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Why Are My Cats Ears Cold
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Tuesday, 07 December, 2021

Why Are My Cats Ears Cold

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 28 September, 2020
• 13 min read

Ears that are simply slightly cool are likely not a sign that anything is physically wrong with your feline, but soldiers can indicate serious health concerns, like hypothermia. While most cases can be attributed to overexposure to cold weather, Meet states that underlying medical conditions, like hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia, can also cause hypothermia.

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Frostbite can also cause a cat's ears to become cold to the touch, and is a serious condition that can lead to pain, inflammation, and necrotic tissue on the affected area. Frostbite occurs when blood vessels constrict in an effort to conserve heat in the rest of the body.

If you notice that cat sears are cold to the touch, consult your veterinarian immediately to prevent possible complications in the case that it is hypothermia or frostbite-related. If your cat has been exposed to cold weather, bring her inside, wrap her body in dry towels, and place a few warm bottles of water around her to help get her core temperature up.

In some cases, warmed IV fluids may be needed to bring your cat's temperature up, so be sure to work with your veterinarian to find the most effective treatment plan as quickly as possible. When compared to human beings, they maintain a slightly higher temperature by a margin of about 2-3 degrees Celsius.

For instance, since a cat’s ears are covered with less fur, especially on the inner side, they protrude outwards, and they are quite thin, it is possible for environmental temperature changes to affect them making them feel a little hot or cold. Also, sedative or anesthetic agents are known to affect temperature regulation process and cause vasodilation, poisoning, septic shock among other causes.

Frostbite occurs when your pet has been exposed to sub-zero temperatures and its body tissues especially areas around his or her paws, nose, ears have been injured or damaged. Besides there cause, if the ears feel just slightly cold, it may be a normal behavioral issue especially when taken to a new environment.

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If your cat has been battling a disease such as an infection, very soldiers, and general low body temperature may indicate that he or she is about to die. You will notice other signs such as anorexia, extreme weakness, hiding, stinginess, change in appearance, lower breathing and heart rate, and so on.

Finally, an issue that affects normal blood circulation may make somebody parts of these pets to be cold. The reason for this is the lower blood circulation of the peripheral parts of the body in relation to the surface.

In addition, the ears are barely hairy, very thin and have little fat subcutaneous and thus more susceptible to cold. As a cat owner, it is important to be able to differentiate when cool or soldiers reflect a physiological, that is normal for the body, or are a symptom of a serious illness.

If your cat is cold, the circulation in the ears is reduced to preserve the heat for the vital internal organs. With a warm cookie and a gentle ear massage, you can quickly bring your tiger back to operating temperature.

Another possible cause of cool cat ears may be a behavioral reduction of blood flow around the body (appendages). If no additional behavioral changes or disease symptoms occur, cool ears at such moments are not a cause for concern.

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Left untreated, hypothermia can cause tremors, lethargy, convulsions, and loss of consciousness or even death. Local frostbite is not just hypothermia, but actual freezing of the tissue, either directly through crystal formation or indirectly through circulatory disorders.

Especially peripheral parts of the body, such as the tips of the ears, can become agglutinated with prolonged freezing. In frostbite, your cat’s ear tissue is not only cold, it also has other symptoms such as pale gray or bluish skin discoloration, pain on touch, swelling, blisters, and possibly blackening in the affected area.

Symptoms such as apathy, vomiting or respiratory distress may insinuate shock, poisoning or cardiac problems. If a cat's ears feel hot to the touch, it may be a sign of a fever.

If the mouth feels cool in addition to the ears, the cat could be hypothermia. Frostbite occurs as a result of exposure to severe cold.

This condition actually destroys the affected part of the body by freezing the skin and underlying tissue. Symptoms of frostbite in cats include skin discoloration, redness, pain, burning and blackening and visible destruction of the tissue.


When looking at a cat's ears, it's plain to see they are fully exposed, razor-thin and void of noticeable fat. While many other parts of the body feel warm all the time, even in a drafty room or outside on a brisk fall day, an exposed cat's ears respond to the chill more quickly.

If your cat seems uncomfortable in the chilly weather, keeping him warm -- perhaps cuddled up with you -- can serve as the first line of defense against soldiers. We just noticed that my cats eye looked like he had a cold We just noticed that my cat's eye looked like he had a cold in it.

It is closed a little and looks watery, but have not noticed a discharge. Cat: His third eyelid.had been fighting and he'd gotten scratched About a week and a half ago, my older male cat appeared to have an eye injury.

My cat has become very slow moving and cries a really low moan my cat has become very slow moving and cries a really low moan ears are forward, doesn't seem to be any broken bones. Cat: nourished, but in good health otherwise.he appears to be active I have a 2-year male cat that showed up at our door 6 months ago.

He has put on a lot of weight, even though he appears to be active like my other ca… read more No other signs of My cat has drainage coming from her ear.

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No other signs of illness, she is eating and acting normal. Kitty: sneezing.smelly Food.her ears and is now very lethargic I have a young kitty, less than 6 months with a cold, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.

Kitten: pet store.tape worms.vaccinations.ear mite treatment home I recently purchased a kitten from a pet store. The kitten was being treated for eremites and tape worms, and she also received her first vaccinations.

Optional Information: Age: 2; Male; Breed: Tabby Cat Already Tried: nothing unsure what to use.… read more Some wait loss and goes to the litter box a lot.

Freelance Writer and Editor, Animal Rest What is a good home remedy for mites in the ears of my feline my 8 yr old inside cat has mites in his ears from going underneath the beds to sleep and from talking to the outside cats threw the screen door.

Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc. The site and services are provided “as is” with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts.

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JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals. This is a possibility, though often upper respiratory infections tend to make them feverish.

I recommend keeping him warm, eating and drinking and get him in to see a vet as soon as possible. If he stops eating, becomes lethargic or any of his symptoms worsen, get him in to an emergency clinic right away.

Thyroid hormones, for example, range during the day, and with Spot, I often noticed a correlation between his ear temperature and his thyroid levels (he was hyperthyroid, so I could sort of predict what his tests were going to show when we were checking on how well the medications were controlling the disease). They never seem uncomfortable or show any behavior like trying to find warm spots around the house indicating they are cold. Any feedback appreciated.

While a vet will be the only one who is able to give an accurate diagnosis, Animalized provides the possible reason your cat's ears are warmer than usual. If your cat has been spending their nap time splayed out in the sun or lying next to the fireplace, it is understandable that this part of their body might feel warmer than usual.

If we want to understand if a cat having warm ears is a worrying condition, then we need to also look at other symptoms and possible behavioral changes. Knowing both the general habits of felines and the specific behavior of our own cat will help us to determine the cause.

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The heat is passed on by convection from many objects (not the sun), but even a cat's paws can warm their ears. If they sleep in a call and wrap their paws over their ears, their own body heat can increase the temperature.

This may be true up to a point as the cat's immune response will elevate their temperature and their ears may be used to regulate it. If you notice that the cat's ears are hot, red, and they are behaving strangely, you will need to take them to the vet.

Allergy : if a cat's ears are hot and red, however, it may also be the result of an allergic reaction. As we have already stated, one of the main functions of a cat's ears is to regulate their body temperature.

If you feel sweat (not saliva from a cat licking their paws), then a fever may indeed be present. Another symptom which may suggest the presence of fever is if the cat's nose is both warm and dry.

However, if we want to know undoubtedly that the cat has a fever, we need the vet to take their temperature. If the temperature is a little higher there may be an issue with the reading, but as soon as it moves past 103.6 of (39.8 °C) then fever is present.

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In general, if a cat has hot ears, but displays no other symptoms, and they soon return to normal, there is little cause for concern. Their warm blood might circulate there, especially if they are trying to heat up their body, making them seem abnormally hot when everything is fine.

As we can see by the readings above, a cat's normal body temperature is higher than our own, so they may only feel comparatively warm. They might be overtired (sometimes hard to tell with cats), appear apathetic, be aggressive, does not react well to stimuli or generally changes their usual demeanor, there is a high probability something is wrong.

If your cat's ears are not only warm to the touch, but redder than usual, it is likely due to one of two main causes (although there are potentially others): These are mites the size of a grain of salt, and they act by laying eggs in the cat's ear canal.

If you have an outdoor cat, and they go outside, then they may simply have ears which feel cool due to the weather. Staying in sunlight might make their ears feel warm just sitting in a draft may cool them down.

Cat: 13-year-old yesterday. Antibiotics I have a 13-year-old neutered, in-door male cat. He quit eating 4 days ago and had become slightly lethargic.

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I took him to a vet yesterday, and they say he's got a blocked urethra and is currently going… read more Hello On Friday, my 13-year-old male (neutered) cat Mikey Hello: On Friday, my 13-year-old male (neutered) cat Mikey was taken to the vet because he had not eaten in two days.

The fur sloughed off a few paw pads and the tip of one ear. Kitten: adopted. Tonight we notice his paws and ears are cold.

Hi our 8-month-old kitten (who we adopted only last Tuesday) has not been able to keep any food down for about 3 days and has been sick at least 5 times. Tonight we notice his paws and ears are cold.

I have noticed that twice now Phoenix has thrown up mucus and it looks like 2 long stands were i… read more Cat: allergy injection to stop her itching.urinating.seen any poops My cat was recently given an allergy injection to stop her itching.

I need to give my 8 lb male cat subdue fluids. Yesterday he threw up some liquid and a mass which looked like tin foil.

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I got very concerned but since he was taking food, water and didn't't seem to be distressed… read more Cat: Lethargy, vomiting foam, and doesn't want to eat...bitten 1-year-old indoor Male ~ fixed.

One vet said he was poisoned, another said intestinal blockage, and today we were told that he has a fever and was pro… read more He takes enalipril to reduce the fluid in his lungs and furosemide for his heart.

The site and services are provided “as is” with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals.

Although these animals prepare for winter by changing their fur, some breeds do have shorter and less dense coats (such as the Persian, Siamese, Devon Rex cats or the Sphinx that has no hair at all) and will therefore feel the cold more and will require special care. This is why you'll notice that these breeds try to take shelter in warm areas such as radiators, heaters and chimneys, under blankets or even inside your bed covers.

In addition to the breeds with less hair, kittens and cats which are over seven years old are more sensitive to temperature changes as they have a weaker immune system, so you must optimize their care during the winter months to ensure that they are comfortable and healthy. A good way to protect your cat from the cold is to leave a couple of comfortable blankets in strategic areas of your home so that your pet can be covered and rest.

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This is a smart and affordable solution to keep the animal warm while you are at home, do not worry as your cat will know how to find them and cover itself. Also condition its bed with a good quilt to help isolate the cold from the ground and with a blanket to keep it warm at night.

At home, it is useful to keep the windows tightly closed to ensure that there are no air currents entering the space that you are trying to keep warm. In the event that you do let it out you should slightly increase its food portions, cats that go outside in winter need to eat better as they burn more calories to stay warm and protected from the cold.

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