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What Does Religiousness Do In Bitlife

James Smith
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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They are randomized at the start, however happiness can be low in new generations due to the fact that the character has just lost their parent/lover. It is natural for stats to raise and lower a few points when aging up.


Having higher percentages on the bars will make a character live longer and more successfully. In May 2019, Boosts were added to help characters with low stats be able to raise their bar.

Watching a Comedy (only available when the player is 18+) or going to the theater with a loved one Getting a pet (+30 Happiness) Doing something to raise one of your other bars will give a short burst of happiness Winning the lawsuit (+50 Happiness) Getting into a school or job Getting into a club, clique, or fraternity/sorority Trying drugs such as MDMA/Ecstasy, liquid acid, magic mushrooms and cannabis (this method only works sometimes) Shock therapy (only works sometimes) Watching a Family movie (only available if the character is 6-17) Passing your driver's test (+8 Happiness) Giving money Complimenting and getting complimented back Becoming friends with someone new (+16 Happiness) Posting on social media (+16 Happiness) Losing a lot of money, like in a casino, or horse race loss.

Having a miscarriage, a molar pregnancy or a stillborn baby (-50 Happiness) Getting an STD Being diagnosed with a disease Being unable to get pregnant Not using condoms when having a one-night stand (only if you get an STD) Spouses or pets being kidnapped (-50 Happiness) Being unable to cure your disease or the disease of a pet Having depression or anxiety, although this usually stems from already having low happiness Getting arrested Being cheated on by a lover (-50 Happiness) Having your car stolen (if you have notifications on) Getting robbed (if you have notifications on) Not being able to have conversations, give money, or spend time with family and lovers (if they have a low or empty relationship) Having a restraining order filed by an ex Doing something to lower one of your other bars will give a short drop in happiness Losing the lawsuit Rejected from a job, the military, or type of school Rejected from joining a club (-16 Happiness), clique (-30 Happiness), or fraternity/sorority (-50 Happiness) Being assaulted Being scared by a ghost Getting suspended/expelled Getting fired from your job Going to the witch doctor (sometimes) Choosing to ignore a bad coworker annoying you (-8 Happiness) Failing your driver's test (-8 Happiness) Health takes longer to boost up, but doesn't lower dramatically very often in a life.

Making poor decisions Taking drugs Bribing a college official Doing poorly in the Memory Test mini-game Going to the witch doctor (sometimes) Having low looks will have kids rejected by their crushes at the school dance and adults barred from clubbing and will also have their sperm rejected by the fertility clinic.

Making a bad appearance Not doing anything to boost your fame Being insulted by another famous person Getting too old Being fired from your job Going to prison Emigrating Losing followers due to already-lacking Fame Getting your request at verification rejected Getting suspended from Social Media. Following the Politics update, there is now an Approval bar if your character becomes a governor of a city, state, or country.

After a vacation, nightclub visit, or cruise, it will say how much you enjoyed it, which will boost happiness accordingly. If you pay for a child's tuition or support their decision to come out of the closet, they will have a usually high appreciation.

If you aren’t living under the rocks, then you might definitely be having a clue or two about this extremely popular text-based simulation game. For example, becoming a farmer, dentist, chef, social media star, or even the Prime Minister, the game offers various professions to choose from.

This time, the developer has added a God Mode in the ever-famous Billie game. With the introduction of the God Mode in Billie, you could now edit just about anything: right from your stats, to your parents, co-workers, friends.

Now coming back to this feature, when you create a new character in the game, there will be the usual pieces of information like the name, gender, country, and birthplace. Using it, you could now also tweak some hidden stats, including Athleticism, Discipline, Fertility, Karma, Sexuality, and Willpower.

Fertility: Your ability to bear a child Karma: How well you react to challenges, could be easily increased or decreased Sexuality: Determining whether you belong to Straight, Bisexual or gay; Willpower: Find out how strong are you in resisting doing bad things. You cannot customize any stats during the initial and latter half of your life, including Baby, young child, teenager, middle-aged and senior citizen.

However, we guess you do away with this caveat, as looks matter than most when you are at the prime of your life, and the game allows full customizations during this golden age of your character. If you head over to your parent’s profile, you could see their age, marital status, relationship, and occupation.

Among them, Relationship is something that you couldn’t tweak, even in God Mode of Billie. But what you could edit this time is Craziness, happiness, Looks, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower.

These include Health, Smart, Looks, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, and Willpower. These include Looks, Grades, Health, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower.

For example, you could reduce the strictness of your principal or decrease the professionalism of your boss in the office. As fir your boss, you could edit his Professionalism, Coolness, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at version 1.33 in this new Billie guide, where we explain all you need to know about God Mode, as well as the other new features that have made their debut in this all-new patch. As Candy writer explains, this is a limited-time perk as a way of helping Billie players get through the struggles of home quarantines, social distancing, and other necessary protocols brought about by the spread of the coronavirus.

Additionally, each parent has some hidden stats that you can edit, including Craziness, Happiness, Health, Looks, Sexuality, Smarts, and Willpower. Step-parents will also have the Kindness stat figured in, so you may want to play around this if you don’t want a wicked stepmom or stepdad picking fights on you each time you hit that Age button and move forward another year.

As for your siblings, appearance is also fully customizable like it is for your parents, and you can edit all visible stats (Smarts, Looks, Petulance) except for Relationship. For those who may not be familiar with the stat, Petulance would determine how likely a sibling is to, say, pick a fight with you or react negatively during a conversation/toward a compliment.

This helps determine how likely a boss would be to call you into their office if you, for instance, were caught spreading a rumor about or playing a nasty prank on one of your coworkers. That assumption, however, is officially out the window, thanks to the God Mode update, as the Optometrist feature is one of the key additions to the game that don’t involve playing around with numbers and fully customizing your virtual world.

Important note: at the time of writing, choosing any of the vacation options (even on your own private plane) will take you to a pop-up window explaining that you won’t be able to travel for the meantime due to the coronavirus outbreak. Regarding the miscellaneous features that have been introduced via the God Mode update, the game has promised the addition of new challenges that will launch in the coming days, thus keeping players busy as they stay at home and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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