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What Are The Achievements In Bitlife

James Smith
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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Some achievements take hard work while some are easy and other are random chance. Octogenarian See your 80th birthday The easiest way to do that is to: Have full karma Go on the Mediterranean diet Never take drugs or alcohol Spend time with family every year, take vacations etc.

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Rare Heirlooms could also add up in the total even if they are not sold No Moderate Yes (Rich) Multimillionaire Achieve a net worth of $10m Have at least 10 million dollars/pounds/euro in the bank. Rare Heirlooms could also add up in the total even if they are not sold No Very Hard Yes (Loaded) Super Rich Achieve a net worth of $50m Have at least 50 million dollars/pounds/euro in the bank.

Rare Heirlooms could also add up in the total even if they are not sold No Very Hard Yes (Loaded) Stinking Rich Achieve a net worth of $100m Have at least 100 million dollars/pounds/euro in the bank. Rare Heirlooms could also add up in the total even if they are not sold No Extreme Yes (Loaded) Billionaire Achieve a net worth of $1b Have at least 1 billion dollars/pounds/euro in the bank.

Study computer science in university, and then become an app developer. Becoming an app developer in Tucson, US wouldn't work since the employer is Candy writer, not Bit life.

Medieval Attack Get attacked with a medieval weapon Get into an assault with someone and have them attack you with a medieval weapon (bow, crossbow, sword, dagger, etc) Yes Moderate No Armed & Dangerous Kill someone with a learned martial art move Kill someone with a martial arts move. It's best to assault someone on a random encounter instead of your assaulting your siblings No Easy No No Grasshopper Earn the top belt in a martial art Work your way up any martial art until reaching the final belt.

No Easy No Sensei San Earn the top belt in every martial art Work your way up every martial art until reaching the final belt No Moderate No Disease Achievement Description How to Achieve Chance-Based? It could happen with an animal encounter when trying to rescue it, but it is all just random and depends on luck.

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Fabulously Fertile Have 10 children in one lifetime Have 10 children by pregnancy or adoption No Moderate Yes (Fertile) DNA Donor Make 25 sperm donations in one life As a male, donate 25 sperms. You can't donate sperm anymore once you are 45 or older so it's recommended to start at 18 and donate every year No Moderate No Fertile Myrtle Mother 25 children in one life As a female, give birth to 25 children in one lifetime.

Bejeweled Receive 3 pieces of jewelry from the same lover Obtain 3 pieces of jewelry from a lover Yes Hard No Black Widow 5 husbands in one life Be married to 5 men who die or get killed by you after marriage. All spouses must be male but your character does not have to be female Varies TBA Diamond Anniversary Be in a marriage for 75 years Get married and stay married to your spouse for 75 years without either partner divorcing or dying No Very Hard No Fake It Proposes successfully with a fake ring Buy a fake-jewelled ring and propose with it, having your partner accept Yes Hard No Family Planner Convince a lover to go off birth control Have a girlfriend/fiancé/wife on birth control, tell her to get off it, and have her agree No Moderate No Golden Anniversary Be in a marriage for 50 years Get married and stay married to your spouse for 50 years without either partner divorcing or dying No Hard No Maiden Named Marry a man who takes your last name Get married to a male character, keep your last name, and have him take yours Yes Hard No Multifamily Get married 10 times in one life Go find a date, propose, get married 10 times by and divorcing your spouses one at a time No Very Hard No Stud Have 100 lovers in a single lifetime Spam “find a date” 10 times per year and actually start dating them for 10 years.

Also, you can hook-up at least 15 partners per year for 6 years then 10 partners for 1 year No Extreme Yes (Lustful) Wedding Planner Agree to an arranged marriage Be from a nation that arranges marriages and accept the marriage arranged by your parents, such as Bolivia, China, India and Vietnam. Do so several times will sufficiently lower the job performance until you get discharged from the military.

Then set up a conjugal visit and there's a high chance that your lover will make love to you. Note that most of the achievements from this category's difficulty is rated from a non-godmode perspective.

