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Why Are Cats Better Than Dogs

Christina Perez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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Written by Christina Donnelly When deciding to get a pet, it may be a difficult decision about whether to choose a cat or a dog. Cats have many favorable traits, including their ease of care, cleanliness, and adorable antics, making them a wonderful pet for any family.

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Cats, however, are perfectly content lounging, napping, and playing with their toys at home alone while you work the day away. Not only are cats much safer indoors, but they're perfectly happy perched next to a window or curled up in a sunny spot on the couch.

Simply crack a window for some fresh air (but make sure it's not open wide enough for kitty to escape), and your cat will be totally content watching birds and bugs all day long. Susan Sheldon/Eye/Getty Images Both puppies and kittens require an incredible amount of time, energy, and attention.

Between getting, it comfortable in its new home, introducing it to its new diet, and starting some preliminary training, you may be a little sleep-deprived during the first few weeks with your new pup or kitten. It'll keep the kitty wrangled in one safe space and, due to its smaller size, it won't be able to cause much (if any) damage from being contained.

GK Hart/Nikki Hart/Getty Images While it may be a little weird that your cat pees and poops in strategically placed boxes all over your house, cleaning out a litter box is far easier than having to take walks late at night, during scorching summer days, or through freezing snow, all while scooping up dog poop with a plastic bag over your hand. Although house cats aren't necessarily being hunted by predators, humans can reap the benefits of neat, clean, and completely covered waste.

You may want to groom it with a brush every once in a while and definitely clip its nails as needed, but otherwise, cats do a very good job of keeping themselves clean. Tom One/Picture Press/Getty Images Sometimes after a long, stressful day at work, you may not be in the mood to have a dog at your heels, following you around the house, nudging you to play fetch.

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While cats may get a bad rap for being cold or distant, they really just understand (and appreciate) the concept of personal space. Cats don't require your constant attention or energy, which will give you plenty of opportunities to sit and relax after a long work week.

Hindi Jonathan/Getty Images It has been said that owning a pet can reduce stress and make you live longer, but there are certain health benefits that cats provide to their owners. Sherry grew up watching her uncle raise turtles, fish, goats and sheep in his backyard.

As an old joke goes, this is how a dog thinks about its owner(s): “This person's great. Cats vs dogs have been a topic of debate for thousands of years.

As much as the personality characters attributed to cat lovers and dog lovers is vague, an invisible line remains between these two types of people. Cats are the type of pet that will snuggle you to show love rather than drool and lick your face.

They make you work to have a relationship with them and that is the most attractive part about having them as pets. Most cats are pretty lazy that they like to sleep for 16 hours a day.

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Cats curiosity allows you to play with them even with a crumpled piece of paper rolled into a ball. Toss it about the room and that will suffice to keep their energy levels high.

All they need is a bowl of food and another of water, and a litter box. Rodents and pest control is the skill happily mastered by cats.

Cats can do their business in the litter box that is easy to clean. You can go to work for 8 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least make a mess of it.

Although they love the attention they are extremely content spending time alone. What makes cat better than most pets is that they can become your companion and not a baby needing attention all day.

Barking and growling are two of the main reasons for people relinquishing dogs to shelters in the US. With cats home, you will not have to worry about the neighbors complaining about your pet disturbing their peace.

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Cats by nature are calmer, so when you have people over, they will just watch from a distance. Dogs chew furniture, shoes, and other things in the house they are kept for care.

Cats also spray in the house and maybe bite and chew with their little mouth. One could say a cat can scratch furniture, but regular clipping of their nails and adding scratching posts in some corners of your house will solve this problem.

Even keeping a single dog needs a lot more space. Not only do mother cats nurse their kittens, but they also teach them to use the litter box, how to sharpen claws and whatnot.

For dogs, this responsibility is upon the owners to teach puppies things. Dog escaping from the house or yard is a huge problem, whereas such a situation is less stressful for cat owners.

Leave the cat to walk around the neighborhood and be worry-free because it will come back home. They can sit on your lap, lick your face, spend time hiding and do cute tricks.

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Many people think that dogs possess higher intelligence because of their ability to listen to commands and do tricks. On the other hand, cats can take charge and be independent and cautious, which are both trademark signs of intelligence.

The truth, I believe is that intelligence like many other qualities of a pet is what their owners perceive them to be. This is based on the studies that have shown that dogs release the “love hormone” oxytocin upon interaction with their owners.

However, several studies have shown that cats develop affection towards their owners. But, this is related to the time and effort the cat owner invests in it, in terms of bonding.

Labels for a cat person: Graceful, subtle, independent, thoughtful, mysterious, more neurotic, open. Labels for a dog person: loyal, direct, kind, faithful, utilitarian, helpful, a team player, more extroverted, agreeable, conscientious.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Owning a pet of any kind is the most rewarding and wonderful experience, however, as in any battle, there is only one winner, and it is time that the whole world learns why cats are betterthandogs.

