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What Is Birth Control Bitlife

James Lee
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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If they decide to go off birth control, they can choose whether to tell their partner (if they have one) or keep it a secret. Birth control is very effective when you are dating someone, but hook-ups who claim they are on birth control may be lying or misusing it and could still get pregnant if your character does not use protection.

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If your character is a male, usually when the couple turns 18, the female partner may usually go on birth control. After age 55, women will no longer need birth control.

If fruitless, you & your partner will have to wait until the next year to try IVF again. But, this is not always efficient as in some rare cases, people can still reproduce after a successful sterilization procedure.

Unspecified reasons may include having a disease, having a criminal record, having too many children, or having donated too many times in a lifetime. Sometimes the reasoning will simply show up as “No Sperm Needed”.

When you press Surrogate, a menu will pop up and present you with different women. You can check their stats and choose whether to use their eggs for the baby.

If they accept, you will have to choose whose sperm to impregnate the woman. If a surrogate fails at getting pregnant, your character can be reimbursed half of the expenses.

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Some surrogate mothers will keep the baby for themselves and dishonor your contract; should this happen, your character may file a Lawsuit against them. To get pregnant you must not use birth control and certain diets or it will prevent pregnancy for females.

When pregnant, women may not have certain types of Plastic Surgery and may get Pregnancy massages. Other massages can be done, but run the risk of miscarriage, with Pregnancy the only one fully safe.

Pregnancy massages are only available to characters who are female and pregnant. Their latest update is v1.20, and in here, you can hearken back to those Minesweeper days in the military deployment mini-game, have children with multiple women within the same year (especially useful if you’re chasing the Scandalous ribbon while controlling a male character), and save battery life on your device, among many others.

So join us for our new Billie guide, where we shall break down all the new changes that have arrived with the game’s latest version, including military deployment, birth control and pregnancies, dating foreigners, family vacations, emigration, time machine plus many more. However, you may also be deployed to another country, where you will be asked to take part in a rather dangerous mission that could mean the end of your character’s life if you aren’t careful.

If you successfully flag all the mines and clear all the other squares on the board, you will be given a medal for your gallantry, which you could choose to sell for money, display on your uniform, or opt not to wear. If you are NOT able to successfully flag all the mines, you will inevitably step on one while clearing out squares, and that would, in all cases we’ve observed, kill your character off due to your injuries.

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If it’s any consolation to those whose characters died after stepping on mines, this is, at least, a surefire way of earning that Hero ribbon and adding it to your collection. If you choose to value your life over your reputation, as the game will duly note in the dialog box, you will be reprimanded by your commanding officer…and discharged from service.

If your character’s Smarts stats aren’t exactly up there, and they didn’t attend or finish college either, we would certainly recommend enlisting in another military branch, as you likely won’t have much to choose from aside from a number of menial jobs (Janitor, Telemarketer, etc.) Aside from the aforementioned introduction of military deployments, the recent Billie update also comes with a new birth control feature, as well as an overhauled pregnancy mechanic.

While not as intense as your average graphics-heavy title, it’s still nice to have a mode that could allow you to enjoy the game for longer, even if your phone’s battery is running low and you don’t have access to a charger. The game now allows you to choose a custom set of favorite activities that will show up at the top of the screen instead of the standard Love, Mind & Body, Movie Theater, and Pets.

The health bars and star signs decide the type of death for each character on this platform. The kids play Billie with excitement, and gradually they will start to neglect their real life.

In this imaginary environment, the kids have a lot of fun with the other players in the form of relationships like mother, father, brother, etc. The immature minds start to live in this unrealistic world, thereby causing unnecessary emotional issues in the family.

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This type of video game becomes a great threat to the kid's and teens' real life in the end. Parents should learn about this game in detail to avoid unnecessary emotional and psychological issues for their kids in the future.

The Billie app simulator provides a comfortable zone for the kids to live according to their desires without any compromises. This environment is free from difficulties, which enhances the continuous stay of the kids despite their real-time duties in life.

When your kids play the Billie game consistently, it affects the academic performance badly. The kids find it difficult to focus their attention on studies, important responsibilities in their day-to-day life.

When your kid chooses their favorite characters as mother and father in this online space, it would ultimately lead to the intervention of strangers. The behavior and the attitude of your kids become strange when they play the Billie game in the long run.

The continuous usage of this video game makes the kid forget reality and live a fabulous virtual life without their knowledge. There is no strict supervision implemented on this platform during the download and installation process to ensure the age specification applicable to this app.

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Even kids can install this app by entering a fake date of birth on the relevant page effortlessly. You have to follow the three normal ways to protect the kids from these types of life simulator games available for download at this online space.

You must guide the kids to share their daily activities regularly to avoid serious issues in the future. Through constructive interaction, you can figure out whether your kid is on the verge of addiction to life simulator games like the Billie app.

Encourage outdoor games to your kids and help them to shine on their favorite sport under the coaching from professional hands. You can arrange for a daily coaching class related to their desired sports field without any regrets.

Through consistent focus on their desired field, you will deviate their minds from smartphones to real games. You must divert their thoughts in a progressive path and inculcate the fire in them to achieve something great in the area of their interest.

Your kid will obtain better knowledge if he/she learns about the worst consequences of video games from specialist perspectives. You can provide an awareness platform for your kids to realize the problems related to smartphones and video games' consistent usage.

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The Famine parental control app from Wonder share is the perfect tool to monitor your kids' gadget activities. From the listed details, you can sort out the obsessive gadget usage of your kids swiftly and take respective measures before the situation goes beyond your control.

The kids can use their smartphone within the time limit and gradually will be able to get rid of any sort of addiction issues. The Smart Schedule option guides the kids to manage their time wisely for productive outcomes.

The “Web filters” strain out unwanted content on the internet space and allow necessary facts that are appropriate for your kids. Therefore, the Famine parental control app is the necessary tool to guide the kid's gadget activities towards the right path.

Only through effective supervision you can protect your kids from unnecessary internet threats like Billie app simulator, Hall, etc. Choose Famine and provide a safe cyber zone for your kids to learn and grow in their favorite field.

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