keep them from getting grungy.

If your house is freezing, you can PRE- warm beds with things like microwavable heating pads. Beyond the issues that come with regulating temperature in cold weather, Sphinxes’ lack of fur means they’re very prone to sunburn.

Both Dr. Merrill and Franz say that Sphinx cats make wonderful pets, if you’re able to put in the extra time and effort that their care requires. It’s not unusual to walk into a room and find your cat curled up in the sunniest spot.

With the approach of colder months, many indoor cats, especially older ones or kitties with arthritis, will seek out the warmest spots in the house. There are things you can do to help create safe, warm napping areas for your cat.

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The comfort of napping on a soft warm bed will ease some of that arthritic pain and stiffness. Choose a style based on the type of bedding your cat has previously preferred for sleeping.

And, if your cat prefers to sleep all sprawled out then a traditional flat heated bed might be your best option. Pay attention to your cat’s preferences and also the position she typically tends to sleep.

If the cat is too stiff to curl in a ball, or she can’t step over things then a round, high-sided bed won’t work. Even if you don’t choose to buy a heated bed, provide your cat with several cozy sleeping options, so she can curl up and get away from cold surfaces.

Your cat probably enjoys sitting at the window to watch the outdoor activity. If there’s a draft there, it’ll be uncomfortable so take care of any leaks, especially at favored window locations.

The first time I met her she greeted me with rubbing herself against me and headbutting me and snuggling. She purrs in response to other people a lot, but purrs when I so much as make gentle eye contact or start to approach her.

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My dad actually thought she might have an ear infection they’d get swarm. My dad thinks it’s because she’s obese due to previous owners.

By the way, I’m a dog person and my only experience with a cat was when I was living with my dad. She acted like a dog (played fetch, tug o war, loved snuggles, hated being home alone), so it wasn’t a true cat experience.

Any time you see anything about cat behavior, those are more or less guidelines, not facts. I have met cats that act like dogs, cats that are super-outgoing and friendly, cats that are not nice and aloof, same with dogs: met plenty that were shy, didn't care about anything, not friendly at all.

To be honest with you, I love it when my Cat sleeps beside me or on my chest! This will make your kitty feel the love you are showing them because you both trust each other.

Cats are naturally clean themselves as they already spend around 30% of their life grooming themselves! But don’t rule out the fact they your little kitty will appreciate you grooming them and giving them a hand especially if they have long fur.

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Stroking them and brushing their fur will be appreciated by your Cat. What I do is, I stroke my Cat behind the ears or under the chin which they love because it’s the hard-to-reach areas.

When a Cat slowly blinks at you, it’s their way of saying “I trust you so much that I will close my eyes in your presence. You see Cats are predators and also can be a prey too so when they close their eyes in front you, it is showing that the trust you so much when they are at their most vulnerable.

Your Cat have these feel good hormones which is called endorphin. When you play with your Cat this hormone is released and it helps them burn off all that energy they have.

If you want to show your cat you love them then check out my article If you follow these 5 steps then I’m sure the bond between you and your Cat will definitely increase.

These parasites are common in outdoor cats and are highly contagious (although they don't usually affect humans). They're not usually life-threatening but ear mites can make life miserable for your pet.

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Head shaking Scratching at ears Dark waxy or crusty discharge from the ears (looks a bit like coffee grounds) Irritation of other parts of the body resulting in an unusual amount of scratching © The Spruce, 2018 Cats are commonly affected with ear mites which are spread mostly by direct contact with another animal that has the condition.

There are several alternatives for treating ear mites, and your veterinarian will recommend a treatment protocol for your pet. In fact, some newer medications require only a single application to be effective.

First, thorough cleaning of the ears can help clear the discharge to help calm the irritation and remove some mites.This can be followed up in one of several ways: One-time treatments applied to the skin are typically used as monthly parasite control medications; a single dose usually takes care of an ear mite infection but you may consider using them monthly to prevent reinfection and control other pests.

Though more time-consuming to apply, there are some medications that can calm inflammation and treat secondary bacterial or yeast infections. Ear mites do not survive for long on humans, so they do not cause long-term infections in people.

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