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What Games Are Like Avakin Life

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
• 17 min read

Our curated list of gameslikeAvakinLife features more virtual world titles where you’ll meet and interact with other players on your mobile device. Available on iOS and Android devices AvakinLife is all about meeting new people, making friends, chatting online and dressing up your virtual avatar.

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Create the persona that you have always wanted as you join the millions of other players that have downloaded this virtual world mobile game. You’ve got all the avatar customization one would expect to see along with a home to decorate, amazing places to visit and countless items of clothing to design your unique look.

The games similar to AvakinLife selected to be featured below capture the same principles allowing players to recreate themselves in a virtual world, chat with other like -minded people and play dress up with their character or customized home. Lady Popular gives you complete control of your own life as you battle it out in the fashion arena, decorate your apartment, juggle a boyfriend and more in the browser based game for young girls and boys.

Second Life is a free to play online life simulation game designed to appeal to fans of the virtual world genre that want to go a step deeper with enhanced customization and a real world inspired economy. Developed by Linden Labs Second Life has been online since 2003 for Windows and Mac with regular core releases occurring...

Developed and maintained by Slowly the world can be played within a browser (Flash required) or through the official Android app, making it an accessible experience with no download required and perfect for low spec compute... IMU is a social focused experience that is available online for free through a downloadable client (Windows and Mac) with mobile apps (iOS and Android) also available.

Featuring anime graphic styling with a wealth of over the top customization this Korean themed adventure is colorful and full of pop. Meet is a great social experience that can be played within your browser but still manages to deliver nice 3D graphics.

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The game launched back in 2007 in Germany and has slowly expanded into other regions, now covering multiple languages. Meet will open up a whole new world to players and encourages you to use it as a place to meet né...

Despite being online for more than a decade Woodward has retained an audience of players in the tween to teenager demographic by continually attracting the next generation of social gamers to its website and more recently the mobile apps. Club Cooke is one of the more unique virtual chat rooms available and is a great experience for fans of titles that merge social virtual worlds with games, vast avatar customization and 3D chat rooms (such as IMU).

The game is published by Cooke GmbH and has a consistent audience of players of several thousands across the mobile apps (iOS and Android) along with Windows and Mac downloadable client. Club Cooke has all the fun features of similar games and includes 3D chat rooms to meet like mind...

Mojito lets you do all the activities that you can on other websites and includes the ability to create your own personalized avatar, meet new people, visit strange new lands and much more. HBO has a large user base and offers a visual social networking experience that you can access within your browser.

Create your own unique avatar now and enter the HBO Hotel to meet new people and potentially make lifelong friends. Gaia Online launched in 2003 and has grown from a simple community to a forum based website mixed with a number of social games.

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Second Life by Linden Research, Inc is an online virtual world MMO RPG Simulation for all the amazing people around the globe. You get into the virtual game world by creating your 3D avatar by select the suitable face and body type, outfit and gadgets according to your appearance.

Second Life provides with its own economic system with the currency named as Linden Dollars and the players can use them to buy and sell different items, rent or trade their lands or living places and provide their services or pay for the services, etc. Friends Hangout combines the elements of Massively Multiplayer Online, City Building, Social and Exploration.

Friends Hangout offers core features such as Create and Explore your own 3D World, Upgrades, exciting Characters, Outfits and more. Trinity is another great Virtual World Simulation that offers wonderfully attractive 3D environments and allows you to experience a real lifelike gaming in the cities of Berlin, New York, Singapore and London.

As the native Citizens, Trinity allows the users to explore an enormously big world, interact with other Citizens Socially, hang out with like -minded people and make new friends, engage in fun and productive activities and enjoy being part of a wonderful world. Like most of the Virtual Worlds, Trinity offers loads of free user created content that includes a lot of new products such as cloths, gadgets, clubs and shops etc.