No Very Hard Yes Marble Marry into the British royal family Live in or emigrate to the United Kingdom. Once you are 18 years or older, keep finding dates until somebody in the British royal family comes up.

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House Hunter Make $2m from flipping houses Sell houses and gain $2m in profit No Moderate Yes (Monopoly) Real Estate Mogul Purchase real estate worth $10m combined Buy many expensive houses worth millions of dollars and spend at least $10m doing so No Hard No Trailer Party Throw a party in a trailer Buy a trailer home, tap “Throw a Party” No Easy No Mansion Party Throw a party in a mansion Buy a mansion, tap “Throw a Party” No Moderate No School Achievement Description How to Achieve Chance-Based? An easy way to do that is to assault a bully, then argue with the principal but It doesn't always happen.

No Moderate No Brothers Forever Get hired by a frat brother Be hired into a job because the supervisor knew you from the fraternity Yes Moderate No Earning that A Seduce your teacher In college, seduce any professor or dean and get them to hook up with you Yes Moderate No Swimming Star Become the captain of the swim team Join the swim team in school and become the captain. It requires the player to share the app if they are not a Citizen No Easy No Social Media Overhear Post 5 times on social media in one life Post 5 status updates in 1 year.

No Easy No Social Media Star Get a million followers on social media Get famous and keep posting every year until you reach a million followers No Hard Yes (Influencer, if you post every year and do not do anything in the fame tab to increase your fame) Buy several convertibles and coupes worth at least a hundred thousand dollars No Moderate No Antiqued Keep a car running for 200 years Keep a car running for 200 years without it being scrapped or sold.

I tried to run for my life, but I actually lived, but when I try to rescue a cobra or something else dangerous, I die. Balcony Buccaneer Steal 100 packages in one life Commit the “porch pirate” crime 100 times and always get away with it.

Adopt Don't Shop Adopt every pet in the shelter Buy at least 2 Farms or Equestrian Properties, go to the animal shelter, and rescue every pet there No Moderate No Horsing Around Own 50 horses in one life Buy at least 2 Farms or Equestrian Properties and buy every horse available each year. It will be easier if you have a good job or if you are famous No Hard No Just Keep Swimming Buy a goldfish and release it Buy a goldfish in the Pet Store and release it back into the water, though if you have a spouse, they will argue with you if you do so No Easy No Natural Selection Have a pet that kills your lover Adopt an exotic animal with high craziness and have them attack your lover to death Yes Hard No No Prob llama Buy a llama Be born in Argentina, Brazil, Afghanistan, or Chile (and some other countries).

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Buy a farm or Equestrian Property, then go to the Llama Farm to purchase a llama (It is in the pets section where the Horse Ranch is) No Moderate No Sports Achievement Description How to Achieve Chance-Based? No Moderate Yes Cristiano Win the Ballon d'Or Become a professional soccer player.

Yes Very Hard Yes Didgeridoo'er Master the didgeridoo It helps if you have god mode and have music as your special skill. In your childhood, ask your parents if you can take didgeridoo lessons.

If they say yes, practice at least three times every year until you have almost full skill in the didgeridoo No Moderate No Keep it on the Down Hoe Perform at a hoedown Join a band or become a solo artist. No Moderate Yes Lyrical Legend Release 25+ studio albums in one life Join a band or become a solo artist.

No Moderate Yes Moves Like Jagger Go on tour at age 75+ Join a band or become a solo artist. Release an album, perform at a concert and/or go on tour every year to increase or maintain popularity.

Note that this could give your character food poisoning but it is easily curable. This achievement can also be earned if you spend time with someone and the activity you end up doing is cliff diving.


There are many ways of getting insulted, such as random encounters, arguing or getting insulted back Yes Hard No Jackpot Win the lottery jackpot You get this achievement by winning the lottery. The easiest way to do that is still purely luck-based, which is to get the Lucky Dice heirloom and buy 10 lottery tickets.

