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Why Are Cats Considered Evil

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Now, while we wait for the internet to descend on me like Sauron’s army, I shall explain why. Years of nameless, nondescript goldfish, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs have created in me a passive indifference to most pets and instilled in me a very “meh” attitude to anything cute and fluffy.

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You might think you're investing all that time and energy into building a beautiful relationship with your pet. This is because cats are naturally unresponsive to punishment; they only respond to praise and rewards.

So no matter how many times you spray Mr Bojangles with water for clawing the sofa, he'll never learn. They definitely have a bad attitude, but even worse, they think they're better than you. They prance around like they own the place, peeing everywhere and expecting you to clean it up for them.

They know you will wait on them hand and foot and provide them with a constant supply of food. An interesting fact that you might not know is that cats also have a “cry” which they used to manipulate humans.

If anything, this proves that even cats know they are evil creatures, and they have to impersonate our children to try and manipulate us into doing their bidding. The average person has probably spent 7,638 hours watching cat videos.

You could have read 300 life-changing books in that time, gone on 47 enlightening walks through nature, had countless deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family. Mindless, dull, repetitive and completely devoid of any value, these are the bane of my life and I can’t understand why anyone wants to waste their time watching them.

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They hunt and bring you dead animals (we’ll get to their sadistic, murderous instincts in a moment), because they think you are too stupid to catch a bird or a mouse on your own. And if Disney has taught us anything, it's that witches are inherently evil and don't just want to put a spell on you, they want to kill you (Sleeping Beauty wouldn't have been much of story if Maleficent had done her job properly).

The perfect heartless sidekick; they don't care whether you live or die, as long as they're getting some tuna at the end of it. Considering cat lovers are so vocal about their love for all things cute and fluffy, it seems strange that people are happy to ignore the fact that cats are tyrants who pick on mice, birds and other creatures.

Not only do they kill them (to arrogantly show you that they’re better than you), they usually play with their prey, torturing the poor animals before a slow and painful death. Some famous examples include Dr Evil from the Austin Powers movie series, with his ugly cat Mr Biggles worth, Caramel and Israel from the Smurfs, and even in the Harry Potter series, caretaker Filch has his own snitching sidekick in the form of Mrs Norris.

Essentially, when a cat is rubbing up against you or lying in your lap, it doesn't want affection, it is marking you as its property. That's because in the wild, cats dig holes to bury their business.

This is because they don't want to challenge the dominant cat on his own turf, so it's a way of admitting who's boss. Between all that purring and meowing, people conveniently forget that cats also hiss.

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Most animals, big or small, are scared of snakes, which is why cats send their ears back, hiss and spit, in an attempt to mimic a venomous snake. NAD, just worth noting that cats aspire to be an animal THAT CAN KILL YOU.

When they lick their paws, and their fur, and everywhere else for that matter, they aren't trying to give themselves a bath, they just want to rid of the disgusting stench of human. Cats themselves no doubt orchestrated this whole obsession in their quest for world domination, but it's time we put them back in their place.

Have you ever had a ‘friend’ who follows you around everywhere, calls you all the time, and turns up at your house unannounced? Tiny muscular twitches in their ears demonstrate that they can pick out their names as well as their owners’ voices against background noise, but more often than not they simply choose to ignore it.

A quote from the same study said ‘The behavioral aspects of cats that cause their owners to become attached to them are still undetermined’. What science does know however is that humans find certain things ‘cute’ by nature, which include large eyes, purring noises and shows of affection.

While cats were popular pets in Ancient Egypt, it appears that the domestication possibly goes back much further to Cyprus 12,000 years ago. But according to Carlos Driscoll, one of researcher who helped deduce this statistic, it wasn’t so much a case of us choosing cats as pets as much as the cats domesticating ‘themselves’ in order to take advantage of our abundant resources.

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In fact one study even suggests that cats don’t like being stroked at all, but rather just tolerate it as part of their manipulation game. Best practice for now is to carry on stroking your cat, but to make sure you give it plenty of space when it’s eating or sleeping.

So cats started eating our food one day and then just manipulated us to let them stay. They eat our food, carry parasites, poo in our homes and avoid spending time with us whenever possible.

On the other hand, we actually brought dogs into our homes because they already had evolved traits such as friendliness and affection due to their pack nature. And even though the folklore may vary among cultures, in the vast majority of the countries, black cats are considered to bring bad luck to someone.

Because they were considered lucky at the time (how things change), many poor people adopted them as pets. As the story goes, a father and a son living in Lincolnshire started making the rounds in a moonless night.

