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What Games Are Like Bitlife

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Bit life is a popular simulation game available on various devices, especially for Android. You can also earn Bit life ribbons, choose careers, build relationships, or spend your years as a bum.

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While the Bit life universe is extensively huge and continues to evolve, if you’re over the game but still interested in playing other life simulation games for Android that are similar to Bit life, then you’re in the right place. However, it remains one of the top simulation gameslikeBitlife available on the Google Play Store.

If you don’t have a problem with large-headed cartoon avatars on your screen, Life Simulator 3 should catch your interest. As you make enough money, you can move out of your parent’s home or splurge your savings on cars and boats.

Instead, the game allows you to choose an avatar, shop for outfits, and get your dream home. If you feel a little bored, you can visit any of the exotic locations featured in the game.

Well, this simulation game has a chat system that allows you to interact with players from around the globe. Compared to some games on our list, Life Simulator is a perfect replica of Bit life.

The game is free to play and does not require much storage space on your device. To play this game, you will choose an avatar and start your journey on becoming a Hollywood superstar.


As you become famous, you will have to maintain your health, make important decisions, build relationships, and even spend on luxury items. Like most of the mentions on our list, Lifetime 2 is free to play and does not need an active data subscription.

As you play the game, you will have to make several choices about your career, education, and relationships. Here, you can create a 3D avatar, build a home, and live your life in an incredible virtual world.

If you have an unforgettable moment in your virtual life, you can use the Photo Mode to capture the event. Idle Life Sim allows you to choose lifestyles, careers, and even customize your appearance.

While we work hard to find other worthy life simulation games to add to this list, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. It’s a life simulation game that lets you step into the shoes of a random character and make decisions that will affect his/her career, finances, health and relationships.

The decisions you make will reflect on your gravestone and you may earn ribbons, which are based on the lives you lead. So, if your net worth is at least 1 billion until your death, you will be rewarded a “Rich” ribbon which will be displayed on your gravestone.

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There are lots of ribbons to collect, which makes Bit life even more interesting and engaging. You will have to tap the “jump” button at the right time to catch those traits that will help you choose your career.

However, pressing the jump button now and then will also have an adverse effect on your health and happiness. Once you marry, you will also have to reserve your time for your wife and kids and your hobbies to make sure you are hale and hearty.

Your avatar runs backwards and shows you key milestones, the decisions you made and your life regrets. You, can however, delay death, become rich, have a family or just make weird decisions that will change your virtual life permanently.

Right from your birth to death, there are tons of choices to make, some are pretty common, others are very strange. Your goal is to make life choices keeping in mind that all bars or indicators are balanced.

Some of these cards are plain funny, others pretty thought-provoking, forcing you to choose between morally questionable acts that will affect your popularity. The game’s pretty hard because any indicator, if too low or too high will cause death.

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Continue Reading Life Simulator’s interface and gameplay is very similar to Bit life. You will have to tap the “Grow Up” button at the bottom of the screen to begin your life.

It generates separate pages for personal care, exercise, hygiene and clothing once you start getting allowance from your parents. You can spend money on clothing, health, personal care etc., wisely as it may directly affect your key stats.

As you grow up, making life choices and spending money will be difficult, which is why I feel the game’s more complicated than Bit life. Continue Reading Your virtual life in “Lifetime” begins just after your studies are over.

You start off by creating an avatar by choosing facial features, hairstyle, skin color etc. You will have to take care of your health and happiness as you advance through key stages in your career.

The game also has a separate “relationships” section that will help you find a date and marry. I love how there’s a section on sending likes to girls on Tinder in search for a date.

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What’s more, there are several buildings such as the stock exchange and casino, where you can invest your hard-earned money to earn more cash. Once your virtual characters have kids, you can watch them grow, help the entire family in their career and health and pass the house from one generation to another.

Continue Reading Another nice little Android game likeBitlife, Westlife has a very slick interface. There are separate tabs for your avatar’s CV, stats, career, assets and finances.

The game lets you live a virtual life of a homeless person, a vagabond. If any one of them reaches zero, the game will warn you that you will have only 7 days remaining and you should increase the indicator by completing the right actions to avoid death.

There are separate tabs for food, health, jobs, even studies and real estate! The game gives you the freedom to become rich, get an education or job, become the leader of hobos.

The app is based on the Inst life game, which got merged with Billie back in June 2019. In the game, you start with a random male/female character and try to accomplish the achievements or all careers.


Also, it has a lot of mini- games like mechanics such as an escape-prison game, collecting heirlooms, prison riot, Military Deployment Minefield, etc. Like the Billie app, In Another Life, you will start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button.

Your character gets the random stats such as health, happiness, appearance, intelligence, charisma at the start of the life. As you age, you will encounter lots of random events that impact these stats.

Complete the graduation, look for the jobs, go for a date, start a relationship, become successful, and there are lots of things similar to Billie. Simulate is another one of the best gameslikeBitLife for Android/iPhone iOS- featuring the text-based gameplay where you create the character; male, female, choose the location.

It features text-based life simulation game mechanics where you start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button. There are 17 challenges completing, for example; can you become the die-hard gamer, Too star, steal 50,000 by hacking, own 300 million dollars in real estate, etc.

Some other things similar to Billie are getting a driver license, emigrate to another country, finding love, playing the lottery, going shopping, etc. There are plenty of things to manage; finance, relationship, social life, education, jobs, etc.

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A great game that is almost the same thing as Billie, offering a ton of paths to follow, careers to unlock and various challenges and gameplay modes (including that of becoming the richest CEO in the world or a Superhero). A perfect game for those who are looking for something very similar to the original, but with a different approach, new stories and slightly easier that Bit life.

But if you love Billie and you download this game too, you’ll feel just like home! Eat from the trash, fight other people or rob banks… life’s tough out there on the streets and you have a ton of options when it comes to living it.

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