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Why Are Cats So Cute When They Sleep

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 18 min read

Another reason why cats look cute when they sleep is because they almost sleep the entire day! In the wild, felines need to chase to eat, and the stalking, pursuing and executing of prey consumes a great deal of vitality.

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While a canine will disregard running water in the kitchen sink or the commotion and blazing light on a copier, a kitty will locate these unremarkable things a marvel and will need to find out additional! Cats realize the proper behavior haughty, and when to stop the stand-offish act and simply play.

There is something so appealing about cats in general, but small, furry, wobbly-legged kitten are totally irresistible as when they let out a little meow at your feet that says ‘cuddle me, love me’ ! The reason is simple, man has been biologically tuned to love human baby faces and feel an urge to protect and care for them.

In ancient times in the Far East, cats were used for protecting valuable manuscripts from being eaten by rodents. A grave that was excavated in Cyprus in 2004 and believed to be 9, 500 years old, contained the skeleton of a human with their cat.

During the Middle Ages, cats were not nearly so popular as they were linked with witches and witchcraft and thought by many to be demons. Interestingly, many believe that this is the main reason why The Plague had such devastating effects, because there were fewer cats to kill the plague-carrying rats.

Kitten has large, forward facing eyes, soft ears and their head is larger than their body. All of us have different ideas of what cat features are cute and some finds sleek Siamese types of cats so appealing whilst others like huge fluffy felines with flat almost squashed faces.

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Other signs that show you that your cat thinks ‘you are the one is when they roll onto their back and expose their tummy with all that lovely soft fur! These are really gorgeous things for your cat to do that will surely melt you heart, but it is very important that you do give your pussycat your undivided attention whenever they do this as it will encourage them to do it frequently.

Cats are clever and soon pick up on ‘pussycat friendly vibes’ and if their presence is not acknowledged, and they are not shown affection and don’t get your undivided attention, they will sadly become more withdrawn and you will really miss their cute interaction. Not only do cat ears feel so lovely to stroke, they are amazing to watch as they have 32 different muscles and can rotate up to 180º to help your baby pinpoint a sound.

It is fun to put your cat’s sense of smell to the test and you cannot fail to be impressed because your cat has 200 million scent receptors and will look solute as the smell of dinner has them screeching into the kitchen! If your fur baby comes bouncing in with their whiskers pushed forwards this shows they are in a state of excitement.

All the little bumps and ridges on your pussycat’s nose are in a unique pattern isn’t that cute ! Cat paws look adorable and their little pads are super sensitive as they have many sensory receptors.

They show affection through their large green eyes, they depict playfulness by chasing laser lights and toy spiders, and they become a part of your home (read: furniture) by lying on their backs with their legs perched up in the air. Below are 10 reasons why cats make for the cutest pets.

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Cats are great pets to have because they are not a liability in terms of care-taking. They poop where they are supposed to, sleep when they are bored (read: always), and eat when they feel like it.

They don't come up to you with hungry eyes and paw you, forcing you to get up and feed them. You can't play with cats anytime you want to.

Your cat will give you its instant opinions about the amenities that you have supplied. If the stuff is not good enough, you will be met with raging fury and intense annoyance (accompanied by a titled head and a long, loud meow).

Apart from balls of wool (which they can get tangled in and never come out of), an iPad can also easily keep them busy for hours. Believe it or not, there are YouTube videos of cats doodling away with their paws on iPad screens and being highly amused with the colors.

If you don't want to sacrifice an iPad for you feline, a simple moth in the room should suffice! However, don't take it for granted that a cat will simply be amused by anything and everything.

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The games will only begin if, and only if, Her Feline Highness feels like being amused. Whether cats want you to buzz off, entertain them, give them food, or show them TV, they have a specific way of meowing for each activity.

A slow, lulled meow signals that they want you to pet them under their necks. In fact, there should be a research lab out there somewhere trying to decipher different meows and make it a mainstream language.

Contrary to general assumption, cats love being carried, especially when you cradle them like babies. With their legs perched up in the air, they loved being lulled and hummed to sleep.

And mind you, if they notice you're wearing amusing danglers or a neck piece that catches their fancy, they have the official right to fling it apart. Cats are super cute because they will eventually pick the spot that they love in the house.

Have you noticed that every time you pet and play with your cat, he/she will sit in a corner a few minutes later and get into a self-grooming session? They may even spend an entire hour licking every single square inch of their body.

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“Curiosity killed the cat” comes from a context. When you come back from the grocery store and put all your shopping bags on the kitchen counter, the first person to check it out will be your kitty.

“ Cute yet difficult” is a confusing tag to describe a personality, but here goes. They have strong likes and dislikes, fetishes, pet peeves, and most importantly, their favorite people.

For instance, if they lightly bite you, it's their way of acknowledging that you exist. If this picture does not melt your heart, there are few things in the world that will.

Cats like the feeling of warmth underneath them, which is why we always seem to find them stationed atop a computer monitor. Since cats are fascinated by motion, they'll try to paw your fast-moving fingers zipping across the keyboard.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional.