Being a great Dating and Life -Simulation and Virtual World MMORPG it allows you to create and customize your own Sim, build your home, decorate it the way you like, find a job, find and meet your love, start a family, raise children, pet animals and take good care of them by providing them with all the necessities and luxuries. However, the Classic Free Mode lets you roam freely in an open-ended game-world, go on quests, or find a job, raise family etc.

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Geneva is 2004’s hit virtual World that is still growing rapidly and it offers an amazing Second Lifelike aesthetics to enjoy big time. With millions of registered users, huge amounts of content and an amazing environment, Geneva offers wonderful Social Interaction and MMORPG elements all combined in a very attractive fashion.

Meeting new and like -minded people, making new friends, partying, building and decorating, item collection, trading and exploration are the most prominent features of this cool Virtual World. Character selection and customization options are just like the popular Second Life and Geneva offers a very easy and user-friendly interface for that.

With safe chat, age wise game world classification and parental controls, loads of free content, Social gaming and networking options, amazing activities to engage yourself in, Geneva offers brilliant visuals and addictive game-play to enjoy. Oz Online is an amazingly addictive MMORPG and Social Platform Virtual World Simulation.

Oz On-Line offers great opportunities to enjoy, cool visuals, a wonderfully engaging game-play and a lot of other fun filled things to do. While playing the game, it literally feels like the series has grown up to provide more entertainment and possibilities to the players.

Furthermore, The Sims 3 allows the players to customize the environments with ease and enjoy going through millions of new ways to create the world of their dreams. The Sims 3 offers a huge bunch of Expansion Packs as well that provide with additional game features such as new Quests, Careers, Locations, Social Interaction, New Skills, etc.

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The Expansion Packs include World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Showtime, Pets, Generations, University Life, Supernatural, Seasons, Into the Future and Island Paradise. Each and every Expansion pack offers loads of new and exciting things and enhances the player’s fantastic experience with the game.

He can go on a job to earn money, go outside with his family for entertainment, play different games and complete several quests. The player must assist his sim character to find the husband or wife and star his virtual family.

The Sims 4 offers exciting gameplay, prominent features, realistic environment, and brilliant soundtracks. Being a great Dating and Life Simulation and Virtual World it allows you to create and customize your own Sim, build your home, decorate it the way you like, find a job, find and meet your love, start a family, raise children, pet animals and take good care of them by providing them with all the necessities and luxuries.

However, the Classic Free Mode lets you roam freely in an open-ended game-world, go on quests, or find a job, raise family etc. If you really want to play a game that truly offers an amazing game-play like Ciao Bella, you should try The Sims Stories definitely.

SmallWorlds offers Gold and Silver membership for paying and Free players respectively and allows you to enjoy just the way you like. With an amazing environment, safe chat and parental controls, a number of skill to develop and level yourself up, loads of free content and all the wonderful things, SmallWorlds offers brilliant visuals, amazingly addictive game-play and a lot of other great things.

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This cool Browser-based game offers best of the best 3D graphics, an immersive game-play and provides with a lot of fun activities to engage yourself in. With a unique social interaction option, Meet allows the players to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy engaging themselves into all the fun activities and exploration.

An amazing new feature of the game is that after the selection and customization of your online avatar, it drops you into a world that is actually based up on your provided age. It separates Adults, older and younger players according to their ages in order to cater with all the problems and to provide with a safe and user-friendly environment.

Chatting online, hanging out with like -minded people, making new friends and engaging your selves in all the available fun activities together, building your home, decorating it, raising pets and partying are the most prominent features of Meet. The Sims: Pet Stories is a great Life -Simulation, Dating, MMO, RPG and Community based virtual World developed by EA Games and Aspire Media Inc.

The Sims: Pet Stories is the second inclusion in the series and lets you be part of a virtual world (Sim City), interact with other online players, NPCs, objects, solve puzzles, play games and raise and train Pets, go on hunting, meet new people, befriend them of date with them etc. One story features a woman named Alice who faces financial problems and is going to lose her home if she fails to pay the rent.

