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What Is Avalon Process In Concentrix

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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We will NEVER ask you for money or any kind of prepayment We WILL NOT ask you for your national ID number (Social Security or Government ID) or date of birth when applying for a position with us Be aware that scammers may try to take advantage of you by impersonating Concentric or Concentric personnel in order to access money or personal information and offer false employment opportunities in our name.


Concentric will never ask for financial information of any kind or for payment of money during the job application process. We do not require any financial, credit card or bank account information and/or any payment of any kind in order to be considered for employment.

Concentric does not require personal information including Social Security Number, National ID, Government ID or date of birth as part of the application process. We may ask for basic contact information such as your email address, phone number, and/or home address to ensure we can contact you.

Concentric Corporation (NASDAQ: CNC), a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology, announced today that it has completed its separation from Sydney Corporation (NYSE: Six) and is now an independent, publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock market under the ticker symbol “CNC”. As a leading global provider of CX solutions and technology, we are truly excited to celebrate our listing day and start this next exciting chapter,” said Chris Caldwell, President and CEO of Concentric.

“Operating as an independent company will allow us to accelerate innovations and make additional investments that drive higher value for our clients, their customers, and our shareholders.” Moving forward, Concentric is well-positioned to deliver innovative CX solutions and technology that drive valued experiences for our clients around the world.

With approximately $4.7 billion in annual revenue and a differentiated portfolio of solutions, Concentric supports over 95 Global Fortune 500 clients and over 90 disruptive, high-growth clients across 275+ global locations, delivering a consistent brand experience across all channels. CLOSE At Concentric, we’re fanatical about recruiting the world’s best people to join our company.

Concentric will never ask for financial information of any kind or for payment of money during the job application process. We do not require any financial, credit card or bank account information and/or any payment of any kind in order to be considered for employment.

To accept cookies continue browsing as normal else manage them in your browser settings. Low compensation, unwillingness to work with peoples availability.

Somebody at the corporate office decided to switch payroll companies to cut costs right before the end of the year, which left the entire staff forced to wait 2 months until February to get the Christmas bonus which was promised to us at the time of employment. Advancement isn’t based on merit at all but which managers pocket you are in.

The entire management team, lack of care about employees, low compensation They have a lot of pros and cons but for a beginner position it will do.

Don't let management get the best of you because they are not helpful but as long as you're doing ok they will not fire yew even if they threaten to. The work is easy but there is little to no help when taking calls.

Your immediate supervisor is great but the upper level managers don’t care about you. Was this review helpful? Training is online (if remote position) and can vary in length.

Was this review helpful? OverallIts hard work and don't expect help from your SMEs most of the time you are on your own to figure it out no matter how new you are on the floor will be told to use your resources even if you already did. This company is full of lies, all the managers are horrible, and in training you learn NOTHING.

My recruiter informed me that I would be able to work day shift hours once I get out of training. My recruiter was also very unprofessional calling me at 9:30 PM trying to do a phone interview with me.

The Senior Advisors will push back on you and force you to keep taking a call even if you have no idea what you are doing. I was on a call with a customer for over 40 minutes getting no resolution, I contacted my Senior Advisor and told her I felt overwhelmed and needed her to take over the call, and she refused.

I cry every single day at this job because nobody helps you when you ask for it. Was this review helpful? I loved my job at Concentric and did well in my time there.

However, in the end myself and several other team members were terminated for doing as advised by our direct supervisor, they fired him as well, but I still don’t understand why they fired the rest of us as we were given a directive. No job security as I was fired unjustly as later determined by an unemployment hearing.

Was this review helpful? This is a good company but I applied for customer service and ended up on tech support. The people were very nice and I'd love to work for them in a less technical position.

Was this review helpful? I worked as a technical support representative for the HR Block project. If you had an issue you go to him with confidence, and he would do his best to take of the problem The overall management cared about you as a person and did whatever was necessary to help you succeed.

Unfortunately Concentric closed the Wichita, KS site. The pay was not great, but the overall experience of the call center was amazing.

Management cared about me as a person, and was very respectful of my medical problems. Was this review helpful? This job would be great if management treated their employees like actual humans and not robots; we have lives too and the way they act that we can’t even miss a day is ridiculous.

If you told her something or had a problem she would belittle you and act like you didn't know what you were talking about. The day I was supposed to take my final exam the company's VPN Goes out for half of the company we had review and prep the day before and was going to review that morning.

But because I couldn't review with my classmates I had to wait 3 days no prep no review to take the test I failed by 4 points I feel like because I wasn't prepared like the rest of my class, so they fired me. Also you could only go to the bathroom on your breaks they told us we were adults and should be able to hold it and sit still if for 2 hours and if we couldn't we had to go to the doctor and get something for hr.

Was this review helpful? It's not a bad job just poor leadership. Calls can get crazy and there was very little training and got thrown in the fire so to speak.

Was this review helpful? No breaks in between calls and beyond strict timing for notes, beware If you work at concentric work at home you think you have this amazing opportunity but then you get in, and they have these shift bids and if you get any unhappy surveys you don’t get a good shift, I’ve been stuck on a junk shift for months with everyone around me getting the shifts they desire, you are forced ALL HOLIDAYS there is no way around that, want to request time off? Was this review helpful? Great place to work, company is willing to assist with any issues you may have.

Was this review helpful? You start at 13.00 move up to next position about every 3 months it comes with .50 raise supervisors are fair and compassionate Company is a great place to work and advancement and growth with in is all yours for the taking. Please think twice before joining even if you are a fresher as there is too much pressure for performance and a lot of policies that are not employee friendly. Don't trust blindly get things written via mail or paper they ask you to work extra hours instead of 9 hours, and they are not employee friendly but client friendly and very cost conscious no free transport.

No free transport, will be asked to do extra hours, management people tone is also not friendly it is a local call center no professionalism. Was this review helpful? My job experience without problems and pressure and environment was very friendly and professional.

Was this review helpful? Looking at the job role and tasks given, salary is way quite low. Employees should have proper salary that would justify their role and the job they do.

Amazing work atmosphere and its employee central for other aspects Was this review helpful? Cnx is basically a fast-paced working organization that is focused more on making business than it's employee's well-being.

If you are a person who doesn't care about your family & friends much, then you should definitely consider working at CNX. If you are extraordinary, then in no time you can move up the ladder in your Career Level.

They did not have any dress code however made sure we are presentable to clients at any point of time. Received good help from colleagues and manager to solve the customer problems.

Was this review helpful? Job stress is less and apart from the earnings you do have good incentives which can double your income, friendly environment and management but the shift is dissatisfied which is of 9.5 hours which includes your 1-hour break. Was this review helpful? The company has a lot of options to make your experience the best in any kind of employment.

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