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Why Are Cats Attracted To Me

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 14 min read

Until now, cats are still thought to be independent and self-contained animals, with little interest in human attention. If we pay attention, we will find that dogs will always show their emotions.

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The colder you think you are to the cat, the more it will not care and will not care about you like “living water does not break well water.” But you are wrong, the more you are, the more you will turn into a magnet, attracting the cat, making it re-acquainted with you. And that, of course, when you don’t care means that you don’t even want to go near it, it will feel safe and can give its trust by approaching you, bringing its hairy body.

Lady with little kitty. While those who genuinely love it, it ignores them and doesn’t care about them, and even purrs, attacks, or may run away to any corner where they cannot find them. Usually, these people will automatically approach them, extending their arms to hold or cuddle.

Of course, their intention is good, a loving hug, but for the cat, it is different; they think they are a threat, so no way, it accepts. Moreover, you are so cold; the cat will try to befriend you again, staring at you, so don’t be surprised.

They really like the guests sitting in the chairs who show no interest in it. When you walk on the road, you catch a cat staring at you or even coming up to you and cuddling you as if to beg and get acquainted.

No, it’s just that you meet it when it’s gone from starvation, even the ability to catch mice is gone, so the only way is to nag at any visitor by asking for help and support. Spiritual People have a more significant energy field attracting cats.

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Similarly, people with big energy fields are attracted to cats owing to their high frequency. So cats are cautious about choosing people who they trust owing to the fact that they can easily understand each one’s frequency field.

This does not mean that cats only prefer people practicing spirituality. One of my cats, for example, is very shy, and every time people come round the house, he suddenly disappears.

In short, with the information from the article, we hope you can better understand the cat, its behavior, and habits to have a suitable treatment, to avoid unfortunate cases. Then we adopted a Munchkin kitten who came from a farm, almost dying from malnutrition, whom we nursed back to health.

Both cats sleep with me and follow me around like puppy dogs. Cats who normally hide when strangers appear often come and jump in my lap.

Often this phenomenon frustrates some other guests who are doing everything they can think of, and then failing to become the focus of the cat’s attentions. Cats respond best to strangers when they feel safe and have a choice of interacting with them.

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Often people who love cats, in their attempts to socialize with them, will approach and hover over them or reach out and try to pet them. Even though their intentions are good, many cats will not respond favorably to these overtures.

Instead, she should sit quietly on a chair, allowing the cat to make the first move. This is the invitation to pet the cat’s cheek, neck and back of his head. Patience is important.

The tiny snowshoe Siamese kitten made himself comfortable on my shoulder and fell asleep. So, at some point, he decided that he might as well take a chance and love and trust the human with the comfy shoulder.

Seven years later, Mag witch still follows me around, chattering away in true Siamese style and hooking me with his paw whenever he feels he’s not getting enough attention. “It could be the individual’s manners, voice or simply how that person treats the cat,” says writer Tristan Andrews.

In 2007, researcher Claudia Edwards published a study about cats and attachment. Twenty-eight cats ages 1–7 were put through a feline version of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test (SST), named for Dr. Mary Ainsworth, PhD, a pioneer in human attachment theory.

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The results showed that cats can manifest attachment behaviors toward their owners” that were markedly similar to those of 1- or 2-year-old children: However, a 2015 study of cats by a different team found completely different results.

Cat behaviorist Pamela Merritt doesn’t buy into the breed theory, saying she has heard many stories about “seriously mixed breeds” who were cats attached to only one person. “It’s not a breed trait so much as a state of mind that creates a One-Person Cat,” she writes.

“These cats are happiest with a high degree of interaction and trust, and, once this is established, they will not be driven to seek that same level with another person.” They can get jealous, mope and act out if they feel they’re not getting enough attention from their chosen person.

Merritt says that other family members should make a genuine attempt to connect with the Mag witches of the world. No amount of pushing, prodding or avoiding discourages the kitty from settling down upon this poor stranger’s lap or rubbing up against their calf.

Distance and brevity is everything a cat wants from a human companion, starting with eye contact. This means they’ll follow you, curl up with you, even head-butt you in order to make sure you never forget that they’re there.

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If you’re still feeling a little jealous of your buddies who basically have their own (unwanted) cat squad, never fear. Such as: talking very softly, waiting until s/he is done with grooming before petting them (no, but, seriously), and getting to know their cat body language.

While it may be difficult for cat lovers to restrain themselves, sometimes that’s the best way to have a successful owner-pet relationship. Here are some tips on how to effectively buddy up with a kitty, drawn from scientific studies and my own experience as a researcher and cat behavioral consultant.

