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Why Are Cats So Funny

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 22 min read

There are certain reactions we’ve come to expect from cats, and the predictability can be quite funny. I sometimes make a game out of guessing how long until my Phoebe sniffs out a laundry basket.

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There are certain playthings that I know my cats go after with unmatched feline zest. Typically, when I pull these toys out, the cats go nuts.

Sometimes they’ll even start cleaning their bottom or some other mundane task. They fall off an ottoman while cleaning themselves, or get stuck between an end table and sofa, and they’re all, “waters.” Naturally, I have to let them own their dignity, so I play along with their little scheme.

I think the most hilarious feline expression is complete sass. Phoebe is a total back-talker, and when she’s not happy with me, she responds with clipped, sarcastic-sounding mews.

They lie in the craziest positions, make the silliest noises, and get themselves in the weirdest pickles. They probably wonder why we laugh at them, I guess its good thing that they don’t realize their own comedic tendencies because then they’d be even more full of themselves.

Whether they walk sideways with a high raised back and a fluffed up tail or falling off the sofa while fighting with their favorite toy. We think a lot of fun stuff is happening during playtime or at cat crazy time, which usually starts somewhere after dinnertime in the evening.

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Millions of videos are ending up on YouTube and more are added every day by a lot of people that are so lucky to have the video camera recording on the right moment and time to capture the funniest movements of cats. Cats do a lot of funny and silly things in a day.

Other funny moments happen with our cat Tiger who apparently is afraid of underwear or a left-behind sock. You see him slowly approaching the piece of clothing in question and when he gets too near, he suddenly jumps backwards in panic.

Cats are extremely curious and hence they end up in funny situations. For example do cats make a lot of wrong judgments on how far a table, cupboard, window sill or chair really is.

They jump and just about miss their landing place, plunging down to the ground. The next moment they are jumping or running through the room and playing with a piece of paper or a ball of dust.

Most cats are afraid of water and therefore their fight and flight instinct gets activated. A lot of (to us) funny situations occur, such as slipping cats trying to get away on slippery floors or trying to get away from the owner.

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So rather than laugh out loud, I tend to cringe when I see a cat in serious danger or feeling anxious about the situations that people film for being funny ”. Be aware that in some cases there might be other things at hand, such as illness, frustrations and aggression that need to be treated differently.

The winner of the 2011 funniest television commercial has cats. The commercial wasn’t cat-related or selling a product geared for cats.

Cats are lapping up attention worldwide because naturally witty, wise, goofy, elegant, mysterious, regal and yes, funny. I’m convinced they make us poor humans funnier by default.

Some funny pics from the recent cat show I attended. Whether it’s Ruby’s funny growl when she has “caught” a toy, or whether it’s Allegra’s enthusiastic “brr pp” when she sees something that excites her, I can’t help but laugh at their adorable cuteness.

Just sit and stare.” generated more than 40 comments by readers whose cats apparently go to great lengths to entertain their humans in the bathroom, and to make them laugh. I’m pretty sure that many of the things we humans do leave our cats puzzled, and probably tickle their funny bone.

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Speaking of bathrooms, from a cat’s perspective, our daily habit of going into a cubicle that has water pouring from the ceiling must seem rather comical. Cats everywhere are probably chortling about our human silliness when it comes to personal hygiene.

They exhibit all kinds of interesting behaviors that to the untrained eye may seem truly odd. In some instances, it can even seem like our cats are trying their hardest to annoy us.

Generally, however, there's a method to their apparent madness. Whether they're acting on instinct or trying to achieve a goal, cats sometimes behave in mysterious ways that can be tough for humans to understand.

Johnson said that researchers found that wild cats sometimes mimic the noise of monkeys, their prey, while in the rainforest. So a popular theory is that when domestic cats chatter they're actually trying to imitate birds so the winged creatures will come closer.

“This action could be a marking instinct as the cat releases hormones through their feet. Although kneading might primarily be an instinctual marking behavior, it could also be something cats find comfort in doing.

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“When cats are young they will knead their mothers to stimulate milk production,” Johnson told INSIDER. “We think adult cats knead because it's connected with the soothing and comfortable practice from when they were kittens.

IStock “You will see tigers exhibit the same behavior in zoos when given access to boxes,” Johnson told INSIDER. IStock Cats are natural-born hunters, so if they catch something such as a lizard, bird, or mouse, they will typically bring it back to their place of safety.

Keep in mind that if your cat isn't urinating or defecating at all, they may actually have a medical issue, so you may want to see a vet if this seems to be the case. More: Features Cats PetsFreelancer Chevron iconic indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options.

(@macilynnnnnnn) August 7, 2014, Seriously, what is the deal with single girls and cats ? It's not cute and it doesn't make you quirky, lovable or funny, which I know you're trying to be.

If you want to get creative, obsess over literally any other animal in the whole world. This parasite, which lives in 30 to 50 percent of the world's human brains, can only reproduce in the digestive tracts of cats.

