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Wednesday, 08 December, 2021

Why Are Cats So Cool

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 06 October, 2020
• 14 min read

I am a cat lover and also enjoy writing about a variety of commercial topics. Unlike humans, animals give you unconditional love.

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They don’t dump you or leave you in the dirt. Only cats are hilarious enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web.

You can take a short vacation and leave them at home. They don’t get separation anxiety and tear up your entire house like dogs do.

Yeah, litter boxes can be gross, but they are much easier to deal with than poop scattered all over the house. Cats can even be taught to be potty-trained on a real toilet.

Do you ever get annoyed when a dog’s barking wakes the whole house? Cats that are vocal never meow loud enough to cause a scene, and when you have visitors they go off and hide rather than jump all over them.

They don’t smell bad either like dogs do. You’ll see: after you pet a cat, you don’t feel like you need to wash your hands like crazy.

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Cats can stay inside their whole lives, and never get dirty and bring fleas and ticks into your home. You don’t have to worry about your pet getting attacked by a wild animal when they live inside.

You won't have a rat problem with a cat in your house. Everyone has seen those millions of videos on YouTube featuring cats hilarious behaviors.

They are bigger celebrities than half of the people on the Internet. They are very emotional animals that love to be held and cuddled with.

Love cats and dogs....they both bring something great to the table. Only reason to like one over the other is your lifestyle...and while dogs do tend to be more emotionally connected{face it, no cat ever meowed itself to death over your grave} not everyone has the time for a dog or the willingness to give them what they need.

Dogs are nagging wives.... cats are mistresses. If you keep your dog chained up in the backyard for more than an hour a day all alone you're probably a cat person and don't know it.

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I love cats to pieces, but #5 is demonstrably false. My neighbors complained about my Bengal waking them up and annoying them.

My two cats have brought my family together by providing us comfort and joy. But I truly feel they belong in the wild outdoors free to be themselves.

I own a cat and a dog, and I think it has no reason to compare between them. I can't tell you how many times I have cried while reading CATS ARE EVIL” articles.

Cats are lovely creatures, and the reason why people prefer dogs is that they don't want to have to earn the trust of a cat-they'd much rather get easy love from a dog. Once you've gained a cat's love, they will find a way to show it.

I once saw a comment on Quora that read “How can anyone love a cat in a world where dogs exist?” Which brings me to my next point- When I state how much I love cats, I am instantly met with a tirade of rants about how I can love them, they're evil, dogs are better.

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Look, I keep quiet whenever you start rambling about how cute your dog is-can't you give my cat the same courtesy? I have absolutely adored cats since I first laid eyes on one as an infant.

Her name is Pepper, and she was a stray that I finally convinced to get close to me, and she has given me nothing but love and happiness the last two years! Hi I'm allergic to cats but I have mine at my grandma's name is whiskers.

Would have to agree with your comments about these beautiful creatures, the two cats in the picture, seriously cute, as cats always are, if you have cats you will see scenes like this constantly, simply because they are cute, loveable, pleasure to have, and in closing may I say I feel sorry for people who do not love cats. People are so very lucky if they are fortunate to have the love of a cat.

Great article, except it's a little disconcerting that reasons 1 through 5 are a bit exaggerated and generalized. Let's not stereotype animals, whether in a good way or bad way.

Active breeds like Bengals can become very destructive if left to their own devices. Playing with toys with your cat for about 10-20 minutes a day is all that most cats require to be drained of excess energy, so they don't become destructive, or take out their energy on other pets in the house or their people.

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And saying cats can't injure kids is an extremely false statement. Cats have claws and teeth, and just like any other animal will defend themselves when threatened.

Please teach your kids the proper way to play with their kitty (with toys!) And make sure kitty has plenty of escape routes and places where he can take a break from rambunctious kids, like a cat tree or cat shelves.

But implying that all cats are quiet all the time is absurd. Yes, cats don't bark loudly like dogs do, but many cats are extremely vocal towards their humans, and can in fact keep you up at night meowing, especially if they are not played with enough during the day like stated above.

Give your cats plenty of playtime during the day, and feed your cats about one to two hours before you go to bed. That will give the cats plenty of time to wind down and get sleepy enough to not bother you all night long.

Cats are amazing animals and can make wonderful companions for people of all ages if cared for properly. Please do your own research before getting a cat, and remember there are millions of animals in shelters in need of loving homes.

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I'd love to have a dog, but don't want to invest the time it would take to care for it. My motto: If you're having a bad day, just watch a cat.

