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What Is The Best Diet In Bitlife

Ava Flores
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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Candy writer is the gift that keeps on giving, providing us with a wealth of updates for our favorite text-based life simulator. In this guide, we’re going to detail everything that’s new in the Mind & Body update, including the new Surprise Me option, new diseases, activities, and more.



If it’s something else you’re looking for, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Billie, where we provide links to everything we’ve written before. Surprise Me is a great new option that allows the game to make the tough decisions for you.

If you’re completely stuck on how to proceed, or just can’t be bothered, you can now hit Surprise Me whenever you have to make a decision and Billie will choose one at random. So Candy writer wasn’t specific about the exact diseases we can expect to see in Billie post-update, but it did mention something about us using our imagination.

There’s also a new disease system that lets you see the exact symptoms your Billie character is experiencing in all of their nasty glory. Strolls & Speed Walks Presumably, these activities will have a positive impact on your health, but we also kind of hope that they lead to unique encounters too.

Redesigned game elements Tons more text Gobs more graphics Blasted more bugs Mind & Body is an activity that can give small bursts of health and smarts to increase your Stats and can even help raise Karma.

In most locations, characters need to be at least 12-13 for meditating or library or 16 to work out at the gym or to take a memory test. This can be done in Prison and juvenile detention (except for a memory test) with gym being free.

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There was an update which added 5 more Mind and Body activities: Reading books, Going on a Diet, Gardening, Martial Arts, and Walks. Book Author Genre Pages Age Unlocked Effects #IMomSoHard Kristin Hensley Comedy 272 17 1984 George Orwell Science Fiction 237 17 A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking Non-Fiction 256 17 A Game of Thrones George R.R.

Martin Fantasy 694 18 Happiness +16 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Fantasy 239 10 All My Friends Are Dead Avery Mon sen Comedy 96 17 Happiness +16 All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque Historical Fiction 296 17 Angela's Ashes Frank Account Autobiography 378 15 Happiness -8 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens Historical Fiction 489 17 A Time to Kill John Grisham Novel 546 17 Happiness +4 Atlas Shrugged AYN Rand Novel 1168 17 Happiness +8 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Betty Smith Novel 493 13 Happiness +16 Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins Self-Help 548 15 Happiness +50 A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Angle Fantasy 260 10 Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever Judy Headline Comedy 190 19 Becoming Michelle Obama Autobiography 463 15 Happiness +16 Beloved Toni Morrison Historical Fiction 345 16 Happiness -8 Bossy pants Tina Fey Autobiography 196 19 Brave New World Aldous Huxley Science Fiction 288 17 Happiness -4 Broke Millennial Takes On Investing Erin Lowry Self-Help 258 17 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? White Children's Novel 196 8 Cooking' with Coolie Coolie Cookbook 224 17 Corduroy Don Freeman Children's Picture Book 32 6 Cosmos Carl Sagan Non-Fiction 365 17 Crime and Punishment Floor Dostoevsky Crime Fiction 671 19 Critique of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant Non-Fiction 856 17 Dads is Fat Jim African Comedy 288 17 Diaries of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney Children's Novel 221 10 Happiness +50 Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Novel 1023 17 Dracula Bram Stoker Horror Novel 488 13 Everything I Know About Women I Learned From My Tractor Roger Welsh Comedy 224 19 Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Science Fiction 194 16 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson Novel 217 19 Fifty Shades of Grey E.L. James Romance Novel 514 19 Happiness +50 First Step 2 Forever Justin Bieber Biography 240 15 Flowers for Algernon Daniel Eyes Science Fiction 311 16 Frankenstein Mary Shelley Horror Novel 335 13 Freedom in Exile Dalai Lama Autobiography 304 15 Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell Historical Fiction 1037 17 Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brown Children's Picture Book 32 6 Goosebumps R.L.

