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What Is A Hot Cheetos Diet Bitlife

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 12 min read

You have to meet a handful of requirements, the first of which is being born in a country that allows recreational marijuana. When you’re 18, you can decide what you want your character to eat from then on, and if you’re working towards completing the 420 Challenge, you want to do this as soon as you turn 18.


If you don’t, you might miss a few years and risk not being able to live that long to have a diet like that. To help offset it, you need to work out as many times as you can, perform meditation and go on walks, and make frequent visits to the doctor to ensure you don’t deal with a life-threatening disease that cuts your character’s life short.

You can attempt it at any time, and if you complete it, you’ll receive a badge to show off your hard work. Once you know the basics of what you need to do, it should be a smooth completion, but it requires plenty of careful attention.

At the start of your life in Bit life, you need to find out if the country your character is born in has access to recreational marijuana. The countries for this challenge only include the United States, Canada, South Africa, Georgia, and Uruguay.

The third requirement is all about having your character attempt to procreate as quickly as possible and have a perfect relationship with the daughter. Once your child is born and it's a daughter, change their name to Maryland and spend as much time as you can with her.

You can increase your relationship with her by having a conversation, giving her compliments, and finding any way to spend the day with her. When this happens, you can only focus on eating Hot Cheetos for the remainder of the game, and your character’s stats will start to go down quite negatively, noticeably their looks and health.

You can attempt to fight this eventual decay by spending time at the gym, meditating, going for long walks, doing Martial Arts, and visiting doctors. Unfortunately, this is the roughest bit, so you need to do your best to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle before you’re 18 and then continue it moving forward.

There's possibly more countries, but the legality of it according to my Wikipedia research isn't always cut and dry. A bit luck based, but just make sure to start having kids as early as possible.

Go to the Mind & Body tab and hit the Diet option. Look for the Hot Cheetos option, it won't always be there so back out of the Activities screen and go check again because it should be a different list.

You will need to go on walks and meditate prior to going to the gym and doing martial arts once your health goes lower than 10%. Go ahead and take advantage of that anytime it shows up for an easy bump up in health.

Billie, as most of you may know by now, has been around since late 2018 as arguably the most popular life simulator game for iOS and Android device owners. After a series of comparatively difficult challenges, we’re glad to inform you that the latest one that Candy writer launched appears to be one of their easiest yet.

Normally, Citizens will have the chance to smoke some marijuana when visiting a club and a random party goer (or dealer) offers a joint. And since 4:20 p.m. is the universal time to get high, with April 20 also serving as every stoner’s favorite “holiday,” you may think that having a toke at the club will help you complete the 420 Challenge.

We decided to make a guide to walk you through all the requirements so you can learn how to easily complete the Bit life 420 Challenge. When jobs open up for you, look for Farmer on the list, and if you can’t find it just keep moving forward in time and checking again.

Spend time with her, compliment her, have conversations with her, take her to the movie theater, and give her gifts. Be on A HotCheetosDiet For 30+ Years The most important thing for this requirement is to make sure you have enough money for the Cheetos.

Get yourself in a relationship early on, because being on a HotCheetosdiet for 30+ years takes its toll on your looks and health. You will need to make sure to do activities for your health such as Meditating, Martial Arts, Gym, and Walks.

Mind & Body is an activity that can give small bursts of health and smarts to increase your Stats and can even help raise Karma. In most locations, characters need to be at least 12-13 for meditating or library or 16 to work out at the gym or to take a memory test.

This can be done in Prison and juvenile detention (except for a memory test) with gym being free. There was an update which added 5 more Mind and Body activities: Reading books, Going on a Diet, Gardening, Martial Arts, and Walks.

Salinger Novel 277 15 The Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Children's Picture Book 73 6 The Palestine Prophecy James Redfield Novel 278 17 The Color Purple Alice Walker Historical Fiction 347 15 The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx Non-Fiction 30 17 The Count of Monte Crisco Alexandre Dumas Historical Fiction 1276 16 The Crucible Arthur Miller Tragedy 143 16 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Crime Fiction 466 16 The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank Autobiography 283 14 The Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri Poetry 798 17 The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman Self-Help 126 15 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stain Larson Crime Fiction 672 17 The Giving Tree She Silverstein Children's Picture Book 31 6 The Godfather Mario Puzo Crime Fiction 448 19 Happiness -4 The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck Historical Fiction 418 15 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Novel 200 16 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams Science Fiction 216 13 The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Fantasy 374 13 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde Comedy 76 14 The Joy of Cooking Irma S. Bomber Cookbook 1152 13 The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini Historical Fiction 371 16 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C.S. Lewis Fantasy 208 11 The Little Engine That Could Fatty Piper Children's Picture Book 48 6 The Lord of the Rings J.R.R.