I've always loved cats since I was very little.but that's not to say I dislike dogs, I like dogs too, but I am just very attached to the comfort of cats and their personalities:) I enjoyed your hub it was very useful to old and new cat people.

I never say I am a cat or dog owner because I believe my Pom Sweetie Angel and Keeper my cat own me. I had my first kitty when I was two years old and I named her Kiss, because we kissed each other all the time--my mother said---she would tell me No-No and I would still do it.

Reading this gives me a physical pain as I cannot keep a cat again after ours died at the age of 20. I have inherited two small (medium size)dogs, and find they do take up way much more time and require more attention than the cats did.

Although I would not dream of getting rid of them, they tend to limit me in going anywhere overnight as they can't be left alone like the cats were. Every cat had its own personality, and individual behavior.

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Oh, his dad was a Mainer. He was big and gray and had the M too Hus mom was a gray tabby with a lot of white almost Blue fur.she was gorgeous but kinda smallish she was a smallish cat... I think Pips dad was a bully alpha male cat.... Pips kind of a chicken...except when he is indoors with Darcy. The two of them think they are mountain lions. They have scared away deer, birds, squirrels, cats, several dog sand a few kids . Yet they were terribly intimidated by my old age; fish- black and white and about 6 inches from top to bottom...they would get nose to tank until Gill-angelfish came over... then hey would jump down from the chair and chatter at him but being a fish he was not intimidated...who knew...

#2 cat is my dog- he's a Siamese too smart he has us trained when we come home he flops on the floor until scratched- like all Siamese he is a talker very loud and always jabbering he comes when called- sometimes he's a chow hound and likes to eat his “brothers food”. I think he is PCI- he just came over while I was writing about him. Even after I told him I had no food- he loves ice cream- too much he will steal a few licks if a bowl is left unattended. We are contemplating a dog . But- when ever I mention it the Siamese gives me almost a growl... it's odd.

Cats are beautiful animals, treasured pets and smart. I am allergic to cats but I would love to have one. Thank you for sharing.

Having 7 cats, I can attest to all the reasons being Simply google the word “cat” and pick your preferred medium: video, images or text and you will not be disappointed.

Enter: NATURE “The Story of Cats.” This two-part series takes us far beyond a Google search, deep into Asia, Africa and the Americas to get an in-depth look at the world’s greatest predator since the dinosaurs. Part one starts in Asia where we meet the most ancient cat alive today, the clouded leopard.

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The comprehensive study that has shed so much light on the history of today’s domesticated feline was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution. This new research suggests that kitties happily lived alongside people for thousands of years before they were ever domesticated.

Throughout the study, researchers looked at the DNA of more than 200 kitties who lived over the last 9,000 years. Scientists even got to dive into the DNA of cats who lived in ancient times by looking at feline mummies from Egypt.

But in addition to those ancient kitties, they also looked at the DNA of the African wildcat of today. What researchers learned is that two major lineages ultimately contributed to the housecoat that you know and love today.

The other lineage consisted of African kitties that lived in Egypt and spread into the Mediterranean and much of the Old World. Experts believe that, thousands of years ago, kitties started spending time in farming communities, where they could help humans by controlling the rodent population.

These were likely the first encounters that people had with frisky felines, which is why researchers believe that cats pretty much domesticated themselves, as opposed to being captured by people and put into cages or put to work. Experts also concluded that prehistoric humans might have taken cats along land and sea routes in an effort to control rodent pests.


Then, during the 19th century, people started picking cats with specific traits in order to create new breeds. As experts continue to study feline history, they’ll likely discover even more fascinating facts about our little companions.

From their interesting tricolor patterns to their well-known sweet personalities, calico cats have captured the hearts of many people all around the world! Because of their color similarities to the Baltimore oriole (the state bird) and the Baltimore checker spot butterfly (the state insect), calicoes were granted their official title on October 1, 2001.

Via Amazon Fun fact: Dating back to the 1870s in Japan, calico cats were seen as a symbol of good fortune. To this day, these cute little waving-armed cats are placed at the entrances of homes and businesses all over the world.

Classy Cat Steals The Show During Orchestral Performance Cats follow their people all over the place, but there seems to be a special fascination with the bathroom.

So, perhaps cats have a case of Como, and want to ensure they're doing what's cool. Cats tend to like cool places, so one theory is that tiled rooms are appealing to the furry felines.

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What seems most likely to drive this interest is how cats love routine. Creatures of habit, cats perform chaining behaviors,” which means they like to go through the motions of the daily grind with you.

... like when cats snuggle up in briefly unoccupied briefs. To find the perfect bathroom companion for your home, check out or visit your local humane society.

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