Lewis Fantasy 208 11 The Little Engine That Could Fatty Piper Children's Picture Book 48 6 The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy 1216 13 The Meaning of Relativity Albert Einstein Non-Fiction 170 17 The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Merriam-Webster Reference 3350 13 Smarts +100 The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka Novel 201 16 The Motorcycle Diaries Che Guevara Autobiography 166 17 The Odyssey Homer Poetry 541 The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway Novel 132 16 The Power of Now Eckhart Toll Self-Help 236 15 Happiness +50 The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli Non-Fiction 164 17 The Republic Plato Novel 570 17 The Rights of Man Thomas Paine Non-Fiction 200 17 The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne Historical Fiction 279 16 The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett Children's Novel 331 9 Happiness -4 The Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats Children's Picture Book 40 6 The Sound and the Fury William Faulkner Novel 326 17 The Time Machine H.G.

They can learn Jujitsu, TAE Won Do, Judo, Karate, or Kung Fu. You can also find a “deep awareness” of yourself, meaning you'll know a random stat like say athleticism or fertility.

Luckily, it’s a lot easier to do this in a game like Billie, and you don’t have to worry about following through on it. Unless you’re taking the resolution challenge.” Read on below to find out exactly how to complete this week’s Billie challenge.

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Go back into Activities and Mind & Body, and then select the gym option. Do this ten times in a row, and you’ll complete the challenge.

While you’re in the Mind & Body section, you can also knock out the requirement to read ten books. You need to complete ten different books, so this might take you a couple of minutes.

If you age your character up at all, you’ll no longer be eligible to complete the Resolution Challenge. Staying in the Mind & Body section, tap on the Meditate option.

Well over a year after its debut, Billie has made Candy writer quite a household name in the app world. Recommended for players aged 17 and up, Billie is a life simulator where you can make the best (or worst) possible decisions for your Citizens, or virtual humans, guiding their lives from the cradle to the grave, and if you’re a paid player, guiding the lives of their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, for as long as you wish.

Billie version 1.30 is all about the Mind & Body menu, and with this new patch, several new features have been added, including one that could help your Citizens become better fighters, and another that could increase their intelligence faster than ever before. As specified by Candy writer in the official change log, the new update promises a fundamental change to the Billie user experience.

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To put it simply, the “redesigned game elements” described in the change log are the new-look interfaces that are now more colorful and graphically striking, as opposed to the more bare-bones designs favored in previous versions. Instead, “all-new people” refers to redesigned Citizen faces, instead of the limited, more minimalist options that were included in previous versions.

Back in previous versions of Billie, getting sick was very cut-and-dry, yet also quite alarming, especially for diseases and illnesses that hit your Citizens without any precedent, such as having unprotected sex for STDs or working at extremely high (red) stress levels for high blood pressure. First off, you will be taken to a dialog box that sometimes (but not always) specifies the actual disease on top, followed by a quick description of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

We really don’t recommend going that route, as choosing such band-aid remedies (if you can even call it that) might lead your Citizen to an early grave for ignoring something that’s actually serious! Also, bear in mind that you STILL may be notified of an illness without any kind of warning, especially if your Citizens start suffering from depression without you taking the time to cheer them up through a movie, a workout, etc.

Once you’ve reached the highest possible belt, you can continue taking Martial Arts classes, but you won’t learn any new moves or become a better fighter. At that point, the benefits will largely be Health and Athleticism-related, so taking a Martial Arts class even if you’ve reached the highest possible belt does still have its perks.

They’ll probably take it that you’re giving up too early on your existing discipline and would naturally want to avoid wasting their money. At this point, Citizens still do not come with heights and weights, so there’s no way of telling whether your virtual characters are skinny, fat, or right in between.

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But the new Billie update has introduced something that could add more realism to your Citizens’ day-to-day lives, and that’s the Diets feature, which can also be found under Mind & Body. We chose that option one time for a character that also had a bit of a drug problem, and his health stayed at close to 100 percent for several years…until he, rather surprisingly, overdosed.

Each diet you choose has an accompanying annual cost, so you may want to keep that in mind if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much on food. Previous versions of Billie had many ways in which you could make your Citizens improve their Smarts stat.

We had to double-check our list of custom people (which mostly include actors, athletes, and TV characters from various series) to make sure that Hannah Montana wasn’t among the ones we had previously added. Just as usual, Candy writer is on top of everything pop culture-related, as we mentioned earlier, and we did encounter some scenarios related to the recent Oscars, including one that asked us what we think about Eminem’s surprise performance at the ceremonies.

Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs don't compensate for a continuously bad diet. And if a person takes growth hormone, T3, albuterol, or even BNP, he could do the opposite: eat a surplus of food and still get leaner.

Every diet that makes you lose fat works via caloric deficit. I've known plenty of veto dieters and intermittent fasting proponents who've not been remotely lean despite eating that way for a year or more.

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That said, calories are NOT the only important factors, especially if you're interested in improving body composition (ratio of muscle to fat). They'll even say things like insulin sensitivity and thyroid hormone levels doesn't matter.

But if your insulin is elevated above a certain point you won't mobilize (burn) fat as efficiently. If your body has produced a lot of insulin after a high-carb meal, it'll stay elevated for longer.

You'll remain inefficient at mobilizing fat for a longer period of time. If all it did was make people fat and it didn't help muscles grow, then bodybuilders wouldn't be injecting it.

This should be a strong sign to veto dieters that the goal of maintaining low insulin levels isn't ideal if you want to build muscle. It plays a role in the breakdown of stored energy (glycogen, fat, protein) for fuel.

Energy mobilization is one of the most important elements of dealing with stress. He specifically said that elevated cortisol makes you store more fat on your belly and lower back.

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Sadly, this idea of spot-storing body fat discredited him in the eyes of some coaches. And the evidence-based crowd dismissed the impact of cortisol on fat loss/fat gain.

However, if it stays elevated chronically it can hurt your fat loss efforts. Mostly by reducing the conversion of the T4 thyroid hormone (mostly inactive in regard to metabolic rate) to the T3 thyroid hormone (which has a big role in setting metabolic rate).

That's important for natural lifters because if you use a form of dieting (and training) that leads to excessively high levels of cortisol, you run the risk of slowing down your fat loss efforts in the long run. Excessive caloric deficits can lead to chronic cortisol elevation, and so does complete deprivation of carbs.

Cortisol's first function is maintaining a stable blood sugar level. So when blood sugar drops (when carbs or calories are too low) cortisol and glucagon are released to bring it back up.

So the greater the caloric deficit, and the lower the carbs, the more you risk increasing cortisol. But for a natural lifter, chronic cortisol elevation can not only slow down fat loss in the long run, but also make it harder to gain muscle or even maintain it while dieting down.

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This will be important when we talk about the optimal caloric intake for dieting or gaining. Start at 11 calories per pound of body weight on a fat loss diet, and 16 calories per pound of body weight on a muscle growth diet.

So if you're a 185 pound lifter, you'd start with a caloric intake of 2035 if your goal is losing fat, and 2960 if you're trying to build muscle. That's why the real key is making weekly adjustments to the caloric intake.

Also, if you're serious about making optimal changes in body composition it's important to measure your food. Not to mention, most people tend to underestimate their caloric intake when they don't measure it.

Yes, consuming a caloric surplus will increase your capacity to build muscle, and you can increase protein synthesis via motor activation when you consume enough carbs and protein to spike insulin. But your capacity to build muscle is limited by your natural physiology.

Anabolic steroids and other drugs increase protein synthesis by a large margin. This means they can build muscle faster and to a greater extent that the natural person.

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This is why, when you're enhanced, your muscle growth will be closely related to your calorie and protein intake. And the higher your dose of steroids is, the more additional food will be beneficial.

Secondly, enhanced bodybuilders who use growth hormone, certain steroids, and fat-burning drugs like albuterol won't get as fat from the excess calories as natural lifters. Yes, an enhanced lifter can get fat when he eats like an idiot, but he has more leeway than the natural athlete.

If you're a lean individual or a small person, losing 1-1.5 pounds per week might be satisfactory. But generally speaking, the 2-3 pound drop per week when you have a normal (or highest) body fat is what you should be shooting for.

This kind of drop won't lead to muscle loss and you should be able to keep training hard. This drop in weight is fast enough to achieve a significant change in a reasonable period.

As your fat loss progresses and weight decreases, it's possible that the caloric intake that initially allowed you to lose 2-3 pounds per week now won't lead to any loss. If you lose 10 pounds, your daily energy expenditure decreases, especially if you're someone who's physically active.

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Carrying extra weight increases the amount of energy you use for locomotion and physical tasks. NEAT is every physical activity you do aside from intentional exercise, like walking to your job, climbing stairs, and carrying groceries.