In the 2nd story, features a successful chief executive named Stephan whose life gets devastated by the loathsome black cat who forcefully lives with him. If you love raising and training pets, Hanging out with friends, Dating, Crafting, partying and loads of enjoyment this game is just made for you.

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It lets the player select his pet and dive into the game world where he can customize it with different accessories. The ultimate task is to explore the game world, complete several quests, earn money and purchase various items, pets, horses and more.

The player has to take care of his horse, train it and participates in different tournaments to win the trophy. With exciting gameplay, superb mechanics, and brilliant controls, Horse Isle 2 is the best game to play and enjoy.

PlayStation Home is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World, and Fantasy Simulation developed by She London Studio. There are thousands of other players around the world, they can play different mini- games, join parties, dance and immerse themselves in the social experience.

With the best mechanics, Chat option, wonderful graphics, and customization features, PlayStation Home is the excellent game as compared to other Virtual World Simulations. The game world consists of different Island such as Padres Del Fuel, Tortuga, Cuba, Kings head, and more.

The ultimate task is to explore the game world, interact with objects and other players, create the team and complete a series of quests to earn experience points. With detail visuals, immersive gameplay, and superb mechanics, Pirates of the Caribbean Online is the best game to play and enjoy.

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For you to complete and move up the ladder to advanced players, grow your character and enjoy more features of the game. The game offers clean 3D graphics, non-linear gameplay, great backstories in various pre-built neighborhoods (Pleasant view, Strange town, Veronaville, etc.

The Villa was shut down due to copyright violation of its rival EA Game named The Sim Social. Blue Mars is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World, and 3D Simulation developed by Avatar Reality.

You can get into the game world by selecting your virtual avatar and you can customize it with different accessories and items such as body shape, shoes, clothes, hats, glasses and more. Blue Mars offers detailed environment, fully character customization, brilliant mechanics, upgrades and dynamic sounds.

There are dozens of characters, and the game allows you to create your virtual avatar according to your style and changes different clothes that suit you. Line Play includes core features such as Interact with other Players, Become Celebrity, and Endless Items, Raise an Own Pet, Socialize, Share, and more.

(Known as Little Space Heroes) was a Virtual World, Browser-based and Massively Multiplayer Online game developed and published by Bubble Gum Interactive for Kids. The main antagonist of the game was Lord Shadowbox, who is an evil robot and the mastermind behind all his unholy plans.


The ultimate task is to navigate the galaxy, find rare items, and fend off antagonist by destroying the land. Disney City Girl is a Social Networking, Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World, and Fantasy Simulation available to play on Browser.

To get into the game world, the player must sign up with his registered account, and select his character from male or female. You must collect XP points by performing various tasks and use them to unlock new fashionable clothes, accessories, and items.

With Social Interaction, Superb Cool Features, and wonderful Mechanics, Disney City Girl is the best game to play and enjoy. Midland is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Fantasy-based and Virtual World Simulation created by Play do.

After completing your avatar, you are ready to enter the virtual world to interact with other players, make new friends, and chat with them. Your main task in the game is to explore the fantasy world, complete a set of objectives to earn coins and unlock other items, dresses, and more.

Midland offers core features such as Play Mini- Games, fabulous Stuff, Decorate your Room, Complete your Tasks, and more. With superb gameplay and attractive sounds, Midland is the best game as compared to other Virtual World Simulation.

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My Movie star: Dream High is a Virtual World, Fashion, Fantasy-based and Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation developed and published by Blue Finger. To jump into the world, you have to select your character from male or female, customize it using different hairstyles, eye colors, clothes, and more.

After completing the customization, you can enter the world where you can interact with other players like you around the globe, play mini- games, chat with them. With superb mechanics, impressive gameplay, and attractive sounds, My Movie star: Dream High is the best Virtual World game to play and enjoy.