Yes Extreme No All Along Have a parent who comes out of the closet Have a closeted parent reveal themselves to be gay or bisexual Yes Hard No Begone Exorcise your own ghost Become an exorcist, live in a haunted house, and successfully perform an exorcism on the ghost by yourself No Hard No Billie Legend Complete every other achievement Complete all other achievements Yes Extreme No Dignified Donor Donate a $1m+ heirloom to charity Donate a $1m+ heirloom to charity. You can cheese it by closing the game then reopening it, which will undo the action and still give you the achievement.

You can also get it if you join the military, then die because you detonated a landmine Yes Moderate (Hero) Human Dictionary Read the dictionary Read the 3,500- page Merriam-Webster dictionary from cover to cover No Moderate No Hyperthymesia Score 20 sequences on the memory test Take the memory test mini-game and score at least 20 correct No Hard No Low roller Get refused entry to a casino Have little money and get in debt with a casino. Once you get out of jail, try to re-enter, that's when it will say you are banned from the casino No Easy No Nightmare Wake up from a nightmare Have a situation that turns out to be a bad dream, the best chance when you have a specialty vehicle (like a boat), and bump into a crash situation.

Using an alternative life for this achievement is suggested as if it isn't a nightmare, your character dies Yes Very Hard No Para nightmare Contract PTSD after a paranormal experience Have a haunted house and be so scared by a spirit or paranormal activity that you get PTSD Yes Hard No Perfection Achieve perfect stats Have 100% Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks No Moderate No Player Perks Accept a casino's hospitality offer Get famous and agree to go to a casino after being offered something in return for going and playing Yes Hard No Resourceful Get $1m without ever working a day Become a gold digger, and often ask parents and husbands/wives/fiancées for money and never have a job.

Boyfriends and girlfriends will most likely refuse to give you money because you are still in a relationship only No Moderate No Rich Justice Win a $1m+ lawsuit Have a botched plastic surgery and sue the doctor for maximum damage which is slightly over $1m No Moderate No Roswell Have an alien encounter Have a situation with one of your specialty vehicle. Win a bet on Citizen the horse Bet on the Horse Races for Citizen to win a race and be correct Yes Very Hard No Sacrilege Play with the Holy Grail Receive the Holy Grail as an heirloom and play with it Yes Very Hard No Say Goodbye to Hollywood Get deported from the United States Have a character illegally emigrate to the United States and get deported back to their original country.

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Some countries (including the U.S.) will deny your immigration requests if you have criminal records in your country No Hard No Sweepstakes Win the sweepstakes Have Notifications on for the sweepstakes and win the prize Yes Hard No There's Always Canada Emigrate to Canada Have a character who is not Canadian, press the “Emigrate” button and choose “Canada” when it pops up. Don't stalk your exes, you should send gifts or text to your newly divorced spouse.

With this and the following wealth achievements you will just need to earn a lot of money. The social media part of Billie just requires luck and determination.

Just focus on something like YouTube or TikTok and post a bunch every year. To reach the highest age, you really just need to make sure to keep your health stat as high as you can throughout the years.

To complete the legacy achievements, you will need to pass your life to transfer over to your children. You can purchase a leopard from the Exotic Pet Dealer only if you have Citizenship.

We have guides for the majority of the careers you need to obtain to complete these achievements : Do some drugs at the club, drink alcohol every chance you get, and go gambling to get the three addictions.

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Whenever you seek out a Sperm Donor, the person you are suggested to use will have a job listed. Purely random, you will just need to father or mother a lot of children and hope you get some triplets.

You can either marry a lot of old men, or you can help your husbands along to the grave by using the murder option. Going AWOL is a bit weird, but you have to get addicted to alcohol, go to rehab, and you will eventually get discharged.

You will need to become an exorcist and then exorcise a ghost from a haunted house that you purchase. Go get some plastic surgery done and pick the doctor with the worst rating.

You will need to be born in Afghanistan and you can join a goat grabbing team once you start secondary school. If the surgery is botched, you can use the Lawsuit option under Activities to sue the doctor.

You get an heirloom each day, so look for the grail and make sure to play with it to complete the achievement. Have your Citizen emigrate to the United State illegally and then get deported back to your original country.

You will need to adopt an exotic pet with a high craziness stat and hope they murder your significant other. Be born in Argentina, Brazil, or Chile and purchase a farm.

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