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Why Are Calico Cats Crazy

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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A calico is a white cat with substantial orange and black markings. However, several readers have suggested that any three colored cat, especially the tortoiseshell, should be considered to be a calico.

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And many other people's calicoes (PCs) exhibit unusual behavior. She disdains most cat food, but loves Otter Pops and pastry.

A calico named Taffy disappeared from home once and was missing for over six months. When a substantial reward was offered for her recovery she was quickly located hiding out at a nearby stable.

And shortly thereafter a large unexplained deposit was made into her bank account. Another calico named Boo deliberately hid inside several pieces of expensive furniture, which had to be cut open at great expense to retrieve her.

Kickbacks to Boo from a prestigious furniture repair firm were later intercepted by her suspicious owners. Knowing their predilection for plotting it is then no surprise that calicoes are often reported as psycho ceramic, staring for hours into a fixed spot in space.

This is where the calico's eyes get fully dilated, and then she flies around the house at extremely high speed as if the demons of hell were after her. A calico named Jessie has expanded brilliantly on this concept by leaping onto her human's head at the height of such activity, preferably at 430 AM.

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*”Recognition” is included in this page with the kind permission of the author, Mary Margaret Carlisle. Permission will be generously granted for its publication upon request, poet may be contacted at More of her poetry can be read at Sol-Magazine.

Remember, calico is a color pattern and not a breed, and reports of temperamental behavior are anecdotal and not documented by scientific study. All puns aside, many people who are thinking of purchasing a kitten will keep these rumors in mind when selecting between calicoes and other colors.

If the rumors regarding the disposition of calico cats are true, purchasing a calico cat will make life more interesting. Laid back, mellow-type pets can be loyal and comforting, but a cat with an attitude will spice up your existence.

Finicky cats may possess an array of quirks and idiosyncrasies that are both fun to discover and observe. Cats with an attitude can be all the more lovable because their peculiar behaviors give you endless stories to discuss with your fellow pet owners.

Also, don't be disappointed if your calico kitten turns out to be distressingly normal and not the psychological terra incognita that you've been led to expect. However, if breeder rumors hold any truth, you may increase your chances of having a fiery, furry companion by choosing a calico over a solid color.

calico cats crazy cat kittens

Calico cats are known for their sassy but loving personalities and penchant for causing trouble. Photo: Kurt I adopted my spunky calico cat, Lou, when she was just a kitten.

A standard calico has a primarily white coat with patches of orange and black. A dilute calico has the same white base, but their patches are softened to charcoal gray, cream and light orange.

The caliber has the same color variations as calicoes, with the addition of the signature tabby stripes. Coat color is a sex-linked trait and occurs because of dominant and recessive genes that interact with X chromosomes.

What most people don’t know is that the genetic code for having either orange or black fur is only found in the X chromosome. With just 1 X chromosome, a male cat only has the chance of displaying the black or orange gene, not both.

Photo: Katie Venison/Potful As it turns out, calicoes are well-known for their personalities and, more specifically, their sassy attitudes. Despite these qualities, Lou also exhibits neediness, a tendency to be startled by the crunch of a chip and a sweetness.

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Although not all breed standards recognize the beauty of a calico cat, quite a few do, including Persians and Maine Coons. In the 1870s, the Japanese declared calico cats to be an official symbol of fortune in Japan, and the country’s signature lucky cat, maneki-neko, is often depicted with calico coloring.

With a sassy but loving personality and a penchant for causing trouble, calico cats make ordinary days far more interesting. Growing up on a small farm in rural North Dakota, Katie developed a love for animals of all shapes and sizes.

For the past four years, I have lived with a calico cat named Phoenix. She is an endlessly strange and fascinating creature who is equal parts outgoing and skittish, needy and aloof, opinionated and reluctant, bossy and unsure.

Every morning, we discuss current events, i.e., the status of the food in her dish and why there is not more of it. Turns out, the beautiful strangeness of calico cats is hardly limited to my little Fight girl (one of her approximately 800 nicknames).

Male cats, meanwhile, typically have only one X chromosome, so they tend to be either orange OR black. Back in the day, Japanese sailors traveled with calicoes to ensure a safe voyage and protect their ships from harm.

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In England and the United States, male calicoes are considered especially lucky thanks to their rarity. In the U.S., they are sometimes called “money cats,” due to the mistaken belief that they can be sold for top dollar.

In actuality, male calicoes are almost always sterile, making them of no use to the breeders who might wish to purchase them. Also, Mani Nero, the Japanese talisman frequently seen in shops and restaurants, is almost always a calico.

Tortoiseshell cats are also predominantly female, having black and orange coloring. Like calicoes, they can be feistier and more talkative than the average kitty and are often said to possess a personality trait known as “fortitude.” Kitties with fortitude are allegedly strong-willed, independent, temperamental, talkative, and demanding.

Thanks to the similarity of their coloring to the Baltimore oriole, the state bird, and the Baltimore checker spot butterfly, the state insect, calicoes were granted the lofty title of Official Cat of Maryland on Oct. 1, 2001. During their 11-year stint in power, calico cats have demanded scheduled nap times in the workplace and more access to expansive sun puddles.