Loss of some muscle is a possible cause, but more likely it's from excess cortisol which is released to mobilize more stored energy. And if cortisol production becomes chronic and excessive, it can lower the T4 to T3 conversion, decreasing metabolic rate a bit.

If fat loss stalls it means that you're no longer in a caloric deficit. Either you spent less energy by being less physically active, or your metabolic rate has decreased.

But if you want to continue progressing the answer is simple: you need to drop calories down. If you gain some weight (and didn't cheat) then you might decrease your intake by a factor of 1.5 or even 2.

When you're natural you can't force your body to build muscle faster than your physiology allows. Dr. Fred Hatfield had a table indicating how much muscle you could build per week.

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An average man can hope to add 40-50 pounds of muscle above what would've been his normal adult weight. People who are genetically gifted to build muscle (lower misstating expression, naturally higher testosterone and IGF-1 levels, as well as having the ACTN3 RR gene variant) can build more.

It's not because fat makes you more muscular, but because eating enough guarantees you're getting plenty of nutrients to fuel muscle growth. When trying to add muscle we're shooting for a weekly increase of 0.5-1 pound of scale weight.

High protein intake is the second most important element of making a positive change in your physique, both during a fat loss phase and during a growth period. During a muscle-building phase, a greater proportion of what you gain will be muscle (instead of fat) when you eat a higher percentage of protein.

During a fat loss phase, eating a greater amount of protein will allow you to maintain muscle or even gain it, which means most of the weight you lose will come from fat. So adding too much protein won't be of much use and could even reduce the anabolic impact of protein through an increase in destination and an increase of the conversion of amino acids into glucose.

During a mass-gaining phase, bumping protein intake up to 1-1.25g per pound of body weight is where most naturals should be. Ingesting more protein when you're dieting down is a good approach since it'll likely decrease muscle breakdown and help maintain a stable blood sugar level, which will decrease cortisol production.

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Yes, but carbs, and the insulin production they lead to, will increase motor expression from the training. And the more you activate motor, the greater your increase of protein synthesis will be from the workout.

This is important for natural lifters who need to trigger protein synthesis with their lifting sessions. While drug users will also benefit from workout carbs, they don't need them as much because they already get tons of protein synthesis from the steroids.

Having carbs around workouts also has other benefits that'll positively increase muscle growth. During the session, cortisol's main function is to mobilize nutrients to fuel the workout.

If you provide easily absorbed carbs like highly branched cyclic detain before and during your workout, you'll have less need to mobilize stored glycogen, which means you don't need to pump out as much cortisol. Having carbs around workouts can also increase your capacity to have a higher training volume (more easily available fuel, decreased cortisol) and grow from it.

It's likely because in order to produce a large amount of IGF-1 you need both growth hormone and insulin. One theory is that insulin makes the liver more sensitive to producing IGF-1 when growth hormone is released.

When you eat protein, both amino acids are present in the digestive system, and they can compete for absorption and transport. But fewer carbs, relative to the protein you've eaten, mean you'll tend to produce more tyrosine.

By consuming more carbs with your protein, you facilitate the production of serotonin, which calms the brain down, reduces anxiety, and lowers cortisol. If you ingest carbs, you keep blood sugar levels higher, so there's less need to produce cortisol.

It sounds counterintuitive, but to maximize recovery, growth, and quality of life it's the best option. It'll help you relax at the end of the day and lower cortisol levels.

Because you want to favor dopamine production so that the nervous system will be more activated for your workout. So far, everything I've said would seem to agree with the IIF YM (if it fits your macros) dietary strategy, wherein someone could eat any food they'd want as long as the allotment of each macronutrient is met.

But for optimal changes in body composition, food quality also matters. Granted, if you take an obese person who eats 6000 calories a day from crappy food and you put them on a 2500 calorie diet with 250 grams of protein, they will lose fat rapidly regardless of their source of carbs and fats.

But when talking about someone who's already in good shape and wants to optimize their physique, food quality matters. I won't provide you with a sample diet because caloric intake will vary based on your size and goal.

Here's how to set up the meals depending on the time of day you train. The optimal diet requires some effort because as a natural, precision is a lot more important than for an enhanced individual.

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