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Why Are Cats Funny Animations

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 12 min read

There are certain reactions we’ve come to expect from cats, and the predictability can be quite funny. I sometimes make a game out of guessing how long until my Phoebe sniffs out a laundry basket.

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There are certain playthings that I know my cats go after with unmatched feline zest. Typically, when I pull these toys out, the cats go nuts.

Sometimes they’ll even start cleaning their bottom or some other mundane task. They fall off an ottoman while cleaning themselves, or get stuck between an end table and sofa, and they’re all, “waters.” Naturally, I have to let them own their dignity, so I play along with their little scheme.

I think the most hilarious feline expression is complete sass. Phoebe is a total back-talker, and when she’s not happy with me, she responds with clipped, sarcastic-sounding mews.

They lie in the craziest positions, make the silliest noises, and get themselves in the weirdest pickles. They probably wonder why we laugh at them, I guess its good thing that they don’t realize their own comedic tendencies because then they’d be even more full of themselves.

Though the animated versions (at least the ones I’ve encountered) have been lame, there’s no denying that George Harriman’s character is one of the most magical, perplexing, spontaneous creations ever. If much prefer the clunky Saturday morning cartoon version rather than the Bill Murray-voiced CGI movie reboot.

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In his time, despite the perpetual catatonic state, he was a televangelist, a cult leader, and beau of both Socks the Cat and Princess Diana. Yes, I’m including big cartoon cats on this list, although Hobbes’ eagerness wasn’t called into action very often.

In fact, he was an inert stuffed toy for long periods, which I always thought was terribly sad. My heart always sank a little when it was cartoon time and the smarmy French sex pest that was Pepe appeared.

Really, is there that much discarded white paint and apparatus scattered around Paris to apply it perfectly onto the hindquarters of a cat? Surely the only cartoon to originate as a spin off from a live-action comedy film and named after a diamond that wasn’t even a vital part of the plot.

Today, could you even get away with ripping off a famous TV character (in this case, Sergeant Bilbo) and making a cartoon out of it? Tongue-lolling, butt-obsessed, and addicted to kitty litter, Skimpy and his brainless behavior drove faithless companion Men into paroxysms of vein-engorging madness.

Of all the kitties on the list, Skimpy probably resembles the nature and intelligence of an actual cat the closest. Kids these days don’t get the joys of Tom and Jerry in their full, uncensored, smoking, drinking, and vaguely racist glory.

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We present then to you with our thanks to the unknown and credited artists who design them. Here is how some alligators are treated: Exotic Animals Skinned for Fashion.

They should not be exploited for their bile or placed on display in a zoo or in other entertainment. Help end all human inflicted pain and suffering.

See our nature study photos of God's Little Folk Fortunately one lab was closed after Brutality at Product-Testing Laboratory was exposed.

Spay and neuter your companion cats to keep the population down. Also, please visit our Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery.

Stop eating eggs and chickens and turkeys and geese and doves and quails and... Birds!. We remember seeing cows that looked very much like this on the mountain slopes in Switzerland.

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Such a natural state of farming is long gone on today's factory farms where cows stand for long hours on concrete and rarely go out to pasture. In order to produce milk a cow must be kept pregnant.

The male calves are usually turned into veal by being isolated in small crates and denying them proper nutrition. Stop eating dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.

When a person adopts a companion animal they gain a member of the family. They enjoy life just as we do, and should be members of our family.

To help stop dove and pigeon “hunting,” visit Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) Compare this to the horrors of producing Foe Gas.

Frogs provide LIFE for ecosystems all over the globe. Thousands of species of frogs are disappearing because of habitat destruction, capture for dissection classes, killed to be learn more, visit Save The Frogs.

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(Seen) to learn about how many primates are abused in labs. We have a live trap and when we catch a mouse, we let them go free outside.

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Each of us can help end this cruelty by not eating pigs (pork, bacon, sausage, lard, etc.). To learn more, visit The Meat and Dairy Industries.

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Although we all love Disney's princesses who feature in many of them, the fun animal sidekicks come in a close second. Although some mainstream cats may be missing from this article (sorry, Simba), their replacements deserve a moment in the spotlight.

Mufasa was a once-in-a-lifetime king who could never be replaced, but if there was one cat who could stand up to the challenge, it would be Simba. Rajah may not have as many scenes as Iago or Abu do in Aladdin, but he deserves some major credit.

Upon first meeting the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, he seemed mighty creepy. As mysterious as the Cheshire Cat is, he was an important part of the Disney animated film, because he's constantly getting Alice in trouble.

We wouldn't necessarily call Cheshire Cat a villain, but he doesn't help Alice in her time of need much either. Buffer was a sight for sore eyes in Disney's The Jungle Book.

After being introduced to Shear Khan, many viewers assumed most of the jungle cats in this show would be dangerous, but not Buffer. This sweet panther was very protective of the man-cub Mowgli and did what he could to ensure he lived when he left his wolf pack.

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He saved Marie from drowning, he got them food when they were starving, he brought them to Paris... Some fans tend to forget that Disney created Winnie the Pooh.

Unlike every other animal who lived on the grounds, Lucifer was the only cat against Cinderella's happiness. After a shipping mishap, Bolt is misplaced in New York City instead of Hollywood's rolling hills.

Mittens is a street cat living in New York City, who will do anything it takes to survive. He meets a dog name Dagger who helps him make his way through New York City, but Oliver wasn't meant to be in the streets.

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