Because of their color similarities to the Baltimore oriole (the state bird) and the Baltimore checker spot butterfly (the state insect), calicoes were granted their official title on October 1, 2001. Via Amazon Fun fact: Dating back to the 1870s in Japan, calico cats were seen as a symbol of good fortune.

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Classy Cat Steals The Show During Orchestral Performance Turns out calicoes and tortoiseshells are disproportionately described by pet owners as problematic.

Veterinarians from UC Davis have discovered, in recently published research, that cats with calico and tortoiseshell coat patterns tend to challenge their human companions more often than felines whose fur is less flashy. The research backs up long-standing observations among veterinarians that such cats often are “difficult,” said Dr. Elizabeth Ste low, a behavioral expert in the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Her study, based on a survey of more than 1,200 cat owners, found that calicoes and sorties are more likely to hiss, chase, bite, swat or scratch during interactions with humans. Cats sporting other colors, including solid black, gray and white, display aggressive personality characteristics significantly less frequently, according to the study, published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science.

The online survey, posted on a social media site, did not reveal the study’s focus. It simply asked cat owners questions about their feline’s behaviors, and requested that they choose a color category and written description that best fit their pet.

Calico and sorties have reputations for being feisty and unpredictable, characteristics that the study appears to confirm. Tortoiseshells have coats that feature a constellation of black, brown, amber and red patches.

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Because two X chromosomes are necessary to produce their coloring, the vast majority of both types of cats are female. In the UC Davis survey, cat caretakers used a scale from 0 to 5 to assess the frequency of behaviors such as hissing and biting.

“We thought the findings were very interesting, and we would love other researchers to take the baton and run with it, to look at the genetics of why this may be happening,” she said. Ste low, who authored the study with veterinarian Melissa Bain and data analyst Philip Mass, said the findings should not discourage people from adopting a tortoiseshell or calico cat.

Duty, a cat rescuer and founder of the nonprofit Lancets, which works with Sacramento County’s Bradshaw Shelter to find adoptive homes for felines, generally describes calicoes and sorties as the “divas” of the cat world. I would suggest spending some time at the shelter, see who catches your eye and watch the cat for a while.

My vet told me calico's are b**chest and more aggressive than other cats. I swear she's like the devil. When she gets ready to attack she'll moan like crazy before she pounces.

A calico is a coat color, not a temperament type. You may not be reading her body language and push her too far, at which point she feels the need to actively defend herself.

crazy cat calico lady cats sleeping

You at least recognize that she's making a vocal sound before the behavior. As an intelligent human able to put 2 and 2 together you should be backing off and giving her room, not pressing her closer and triggering this.

If her pupils suddenly dialate, and she holds still, back off She was found by 2 relatives that aren't cat fans as a kitten.

My parents have taken in my brother's kitten while he's at basic training, she's a sortie/ calico, could go either way, she's a brat, very playful and hyper. They began running away from me, peeing everywhere and scratching me.

I have had other cats that are solid colors, and they are perfectly happy and nice. I have a calico who is a snot and her sister (a solid orange cat) who is sweet.

I have a calico cat, and she is so sweet and nice so if you know someone that has one that is like yours and caper to see what's the same The attacking is normal, as calico's are more playful than other cats.

calico cat crazy goes

If you've been wondering why, out of the blue, your cat acts little wacky, weird, or zany, there are a few possible explanations. No matter the breed, all cats have moments when they run across a room, meow like crazy, and act as if they're on a racetrack being chased.

Your cat may entertain itself with wild activity or jump on your bed to paw at your feet, elbows, hair, or face to get you to join in the fun. At times, a cat that's acting crazy may actually be exhibiting hunting behaviors, fighting maneuvers, or escape techniques.

A house cat that doesn't have to hunt for its food still needs to burn its pent-up energy, and it may be in the form of what appears to be crazy behavior. Toys, such as catnip mice, laser pointers, food puzzles, and feather wands encourage a cat to use its natural instincts to grab, chase, and jump.

Illustration: The Spruce / Elise Degree If you have an older cat, it's possible it's acting crazy because of some cognitive dysfunction or senility. As a pet ages, its brain may start functioning differently and cause it to exhibit strange behavior for no apparent reason.

Particularly when meowing is involved, your cat could be hypersensitive to flea bites or simply have an itch in a place it can't reach. You'll also need to treat the environment by vacuuming, doing laundry, and using area sprays or flea bombs if recommended by your vet.

calico cats crazy

Your cat frequently bites at its back above its tail, even after you've properly treated it for fleas. Petting at the base of your cat's tail or back triggers it to groom, scratch, or bite the area excessively and then run around the house crazily.

They wag their tails, make different noises to alert others of their moods, and often follow basic commands to please their people. When it comes to cats, meows and tail waves can mean a number of different things, depending on the situation.

For instance, learning to read your cat's body language can strengthen your bond with it and allow you to become more effective at responding appropriately to its needs. With time and careful observation, you'll likely begin to piece together the triggers of your cat's craziness in various situations.

This will help you to understand what's normal for your cat and when any unusual behavior could be a symptom of a medical issue worth investigating with your vet.

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