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Why Are Cats Cats

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
• 27 min read

I am a cat lover and also enjoy writing about a variety of commercial topics. Unlike humans, animals give you unconditional love.

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They don’t dump you or leave you in the dirt. Only cats are hilarious enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web.

You can take a short vacation and leave them at home. They don’t get separation anxiety and tear up your entire house like dogs do.

Yeah, litter boxes can be gross, but they are much easier to deal with than poop scattered all over the house. Cats can even be taught to be potty-trained on a real toilet.

Do you ever get annoyed when a dog’s barking wakes the whole house? Cats that are vocal never meow loud enough to cause a scene, and when you have visitors they go off and hide rather than jump all over them.

They don’t smell bad either like dogs do. You’ll see: after you pet a cat, you don’t feel like you need to wash your hands like crazy.

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Cats can stay inside their whole lives, and never get dirty and bring fleas and ticks into your home. You don’t have to worry about your pet getting attacked by a wild animal when they live inside.

You won't have a rat problem with a cat in your house. Everyone has seen those millions of videos on YouTube featuring cats hilarious behaviors.

They are bigger celebrities than half of the people on the Internet. They are very emotional animals that love to be held and cuddled with.

Love cats and dogs....they both bring something great to the table. Only reason to like one over the other is your lifestyle...and while dogs do tend to be more emotionally connected{face it, no cat ever meowed itself to death over your grave} not everyone has the time for a dog or the willingness to give them what they need.

Dogs are nagging wives.... cats are mistresses. If you keep your dog chained up in the backyard for more than an hour a day all alone you're probably a cat person and don't know it.

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I love cats to pieces, but #5 is demonstrably false. My neighbors complained about my Bengal waking them up and annoying them.

My two cats have brought my family together by providing us comfort and joy. But I truly feel they belong in the wild outdoors free to be themselves.

I own a cat and a dog, and I think it has no reason to compare between them. I can't tell you how many times I have cried while reading CATS ARE EVIL” articles.

Cats are lovely creatures, and the reason why people prefer dogs is that they don't want to have to earn the trust of a cat-they'd much rather get easy love from a dog. Once you've gained a cat's love, they will find a way to show it.

I once saw a comment on Quora that read “How can anyone love a cat in a world where dogs exist?” Which brings me to my next point- When I state how much I love cats, I am instantly met with a tirade of rants about how I can love them, they're evil, dogs are better.

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Look, I keep quiet whenever you start rambling about how cute your dog is-can't you give my cat the same courtesy? I have absolutely adored cats since I first laid eyes on one as an infant.

Her name is Pepper, and she was a stray that I finally convinced to get close to me, and she has given me nothing but love and happiness the last two years! Hi I'm allergic to cats but I have mine at my grandma's name is whiskers.

Would have to agree with your comments about these beautiful creatures, the two cats in the picture, seriously cute, as cats always are, if you have cats you will see scenes like this constantly, simply because they are cute, loveable, pleasure to have, and in closing may I say I feel sorry for people who do not love cats. People are so very lucky if they are fortunate to have the love of a cat.

Great article, except it's a little disconcerting that reasons 1 through 5 are a bit exaggerated and generalized. Let's not stereotype animals, whether in a good way or bad way.

Active breeds like Bengals can become very destructive if left to their own devices. Playing with toys with your cat for about 10-20 minutes a day is all that most cats require to be drained of excess energy, so they don't become destructive, or take out their energy on other pets in the house or their people.

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And saying cats can't injure kids is an extremely false statement. Cats have claws and teeth, and just like any other animal will defend themselves when threatened.

Please teach your kids the proper way to play with their kitty (with toys!) And make sure kitty has plenty of escape routes and places where he can take a break from rambunctious kids, like a cat tree or cat shelves.

But implying that all cats are quiet all the time is absurd. Yes, cats don't bark loudly like dogs do, but many cats are extremely vocal towards their humans, and can in fact keep you up at night meowing, especially if they are not played with enough during the day like stated above.

Give your cats plenty of playtime during the day, and feed your cats about one to two hours before you go to bed. That will give the cats plenty of time to wind down and get sleepy enough to not bother you all night long.

Cats are amazing animals and can make wonderful companions for people of all ages if cared for properly. Please do your own research before getting a cat, and remember there are millions of animals in shelters in need of loving homes.

