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What Is Petulance Bitlife

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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We by no means sought in that motion to give the impression of an intemperate explosion of petulance. From the friends have noticed it and if this goes on much longer petulance will be the surviving feature of my character.


As we have already covered several aspects of the game before, we will entirely be focusing on having siblings now and how having brothers and sisters can impact your virtual life. It’s very typical as well to have only 1 brother or sister but if you play the game even for just a short while, you would be surprised as to how fast your family can grow.

Though it would still depend on probabilities, there’s a big chance to have brothers or sisters close to your age so if you will be having younger siblings, they should start popping out between 2 and 4 in-game years. Unless you are a real toddler yourself or practically asking for negative repercussions and bad karma, you can pick either one and reduce both your and your sibling’s level of happiness.

That won’t be the worst of it though, as any of these choices can lead to violent retaliations, injuries, or possibly even punishments from your parents. As a third, and obviously positive option, you can choose to do nothing and wait for your siblings to grow up a bit more so you can than begin having conversations or spending some time with them.

You can always try to assault or engage in petty fights with them but it will quickly lead to you ending up with an empty level of happiness that would be hard to get out of. On top of all of this, doing bad things to your siblings may cause them to hurt you, and while there doesn’t seem to be any sort of permanent damage, it can be very difficult to recover from.

The events may not be entirely related to the person you hurt but some things tend to go wrong randomly when you are in bad terms with a lot of people whom you should be keeping a good relationship with. Engaging in an argument or petty squabble with a sibling with a full petulance level over and over won’t risk you being hurt back by them.

One of the biggest advantages of having more siblings is that in cases of unfortunate events that leave you unhappy, you can easily gain back a lot of happiness just by spending time with each of them. While keeping a good relationship with everyone in a huge family may take more time and effort, it can be especially rewarding as you will hardly worry about depression and anxiety even in the worst series of hardships that you experience in your virtual life.

Engaging in only positive activities with your siblings will lead to a much simpler life as they will serve to be a constant happiness booster for you themselves and even more once they bear their own children. Simply telling your parents about it may lessen their level of happiness on top of a variety of possible actions they may do as an effect of their children’s squabbles.

If you want a simple life with siblings that dwell on constant happiness and good karma, then stick with what you feel would be the positive actions and reactions. As there are other new contents brought about by the recent update, there may still be some more unique elements that would affect your virtual life relative to having siblings.

We hope you were able to read through our short and simple guide and that you have learned important tips and strategies you can use as you play the game. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

For the past four years, during Rico’s steady ascent to national stardom, some have heard her charismatic petulance as a punk-rock echo, and that’s one way to calibrate your ears to her musical Nyanza. Fortunately, Bother has elected to ignore this display of petulance and continue with his landmark attempt to sue the president.

Outside the sun was warm, the flood was calling from the dam, and the boy's petulance was gone at once. Her face, unpainted, was pale, an expression of petulance discernible.

One look at the face of heaven and earth lays all petulance at rest, and soothes us to wiser convictions. Every old man complains of the growing depravity of the world, of the petulance and insolence of the rising generation.

Billie is a life simulator with endless possibilities and a great sense of humor. It is possible to maintain all four of these bars at 100% however, this guide will focus on getting your health and happiness up to max.

It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game. Overlooking your health can have dangerous consequences which include picking up life-threatening diseases and various STDs.

Getting your colon cleaned is a great way to increase your health, plus seeing a chiropractor and acupuncture will help. A consequence of going to the gym involves picking up minor illnesses like athlete’s foot, so be sure to go to the doctor after being diagnosed.

Alcohol can be consumed and not affect your health bar, but drugs should be avoided at all costs. Maintaining a high happiness percentage during your Billie is crucial to success and survival.

Having a low amount of happiness can cause you to be fired from your job and develop mental health issues like insomnia or depression. If you are unlucky, you will face a lot of random events that will make you unhappy.

Either way, bad things can happen to you and you will have to bounce back strong or risk ruining your Billie. A far cheaper way to cheer you up from a tragedy is to spend time with family.

Avoid having conversations as you can end up with a disagreement (which makes things worse). Plus watching a movie is free and low risk, so it can be an effective way to gain some happiness.

A downside to this is if you get rejected you can make things worse, so try not to rely on this unless you have 70% or higher looks. If you are out of money or loved ones to help comfort you, then aging a couple of years should help see you through this difficult time.

Degree from Medical School Decent Stats; Happiness, Smart, Looks Apply for the Hospital/Medical type jobs like Brain Surgeon, Family Physician Before you continue with a virtual character life, pay attention to its stats.

We would recommend you to continue with the virtual character who has good smart stats(over 85), happiness(must be green), health(over 80). While studying in the school, visit the library every turn and maintain the smartness.

after graduating from high school, you will have to make an important decision regarding career choices. Getting an undergraduate degree in biology or psychology can help you to get approved for medical school.

while studying at the university, make sure to visit the library daily and work hard every year. after graduating from college in Biology/Chemistry/Psychology, you will have to make another important decision that writes your job timeline in Billie.

You can find the willpower statistic in the new God Mode update that rolled out for the game on iOS. When you edit a character in the game, you can see how much willpower they have how much you can modify, changing how they react to certain things.

Given the definition of the word, it’s likely tied to how much willingness a person has to give in when thinking about specific actions they know are bad compared to ones they know are right. For example, if an alcoholic has the willpower to resist the urge to have a drink, or if someone wishes to cheat on their girlfriend behind their back.

If you create a character who has less willpower in their moral compass, chances are they’re likely to cause a lot more trouble than someone who has plenty of it.

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