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Any cat owner can tell you that felines are wrongly portrayed as uncaring and aloof when they are in fact independent, smart, funny, and at times mischievous. While dogs are considered man’s best friend, recent studies have shown that cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests.

Even though cats were considered deities and worshiped as such in ancient civilizations, there is still a lot of things we don’t know about them. To change that perception and help you win your next debate with a dog person, we will list 17 reasons why cats are betterthandogs.

In general, dogs are very friendly and will jump on a chance to leave hairs, paw prints, and a bit of drool, on top of performing an occasional hump on a leg when guests arrive. Most cats hide when they realize that guests are coming, or they position themselves on higher surfaces to have an undisturbed view of their surroundings.

Cats can be a bit standoffish at times, but that is still better than paying for a friend’s dry cleaning bill because a dog peed on him from excitement. Moreover, some dogs get easily bored when they are home alone, and owners end up coming back from work to find their furniture completely destroyed.

Cats are more independent than dogs, and while they rely on their owners to provide food and shelter, they don’t need someone to entertain them all day round. Additional costs like vaccinations, emergency vet bills, toys, leashes, collars, houses, and fences make dogs expensive pets to keep compared to cats.

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Moreover, the neighbors may not take a dog’s constant high-pitched bark lightly, and you may end up with a noise complaint. On the other hand, cats aren’t physically capable of producing high-pitched barks, and howls like dogs are.

A cat will use a low-pitched meow to solicit food or to indicate to you that she is ready for a play session. Getting a new puppy is bound to bring a lot of sleepless nights, midnight walks, and pee cleaning.

Although some people like training and taking their cats on walks on a leash, there isn’t really any need for this type of activity. Most dogs never miss the opportunity to walk through puddles, or roll in mud, grass, garbage, or near a dead animal.

Cats on average live from 14-16 years, which makes them a great choice for everyone who is willing to commit the better part of their life to one animal. A recent study conducted at the Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows why dogs are such sloppy drinkers and cats leave the bowl without spilling one drop.

Cats only use a force up to two times that of gravity compared to a dog’s eight when dipping their tongues to cleanly put a sufficient amount of water in their mouths to drink. It is scientifically proven that both cats and dogs have benefits for human health and significantly reduce stress in their owners.

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However, in a recent study done at the University of Minnesota, it was determined that owning a cat or a dog lowers the blood pressure in people who suffer from hypertension. It is almost impossible to imagine a dog living indoors only since every pooch needs space to be active and exercise every day.

On the other hand, it seems that an indoor-only lifestyle suits cats since it prolongs their lifespan and offers far better living conditions. A cat is perfectly content and safe spending her days perched near a window observing birds, insects, and other small animals.

Their keen sense of smell and sight make cats natural-born killing machines. Even the domestication couldn’t do anything to diminish that killer instinct and a cat’s knowledge to stalk, pounce, and hunt prey.

A cat will keep your house clean of any type of insects like bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and even nasty rodents like mice. Dogs have the amazing affinity to take up an enormous amount of space and leave their owners struggling to balance on the edge of the bed.

A cat will curl into a little ball and lie peacefully near you without disrupting your rest or kick you out of bed. However, this is only true if you are a self-proclaimed cat person, and getting a new kitty right now won’t have any impact on your intelligence scores if you aren’t.

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For a long time, it seemed that dogs have a slight advantage, but recent studies about cats and their behavior have helped people understand and appreciate them more. Besides being cute, fluffy, and able to purr, cats are also cleaner, odorless, excellent hunters, and bring gifts among other things, which is why cats are betterthandogs.

And when things pop up like a 2017 study in the journal Society & Animals that shows human parents feel more empathy for puppies than they do for babies, it's hard to say dogs haven't won the cat vs. dog debate … But, have they? Yes, you may have heard that dogs are man's best friends, but here are all the reasons why cats actually make for far better pals.

Shutterstock a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University revealed in 2010, cats drink water far more efficiently than dogs do. A dog, on the other hand, will sloppily crash its tongue into the water bowl like a cannonball.

ShutterstockAccording to the Animal Humane Society, average adoption fees for kittens and cats start at $32 and can run as high as $270. ShutterstockOver the years, cats have earned a bad rap for being cold and distant.

(Centuries of domesticity still can't eliminate the innate caution of a stealthy predator, it seems.) Shutterstock average, Pets WebMD says a domestic cat will usually weigh around 10 pounds.

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You know exactly what odious scent I'm talking about, and you know just as well that few things offend the olfactory nerves as much as a aroma of a damp dog. ShutterstockShutterstockBefore you judge a cat's sleeping habits, know that these long hours are borne less out of laziness and more out of evolutionary coding.