While they were still shocked and trying to figure out what was going on, they watched through the window and saw that this creature was, in fact, a black cat. The next day, when the old woman appeared in town, she had bruises on her face and a bandaged arm.

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The townspeople, who were already been told the story by the father the son, concluded that the witch herself was the black cat who got transformed and got out for a nightly prowl. Official: COVID-19 prompts Rose Bowl move out of Calif.

Because a black cat could blend in and remain unseen in the dark, they were thought to be an ideal “familiar” of a witch who was most active after nightfall. The association with witchcraft made the cat seem evil and one crossing one's path became considered bad luck, except in countries where witch trials did not take place, it was considered good luck.

Because the Catholic Church actively promoted the idea that cats were evil. Cat are seen as honorable creatures in Islam and were worshiped in Ancient Egypt.

But you put a sleek black cat in a movie with a witch and it can look evil I suppose. When they are mean and nasty, growling, hissing, and exposing their mean face they do look evil.

Body of missing Instagram influencer found on Texas road One being the shape of their iris and the other was the way that their eyes seem to glow at night when the light hits them.

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The people in the Middle Ages thought this meant that they were of the devil. And there are several old wives tales told about them, which many people still believe.

Not all circles Egyptians looked up to cats and were thought to protect you from evil spirits. But the majority of superstition is due to the cats self entertaining nature and social structure also the inability to make them do what they want has always meant evil to humans just look what happened during the Salem witch trials people who didn't conform to what the group thought was the only way to live was seen as evil and wicked and must be destroyed it is also why cats are the number one neglected and abused animal.

People move away and leave their cat behind without even a second glance. I have had my share of cats who I have taken in from someone who got a cute kitten and then when it reached adulthood hated them because they would crap on their clothes or pee on things cats know when someone doesn't like them, and they react to it.

I have never had a problem with a cat that had been given to me because they crapped on their stuff, but then they know I love them and there is mutual respect, so they don't do that to my things. Only my one cat will do that and it is only because he knows my mother hates him she'll jab at him and call him an ugly name, so he goes and pees in her dogs food dish while looking right at her. They are smart animals and moody, and they are vengeful at times lol.

Most people like animals that depend on them entirely and are completely obedient. They walk all over you and trash everything if you give them a little of leniency.

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And then a lot of people don't like outdoor cats, because they pee and poop in their yards and stuff. Dogs would do the same thing, except cats can jump walls and are evasive.

They're easier to take care of, smell a lot better, and generally have seemed more like friends to me. It's because I watch all these movies where the dogs are trained in them to be cool and “friends” and save people and mourn the deaths of their friend dogs.

And there is an old thought that cats can take your soul if you stare in their eyes Also in the film Constantine, Keanu used a cat to cross over into hell to get some info.

Cats unlike dogs are very independent and don't depend upon men. This independence was viewed with suspicion and superstition and men interpreted their independence as lack of compassion,love and thus they're viewed as evil.

I've had a cat myself for a few days, and they aren't evil, they're as loyal as dogs and show their love too. But some cultures venerated the cat to a level where they were worshiped, like the Egyptians etc.

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Summoning demons, speaking with Satan and selling their souls to the dark lord might seem like a sacrilegious pastime, but these evil cats don't even blink twice if asked to communicate with the underworld. Feline friends and fans know there is nothing to fear from the world’s most cuddly creatures (sorry, red pandas, corgi puppies, and fluffy bunnies, this is a cat’s world), but the persistence of the pesky belief that black cats are somehow bad luck has endured for centuries.

Scottish Folklore includes a fairy known as the Cat With, a giant black cat (with a small white spot on his chest) who was believed to have the ability to steal a dead person’s soul before the gods could claim it. That belief led to the creation of night-and-day watches called the “Late Wake” to guard bodies just before burial.

The Scottish also employed such tried and true methods as “using catnip” and “jumping around a lot” to scare off potential Cat With soul-stealers. Somehow, the concept of “companion” turned into “familiar,” and the belief that witches could turn themselves into their (typically black) cat companions became a persistent one, even carrying over to America, where it was an indelible part of the Salem Witch Trials.

It didn’t help matters that the Puritan pilgrims who helped populate Salem, Massachusetts were devout Bible believers, and the combination of a major fear of anything Devil-related (dating back to the Middle Ages) and the lingering belief that black cats were a classic part of witch lifestyles was a lethal one. Most black cats also come with golden yellow eyes, thanks to the high melanin pigment content in their bodies.

Spread the good word of inky felines and their more positive associations during the autumn holiday, you can also honor the animals come summer, celebrating “Black Cat Appreciation Day” every August 17th.

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