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I'd love to have a dog, but don't want to invest the time it would take to care for it. My motto: If you're having a bad day, just watch a cat.

I've always loved cats since I was very little.but that's not to say I dislike dogs, I like dogs too, but I am just very attached to the comfort of cats and their personalities:) I enjoyed your hub it was very useful to old and new cat people.

I never say I am a cat or dog owner because I believe my Pom Sweetie Angel and Keeper my cat own me. I had my first kitty when I was two years old and I named her Kiss, because we kissed each other all the time--my mother said---she would tell me No-No and I would still do it.

Reading this gives me a physical pain as I cannot keep a cat again after ours died at the age of 20. I have inherited two small (medium size)dogs, and find they do take up way much more time and require more attention than the cats did.

Although I would not dream of getting rid of them, they tend to limit me in going anywhere overnight as they can't be left alone like the cats were. Every cat had its own personality, and individual behavior.

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Oh, his dad was a Mainer. He was big and gray and had the M too Hus mom was a gray tabby with a lot of white almost Blue fur.she was gorgeous but kinda smallish she was a smallish cat... I think Pips dad was a bully alpha male cat.... Pips kind of a chicken...except when he is indoors with Darcy. The two of them think they are mountain lions. They have scared away deer, birds, squirrels, cats, several dog sand a few kids . Yet they were terribly intimidated by my old age; fish- black and white and about 6 inches from top to bottom...they would get nose to tank until Gill-angelfish came over... then hey would jump down from the chair and chatter at him but being a fish he was not intimidated...who knew...

#2 cat is my dog- he's a Siamese too smart he has us trained when we come home he flops on the floor until scratched- like all Siamese he is a talker very loud and always jabbering he comes when called- sometimes he's a chow hound and likes to eat his “brothers food”. I think he is PCI- he just came over while I was writing about him. Even after I told him I had no food- he loves ice cream- too much he will steal a few licks if a bowl is left unattended. We are contemplating a dog . But- when ever I mention it the Siamese gives me almost a growl... it's odd.

Cats are beautiful animals, treasured pets and smart. I am allergic to cats but I would love to have one. Thank you for sharing.

And I'm guessing that almost everyone has, at some point in their lives, wondered why a cat was behaving in some quirky way. Although there are some genuinely unexpected questions in the total cat dataset (wait until you come across the Christmas tree eating one), quite a lot have to do with the following four general topics: what they love & hate, the sounds they make, other things they do with their mouths, and why they move (or not move) the way they do.

Why cats love or hate certain things are amongst the most popular questions asked. If you want to see the dog version of the visuals, click tap on the yellow circle in the lower right of the page, when visible.

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From the search volume on Google, it's clear that lots of people know that cats just love boxes; but why ? This love of boxes probably has to do with the safe and confined space they provide for cats.

A box closes off many sides from the cat, so they can't be snuck up on from behind, while they're still able to see what happens around them. And I'm almost afraid to imagine what kind of cat would meow like Chewbacca...

Purring is such a unique feature to cats that it's no wonder people in general just want to know why cats purr in the first place. Personally, the funniest sound I've ever heard from my cat is how she almost seems to talk as she chirps when watching birds and other possible (bigger) prey.

It seems that cats aren't eating so many nasty things as dogs (for whom poop almost appears to be a delicacy o_O). I do feel sorry for the girlfriends and boyfriends that want to know why their cat is biting them and not their partner.

If we look at other (non) movement related questions about why cats target their humans specifically, it seems that cats see us as wonderful spots on which to sit, lay and rub. There are other lovely quirky questions in this selection, such as why cats run after they poop or why they like to lay on plastic bags.

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The big question people ask about their cat's movement is why they knead (as if they're making dough with their little paws). Kneading, sometimes also called “making biscuits”, is a quite common behavior to see in a relaxed cat that's standing on a soft surface (i.e. you).

It's not completely clear why cats like to give these kitty massages, though. It could also be a leftover instinct from their wild ancestors who would knead down a patch of foliage before laying down to sleep.

Now that you've been introduced to some specific subsets of the total dataset of ~2200 cat related why questions, let's place them all together so you can search and discover them even more freely. We can, therefore, combine these four sentences one level deeper and only split them apart from the word where they start to differ; blankets, humans, me and soft.