According to a 2013 study published in Biological Conservation, domesticated house cats are responsible for the deaths of 2.9 billion rodents and birds every year. This is all to say: Your cat is basically a terminator with fur, and we'd be overrun with rodents if not for their valiant effort regulate the vermin population.

Shutterstock Shutterstock Cats don't require regular grooming sessions like dogs do. The tongue of a cat is barbed in a way that removes dirt and grime from fur with startling efficiency.

Her sister in folklore, Mehmet, the warrior goddess of healing or the hunt (again, depending on the dynasty), was thought to have blown Egypt into existence with her breath. This is why we have gathered the ultimate, undisputable reasons why cats are betterthandogs (at least from our perspective...).

While this is highly subjective, the following article contains some facts that even the craziest dog lovers can barely argument against. Please keep in mind that this article is not meant to be taken 100% seriously and was written for the sole purpose of fun.

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In fact, while most of the dogs require regular cleaning by their human, cats are basically self-cleaning. Without a helping hand of their humans, dogs never reach the hygiene of cats.

Be it fleas, bacteria or just some mud: Because dogs almost never clean themselves by licking their fur, they are highly susceptible to these aspects of dirt. Prepare yourself for some series dog-sitter costs if you don't have a really (repeatably) good friend who is willing to spend a few hours a day just on taking care of your dog.

If you don't want your dog to do its business in your house and become depressed, you need somebody to look after him at least 3 times a day for half an hour. Cats on the other hand are way easier to handle when it comes to going on a vacation.

Look at these tiny kittens, do you think they could wake you up in the night? But we don't think that there is much room for argument when it comes to how noisy dogs can be compared to cats.

We know dogs can also make beautiful sounds and maybe our stance on purrs is a bit exaggerated but that's just how we cat lovers see things. Jokes aside, if one were to describe how cats walk and behave with one word, we don't think it would be false to say: Graceful.

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In fact, when thinking about our metaphor, we would like to add that dogs would probably serve cats their drinks... Cats feel free to like and dislike whatever they want.

Dogs provide a social aspect many families love, giving them a reason to go outside and exercise daily. In this article, we’ll take a look at some characteristics that make cats excellent pets.

We’ll talk about how they’re betterthandogs and why some families might consider a feline friend instead of a clumsy puppy. Hugging a St. Bernard after a long day is a great feeling but caring for one can be overwhelming.

But between playing, exercising, and their endless curiosity, dogs are happiest when they have room to roam. Unlike dogs, cats adapt well to small spaces and confined areas.

Some shelters host free adoption days for cats, or they’ll offer discounts for certain holidays. This makes cats an excellent pet for college students and retirees on a fixed income.

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In fact, the ASPCA says cat owners could save a minimum of $300 to $800 each year for choosing a feline friend over a puppy! Veterinarian fees for cats a usually more affordable for catsthandogs, depending on your reason for visiting.

Dog’s require leashes, collars, kennels, large beds, training treats, harnesses, grooming supplies, and more to sustain. Training a dog can be a fun, rewarding experience but for many families, it’s costly, challenging, and time-consuming.

And most apartment buildings don’t have weight limits or breed restrictions for cats (common stipulations for dog owners). If you have a Pit Bull or a Mastiff, there’s a good chance management will deny your rental application.

In comparison, the Center for Disease Control doesn’t have statistics about serious cat bites and cat-related fatalities for 2009. With cats, you can feel secure when guests come to your house knowing they won’t attack strangers or send someone to the hospital.

Some will purr a lot and others enjoy playing with loud toys (like balls with bells). If you’re looking for a pet who won’t distract with unnecessary noise, a cat may be a better fit than a dog.

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On the other hand, you don’t need to walk a cat or do a daily training session. You can if you choose but ultimately, your cat will be fine with food, water, and clean litter.

Couple their poor drinking skills with the floppy, thick jowls that characterize many dog breeds (we’re looking at you, Mastiffs and Bulldogs! ), cleaning up slobber is a daily task for a lot of dog owners.

Ve ken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser... Ultra Quiet & Low Consumption Pump: The pump... 2.5L Large Capacity: 2.5L / 84oz water... BPA Free & Quality Material: Made of quality... 3 Different Flow Designs: Ve ken Pet Fountain... They’re less effective at removing it while they wash themselves than cats are, so they require additional grooming to stay clean.

If you don’t bathe your dog often enough, he may start to smell, feel oily, or shed excessively. But bathing your dog is a big undertaking that takes a lot of time and energy.

If you happen to tell a cat lover that a dog makes a better pet, then be prepared for a heated debate. While it’s true that most pet lovers think that this is still an open question, there are several indisputable scientific facts that clearly show that cats have the edge.

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In fact, it’s pretty fascinating to point out that good number of die-hard dog lovers have inched towards the light of the feline side. Basically, this means that you will stand a better chance of winning the argument that cats are indeed the most preferred furred companion, but if you base it on the following 10 reasons why cats are betterthandogs.

