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Trump Zoom Background

James Smith
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Robert Daily, 58, attends Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey, studying for a doctorate in organization leadership, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Amid a toxic political environment that is increasingly militant toward those who dissent from leftist views, the school has apparently ruled that the First Amendment rights of its students no longer apply, at least not for supporters of a certain elected president.

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Campus Reform reported that on July 1, Daily used a photo of Trump as his Zoom background, but that was problematic for others in the man’s online class. On July 10, according to the letter, Daily was interviewed by two members of the Stockton Care and Community Standards Office, who told him other students were offended by the Zoom background image, his comments in the Groupie chat and the Facebook post.

“Daily explained that he was disappointed with Stockton’s institutional endorsement of the Black Lives Matter movement, aspects of which he does not support,” the FIRE letter states. On July 16, according to the letter, Daily was charged with violating provisions of the campus code related to engaging in disruptive behavior, discrimination, harassment, creating a hostile environment, and potentially causing harm.

Luckily for Daily, there are groups out there that offer assistance to embattled conservatives being held hostage by the liberals who run our country’s educational institutions. In its letter to Perelman, FIRE blasted the charges against Daily and reminded the school of its obligation to honor the constitutional rights of all students, and not just ones whose opinions align with the worldview of campus leftists.

The Press of Atlantic City reported that a number of Daily’s classmates want to see him expelled, which seems an extreme measure, considering President Trump is the country’s elected leader. It’s probably worth noting that, according to New Jersey Business, Stockton received $10 million in funds from the CARES Act, which Trump signed in March.

The video obtained by CNBC features Donald Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle saying she hopes Vice President Mike Pence has “the courage or the brains to do the right thing” and block the confirmation of Joe Biden as president by Congress. It also shows Eric Trump, Donald Jr.'s brother, being congratulated for his birthday that same day.

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“Guys, getting ready to go out there,” Donald Jr. says on the video, which appears to have been streamed online from his phone in a tented area during the rally, outside the White House. “Just awesome patriots who are sick of the bulls---,” Donald Jr. says as the Laura Iranian song “Gloria” can be heard blaring from outside.

Later, during a speech of more than an hour, the president made false claims about alleged ballot fraud swindling him out of an electoral victory over Biden. Trump also had urged the crowd to help him “fight” Biden's confirmation as the winner, and to march to Congress after the rally.

When the crowd did so, thousands of people swarmed around the Capitol complex, and shoved past Capitol police to swarm through the halls of Congress, occupying the Senate chamber and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, among others lawmakers' offices. Another Capitol police officer died Thursday after being hit by a rioter with a fire extinguisher.

Three other people died during the melee, which has led to calls for Trump to be removed from office, less than two weeks before his term ends. Before he spoke, Donald Jr.'s video pans around the backstage area, where a woman who appeared to be White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany smiled as she took a photo of television monitors showing the crowd outside.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows then appears behind him, broadly grinning and giving a thumbs-up to the camera. “Mark Meadows, an actual fighter, one of the few, a real fighter,” Donald Jr. says, a nod to the fact that his father had lost support from many congressional Republicans, and his own vice president, Pence, in his legally doomed effort to block Biden from taking office.

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Donald Jr. then pans the camera to capture his sister Ivanka Trump, who is a senior White House advisor, who smiles and waves at him. He's an old, old broken down man,” Donald Jr. adds in a joking voice, as the brothers playfully tussled with each other.

Not long afterward, a mob of the president's supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol in a riot that left five people dead. The video features Donald Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle saying she hopes Vice President Mike Pence has “the courage or the brains to do the right thing” and block the confirmation of Joe Biden as president by Congress.

The Four Seasons Total Landscaping couldn’t be located in a better spot, nestled between Fantasy Island Adult Books and Novelties and across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center. The landscaping company took to Twitter to announce that they were creating merch before releasing a Zoom background that’ll have you feeling like you’re a part of the Trump administration.

As more and more people begin to work and attend class remotely due to coronavirus, the switch from in-person meetings to constant Zoom calls has been pretty jarring. Zoom's virtual background feature allows users to display a picture or video behind their floating head in lieu of their normal, boring living room.

This has several advantages: It's way more interesting to look at a video of a roller coaster than the blank, beige wall of your apartment, and also it lets you off the hook from before every meeting, lest anyone see the squalor in which you have self-quarantined. Once used primarily for remote workers to join virtual meetings, people are now using Zoom for every conceivable service.

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Of course, brands and other interested parties are jumping on board to get in on the free promotional space, since you’re essentially putting a giant billboard behind you for others to see. The FBI has killed a man who allegedly planned a bomb attack on a Kansas City-area hospital.

(via The Guardian) Today in good news we need: the National Theater will stream a free play every Thursday night. (via Timeout London) Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, or “young woman governor” as Trump called her, because of course he did, had a few things to say about that.

(via HuffPost) Trump ’s White House continues to be full-on cartoon villains about getting Americans life-saving ventilators.

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