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What Are Heirlooms On Bitlife

James Smith
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Family heirlooms are items you can find in an attic mini-game. You may discard it, donate it, play with it, refurbish it, or sell it.



An example is the Lucky Dice, which has little profit if sold and should stay kept. If player cheats (changes the time) to get more heirlooms, they can only get Alarm Clock, fine china set, prayer beads, teddy bear, umbrella, and wind chime.

The character who you've selected to start the new generation gets all the heirlooms, unless the player writes his/her will decree all assets to whichever child they chose. Holding valuable heirlooms can help a character achieve the Rich or Loaded ribbon.

If you play with the Holy Grail, you get all stats maxed and you get the Sacrilege Achievement. The Lucky Dice increases your lottery/gambling luck, although it's hard to find it.

The latest Billie update (Version 1.21) added a bunch of features for us iOS users to enjoy. One of these new features involves a mini-game where we search in the attic for a family heirloom.

Users on Reddit have reported a higher chance of winning the lottery while they had these dice. You can find family heirlooms using a flashlight in your attic.

bitlifeapp perks boss friend being

Once you find an heirloom, it will add to your assets list. The most valuable heirloom in the Billie game is the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail worth about 1.2 Billion in the Billie market. Probably you won’t get this Holy Grail heirloom even if you play Billie in your whole lifetime.

Heirloom Worth Holy Grail1.2 billion Ark of the Covenant125 million Charlemagne’s crown30 million1702 Stradivarius violin8.8 million Galileo’s Telescope3.5 million Louis Armstrong’s trumpet2.5 million Duke Silver’s Tenor Saxophone2 million10-Carat Diamond1.5 million have the freedom to sell or keep the heirloom with you. So having a million worth heirloom will make you a millionaire in Billie even if you do not own a thousand dollars in your pockets.

But the owner you own the lucky dice will get the luck on some occasions in his life. You might have a higher chance of winning a lottery if you have the Lucky Dice in your procession.

Heirlooms in Billie are the random items you could get by finding in your attic. Finding heirlooms is a mini-game inside the Billie.

bitlife cheats

But it has a huge impact on the player if he found a valuable heirloom. Some heirlooms like the Holy Grail, worth billions of dollars.

The Heirloom appears in the assets tab if you discover it during the virtual character’s life progress. Navigate to the game menu and enter the Heirlooms collection.

Go to the Assets tab there you will see the Heirloom tap it choose to sell or scrap or donate to charity or refurbish. The durability of the Heirlooms drops as the year passes.

Painting Sextant Atari 2600 Holy Grail Lucky Dice Rolex Watch Newspaper 1995 Sony Movie Camera Chopsticks Canoe Microphone FIFA World Cup Ball Art of the Covenant Piano Keyboard Megaphone 1960 Rote 66 Gas Pump Diamond Ring Crystal Ball War Drum Basketball Scissors Seashell Toaster CD of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Graduation Cap Roadmap of the USA Umbrella Top Hat T-Rex Fossil Telescope Medieval Dagger Greek Amphora 1988 Family Reunion VHS Tape Edison’s Lightbulb Mic Saxophone Prayer Beads Spelling Bee Trophy Knife Used Tissue From Billie HQ Wine Bottle Fountain Pen Trumpet Crown Violin Cowboy Hat Floppy Disk Baseball Slot Machine Paint Set Diary Teddy Bear Toolbox 2008 Coachella Ticket Stub A Rock Wind Chime Paul’s Wig Fine China Set 1987 Fax Machine Nagar Amulet Leather Briefcase Compass DVD of Inception Microscope Briefcase Skateboard Titanic Anchor Alarm Clock Funeral Urn Pager Scooter Film Reel Camping Tent Kimono Wind Chime Boxing Glove If you have discovered an unique one, please share in the comment section below.