Most of the behavior problems that I've witnessed stem from boredom and a lack of routine playtime. No one thinks twice about walking their dog every day, but many people fail to recognize that felines are stealth predators who need a regular outlet for that energy.

Try the Go-Cat The Bird or any of Nero Flies interchangeable cat toys. A study conducted in Italy showed that felines who stayed mostly indoors (they had one hour of supervised access to a small garden each day) were more “in sync” with their owners than felines who were allowed free access to the outdoors.

If you want to adopt an older animal, take some time at the shelter to get to know them first, since adopters of adult cats report that personality played a big role in their decision to take an animal home permanently and had an impact on their satisfaction with their new companion. In 2012, I published a study with 189 participants that showed that people were likely to assign personality traits to felines based solely on their fur color.

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Mike Delgado received her Ph.D. at UC-Berkeley in psychology studying animal behavior and human-pet relationships. She's a researcher at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and co-founder of the cat behavior consulting company Feline Minds.

As long as I can remember, stray cats have never been afraid of me. I even had a stray cat follow me as I was walking to my car and try to get in with me.

There is a black cat that loves to come and sit on my porch. It will just sit there for hours, looking like it is standing guard.

Black cats, in my experience, follow people a lot. I consider them good luck, I'm not so enamored with cats as when I was younger but I still like them.

A couple nights ago I was walking and this stray black cat just stood in the middle of the street and watched me instead of running away. Maybe it's my neighborhood but there are so many stray cats and nothing seems to scare them; they don't even run from cars, they just mosey on towards the curb.

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As long as I can remember, stray cats have never been afraid of me. I even had a stray cat follow me as I was walking to my car and try to get in with me.

There is a black cat that loves to come and sit on my porch. It will just sit there for hours, looking like it is standing guard.

In my experience black cats are the smartest and the most devoted, more like dogs. Cats love warmth and security, maybe they find that in your presence.

Cats (and dogs) have great sense of character. They also have a sense to know when someone hates cats or people who are allergic.

(Yeah, cats have a strange sense of humor.) When I was about 7 or 8, my best friend was always seen walking around the neighborhood with at least 3 or 4 dogs following her.


What an odd question that I am not sure can be answered, but I would not mind hearing one. While I am definitely a dog person, I like cats just fine but will likely never want one as a pet.

The old folks told me that it meant my husband was cheating on me lol. Even though I had a black mini poodle about the same size who barked at it, it was not a deterrent.

It eventually got to the point where my dog did not even bark at the cat anymore. The reason I am posting is that this morning, I saw two cats on my patio when I opened the blinds.

Once ran as soon as I opened the blinds and the other one and I just looked at each other for about two minutes before it sauntered. I know it needed something (which I don't think was food), and I felt bad that I did not know what to give it.

Ir's not like a do a lot of cooking so the food or garbage odors could not be it. I think I have an invisible sign plastered to my back that only cats can read: FREE FOOD. I also have strays come up and meow at me.

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I can place the open can of food in a carrier and most of the time they run right in. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

In general, there are two major reasons a cat will lick human family members: Known as “allografting,” many species of animals will lick and groom each other to strengthen their social bonds.

Since cats live with you, as part of your social group, it’s natural for them to engage in allografting to demonstrate affiliate behavior. If your cats are generally healthy and behaving normally, licking is a positive indicator that they like you and want to be closer.

If you regularly use a topical medication, consult with your veterinarian to make sure there is no risk to your pets. These cats develop an oral fixation, which is a condition that can also be found in human babies.

A cat’s tongue effectively serves as a brush to remove loose hair, mats, dirt and fleas. Small spines made of keratin called papillae are spread out on the surface of a cat’s tongue in a backwards direction.

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If your cat is not stressed and is simply licking you out of affection, you can reduce the behavior with some positive redirection. “Fish pole” type wand toys are great for this as you can swish it around and really get your cat going.

Hopefully, if you find your cat licking you, it’s a sign of affection and you can take these simple steps to alleviate the behavior and spend enjoyable time with your feline friend. If you find your cat licking you excessively out of the blue, or the licking is combined with nervous, fearful body language and behavior, consult your veterinarian and a qualified behavior professional to help you improve your cat’s quality of life.

“There might be various reasons cats like to join people in the bathroom,” she tells Inverse. Cats also might enjoy the “cool, smooth surfaces of sinks and tiles,” or even water, Delgado adds.

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