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What Does Elope Mean In Bitlife

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

When you're in a relationship with someone in Billie, you can go under their menu and you will find the Elope option. In Billie, you'll generally have a hard time getting people to agree to being eloped.

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Is it two people popping into a courthouse to quickly sign a piece of paper? People usually think that elopements are these last-minute, no-frills, secret-operations that are clouded in shame, judgment, or embarrassment.

Those things, though they might have been true once, don’t necessarily define elopements anymore. An elopement is an intentionally small, intimate, meaningful, and authentic wedding experience that is a true reflection of your relationship where the focus of the day is really about you two.

An elopement is about stripping away every ounce of pressure, anxiety, or obligation that has ever tried to weigh you down. An elopement grants you the absolute freedom to commit your life to your partner however and wherever you choose.

You can do an enormous wedding with hundreds of people on a low-budget, and you can also do an elopement with a really hefty budget, too. For some people, a day that brings them total joy might mean they’re surrounded by nature, doing something they love (like an epic hike or going stand up paddleboarding) with the person they love.

There’s no set number of guests that defines your day as an elopement, but (speaking from experience), we’ve noticed that once your numbers grow past 15-20 people, it can become increasingly difficult to keep the focus of the day on the two of you. The trick with keeping your day an elopement is to be direct with your guests about your intention and not compromising.

Elopements aren’t cheating or taking a shortcut or settling for a second-class wedding experience. No matter what kind of wedding day you’re after, we always encourage you to have the experience that you know will make you and your partner the happiest.

Ralph: “It's the greatest love story of our time!” Go hunting for an antelope, shoot it, stuff it, mount it, take a picture of it, and email it to a friend.

This is a question I’ve heard more than a few times, and I’m here today to put this to rest to give you an idea of what the significant differences are between elopements and traditional weddings. The term elopement doesn’t mean what it used to back 50 years ago.

Well, the term means something a little differently now (saying that, the whole running away and sipping cocktails doesn’t sound bad, right? This means that you aren’t having 200 guests because ‘your parents said so’, or going with the regular grain of what people do.

Elopements are where the standards of traditional weddings are replaced with a more personalized and couple focused experience, without any of the loud sounds or show that you’d expect. Instead of being stuck in one venue, you’d be experiencing epic scenery, and have a real adventure together.

A lot of weddings these days will rack up an insane amount of vendors for everything from napkins to personalized invitations. It ends up more times than not being a show, rather than genuine love and desire of what is at the wedding.

Elopements instead forsake large amounts of unnecessary items and instead has a focus on your big day and celebration being defined by experience. Elopements allow you to have a personalized adventure You can have a real focus on you both having a gnarly and awesome experience to commemorate the next part of your life together.

Maybe you’d love to start the day with a sunrise walk to a kick-ass lookout with champagne and pastries, followed by going canyoning at lunchtime. Then you can have your ceremony being at sunset overlooking a vast valley full of the rainforest.

Or perhaps you love the idea of waking up and doing a 3-hour hike up one of New Zealand’s epic mountains. So that as you read your vows to each other, the sun will be rising, right before cracking open your favorite locally brewed beers.

Elopements are more intimate with less pressure Traditional weddings can be a day and experience full of high stress and lofty expectations. Weddings can leave couples feeling the pressure, resulting in the day being a bit of a stressed blur, rather than a non-stop epic celebration of their story.

There can also be a significant tendency with weddings to be a considerable timekeeping nightmare, with many tightly timed events delayed. This means that you won’t be left trying to sort out how Aunt Gladys hasn’t received her vegetarian meal yet.

Elopements will result in a lot less stress, meaning you’ll be enjoying living at the moment rather than the worries of the day. Elopements are perfect for couples who want to try something new In your time together, you’ve no doubt experienced many new things.

Perhaps the other one couldn’t stand horror films, but now is the first one to book tickets when the latest Halloween slasher is out. Many couples love the idea of exploring a new country, or even a whole new sport or activity.

Elopements give you more control over your day As mentioned above, traditional weddings can so quickly turn into a game of cat and mouse, with the photographer and bridal party respectively. However, you didn’t want a wedding because you fancied playing ‘timekeeping with James (that’s me)’.

Well, the great thing is that your elopement photographer (hey, that’s me) should be very adept at crafting the perfect timeline for you. I have crafted a lot of these, and the whole process of finding the ideal timeline for you is fun, and a breeze.

Capturing you both and creating kick-ass images that authentically reflect who you are, without the pressure of ‘traditional’ poses. This means that instead of being some bossy bloke barking orders at you, I’m like your own travel guide instead.

I’ll help you create and craft the perfect adventure but leave the moments that reflect you to yourselves, capturing them instead. My parents never had a big wedding, and I spend most of the time out with couples exploring the lands, doing adventure portraits.

Elopements allow you both to experience an epic adventure and do something that truly represents you, instead of having to appease a large group of people who you felt like you had to invite. Hate the pressure and idea of a traditional wedding Want to try something new and exciting that celebrates themselves.

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