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What Is The Best Education In Bitlife

James Lee
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 19 min read

In this guide, we’re going to list all the schools in Billie, what sort of career path they lead to, and how to get into them. That’s not really that difficult, as you can just visit the library once per year and study hard at school.

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Then, continue to study and go to the library during university too and you should see your smarts max out before long. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

The first thing to note before you set your heart on law school is your own intelligence. Lawyers are no fools so you will have to be a clever individual to be accepted into law school.

If you pick a course like dance, arts or information technology you will not be eligible to enlist at law school. You will need to study hard for a long time, no one falls into medicine so you must devote your Billie into becoming a doctor.

If you want to be a medical doctor, then studying Biology, Chemistry or Physics should see you qualify. Picking any solid subject like English, Psychology or Math is sure to see you qualify.

Avoid any silly subjects like dance or anything that would be difficult to gain employment with. Think of graduate school as a place to enhance whatever degree you studied previously.


Nursing is a relatively well-paid profession with ample opportunities to gain promotion, so it is worth doing if you can do no better. I have lumped these three schools together for good reason, they all require similar subjects and intelligence levels.

I am sure you can enlist in pharmaceutical school with many qualifications, but in my experience having a science as your major has always helped. The same goes for vets and dentists, they require an intelligent person who could easily just enlist in medical school.

To become a CEO or get into the business school, you need to graduate from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance. If you don’t get the Finance option, we would recommend you to start a new life.

Bonus Tip When you start a new life, pay attention to your father and mother’s Job. Or If they are poor or working in other sectors(for example; dance), we would recommend you to start over.

It would be better to start with a virtual character whose parents are working in the finance sector. Once you are graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance, the game will prompt you to make a decision; seek higher education or look for a job.

bitlife doctor simulator medical

If you want to become a CEO in Billie, you should apply for the corporate sector job. As soon as you graduate from business school, the game will prompt you to look for a job.

As we mentioned above(In the TL;dr part), you will have to apply for the assistant president job to become a CEO. Tap the job button work hard every year.

After working in the corporate sector for 15 years, resign from the post. As you progress further, you will get promoted and reach the CEO post in Billie.

Just like it happens in life (except for the lucky few), you won’t be able to start earning a ton of money from a job as soon as you’re out of college. But in all cases, you will have to put a lot of work in order to score that high-paying job, plan ahead, know what you want to achieve and focus your attention 100% in that direction.

This usually means that you will have to study really hard in order to score that top paying job in Bit life : education is extremely important in the game and if you manage to focus on learning early on and get a scholarship, that’s even better because you will be able to build wealth faster as you will have less debt. Sometimes, genetics will simply play a part in this, denying you the chance to become a highly educated individual or a successful, beautiful actor.


Or maybe you have additional tips for players looking to score a high paying job in the game? Whether you want to save lives as a doctor, become a private eye, or even rob a bank and become a famous criminal, Billie lets you do whatever you want.

Today Touch Tap Play will explain the process of becoming the president, in spirit of the 2020 election. Without a Citizen membership, the option to run for president will remain locked.

Remove Ads Unlimited generations Customize full appearance Teacher interactions Pet store and breeders Exotic pets Boss Interactions President unlock Dark mode Hitmen assassinations Prison gangs If you are willing to pay the small fee, then select any option in the activities/occupation list that has the Citizen stamp on it.

The main factor to becoming president in Billie is being born into a rich family. The other way is just to continue your generations and passing down your money throughout multiple lives.

Avoid drugs, stay away from crime, do well in school, and work hard. When it comes time to apply for university, make sure that you choose Political Science as your major.


If Political Science doesn’t show up on the list of majors, back out and try again later. In the meantime, work on raising your smarts as that will allow you to pick a wider field of majors.

This won’t take long to read I was just playing the new update and everything which is totally amazing. Also, with custom people, now with god mode you can design your people and stuff, you should make it where you just design what they look like so when you create your custom people they appear in your game you don’t have to recreate their looks every time.

I enjoy this all and the scenarios I get to play with the lives of random and custom characters! Most of the time, I set my characters up to be in a political field for their career.

What I was expecting to do was to be able to have my character run for a form of office, local, state, or federal. It would also be cool if we were able to have conversations with the other characters (like if you're married and you want to ask if your spouse is fine with a move to Sweden or something) so that decisions you make don't automatically ruin relationships.

If I can make a suggestion, perhaps we could continue as our child at any time instead of only after death? I don’t want to keep surrendering my games just to make sure I get grandkids.

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Since I started playing this game about 2 months ago every update outshines the last. It gives you way more options you can do & you will no longer have to deal with 20 seconds adds every time you do certain things in the game.

Which means you'll have more time to continue playing rather than having to watch the same add over & over again. You should also have a setting that you could tap the age button and go by month or years.

