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What Does Bitizen Do Bitlife

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
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Citizenship is a premium membership that costs real money and unlocks special benefits to Billie. There is also an upgrade that removes ads, but doesn't unlock any special features, that costs $2.00.

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In addition, there is a new feature called God mode which was released in March 2020 which can be purchased outside Citizenship and had a free trial that lasted until April 11, 2021. There is also an option to buy a Citizen Membership for your relatives that gives a huge relationship boost.

The new payment change was tested to Citizens in Canada and Australia. Response was nearly unanimously negative, prompting Billie to rescind this idea.

Citizens have the option to buy from the dog and cat breeders, the exotic pet dealer, the pet shop, and the horse and llama ranches. When a character posts a status on social media, they are not required to share the app in real life.

The price for Citizenship will continue to increase over time so buy it now for the best possible savings. There’s Mooch, which Sam covered in a separate guide this morning, and Model Citizen, which I’m going to detail right now.

To get this ribbon, you basically have to live a life that society dictates is decent, good, and honest. If it’s something else you’re looking for, check out our complete guide to Billie where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of the game.

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Reddit's user hopelafrance seems to be one of the first Billie players to get the Model Citizen ribbon, and claims that you get it by avoiding drugs and alcohol, being close to your family, and to call the police when a citizen is in need. Unless you’re chasing after the Addict ribbon, there’s no real benefit to taking drugs or drinking, so it’s no big deal.

How do the multiple save slots work, and how do the other new features add new twists and turns to the virtual lives of your Citizens? This appears to be the main addition, as it’s the one with the most functionality, as well as the one Candy writer specifically mentioned when discussing the mystery update.

This is certainly a more realistic touch, and even more so as this would naturally cost you some money in plane tickets to fly to the funeral and back home. Candy writer may have released an in-depth family update a while ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re through adding family-related scenarios in Billie.

Adoption may not be one of the more frequently-used features in Billie, but it is nonetheless an option you should consider if, for instance, you’ve got a Citizen who’s too old to have kids of their own, or in the case of same-sex couples. The second change is the option to adopt the children of a family member in the event they pass away unexpectedly or are unable to care for them in any way.

On the cosmetic side of things, virginity-related scenarios now fittingly have a cherry icon on top of the dialog box. Likewise, we haven’t experienced it either, but we’ve seen quite a few Reddit members report instances where their characters got struck by lightning.

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Each choice will usually have a positive or negative impact on our lives. It is a life simulator game where your character is presented with many choices as he or she is growing up.

For example, you decided not to become friends with a certain person, that won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Each choice will usually have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

It is a life simulator game where your character is presented with many choices as he or she is growing up. For example, you decided not to become friends with a certain person, that won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Your character’s happiness might decrease a bit, but that can easily be filled back up by other things. Major choices will usually have an impact on your character’s school or career, relationship with the family or friends, social standing, quality of life, and so on.

You can customize the name, gender, the country, and the city where your character lives. There are options to customize your character’s appearance and attributes, but these would require God Mode.


While on the infancy stage, you cannot really do much except to choose whether to cry, play, become friends, or talk to your parents or siblings. The first important thing that you will do in Billie is to develop and maintain relationships with people.

Your character will have relationships with his or her parents, siblings, friends, lovers, classmates, and colleagues. Developing relationships is a great way to maintain a character’s overall happiness and satisfaction.

You can spend time, give gifts, talk, and many more to improve relationships. After graduation can choose to seek higher education or start working.

The game provides options for these things, which you can readily use for your character. Or, you can take advantage of life simulator’s freedom to do things and be single forever.

Going to university, buying a house, giving gifts, going on vacations, going to the doctor, and so on all require money. If not, then it means you will have to find ways to earn more money so you won’t be living on a deficit.

The amount of the pension will depend on how long the character worked in the company and the position. If you happen to invest in many properties, you can choose to sell them to give you more money to use during retirement.

Or you can do the opposite and turn your character into the worst citizen ever, not having any job or money and just doing criminal activities. Billie is a simulator game that was published by Candy writer, LLC last September 2018.

The main feature that Billie has is that you have the freedom to live the kind of life that you want with your character. You can make your character great at school, an athlete, an artist, an actor, and many more.

Your character could have a bad attitude and have awful relationships with family and friends. Another feature that Billie has is that the app’s AI has funny and witty humor.

This game will always have some side comments or humorous things to say in certain decisions that you make. The game would label this action as “Talk to the Hand” to add a bit of humor.

Billie also features a God Mode, where it will allow you to customize many things in the game. For starters, this mode allows you to customize your character’s looks and attributes before you start a new life.

This feature also allows you to change and customize the name, looks, and stats of all the other people in the game. Second, you will have access to more pet options, talking to teachers and bosses, and unlimited generations in the game.

For example, while your character is still a kid you decided that you don’t like him and tapped the Surrender button. There are 40 different Ribbons that you can unlock and each one will depend on the kind of life your character lived.

If your character frequently goes back to prison, then you will earn the Jailbird Ribbon. In this article, we’ll provide a guide on how to unlock 5 of the most difficult Ribbons in the game.

Billie has many Ribbons that you can unlock and it is one of the reasons why this game is so fun to play. This Ribbon might sound like a simple and easy one to unlock since you would think that you just need to achieve the highest-ranking position in the military.

If you’ve played minesweeper before and is very good at it, you probably won’t have issues unlocking this. What this means is that your character commits a crime, get sent to jail, escape, and not get caught.

This is a tricky Ribbon to get since the not getting caught part is the hard one to achieve. It will likely require that you get a sex change surgery so you won’t be recognized.

You can also commit a few murders in a year without getting caught to earn this Ribbon. This means that retiring or dying as a CEO of a company and with a net worth of at least $20 million.

To have a higher chance of achieving this, you will need to take a course in Finance, Information System, English or Mathematics. Once you get the job, the next step is to try and get promoted to the highest Vice President position possible.

Let’s say you already got promoted to Executive Vice President, the next step is to just continue working hard and bettering yourself. This includes going to the gym, increasing your smarts, and maintaining good relationships with colleagues.

Try to avoid trouble in work or life as well since you won’t get the CEO job if you’ve been in jail. This is not easy to do and will require a combination of accumulated money saved and owning many high-end properties.

Billie tried to make this easier by allowing you to continue the game on the next generation family member, like your character’s son or daughter. This will make it easier for you to accumulate the net worth, especially if one lifetime is not enough to do it.

Purchasing this feature unlocks many things that the free version doesn’t have. Another perk of the feature is that your character can start posting social media status within the game without the need to share the app in real life.

When your character dies, you have the option to continue the game playing the second-generation family member. It also makes it easier to play the game at night since the screen will be a bit darker.

Without the Citizen feature, you can only interact with your classmates in school or colleagues at work. This adds another dynamic to the game since you can now have a direct influence on how authority figures view your character.

The other features that Citizen offers include being able to join gangs in prison and the ability to take eye exams whenever you want. Looking at the many features that you can unlock after purchasing Citizen, it’s easy to see that it’s a good buy.

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