Nontropical Friends is a superb, Massively Multiplayer Online, Fantasy-based and Virtual World Simulation. The game offers you a chance to engage yourself in the social experience and interact with thousands of people around the world to hang out.

To get into the world, you have to create your profile, select your virtual avatar and customize it using different accessories and items such as clothes, glasses, shoes and more. Explore the fantasy world, make new friends, take exciting photos and create your album.

With superb gameplay, exciting visuals, and brilliant mechanics, Nontropical Friends is the best game to play and enjoy. To get into the world, the player needs to choose his/her avatar from male or female and customize it using a different combination of stuff.

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The game also features Katy Perry inspired outfits, furniture, hairstyles, including cotton candy trees and split couches. With enhanced visuals, excellent mechanics, and addictive gameplay, The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats is the best game to play and enjoy.

With brilliant features, social interaction, and isometric perspective gameplay, Virtual Magic Kingdom is the wonderful game to enjoy. Avatar is a Virtual World, Decoration, and Multiplayer Fashion Simulation available to play on the Social platform Facebook.

It starts with the player selecting his/her avatar from available and customizing it using different accessories, outfits and items in his style. He/she can interact with other players, make new friends, join parties, hang out with them, and can earn points to purchase new clothes and items.

Become the VIP, unlock further content, find the love, and chat with friends to engage in the social experience. Triggers is a Browser-based, Virtual World, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Fantasy-based video game where the player can meet old friends and can find new ones.

The game takes place in the beautiful world and offers a chance to the player to enjoy his 2nd life where he/she can do whatever he/she want. Once the player get into the game world, then he must struggle to make his/her home beautiful by purchasing furniture, decorating the room, and crafting different items.

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The game starts with the player choosing his gender and developing his character by selecting different accessories and attributes. With cool features, amazing goals to complete, detailed graphics, and customization, Chat is the wonderful game to play.

The game enables the player to create and customize his/her avatar from available by selecting the hair, face, outfits, and other stuff. Woodward is a great Online Virtual World and an MMO, RPG plus Socializing Simulation for all the teenagers and teens.

Focusing mainly on Social Interaction and MMORPG elements, There provides with an open world for all the adults, and allows them to meet new people, make new friends, go on dates, explore the world, build, create and customize thing the way you like them to be and enjoy perusing your dreams. Just like all other virtual Worlds, There allows you to create and customize your online avatar by using all the given options and have fun all the time.

Club Cooke is a great 3D MMO, RPG Virtual World Simulation for all the social and community lovers around the globe. A huge community of the game multiplies your chances of finding friends with same choices as yours, various topics for discussions and ideas etc.

Club Cooke is a great blend of social, community and virtual world elements and allows you to spend your time in productive activities. For a marvelous community and forum based game-play experience, you should totally check it out, You’ll like it for sure.

avakin game

The social network of the game lets you to make your profiles, share media, comment, like or dislike and microblog about the things of interests. Some prominent transportation facilities provided are Mounts, Vehicles, Avatar Cannons, and Pirate Ships etc.

The game provides with a unique economy system and allows you to earn in the form of PP (Player Points) and CC (Cash Coins). Inverse is a great Online Social Networking, Virtual World and MMO Simulation to enjoy.

It provides you a platform where you can make new friends, decorate your rooms, interact with other players, chat with them and play mini- games. Earn coins by completing objectives and use them to unlock different items, upgrades, and stylish outfits.

Explore the game world, go to parties and organize your own, find your love and go to date to exciting places. It offers the similar gameplay like other Virtual World games and lets you immerse yourself in Social experience.

Oz World offers key features such as Dozens of Mini- games, 3D Environment, Watch Videos, and more. Garden Party is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Browser-based and Virtual world Simulation for Kids.


Explore different scenes, purchase seeds to grow crops and other items in the garden and earn lots of coins. With detailed environment, addictive gameplay and superb mechanics, Garden Party is the excellent game to play and amuse.