Also, you should be allowed to play professional sports and you should have more things to do when your famous (sign autographs, go to events, take selfies with random people, etc.) You should also add a Christmas update where you can decorate your house, order all your family gifts, get gifts, cook meals, have FAMILY parties/ reunions, and some more ideas you might come up with.

You should be allowed to buy boats and private jets. You should be allowed to not do your homework at school and you should add more mini-games like the army and the robber ones you have.

Great game but the ads every 30 seconds are ridiculous and unbelievably long. The game starts to slow down and lag after 10 minutes of gameplay too, so it can get really annoying because I have to exit the app and come back to get rid of the lag only for it to come back after another 10 minutes.

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Overall, the game would be way better if the ads didn't pop up so frequently. However, the only problem In#39;ve is ever experienced, is that it gets repetitive at times, I think there should be more options in college and ways to get into college, and there should be more job selections like a social media star, a rock/pop star(I just want to be famous), a professional athlete(hopefully specified, if applied), and also whenever I study arts in college, I never see any acting jobs every year, so the jobs should drastically change each year you progress.

I've bought the $2 citizenship in the game and its very helpful when you're impatient like me. Also, I think there should be an addition of making best friends and running with that idea until you are older and you can do things with them until death.

Also going back to University after attending once should be applicable, and refreshing the choices for the second time around. I hope I receive a reply from Bit life and their superior customer service.

I've heard great things about this game and I hope it only gets better. It's extremely laggy and has been since the 1st day I downloaded it, crashes at random intervals, and let's not forget you cannot exit the app unless you force close it.

Plus, players are constantly bombarded with annoying, lag-inducing video advertisements that are unstoppable and sometimes cause the game to crash. Also, at the In vitro place you should have an option for how many eggs you implant so you can hope for having twins or triplets more.

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There needs to be an option we’re kids can get taken by the state but also given back, or where parents can give their children up to a family member or friend or take a family members child if taken or an accident happens to them. There needs to be online dating and possibilities to run into famous people.

There needs to be where people can stay in contact with family or grow old and the parent not have to die to move on to the next generation. That way parents can take their children to see grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins.

There needs to be more abilities to have affairs with co-workers, bosses or teachers. Why not be able to choose who to play if a woman and man split up.

Real life stuff that happens easier drug addictions and prostitution, because unfortunately that stuff happens and maybe someone can see how bad it is from playing the game and choose not to go down that path in real life. These ads make me lose interest in playing this game.

Please fix this, this game is really amazing but these ads are making me loose interest. And I also understand that the game was expensive to create and update, but I can imagine how much of a loss you could make.

It would be really cool if there was a family tree feature available so that you could neatly see which of your siblings have which kids and which of your baby mamas birthed which kids. Another feature is I would like to have more opportunities open for members of your family.

It would be cool if family had the same opportunities your citizen had to improve upon their own life. It would also be cool if the family line extended even further with the addition of great-grandchildren and great nieces and nephews.

It doesn’t make sense to have a baby at 20, become a grandmother at 40, and then live until you’re 120 and not have any great grandkids. I think the family should keep extending infinitely as long as you are alive.

You should also be able to pick playing immediately after you die as the youngest in your family (grandkids) rather than one of your kids, who are like 70 years old themselves and don’t have much life left to live. I love this app a lot, but lately it's been glitching like crazy.

Every time I open the app, it takes a bit longer to load everything. Then, when I'm using it, it's very slow and takes about 15 seconds to do something after pressing one of the buttons.

I think this game is wonderful but I think it would be really cool if you could customize your character before they are born, for example you can choose certain diseases to be born with, or you can choose your ethnicity, orientation and more! You could also choose how smart you are, how good your looks are, health, etc.

Another ideas are choosing what time period you are born in, it could give variety to the game and the characters could have features from that time period for example if you have a character from the fifties you could have a fifties' hairstyle. Also, it could cause scandal if you do something out of the norm of the time period “conservative” just for example u wear a bikini to the beach and people find out, your parents could get upset at you.

Anyways this game is wonderful, these are just some ideas of mine that would be fun to see! I absolutely love this game and I've played it for a long time.

Sometimes when I close the app and reopen it would clear the screen and force me to do a new life as that one the only option available. No wive run into the issue where it won't even let me do this and now I cant play it at all.

I know you are aware, because I saw it on bijou mikes video that the devs are working on giving us faster updates, but it never happened, but you could still be working on it, and if you are, good luck, and thank you for making this game. I love this game but there are a few changes I would like to see I think that when you file restraining order that after the 3 years if they come back that you should be able to sue them (lawsuit).

Also, when you get an heirloom, if you search for it while you were in a previous life that passed away you don’t get it when you start a new life so I think that when you search for an heirloom it should be passed down to the new person. Additionally, when enlisting in the military and when you get sent off to war or whatever the game with the bomb is way too overcomplicated and in most scenarios ends badly.