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Scientists studied the behavior of T. Gandhi in the brain of a rodent, an animal normally petrified by cats, and uncovered extraordinary results. Now, the newly-brave, manipulated rat thinks it can befriend its mortal enemy, and it can't.

“The fact that a parasite has learned to sneak into brains, hack some biochemical wiring, and effectively reverse a deep-seated, primordial fear that’s been beaten into the inherited psyche of every living rodent is, in a word, bonkers.” You might think your cat is your only friend while you're alone on a Saturday night watching Netflix, but he actually likes you as much as every crush you've ever had does: not at all.

The “kitty kiss” relays certain information about how the cat is feeling. If the cat blinks at you, it's a good thing, but if he doesn't, he's asserting his dominance and potentially feeling aggressive.

All of these subtle movements could be hard to catch if you're not watching closely enough -- which you can't do because staring in a cat's eyes for too long could prompt an attack. People who live alone and own a cat, beware: If you die by yourself in your house, nobody will know right away, so your body will stay there for several days.

According to a phenomenon called “postmortem predation,” a cat will eat your dead body one or two days after you die. Studies have shown that a dog struck with this phenomenon will at least wait a while before attacking your corpse, so it's possible that someone will have found you by the time the dog realizes he's starving.

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Don't feel so safe living alone with your cat now, huh? All mammals have the required number of taste receptors to detect sweetness.

They lack amino acid pairs that make up the DNA of a gene called Tas1r2 that codes for an ability to taste sweet things like cupcakes. Instead, cats love the flavor of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a compound that supplies energy in all living cells and acts as a signal for meat.

A 2013 study revealed that each year, domestic cats kill 20.7 billion smaller animals, including mice, chipmunks, voles and 3.7 billion birds. Many of you probably find it “cute” when they bring their prey to your house and leave it at your doorstep.

Normally, it doesn't do anything to harm those humans whose brains it calls home (well, except make you love cats) because your immune system knows how to handle it. Feline feces are true safe havens for T. Gandhi, so you can contract toxoplasmosis by cleaning up your cat's sh×t.

Scientists studied how humans responded to cat purrs mixed with a high-pitched cry. Cats know how sensitive we are to the needs of human babies who also cry, so they try to trick us into paying attention to them by wailing like children.

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In the study, human owners felt a higher sense of urgency in a situation when cat's purring included crying. Looks like cats are losers and pea-brained, which means stupid.

Now, imagine waking up the next morning and going home still smelling like that pillow. If these leaders, who range from notably brave heroes to evil relentless dictators, feared cats in their lifetimes, perhaps we really should start thinking about how awful they are.

Honestly, if Hitler is afraid of something, I can only imagine the power that thing has. Your cat can also mark the area with its scent this way, claiming your space as its own.

When your cat does this to you, it is like giving a hug and kiss in greeting a friend. The good news is that you don't have to sniff your cat's hind end to reciprocate.

Cats communicate volumes in the litter box and sometimes they want their (ahem) potty graffiti available for the world to see. And some cats make clear their gustatory preferences by covering up the food bowl.

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Your kitten or cat may scratch around its food bowl after eating or even find shredded paper to cover it up. Kittens may chew on anything while teething and may have developed a fondness for the texture of plastic they will carry into adulthood.

However, plastic can be a choking hazard or cause intestinal obstruction, so you want to discourage it by providing safe chew toys. Cats are carnivores, but they also often enjoy getting trace nutrients from grass and other greenery.

In the wild, they would get these nutrients by eating the intestinal contents of their prey. The motion of trapping the pheromone with the tongue against a duct in the roof of the mouth produces the lip curl.

That might be one way to interpret the kitty eye communication, sometimes called a cat kiss. You can send the same signal to your cat, slowly shutting and then opening your eyes.

Front paw kneading is generally believed to be a leftover nursing behavior that kittens use to stimulate the release of milk from their mothers. As a bonus, the kneading releases the cat's scent and marks its territory.

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Rear-foot treading is done before and after mating as well as when hunting and the cat is about to launch an attack. If your cat is interrupting your time on the phone, at the keyboard, or when reading, it's jealous of you giving attention to these objects rather than to itself.

The solution is to give your cat more one-on-one time as well as interactive toys to keep it stimulated. The technical term is bunting and refers to the way a cat presses and rubs its head against objects.

If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. I am a cat lover and also enjoy writing about a variety of commercial topics.

Only cats are hilarious enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web. You can take a short vacation and leave them at home.

They don’t get separation anxiety and tear up your entire house like dogs do. Yeah, litter boxes can be gross, but they are much easier to deal with than poop scattered all over the house.

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Cats can even be taught to be potty-trained on a real toilet. A lot of people don’t have time to be taking their pets on walks every day.

Cats that are vocal never meow loud enough to cause a scene, and when you have visitors they go off and hide rather than jump all over them. They don’t smell bad either like dogs do.

You’ll see: after you pet a cat, you don’t feel like you need to wash your hands like crazy. Cats can stay inside their whole lives, and never get dirty and bring fleas and ticks into your home.