When we repeat this process for all ~370 unique words that follow why do/does/are (my/a) cat(s)” we get the collection of sentence trees below. For example, perhaps the people that search for why their cat poops in the litter box but pees on the floor should exchange tips with those that instead want to know why their cat pees in the litter box but poops on the floor.

In case you don't see anything happen when you hover over the bold text examples, try clicking it to be taken down to the visual below. Visual Explanation| As before, circles are sized according to question popularity | The colors are still random | The final “leaves” in a sentence tree are fully colored while those that still have branches are white with a colored stroked |Hovering overlapping on a circle reveals not only the sentence up till that point, but also all the variations that (might) follow after | Finally, if you're interested in something specific, try looking for it with the search box at the top.

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Ranging from the (semi) unpleasantness of smelling, drooling and throwing up, to interactions such as following, staring and sleeping on you. The “non-my” top 15 of most asked questions instead includes more general searches about cats, such as why they like boxes, eat grass, or hate water.

The blue and green colored circles occur below the top 15 of the respective other side, whereas the gray circles on the right do not appear as a question about “my cat” | The thicker a line, the higher up that question occurs on both rankings. Although the analyses above only took English questions into account, we are now looking at the overall search popularity of cats and dogs irrespective of the language used (thanks to Google's Knowledge Graph).

The fact that several Asian countries (such as Taiwan, where cat cafés started. Or Japan, where these types of cafés truly blossomed) have a higher interest in cats than dogs might not come as a surprise.

Visual Explanation| This visual shows the Google search popularity of cats and dogs for ±115 countries between 2013 – 2018 | Each circle represents either the cat or dog search popularity, depending on color | The farther outward a circle is placed, the higher its search popularity. Visual Explanation| This visual shows the Google search popularity of cats and dogs for ±115 countries between 2013 – 2018 | Each circle represents the search popularity for one country, with cats on the left and dogs on the right | The higher a circle is placed, the higher its search popularity | Each country's cat & dog circle are connected by a line.

This deep dive into cat-related questions has likely brought you to the conclusion that, yes, cats appear to be quite weird across the board (but usually in hilarious and cute ways! Interestingly enough, the questions people ask about dogs are surprisingly similar to cats and yet unique.

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A lot less sleeping or biting, but a lot more licking, and well... So, if you also like dogs, or if this has made you curious, this would be a good time to check out the dog page! Plenty of apartments allow cats because they’re quiet, so they are less likely to wake the neighbors up when someone rings your doorbell.

According to the ASPCA, cats won’t break the bank nearly as much as medium or large dogs because they require much less food, fewer toys, and fewer trips to the groomer. Unlike our friend Fido, Whiskers doesn't require multiple walks a day.

Older cats can also be left alone for a day or two if they have access to their food, water, and litter box. Since they don't hunt for their food, it's believed kitties have an abundance of energy stored up and release it through playtime.

Just kidding ... but seriously, cats are a lot smarter than people make them out to be. According to Animal Planet, cats are constantly learning and have an excellent memory.

When you head off to work and need to leave your pet behind, you may start to feel a little guilty. Not only is purring absolutely adorable, but it can also be a soothing sound for humans.

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In fact, there are numerous online videos of cats just purring to help people fall asleep. Egyptian history shows that cats worked hard to be welcomed into homes.

But people eventually noticed that the animals resembled Bast, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare, and they started to be held in high regard. Jennifer Wilbur is a life-long animal lover.

She currently has two black cats, and has had many dogs and small pets throughout her life. I grew up with dogs, but I got my first cat about three years ago.

In addition, cats also have some benefits over dogs in that they are objectively easier to care for. Here are some reasons I’ve discovered as to why cats can be the best pets.

Cats spend a lot of their time grooming, so they are always nice and clean. Cats spend much of their time grooming themselves, so you will rarely have to bathe your feline friend.

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Compared to dogs, cats tend to smell much better. Unlike dogs, your cat won’t go outside and roll in unpleasant things or pick a fight with a skunk.

Because cats are so good at keeping themselves clean, they usually feel softer and cleaner than dogs and many other animals when you pet them. Even the loudest meows are cute and relatively quiet.

Even the loudest, most insistent meows are much quieter than most barks. Even when your cat is trying her hardest to annoy you into giving her extra treats, her meow sounds are adorable.

It’s hard to be annoyed by such cute little sounds. Cats don’t need to be taken outside multiple times a day for bathroom and exercise walks.