I’ve written this in an email and on a post before but I’m going to write it again because I feel like a lot of people would enjoy some suggestions I have. Another suggestion I have is when the person you are playing as is growing up, you can ask your parent(s) to enroll you into gymnastics like it does for martial arts or, if you are raising a child, you can put them into martial arts or gymnastics since it really isn’t an option.

Edit I have had scenarios pop up where it asks what you are looking for in a family, but it has never said that I’ve been adopted. Okay. So. I love this game but I feel like the updates need to be a bit quicker for Samsung, and I know that its probably quite hard to do so, and I also know that you have fixed that once before but yeah aside from that I love this game, and also here's a suggestion, so when you don't have a father you should be able to find them I think that would be a really cool feature.

Ok it is an awesome game done#39;t get me wrong and I know you just updated but when I go to the salon and I color my hair, it doesn#39;t change my bit life character. I think if you go to the salon you should be able to pick your hair color and pick what style, and then your bit life character should change, I think it would be more fun.

But this game consumes hours of my life (in a good way) and I love it. Also, another job suggestion, it’s would be great if you were able to have a small job like barista or something like that while in college, just to get some type of small income.

Because it’s hard to get your parents to give you enough money to get by at that stage, especially when your family is poor and you get $2 when you ask. Also, I think that you should add more crimes to the game, like rob the bank or even have a crime skill meter, you start out stealing things, then robbing stores, then eventually working your way up to robbing banks and crazy heists and stuff like that.

I love this game a lot, really fun and the generated situations are sometimes hilarious . One thing I would like to maybe see in the future is the ability for your pets to have offspring.

Of course there should be added options due to it for example, selling their offspring, signing off to shelters, choosing to spay/neuter them etc. So I’m addicted to this game but I can think of 200 ways to change it I’m second first I wish you could see the full body of your character because you do stuff like you get plastic surgery and different sections of your body other than your head and when you change the color of your hair I mean you could pick a different color in the hair could actually change colors and if you got glasses in the game you could you’re actually glass any characters in that would be fun and whenever you like to go to the emergency room and never tells you why you’re there you could be in the Merged see room for months even years if you like but not in the game maybe you could do that like if you have cancer in the game that something that happens and you don’t go to the emergency room you go to the doctor you should ask Weber to go to the emergency room in there and stay there for a few months that would actually happen in real life so yeah I hope I get a reply because this is what I really think stop in again hope to see you update soon.

Also, we never get grandparents or aunts cousin uncles holidays and you could section in to months if adding holidays were added also we could play as pets after we die also cat we have twin sisters/brother or triplets as siblings please update a Billie I have noticed that YouTubers I watch have a time travel thing on there that life but I don’t how do I get it thanks that’s all The only problem is it glitching out seemingly randomly whilst playing.

Update: game now doesn't work at all and crashes while still on loading screen. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep, and I’ve already recommended Bit life to dozens of my friends.

I love all the scenarios and the implementation of challenges and achievements, and all the wonderful different ways you can live your life in the game. There is only one thing left that I’d love to see added into the production of the game.

After you leave college, there is no other way that you can continue any sport until you start your next life. And I feel that you wouldn’t have to make any brand deals with national sports teams either, considering that names and such can be made randomized as well, you(the developer) could create an arsenal of random names for the sport team of the certain city that you’re in.

Like take that your character is living in Miami, and you wanted to play professional football, maybe the professional team name could be something other than the Dolphins. Every time my bit life dies it won't let me play as my child and it's still has been happening when I have citizenship.

I really hope you do something about it because I'm trying to get to my 1000 generation badge and I've made it past 500 and there is no way that I'll be able to restart that. I also LOVE the LGBT+ content, that you can choose how to respond to your family member coming out, and that citizens sexualities aren’t determined by you.

That said, one thing that irks me is that whenever my citizen adopts a child with their partner, once the citizen dies the partner doesn’t come up as the parent so the kid can’t interact with their mother or father. With that said, I’m very glad to see that they continuously update the game and am I looking forward to whatever new content they may provide.

And the lack of god mode on iOS is dissatisfying but I live. I also think there should be more college options, and also more jobs or fame opportunities.

I used play it a few months ago and found the game enjoyable. I downloaded it again yesterday and found when playing offline there is a premium ad that comes on every 5min.

The game is amazing and have great quality, I plan on buying bit citizen in the future when I can get my bank account working again . The game has great aspects but I wish that it had even more people to interact with, grandparents, friends, uncles, aunts, step siblings, cousins, and yeah.

Also, you don’t interact with them at all afterwards, and when you have a lover or spouse you can’t really hug, or kiss them. I also think that if you are getting married you should have the option to make THEM change their last name to yours.

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