As a matter of fact, your visitor’s clothes might become covered with dog hair and muddy paw prints that might make him/her feel offended. Unlike dogs that have a behavior of rolling around in piles of dirt and garbage, cats spend most of their time self-grooming.

For instance, if a cat is feeling hungry or rather uncomfortable, it will tend to meow, but not loudly as a dog’s bark. Nonetheless, cats can walk themselves, and hence you don’t have to drag your pet around the park when you have better things to do.

Dogs must be walked or exercised several times in a day, no matter if it’s blazing hot, snowing, raining or sleeting. Cats are masters of extermination, particular when it comes to repelling insect or any other winged living things, and will tend to climb walls to dislodge them from their hiding places.

It is quite fascinating to note that even lazy fly sneaking in via a screen door has limited chance of survival when you have a cat around your home. Cats need less care, and thus you can leave them at home for long periods of time without having to worry about any damage to your property.

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As much as it’s true that a cat can't down a wildebeest, it can settle to smaller prey like mole, bird or unidentified critter part. It is pretty remarkable that both puppies and kittens are adorable, but the introduction of the “cute factor” puts more weight onto the latter.

There has been a fuss between people about whether which type of pets are better cats or dogs, so I will let you know what I think then you can decide for yourself. Even though these pets are different, and they are known to relieve stress and give the owner happiness and love.

Cats are picked as the better pet over dogs because they cost less/cheaper, are tidier (clean themselves), are usually quieter. Cats not just better because they have low medical costs, but because they don’t require much upkeep as dogs do.

Dogs are more expensive because they require lots of training, grooming, and exercise. HIRE verified writer Cats can use the litter box which makes it easier for us humans.

Dogs have to be let outside to go to the bathroom and cannot be left at home for more than a few hours for reasons like this and require someone to watch them such as a pet sitter or dog kenneling service while their owners take an overnight trip. However, with cats, you can leave for the weekend, and they are independent and don’t need too much to keep them busy.

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Dogs can get very bored and hard-headed if their owners attempt to make them independent. For example, If you leave your dog unattended for long periods of time, they are likely to chew on the furniture, walls, and owners’ shoes.

Dogs tend to get restless or anxious if not given enough attention or exercise. Some cats without enough attention from their owners will occasionally claw on couches if they don’t have a scratching post.

Cats can easily get their needs fulfilled, with a lap cuddle here, or they are just happy to be taking a nap in general and will fall asleep in one spot and stay there unless moved/woken up. Cats satisfy their boredom on their own by chasing shadows or a string on the floor, unlike dogs that need to go for a half-hour walk.

Bulimia Celtic/Shutterstock In 2009, The New Scientist reported on a new book by Robert and Brenda Vale titled “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living,” in which the authors estimated the carbon footprints of a variety of popular household pets. Meat requires a notoriously large amount of resources to produce, including both land and energy.

Dogs smash their tongues into the water's surface with a force up to eight times that of gravity, splashing and causing a mass. But cats delicately dip their tongues into the water with a force up to twice that of gravity, neatly pulling up a column of liquid to swallow.

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Numerous studies have suggested that pets, including cats, dogs, and other animals, are capable of reducing stress in their human companions. Research has shown that both cats and dogs can lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension.

They also tend to require more toys, supplies, and services than cats, including crates, leashes, collars, and training classes. Cats are betterthandogs for about half the population of pet owners.

A persuasive essay on why cats are betterthandogs cannot solely be about cats and dogs. In this essay I will stick to trying to convince you why cats are better and avoid discussing people.

It is up to people to figure out what they like after gaining a reasonable knowledge of both species. Cats, like dogs, can become stressed if left alone for long periods daily.

In contrast, take a dog for a walk in winter and you are likely to have a major bathing session on your hands immediately on return to the home. Yes, sometimes outdoor cats fight with each other and make a noise but this is uncommon.

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Caterwauling by unswayed females can be disturbing but this won’t happen if she is spayed. So, dogs can be noisier than cats and this is a persuasive reason why cats are betterthandogs.

Firstly, they are nearly always larger than cats and therefore require more food to sustain themselves. It is common knowledge that companion animals that are deliberately bred to a breed standard on appearance are more likely to become ill or have a genetically inherited defect or health problem.

In general, random breed cats are going to be more healthy than purebred dogs. This is of major importance as it will save money and avoid trips to the dreaded vet.

There are a considerable number of human deaths annually from dog attacks in many countries. However, in the home, you will have to understand cats to get the best out of them and avoid unnecessary bites and scratches.

If you are looking for persuasive reasons why cats are betterthandogs it probably means you are undecided. P.P.S The title is slightly strange but it is taken from a Google search term so it is relevant and live.

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