These relics to be able to find them, you have to wait at least 17 hours after having obtained the last one, you will see a dark room and a flashlight, you use the flashlight to find the relic, when you have it, it can appear in the asset window, when you have it located you can decide what to do with this relic, sell, give away, play or even improve, depending on the relic they have a different price, if you think about playing, you must be careful since it could break without obtaining any kind of profit. Mini games are a feature of Billie, which are made to make gameplay more attractive and interactive.

When deciding to burglarize a home in Activities, a Pac-Man-esque mini-game will start where the player must roam around the home and steal as many items as possible, while also escape without being caught either by the homeowner or their dogs. The items that can be stolen is a television, a teddy bear, a diamond, a computer, a laptop, or a stack of money, with the amount of cash unknown until it is successfully stolen.

If the player gets caught by the homeowner or the dogs, they may either flee unscathed or get turned into the cops, but will not get to keep any items stolen. When searching for heirlooms, the player will have to play a mini-game where they are in an attic, and they must shed their flashlight around the room.

If the player manages to shed an item, they will receive it and it will be added as an heirloom. If the player successfully recruits all prisoners, the action begins and the following outcomes could happen.

Players could escape in the aftermath if they start a riot with more than twenty prisoners. The security guard will move twice for every movement the player made, towards them but will try to walk horizontally first.

If the player surrenders at the start, they will receive no consequences, but will not be able to escape again in the same age. After making a move, they will get extra years added for felony escape.

If the player gets caught by the guard or surrenders after moving, they will be sent back to jail and lengthen their sentence. After correctly flagging the mines; the character can earn a medal which they can keep with pride, refuse, or pawn it.

If the mine is set off, the puzzle will fail and could possibly kill your character. Making 100 million in Billie is not as tough as making 100 million in the real world, so getting rich in Billie also not a tough task.

These paths are important as they are the methods that will make you rich in Billie. If you are not born rich, you can try one of the six methods listed below to get 100 million in Billie.

Become Famous in your Career Invest in Real Estate Gambling Marrying old & rich person Heirlooms Playing the Lottery Become with this method, you will not only earn big money, but also you will build a huge reputation in the society.

There are four identified careers in Billie, which can make you a super famous and rich. If you become a superstar in your career, you would get several legitimate ways to earn a huge sum of money.

Producers of these commercials will pay you millions if you become a supermodel in Billie. Even you can write books, and they will easily sell because of your popularity as a famous author in Billie, and they will make you millions.

Apart from the ways mentioned above to earn money as a supermodel or a superstar, you can join production companies. First, you have to earn some money if you need to invest in real estate.

If you are maintaining a good academic level at your school, you can be a freelance tutor with a higher hourly rate. But you can start building your initial funds by becoming a dog walker in your school-age as a freelancer.

By combining part-time employment and freelance gigs, you can earn a good amount of money when passing out of school. So it would be best if you got a high paying job to build your initial funds.

If you have professional qualifications, you can easily get a corporate job with a higher salary. Now you have a high paying job, and you need to build a fund to invest in real estate.

But the best pieces of real estate you can buy with the money you have. Then you can buy more real estate with the money you earn by them.

This way, you can make millions by investing in real estate without much hard work. Unfortunately, Billie developers have removed the Gambling feature from the iOS version of the game.

You need to have an Android version in your Mobile phone or PC of the Billie app to play this. The more you win, the higher you can bet so that you can earn millions of cash from Gambling in Billie.

Hint: In the Billie game, you have tricks to play blackjacks without losing money. Visit the blackjacks table in Casino Place the highest bet.

If you lose the hand, close the Billie app from your phone, even from the background. But Gambling is the riskiest method to become rich in the real world.

If you do not want to work hard for money, but you need to have a luxury life, you can marry someone very rich. Most of the time, you have to find an older person, because young and rich people do not want this kind of marriage.

But to use dating apps and attract the wealthy opposite gender person, you need to be very good in your Look. When searching someone in the dating app in Billie, put the desired age and income to higher levels.

Winning a lottery in Billie is purely based on your luck as well as in real life. And you can invest the money on real estate and multiply the cash you win from the lottery.

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