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What Are Mansions In Bitlife

James Lee
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
• 8 min read

In Bit life, assets are things you can buy and sell in the game. There is a chance that your spouse may pressure you into purchasing an asset if you lack either a house or car.


Houses can be as small and cheap as a trailer home or as giant and expensive as a ranch acreage. Houses are listed by price, have their own street address, and will say how many years old it is and what its condition is.

There is a very high chance that the party guests are consuming drugs. If the police finds out about it, you will be sent to jail for drug possession if guilty.

Several of your party guests are underage drinkers and you will be sent to jail for supplying alcohol to minors if found guilty. If the character passes their driver's test, they can shop for cars when turn 18.

Depending on the parent(s) generosity and money they can buy the player a car. If a car is old enough it will shut down and the player will be forced to scrap it.

In other random events, another driver can make you angry If you try to run them off the road you most likely will fail or get in an accident which can be fatal. You can now give cars to family and friends which will usually have them compliment you and improve relationship.

They may turn you to the police if they find out the car was stolen. In this tutorial, we will list out the instructions to buy and sell houses in the Billie game.

We usually talk about various in-game aspects like what important decisions you should take during the initial stages of life. These include a variety of options like vet, chef, dentist, farmer, social media star, or even the President or Prime Minister of the country.

However, choosing a perfect abode is an equally important part of this game to have a look at. These houses aren’t only important for staying purpose, but could also be used as a great investment option.

But there are quite a few things to have a look at before you proceed ahead to buy or/and sell houses in Billie. In this tutorial, we will address all these concerns in detail and how you could make a perfect purchase.

Although it might sound a small sum of money initially, but remember every penny counts. Now once you reach the age of 18 years or older, you could proceed with purchasing a house.

Two of the most important things in this regard is the monthly expenses of the house and the mortgages. So if you initially purchase a house thinking it requires less money, the tables might turn as you could end up spending more in the maintenance part itself.

The reason we are saying this is that after a few years when you wish to sell this house, it might end up regarding you handsomely. During a period of time, you might see a huge list of people waiting to purchase a house.

So always make sure to wait for the perfect opportunity and strike when the iron is hot. This the season to be scary, and to help with that, developer Candy writer has announced the surprise release of a huge Halloween update for Billie.

There’s also room for ordinary content, including new countries, bug fixes, and general tweaks. Or, if it’s something else you’re looking for, check out our Complete Guide to Billie, which includes links to everything we’ve written so far.

There’s a bunch of Halloween surprises too, most notably with a brand new spooky interface. Though not quite as scary as the rest of the update, Handwrite has introduced a bunch of new countries to Billie.

Czech Republic Ecuador Hong Kong Malaysia Monaco Morocco Pakistan Syria It’s not an easy task, but it does help to have a full-time job, but for those who don’t, you will need to start saving up early if you want to buy a house without the luxury of a full-time gig supporting you.

You can own multiple property pieces, so if you buy one early on, you can choose to sell it after a certain amount of years, which should net you quite a bit of money. An excellent way to prepare for purchasing a house early is to start doing part-time jobs while in high school and freelance gigs.

When you become 18 years old, if you have enough money, you should have the option to apply for a loan to purchase a house or to pay it in cash. For those who constantly spammed the tutoring option while doing a freelance gig, most of you probably won’t be able to pay for the house with straight cash, and you need to apply for a loan.

You want to apply for a loan keeping the monthly expenses of the house and the mortgage in mind when you accept it. The higher the condition stat, the better chances you have of not having to maintain it too much and waste even more money along the way.

However, if you want to go down a cheaper route, you can choose the purchase lower quality homes at a better price, but you can expect to deal with several problems and try to fix those using money and time. When you attempt to renovate the home, you can increase the value, but you usually do it at a direct cost of your current income.

However, depending on which city you live in can change many factors in the game such as name, race, schooling stages, and nationality. The Teammate ribbon can be unlocked if a character is an app developer from Tucson or Miami in the United States.

Halloween is a time for all sorts of scary and supernatural fun, but it could also give the weakest of heart some serious heebee-jeebees, considering all the supernaturally-themed television specials and movies that are aired on or around that day. You may be glad to know that Candy writer is keeping with the holiday spirit, as the company has rolled out a brand spanking new update for its most popular game, which we’ll be discussing in this Billie guide.

While this is a fun addition to the game that we feel is very timely for the holiday season, the main thing to keep in mind is that this is strictly cosmetic. The random Halloween scenarios you can encounter as an adult won’t have much of an impact on your life or on the four basic stats, though you can get a slight boost of Happiness, in particular, for most of them.

On a tragic note, there are times when a spirit could terrorize you in such a way that your Citizen could suffer a potentially fatal heart attack! This usually happens once their Health has been sufficiently worn down by the physical and psychological ailments we mentioned above, and once you choose the “scream” option in the dialog box.

Chief among This is the addition of new countries for your Citizens, as the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Pakistan, and Syria are now available to choose from. The developer also hinted at the usual interface tweaks and bug squashes, specifying as well that there have been “many spooky stepfamily glitches” that were sorted out.

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