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Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. My cat, Lily, matches all of this, she curls up with me every night.

Given half a chance I'd be one of those crazy cat ladies. You are entitled to keep #6 in your article--obviously you have a kitty who loves being carried.

“ They Love Being Carried Like a Human Baby” MMM... no they don't. Every time I lift my cats they want to climb on my shoulders Botha can observe their surroundings better.

Cats don't usually like when people carry them like babies, they feel helpless, and they are looking a way to get out of the situation... come on, it's cat owner's 101. My Kitty Nikki passed away a couple of months ago at age 15.

The first things she did when we got home and I opened her carrier was to climb into my lap and rub her face on my chin, and for the rest of her life she was the sweetest little girl in the world. Cats don't grovel like dogs, but they are as loving as anyone can be.

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I think I must have been a cat in my previous life (I love to sleep and cuddle too!) Cats definitely have their way when it comes to grabbing attention.

No one wants to date the eager girl who is always throwing herself at everyone (dogs). I tried to have a dog once for a week and it was like having a clingy, whiny baby.

And no, if you try to carry part of our cats like babies, they start wriggling and want down. It's great to see another fellow cat lover on this hub.

Cats and dogs are both adorable animals and make great pets. For many, cats get the edge over dogs especially when it comes to the word cute '.

Phil Plasma from Montreal, Quebec on November 12, 2011: We have a blue point male Siamese, and we are quite pleased with him.

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The last one I remember reading was titled “queen of the household”. Funny you mention that because Flora's cat when she was young did not like to be picked up either.

There were so many more cute cat pictures but I finally managed to narrow down on a select few. As you can imagine, I spent more time looking for pictures than I took to write this hub.

We JUST got a kitten about a week ago for many of the reasons you mentioned. I love that you “warn” us about the cute cat pictures.

Some cats don't mind being picked up while others can't stand it. We had a cat for 16 years when I was growing up who hated being picked up unless she was sick.

The truth is that cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day. Some of them stretch that toward 20 hours, especially older cats and kittens.

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Old age and the folly of youth, that’s understandable; they take their toll. Cats in the wild work hard in order to meet their dietary needs, and expending that kind of physical effort requires a lot of recharging.

Cats doze in a kind of ready position, their senses of smell and hearing in the “on” mode. Peaceful but poised, they are ready to react instantly: to pounce on prey or to swat and scratch the hell out of you for the temerity of petting them while they are sleeping.

Cats have some of the unique and irresistible facial expressions in the animal kingdom. Science came to the rescue to explain why cat faces are just so darn cute.

Whether it’s the curtain, tree, a post, or mesh wire. Cats sleep depends on several issues of survival, climate, age, activity, sexuality etc.

The cat usually looks for cool places to sleep in the summer and warm ones in the winter. Those of us who are lucky enough to share lives with cats know that much of the day is spent sleeping.

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So if you want to know how many hours a day does a cat sleep on average then simply check our article and know more about it. It is said that the main reason why a cat spends so many hours a day sleeping is its efficiency as a hunter.

Being such a good hunter makes the cat not need so much time to find food and can devote more to the pleasures of sleep. For survival The fact that small kittens sleeps much is linked to staying in a safe place, while their mother goes out to hunt, without danger to be captured by predators.

By necessity Cats need to sleep a lot by nature, and although they are domestic and do not have so much energy waste, they retain these characteristics of their wildest origin. According to the activity A cat that is bored and does not find how to entertain opts to spend more time sleeping.

In periods of sexual desire When the cats are in heat they sleep less time since they dedicate part of the day to mark the territory to look for females and to be noticed for the males etc. The postures that cats use to sleep are very diverse and being some very curious and worthy of the best contortionist.

The cat’s dream is usually formed by short little naps even a few minutes. It is better not to disturb the cat when it sleeps because its instinctive reaction will be immediate and it is annoying for the animal.

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It is important to bear in mind that the cat as a territorial animal needs a space destined for rest. How many hours a day does a cat sleep have been told to our caused users.

When you see your cat twitching her toes or whiskers throughout the night, there is a high chance that she is dwelling in dreamland. Now, it is important to understand that felines use the time during their sleep to quickly restore their energy and get ready for the next hunt.

Of course, domesticated cats don’t hunt for their food, but they do tend to sleep for the most of the day. In this regard, sleep is critical for the felines to survive and to be in a proper health condition.

However, the workers are readily organizing the mail in the back, making sure that it gets delivered on time. So, if we are having dreams which are completely disconnected, our cats, on the other hand, are putting together the entire day to see the big picture.

Naturally, just as it is with us, it is completely normal for the dreams of your feline friend to be associated with a bad event throughout the day. Their dreams, after all, as we determined, are based on realistic experiences, and there’s nothing strange about your cat having a nightmare.

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What’s more interesting, though, is that older cats tend to spend less time during this phase compared to young ones as they don’t need to process as much new information. Their brain, usually during the REM cycle, sends similar signals as if the cat is awake, causing movements which are associated with what the kitty is currently dreaming of.

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