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What Does Karma In Bitlife Mean

Earl Hamilton
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Working on your Mind & Body Giving gifts and cars to people Giving money to family Giving money to homeless Helping someone, like a friend Supporting friends when dealing with a problem and reporting them when they do illegal actions Saving a life Serving the military Arguing Assaulting Crime Insulting Not saving a life in danger.


Passing on STDs Cheating on a lover Going to prison Skipping a funeral Trying drugs Trying to get away with bad things done in a Life. If you did good things and improved your Karma in the right way, you will have a better life in the next birth.

Karma in Billie is the impact of the good and bad things you are doing in your current life. Adopting Apologizing Giving money to your family Giving money to the needy Meditation Complementing and wishing people good Donating your Assets and being generous Giving gifts and spending with your loved one's Helping people Do good things for your friends.

When you lose your Karma levels, you will attract more bad things in your life. In an earlier version of Billie, you could see your Karma after the death of your life.

The only place you can see your Karma level is the pop up you would see after you meditate. If you could maintain better Karma levels throughout your lifetime, you will see more good things.

Sometimes you will receive unexpected fortunes as lottery wins in your life if you have a higher level of Karma. You will not win a lottery every time you maintain a higher level of Karma, but your Karma levels can positively increase the chances of winning a lottery jackpot.

You will face more negative things in your life if you keep reducing your Karma levels. Yet no one has officially stated anything regarding how the Karma you gained through your current life can impact your next birth.

Karma in Billie is just the same as the meaning we treat in the real world. You have to make sure that you keep work on your life to improve your Karma levels all the time.

-A few different options for each type of property to be able to buy and change the exterior look of your house. For example, a catalog of random items that you would usually be able to buy as gifts for people, but you can now buy for yourself that could increase/decrease stats and possibly help with illnesses depending on the item e.g. (new bed to increase health, depression or sleep issues, a Fitbit to help with low blood pressure, bottle of alcohol to add to addiction and decrease health stats, wrinkle cream to increase looks etc).

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android.

However, Religiousness (will they complain if you start working in, say, the adult film industry or insist on an arranged marriage in countries that have them? Additionally, each parent has some hidden stats that you can edit, including Craziness, Happiness, Health, Looks, Sexuality, Smarts, and Willpower.

For those who may not be familiar with the stat, Petulance would determine how likely a sibling is to, say, pick a fight with you or react negatively during a conversation/toward a compliment. Finally, all visible stats (Health, Smarts, Looks) except Relationship can be edited for children and grandchildren, with Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, and Willpower available as hidden attributes that can also be tweaked.

(You’ll obviously want to lower Craziness if you’re trying to reduce the chances of getting picked on, or keep it higher if you want to, say, introduce Jimbo, Golf, and Kearney from The Simpsons to the world of Billie.) We’d say that lowering Strictness for your principal or dean could reduce the chances of getting suspended or expelled, while decreasing Professionalism makes it easier for you to seduce faculty members.

High Craziness could also play a part in increasing the odds of a student-teacher hookup, though this (and low Professionalism) could also turn your teacher/professor into a bully who insults you in class! This helps determine how likely a boss would be to call you into their office if you, for instance, were caught spreading a rumor about or playing a nasty prank on one of your coworkers.

That assumption, however, is officially out the window, thanks to the God Mode update, as the Optometrist feature is one of the key additions to the game that don’t involve playing around with numbers and fully customizing your virtual world. Instead, you’ll need to wait for a prompt informing you that your eyesight is failing, with one of your parents pointing out that you need to visit your eye doctor to get your vision checked.

Billie is a brand-new life simulation game from Candy writer created for Android and iOS devices, that we have been covering lately. Each year of your life, you get to make various decisions and participate in different activities.

Naturally, most players would like to live as an upstanding citizen of the world, have a long and healthy life, and die a happy person. Previously, we have provided a detailed Billie guide on how to succeed in the game, as well as advice on how to get all the ribbons.

If you just want to have some fun in the game, read on for some risky Billie cheats, tips and tricks! If you do, you can minimize the negative impact on your relationship even if your spouse refuses the threesome request.

If you want to cheat on your spouse for the fun of it, you can look for a hook up or a date. Keep in mind that if your spouse finds out, they may break up with you, or worse, assault you.

When that happens, your spouse will find out and get upset, and you will end up with additional medical expenses. If you suddenly feel lonely in your old age and want to reconnect with them, there is a good chance that they would reject you.

There are a lot of things that can get you addicted in Billie, including drugs, alcohol, gambling, and so on. You will then have to pay insane fees for the rehabilitation while taking time off from your job.

What you can do instead is to just stay addicted to whatever it is that got you hooked and watch your character’s life spiral out of control. If the other prisoners cooperate, the riot will be big enough to add a few more years to your sentence.

When this happens, though, you should expect that it would be a little more difficult to get a job considering your criminal record. You can go to the plastic surgeon and choose from an array of medical procedures with varying risk factors.

The higher the risk factor, the more likely it will be that your doctor will mess up. A botched surgery will take away all your happiness and health, and you may need to spend years recovering.

A successful surgery, on the other hand, could add to your attractiveness and overall happiness. Surgeries like breast enlargement, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, and Botox all have slightly lower risks, but could still end up failing.

Let’s face it, medical doctors usually know what they are doing, so the chances of messing up can be pretty low. If you are lucky, though, your character could experience a bunch of negative side effects.

Things like lying to your parents or intentionally hurting your friend’s feelings might not have immediate effects, but they will mess up your karma. Of course, you could never really tell if the bad events were caused by your lies, so you better do it often just to increase the odds.

Throughout your life, you will experience finding random things, including wallets, backpacks, and so on. If you decide to keep the things that you find, you have a good chance of getting some extra cash.

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