Cats also don’t require nearly as much training as dogs. A cat is content to curl up next to you while you work, while a dog may demand your undivided attention.

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Cats can also be left home by themselves while you are at work and are much less likely to destroy your house while you are gone. Cats don’t need to be taken outside in the middle of the night to do their business.

While no one enjoys cleaning the letterbox, it is still much easier and less of a burden than having to go outside in the darkness or bad weather and having to carry around little baggies of your fluffy friend’s waste until you can get to a garbage can. Cats are small enough that they can get plenty of exercise indoors, especially if you have plenty of vertical spaces for your feline friend to climb.

Since cats don’t need to go outside, they will also never track in mud after you have just finished mopping the floor. Kittens are taught how to use a litter box by their mother cat.

Most kittens already know how to use the litter box as soon as you bring them home. Even cats that were born stray or feral instinctively know to bury their waste after going to the bathroom.

The most you will have to do to potty-train your new furry friend is to show her where the litter box is and show her how to dig in the (clean) litter using your own hand. Cats are ferocious hunters who can protect your home from vermin.

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The mere presence of a cat is usually enough to keep mice and rats away. If a rogue rodent does find its way into your house, however, your cat’s natural predator instincts will kick in.

Though it can be gross finding remains of your fluffy friend’s hunting victories, it still beats having vermin running lose through your home. Cats are also excellent hunters of insects, keeping your home safe from moths, houseflies, and other creepy crawlies (be warned, however; some types of bugs aren’t very tasty to cats.

Your cat probably won’t do much to keep ladybugs out of your home.) The initial adoption fee for cats and kittens is often less than that of dogs.

Cats are smaller than most dogs and require fewer purchases. Vet care is also often less expensive for cats than for dogs.

Cats are usually perfectly happy with “toys” that don’t cost anything. My cats favorite toys are cardboard boxes, milk jug rings, and those silicone bracelets that you get from donating a couple of dollars to certain charities.

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Because cats don’t need to be taken outside to use the restroom, they can be left home alone all day while you are at work without having to worry about coming home to any nasty surprises on your living-room carpet. Cats are also less prone to separation anxiety, so they can tolerate being home for longer periods of time without their human (though it is still best if you have a pair of cats to keep each other company).

Cats can even be left home alone for a couple without a pet sitter if you are going to be gone all weekend. If you leave enough food and water and have enough litter boxes, they will be just fine for a night or two on their own.

If you live in an apartment, you are more likely to be allowed to have a cat than a dog. Cats also take up less space, so they will be happier living in an apartment than a dog would, especially larger breeds.

Because cats use the litter box and don’t need to be taken outside to use the bathroom or to exercise, it is easier to keep a cat in upper-level apartments than a dog as well, as you won’t need to bring it down the stairs multiple times a day. As mentioned above, cats are fairly quiet compared to dogs, so neighbors in your apartment building won’t be bothered by a cat’s meows like they may be by a barking dog.

Cats like to be where their favorite humans are but are often less needy than their canine counterparts. Cats are usually content to sit quietly near their favorite human while they work or read a book.

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There is nothing better than a cat purring on your lap after a long day. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving as dogs but aren’t as high maintenance.

Cats often get a bad reputation from dog lovers. Cat’s make great pets and are ideal companions for people who work full time or who live in an apartment.

They are less expensive to keep and require less maintenance than dogs. Overall, cats are wonderful pets and will provide a lifetime of love and affection, just like dogs.

Cats cute fluffy clam and more coooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Absolutely agree that cats are just as wonderful as dogs.

At least cats don't rub there butt and leave brown streaks on the rug My dad's cousin has 2 cute kitties, and the difference between those cats and MY DOG is that the cats are QUIET, Floozy, and LESS ANNOYING.

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My essay was written and gotten a good grade! I think the article was helpful, BUT I need more info on why cats are better and easier to take care of than dogs.

), but I love all the animal babies we have in our homes very much. As a current caretaker of both a stray cat and a stray dog, I can affirm that this article is both factual and accurate.

If you have both a love for animals and a warm heart, you can't but help appreciate what a great companion and source of chronic mirth a cat can be. This a wonderful article and it made me decide to get a cat.

