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What Is Avalon In Merlin

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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Avalon is viewed as a mist-enshrouded island of ancient magic and myth, an entrance to the Otherworld where people lived for hundreds of years, and a modern source of inner peace and wisdom. The island’s legendary healing powers were said to restore King Arthur after he was injured in a major battle.

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In Celtic mythology, Avalon is associated with the afterlife and was even believed to exist outside normal time. Sources claim the island was also the home of the Celtic goddess, Morgan LE Fay.

Pilgrims used to follow the priests and priestesses of the pagan, or old Celtic, religions in a procession up the Tor. According to scholars, a large, male skeleton was found in the coffin, allegedly with a head wound.

The monks’ claim did, however, draw a lot of attention to their abbey, which resulted in an influx of visitors and greater financial support. Historians continue to debate whether Glastonbury is in fact Avalon, but generally the claim is rejected.

The BBC’s Merlin television series is based on the Arthurian legends and mentions the mythical island. The lake was home to immortal winged creatures called Side and one of the few entrances to the afterlife.

Merlin threw the sword, Excalibur, into the lake, where Arthur later retrieved it from the stone. Light workers, spiritual healers, also believe the mystical island represents a path to inner peace or paradise.


The lake was the only known gateway to the fallen outside the Pool of Remain, and was the final resting place of Freya, Lancelot, Elan, and Arthur Pen dragon. Though Aelfric had no hope of changing his fate, the elders were willing to reopen the gateway to Avalon for Sophia if they were offered the soul of a mortal prince.

When the Great Dragon learned that Other had wielded the magical sword Excalibur, he ordered Merlin to take it far away from Camelot, to a place where no mortal man would ever find it. Following these instructions, Merlin retrieved the sword from the armory and cast it into the Lake of Avalon, where it remained for the next three years (Excalibur).

Though he hadn't been able to heal her, Freya assured Merlin that he'd already saved her, that he'd made her feel loved, and with her last breath promised him that one day she would repay his kindness. Heartbroken, Merlin placed her body in a boat lined with ferns and used his magic to set it adrift on the lake.

Once Elena was married to Arthur, the fairy inside her would emerge and take her over completely, thereby allowing a Side to become Queen of Camelot. Fortunately, their plan was thwarted by Merlin and Gains, and Arthur and Elena ultimately chose to call the wedding off when they admitted that neither of them had feelings for the other (The Changeling).

When Morgue and Morgan conquered Camelot with their immortal army, Merlin took the vial with him when he, Arthur, and their allies went into hiding. The water took on an ethereal glow and formed a small puddle in a crevice of rock, through which he was able to contact his deceased lover Freya.

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After Morgan directed the Shade Lancelot to commit suicide, Arthur ordered that the former knight be given a proper burial. The spell he used restored Lancelot to his true self and unexpectedly revived him for a brief moment, which the former knight used to thank Merlin before he quietly passed on.

Sir Elan was given a similar funeral roughly three years later, after he died rescuing his sister Guinevere from the Dark Tower. When Arthur was fatally wounded in the Battle of Reimann, Merlin took him the Lake of Avalon to be healed by the Side.

Avalon is derived from the Latin Insula Gallons (cognate with the Welsh NYS Fallon) which literally means “the isle of fruit trees”. Morgan LE Fay, for example, was portrayed in Geoffrey of Monmouth's 1150 work Vita Merlin as the chief of nine magical sisters who dwelt on the island, all of them skilled in healing.

It is particularly relevant to those of us with bloodlines from the British Isles, or past life experiences there, or to those with any feeling of connection to the Arthurian myths and Grail mysteries. Avalon is a focal point for Western mystery wisdom, and perhaps the faeries of Avalon have participated in the unfolding of human events more than any other fairy beings over the past several centuries, with the help of Merlin (who was half faery-half human).

It may be that Avalon is where the fairy realm is most easily accessible from our world. Amazonian faeries played important roles in all the Arthurian legends.

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Arthur’s mother Migraine, his sister Morgan LE Fay, his wife Guinevere, and several other prominent ladies in the legends were all emissaries from Avalon. I don’t think human failure to believe can alter Avalon, because it is part of the fairy realm that holds the ethnic template of perfection for our world.