You don’t have to worry about your pet getting attacked by a wild animal when they live inside. Insects, bees, and spiders don’t have a chance with a cat.

Everyone has seen those millions of videos on YouTube featuring cats hilarious behaviors. They are bigger celebrities than half of the people on the Internet.

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They are very emotional animals that love to be held and cuddled with. Love cats and dogs....they both bring something great to the table.

Only reason to like one over the other is your lifestyle...and while dogs do tend to be more emotionally connected{face it, no cat ever meowed itself to death over your grave} not everyone has the time for a dog or the willingness to give them what they need. Dogs are nagging wives.... cats are mistresses.

If you keep your dog chained up in the backyard for more than an hour a day all alone you're probably a cat person and don't know it. I love cats to pieces, but #5 is demonstrably false.

My neighbors complained about my Bengal waking them up and annoying them. My two cats have brought my family together by providing us comfort and joy.

But I truly feel they belong in the wild outdoors free to be themselves. My cat cookie she would always play with my feet, and she was always there for me when I was sad she would always jump on me.

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My cat cookie always finds something to play with and my grandma has a cat and his name is horres, and he loves playing with her feet I own a cat and a dog, and I think it has no reason to compare between them.

I can't tell you how many times I have cried while reading CATS ARE EVIL” articles. Cats are lovely creatures, and the reason why people prefer dogs is that they don't want to have to earn the trust of a cat-they'd much rather get easy love from a dog.

Hi I'm allergic to cats but I have mine at my grandma's name is whiskers. Would have to agree with your comments about these beautiful creatures, the two cats in the picture, seriously cute, as cats always are, if you have cats you will see scenes like this constantly, simply because they are cute, loveable, pleasure to have, and in closing may I say I feel sorry for people who do not love cats.

People are so very lucky if they are fortunate to have the love of a cat. Unlike that of human love, it does not come and go like the tide, it does not fluctuate depending on mood, or various conditions.

How can people just video tape a cat get hurt and not help them! Great article, except it's a little disconcerting that reasons 1 through 5 are a bit exaggerated and generalized.

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They should be scooped at least once a day, and there should be one box for every cat in the house plus one extra. Active breeds like Bengals can become very destructive if left to their own devices.

Kids don't know not to pull kitty's tail or poke their eyes and should never be left alone to play with a cat. And saying cats can't injure kids is an extremely false statement.

And make sure kitty has plenty of escape routes and places where he can take a break from rambunctious kids, like a cat tree or cat shelves. But implying that all cats are quiet all the time is absurd.

Yes, cats don't bark loudly like dogs do, but many cats are extremely vocal towards their humans, and can in fact keep you up at night meowing, especially if they are not played with enough during the day like stated above. Give your cats plenty of playtime during the day, and feed your cats about one to two hours before you go to bed.

That will give the cats plenty of time to wind down and get sleepy enough to not bother you all night long. Cats are amazing animals and can make wonderful companions for people of all ages if cared for properly.

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Ronald E Franklin from Mechanicsburg, PA on January 30, 2015: I'd love to have a dog, but don't want to invest the time it would take to care for it.

I enjoyed your hub it was very useful to old and new cat people. I never say I am a cat or dog owner because I believe my Pom Sweetie Angel and Keeper my cat own me.

I had my first kitty when I was two years old and I named her Kiss, because we kissed each other all the time--my mother said---she would tell me No-No and I would still do it. Reading this gives me a physical pain as I cannot keep a cat again after ours died at the age of 20.

I have inherited two small (medium size)dogs, and find they do take up way much more time and require more attention than the cats did. Although I would not dream of getting rid of them, they tend to limit me in going anywhere overnight as they can't be left alone like the cats were.

Every cat had its own personality, and individual behavior. Oh, his dad was a Mainer. He was big and gray and had the M too Hus mom was a gray tabby with a lot of white almost Blue fur.she was gorgeous but kinda smallish she was a smallish cat... I think Pips dad was a bully alpha male cat.... Pips kind of a chicken...except when he is indoors with Darcy. The two of them think they are mountain lions.

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They have scared away deer, birds, squirrels, cats, several dog sand a few kids . Yet they were terribly intimidated by my old age; fish- black and white and about 6 inches from top to bottom...they would get nose to tank until Gill-angelfish came over... then hey would jump down from the chair and chatter at him but being a fish he was not intimidated...who knew... I have heard stories of nursing homes, and cats have laid on the beds of those who are about to die, and they did.

I think he is PCI- he just came over while I was writing about him. Even after I told him I had no food- he loves ice cream- too much he will steal a few licks if a bowl is left unattended. We are contemplating a dog . But- when ever I mention it the Siamese gives me almost a growl... it's odd. They are definitely indoors- I opened a low window that had no screen by mistake and the two of them sat on the ledge peering outside for a half hour until they both turned to me meowing until I closed the window...

Marilyn Alexander from Vancouver, Canada on April 28, 2012: Thanks for the great reasons why cats are better than dogs.

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effing ham on April 26, 2012: Having 7 cats, I can attest to all the reasons being

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