List of Gardening actions Cutting back the plants Fertilizing the shrubs Filling all the birdbaths with water and bird feeders with seeds Planting some Pruning the trees Pulling all the weeds Raking the leaves Trimming the shrubs Some physical ailments can be contracted at the gym such as ringworm or athlete's foot, but these go away quickly after aging or seeing the doctor.

Keep your health up by going to the gym, meditating, taking walks, and going to the doctor when you're sick. I also recommend living in countries that don't have estate tax such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland (thanks u/Guillermo-Jubera) , Monaco, & Norway.

While there are other high paying jobs such as porn star, model, and music composer, I do not recommend these because you won't be able to make much extra money on the side. For porn star and model, you can do photo shoots, but they don't pay nearly as much as commercials do.

For flipping houses, buy equestrian properties & keep renovating them when necessary. Major in computer science and get a job as an app tester with Billie.

Use god mode to edit your boss to have 0% professionalism, 0% strictness, 0% willpower, and 100% coolness. If done successfully, lower your performance percentage bar by insulting and pulling pranks on coworkers.

People person: if you have trouble befriending your coworkers, use god mode to set their craziness to 0%, coolness to 100%, willpower to 0%, and low professionalism. Armed & Dangerous: Tiger Claw Strike (Lungful) seems to be the most deadly.

Witchcraft: avoid taking raw egg, venom, & green bubbling liquid as these are the deadliest things you can consume. Accept substances that are offered to you & hook up with random people.

Try to get as many STDs as you can including but not limited to: chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and genital herpes. Go to the gym every year to get other illnesses such as: ringworm, staph infection, athletes foot, etc.

Bilbo: watch YouTube with friends until Bijou Mike pops up. The Brightest Star: get max fame by having high looks, posting on social media, & doing commercials or photo shoots.

Centerfold: do photo shoots every year until you do one for Wank magazine. Get pregnant as soon as you turn 18 by artificial insemination or unprotected sex.

Smart seed: select the artificial insemination option every year until a lawyer pops up. Be a female, graduate high school, and have a decent amount of money ($45k).

Fake it: use god mode to lower your fiancé's smarts to 0%, then propose. Bejeweled: marry someone rich or use god mode to adjust your SO's money bar.

Use god mode to set your SO's health to 100%, so they won't die quickly. Family planner: set your SO's smarts & willpower to 0% & convince them to go off birth control.

Wedding planner: be born in an African country such as DR Congo. General: enlist as an air force, army, or marines officer.

Admiral: enlist as a navy or coast guard officer. Excavator: to clear 10 minefields, it's best to practice minesweeper until you're good at it.

Keep your health bar green by bribing the guards, going to the infirmary, working out, & meditating. Mercy Me: follow the steps in the wealth achievement section.

Be on good behavior by meditating every year, ignoring prisoners, & being respectful to the warden. Note: while in prison, DO NOT join gangs, incite riots, or bribe guards.

Theseus: the easiest way to escape is by following the instructions to the aftermath achievement. Naughty child: easiest way to get expelled is to enroll in college & get bad grades by not studying & skipping class.

Brothers Forever: join a frat in college by having high looks. Use god mode to change the teacher's professionalism & willpower to 0%.

Obtain your pilot & boating license to complete these achievements. Emigrate to Canada/Visit Winnipeg: check the emigrate/vacation list every year until they show up.

All Along: change a parent's sexuality to gay using god mode & hope they come out. Dignified Donor: find a $1m heirloom (random) & donate it.

Keep your health up by going to the gym, meditating, & walking every year. Flee the country: escape from a minimum or medium security prison using this & emigrate.

Frankenstein: go to a low-rated plastic surgeon and get a botched penis enlargement surgery or breast augmentation. Low-roller: lose money at the casino until you have a negative bank balance.

You may serve time in prison or successfully evade the guards. Nightmare: be wealthy by following the steps in the wealth section.

Eventually a bad situation will come up and you need to pick an option. You can do this by going on unhealthy diets such as Hot Cheetos or High Calorie.

Resourceful: marry a rich person that's 80+ & wait until they die OR have a low net worth & divorce them. Rich justice: be wealthy by following the steps above in the wealth section.

Sue a plastic surgeon who botched your surgery or an ex-spouse (both tend to have a decent amount of money). Sue for $1 mil and pick the most expensive law firm to represent you.

Edit: be wealthy by following the steps in the wealth section. For burglary achievements: have high smarts to increase your chances of stealing successfully.

Adopt don't shop: follow the steps in the wealth achievements section & buy a large property (equestrian/ranch/farm). Just keep swimming: get a goldfish from the pet store & release it.

Natural selection: buy an exotic animal such as big cats, wolves, coyotes, or gorillas with high craziness. No Prob llama: buy a llama by having an equestrian property & going to the exotic pet dealer.

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