However, our collective failure to remember the fairy realm has had a devastating effect on our world. When we fail to participate in bringing that template of perfection into our reality, we lose our connection with the energy of creation.

Are you aware of how our modern farming practices destroy soil, water, and air quality, though our ancestors were able to sustain healthy farms and lands over thousands of years? People were beginning to forget and even demonize the faeries, because they were influenced by the church patriarchs.

What was once a very normal and natural relationship with faeries and the Otherworlds, came to be seen as suspect and even dangerous. This has continued to the present time, leading us to the brink of environmental collapse.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we reconnect with the pure essence of the fairy realm. Our pollution and destruction can cause damage on an energetic level that affects their world.

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They do this very well in the wilds of nature, but when humans get involved things tend to get messy. We damage plant DNA with GMOs, cram animals into factory farms, excavate, pollute, clear-cut, kill, and generally tear down everything they create.

Where we once had a respect for Nature with a capitol N, we now rape and pillage to satisfy our insatiable greed. Nature is the Creative Art of Faeries Imagine being an artist who woke up every morning to find that someone had rubbed mud all over the painting they had created the day before.

I’ve heard that some faeries take a very negative view of us, but I haven’t met that sort. Affirm that there is truth in all those ancient tales of faeries, though it may be very distorted at this point.

Spend time in Nature with the intention of connecting your heart to each plant, animal, and element you encounter. Surround yourself with uplifting fairy art, paintings, statues, music, or whatever reminds you of their presence.

Ask their advice when working in your garden, and don’t tell yourself it’s “just your imagination” when new ideas pop into your head that you think might be from them. Make space for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife in your world.

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If not, even a houseplant can be dedicated as a portal to the fairy realm. You may be called to write about faeries, paint pictures of them, or lead shamanic journeys to visit them.

Be open to ways you can use your natural talents and abilities to help bridge our worlds. Be sure to ground and shield yourself when you are around skeptics and those who ridicule what they don’t understand.

Take a cue from the faeries and learn to make yourself invisible to those who are not supportive. When you commit to being a bridge, those who want to make a connection with the FAE will seek you out.

The more people start waking up to the reality of the fairy realm, the faster our world will begin to vibrate in harmony with the template of perfection that is anchored in Avalon. Call on Merlin, Morgan LE Fay, Time’, and any of the other Ladies of the Lake who appeal to you.

Ask them to help you anchor the vibration of Avalon in your life and your world. Faeries need our help, because we are the dominant species in the material Earth realm.

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The area is rich with Arthurian and fairy lore and the veil between the worlds is very thin. We are unlimited beings with access to the entire universe and multiple dimensions.

Imagine yourself boarding a boat and gliding across the water to the misty isle of Avalon. The more you visit Avalon, the more you will learn about it, and the more of it you will bring back to our material world.

Just be sure you are honest, authentic, and courteous and you will make a good friend to the faeries. Arthur was born of a fairy mother, Migraine, who was mysteriously tricked by Merlin into “breeding” with King Other Pen dragon.

It is interesting that Other was a Pen dragon, a line of human kings connected with the dragon realms. Arthur’s job was to anchor the ethnic template of Avalon in the kingdom of Camelot, bringing in a new age of harmony, abundance, and equality for all.

Unfortunately, as a man of the patriarchal era, he failed to value the feminine as much as the masculine, which led to the downfall of his kingdom. This is symbolized by the lack of importance he placed on his scabbard, compared to his sword.

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It is also reflected in the failure of his marriage to Guinevere, another Amazonian fairy. Because British ideas and customs have long dominated much of the world, this had far-reaching consequences that continue to plague us to this day.

When Arthur was defeated in his final battle, legend tells us that Morgan LE Fay, his fairy half-sister, took him to Avalon to be healed, and there he will remain until he is needed to save England from some dire threat. Or maybe it is his legend living on in our hearts that will bring about a revival of the spirit of Camelot.

We are being called to right the wrongs of our ancestors (who might have been ourselves) and to restore the balance between feminine and masculine energies in our human world. It is our job to anchor the template of Avalon here in our material world and to bridge the realms of fairy and human with every breath we take.

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