Bombing combines the elements of Social Networking, Virtual World, MMO, Browser, and Fantasy. Bombing offers the similar gameplay like Small World and has cool features that you enjoy and have fun.

Baby Bottle Pop is Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World, Social Networking and Simulation for Kids. Your virtual character can run, jump, dance and perform other actions by pressing the button from menu options.

With detailed features, addictive gameplay, Social Element, Chat options, and immerse sounds, Baby Bottle Pop is the best game to play and enjoy. Kingdom Island mixes the elements of MMORPG, Fantasy-based and Virtual World Simulation developed by Verb it for Android and iOS.

The game takes place in the Fantasy Island populated by sweet creatures and lets you select one of them after signing up with your register account. There are hundreds of players from around the globe and you can interact with them, play mini- games, join parties and make new friends.

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Explore the island, customize your virtual avatar using different accessories and items to look unique among other peoples and unlock content by completing tasks. You have to decorate your dragon’s home using different items, furniture and tools and invite your friend to show off.

Kingdom Island offers best features such as Security (Block mean Players, Secure Chat, and Parents Controls), Twenty-Second Easy Registration, Ten Exciting Rooms, Multiplayer Virtual Land, Play Mini- Games, Private Message and more. With superb mechanics, brilliant gameplay, and addictive environment, Kingdom Island is the best Virtual World to play.

Because of being a great social portal, World allows you to get in contact with other players, make friends with them, send gifts, take part in different contests and enjoy every second of the time you spend in the game world. With amazing options like building and designing your houses, beautifying your online avatar, finding a job, meeting and making new friends in a virtual world are the most prominent features of this brilliant game.

World lets you earn To Coins and spend them to buy new clothes for your online avatar, accessories for your character and a number of different decorative items for your living spaces, etc. World lets you interact with other online players and make new friends and just enjoy being part of a fantastic world.

Gallstones is a marvel that combines Fashion, Social Interaction, MMO, RPG, Virtual World and Simulation elements beautifully and offers quite a unique gaming experience. The game allows the players to move freely in an open world, explore and interact with objects, collect items, interact with other online players, hang out with people you like, make new friends and enjoy stylizing yourself into the latest fashion trends all by simply shopping and filling up your wardrobe.


Gallstones lets you have loads of dresses, shoes, accessories and gadgets in order to look fabulous, impress your friends and to fulfill your fashion appetite to the fullest. With superb visuals, immersive game-play and all the great stuff combines, Gallstones is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

This cool game is available on both iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices and if you are a true The Sims fan, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Just like all other Sims games, The Sims Freely allows you to select and customize your online character and leaves you in a beautiful and quite neighborhood where you can build your own house, interact with your friends and neighbors, engage yourself into a lot of fun activities and enjoy an amazing Virtual life gaming experience.

With a bunch of new characters choices, The Sims Freely lets you choose the best personalities (Rocker, villain, Sporty, Party Animal, Creative, Bookworm etc.) Making new friends, engaging in fun activities together, exploring the game world, creating and customizing your own and your family member’s avatars, partying, shopping etc.

Mall World is an online game available on Facebook that lets you take your inner dress designer out to the surface. Mall World is a great social and amazingly interactive video game that you can play and have loads of fun.

IMU is a Browser-based Free-to-Play MMORPG and Social Interaction Virtual World Simulation with almost 10 million registered users online. With over 3 million online users, IMU is one of the biggest names in the line of Virtual World gaming platforms.

With a multi-lingual support, IMU allows you to connect players from almost every corner of the world, interact with them and learn different languages, cultures etc. With a unique game economy and credit system, IMU offers great visuals, an amazing fun filled game-play experience and a lot of other things to discover.

It lets you a chance to live your second life where you can build your dream house in your way, hang out with friends, and try different clothes according to fashion. The game includes special Christmas content which can be unlocked by collecting a specific amount of coins.

AvakinLife offers core features such as Social Interaction, Role-playing, over Dozen Locations, Exciting Scenes, Realistic World, and more.

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