Dogs: The Great Debate; I currently have both dogs and cats, and I find them both virtually equivalently useful for entertainment. Since I live in an apartment building is better to have a cat since they are easy to take care of them.

Instead, these wild cats communicated through their sense of smell, or by rubbing against or urinating on objects like trees. That's still largely the way cats communicate with one another, said John Wright, a psychologist studying animal behavior at Mercer University in Georgia.

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Many cats even develop a repertoire of meows to express different needs and feelings or elicit different responses. For example, your cat might trill at you in greeting, squeak a friendly request to go outside or demand food with a loud meow.

“If you make your responses positive enough and predictive enough that she can listen to your vocalization, then she can try and communicate with you,” Wright said. This finding, however, could be a result of confirmation bias or a self-fulfilling prophecy, with cat owners looking to support their own stereotypes.

But might there be another reason, besides gender, that explains the unique behavior of orange cats ? Orange cats are more common in rural (less dense) as opposed to urban environments.

This finding suggests that orange cats may enjoy greater reproductive success in particular social conditions. Meanwhile, in urban environments, both female and male cats have multiple mates.

Orange cats may be more likely to engage in risky behaviors that result in death Orange cats are less common in areas with greater mortality risk.

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This idea is supported by past findings that larger male cats are more dominant and aggressive, resulting in both greater reproductive success and greater mortality risk. Although these color-based behavioral associations may seem odd, they are found among other animals including rodents and birds (as reviewed in Pointier et al., 1995).

Evidence of selection on the orange allele in the domestic cat Felix cats: the role of social structure. Pet lovers debate whether cats are smarter than dogs, and vice versa.

Although there are several theories about why cats like boxes, Mark D. Freeman, DVD, an assistant professor at the VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine, says the most widely accepted explanation is the security factor. “ Cats are, by nature, cryptic animals, meaning they prefer to have a safe hiding spot from which they can observe the world around them,” says Dr. Freeman.

“ Cats are both hunter and prey, so having a secure space from which they can monitor for threats from predators as well as for appealing prey is ideal.” Cardboard boxes, or any small, confined space, provide the perfect “safe” spot for cats to avoid predators and catch a meal, according to Dr. Freeman. Cats also like boxes because they find them physically comforting, according to Daniel Roman, CEO of PrettyLitter.

Small enclosed spaces, like cardboard boxes, provide insulation that keeps your feline family member warm and safe, according to Roman. “You’ll often find them scratching, chewing, and otherwise mangling the cardboard, which is a great source of entertainment and pleasure for the cat,” says Dr. Freeman.

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The scent glands on their toe pads leave a unique signature to the box, marking their territory, as well, according to Dr. Freeman. Cardboard is just plain fun for cats and provides hours of entertainment for your fur baby, says Dr. Freeman.

“When a cat is over-stimulated, tired, or just in need of a break, a box gives them the ability to recharge until they’re ready to come out and play again,” Roman says. Boxes are also pretty safe as long as they are on a sturdy surface away from heaters or high foot-traffic areas.

“, the quandary of why cats are so adorable has puzzled scientists and pet owners alike for thousands of years. And in the spirit of these adorable house pets we've arranged for cute cats and kittens by the dozens all in one place.

Cat's have a knack for shoving themselves into random small containers, and I have always wondered whether it is them showing off, a bondage fetish, or simply them not understanding the concept of spatial awareness. Besides a terrible alarm clock, they can be great for DIY replacements for various household items, like a toilet paper holder, for one.

As long as you don't use the cat as a mop, I think you can avoid PETA making a house call. This cat has clearly hit a plateau and needs our help to get over Hump day and through Thursday onward to the blissful weekend.

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I'm not sure what this family had in mind, but I think the Christmas decorations were perfect without putting the cat on top to accompany the star. It is definitely not for their benefit, and if you don't agree with me, ask your cat if he wants to wear that sweater that turns him into a hairy blimp.

Because despite their seeming intelligence, especially when compared to our dopey doggos, we expect a certain level of awareness and a thought process to their actions. And then we have reality, which is that cats, with their flexibility and desire to place themselves in the most compromised positions imaginable, do so for no reason then in order to stuff themselves into a space far too small for themselves.

Their incessant curiosity from everything, from the time they are kittens until they are old fat and lazy on the windowsill. I have been a dog person my entire life, but I have to say, this kitten and a few others I've seen are making it really difficult to dislike cats ...

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