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Trump Vs Biden Who Will Win

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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The Electoral College exists because the Founding Fathers wanted to give small states a voice. A popular vote election would give all the power to a select few large states.

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Clinton won the popular vote by racking up huge margins in New York and California. Trump won the Electoral College by winning states that had voted Democrat for decades, including the Blue Wall of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Clinton did not make a single campaign appearance in Wisconsin, and voters returned the slight. As Trump runs for reelection against former Vice President Joe Biden, the Electoral College appears as divided as the nation.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has run an uninspiring Senate campaign against a surprisingly competitive incumbent Cory Gardner. In Nevada, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is no longer around to corral the union muscle around Las Vegas.

Democrats have dominated the Hispanic vote in recent elections, but Biden is vastly underperforming and Trump is over performing. Michigan and Wisconsin are two of the three states making up the Democrat Blue Wall that crumbled in 2016.

The COVID-19 virus forced Democrats to cancel their Milwaukee convention, but Biden is making repeated campaign stops in the Industrial Midwest. Green candidate Jill Stein siphoned off just enough votes to harm Clinton.

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Angry over Stein in 2016 and Ralph Nader in 2000, the left may not opt to be suicidal this time. Angus King got elected Governor and Senator as an Independent, although he caucuses with Democrats.

The Senate race between Republican incumbent Susan Collins and Democrat Sara Gideon is a battle royale. Her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will be a major issue in that race.

Now Collins is under heavy pressure to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett. There is a large Hispanic population, but the main issue that hurts Trump in Arizona is the Senate race.

He is the husband of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, who was shot by a leftist agitator and almost killed. Like Biden, Kelly knows how to push personal family tragedies for political gain.

Long a decisive swing state, Trump won Ohio fairly easily in 2016. Both candidates will fight hard for Ohio, but Trump has the edge as long as the economy continues to mend.


Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has proven very competent in dealing with everything from hurricanes to COVID-19. Biden is underperforming miserably in Miami-Dade, and he cannot win Florida without a heavy victory in that county.

Cubans despise socialism, and Trump ’s efforts to portray Biden as a captive of his party’s Socialist wing has been successful. Trump is now a resident of Florida, which makes it easy for him to campaign there and then return to his Mara Ago home.

North Carolina was supposed to be a struggle, but a scandal has just rocked the Senate race. With the nation and the media focused on Trump testing positive for COVID-19, another major story broke in North Carolina.

Willis’s Democrat opponent Cal Cunningham was caught exchanging sexually charged text messages with a woman other than his wife. Former President Barack Obama flipped the longtime GOP stronghold in 2008 by mobilizing massive turnout among black voters.

They see swift actions taken by Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the agriculture supply chain. Biden ’s campaign is dependent on a massive turnout among black voters, and Iowa does not offer that opportunity.

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New Hampshire was once the conservative stronghold of New England New Hampshire has dealt with a massive influx of Massachusetts voters (similar to Virginia receiving massive numbers of Americans fleeing Maryland) bringing their liberal politics. Trump barely lost the state in 2016 and may have won if not for spoiler Libertarian Gary Johnson siphoning off 4% of the vote.

New Hampshire has a strong populist bent that listened to Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. Trump speaks to their anxiety on losing jobs due to overseas trade deals.

Trump ’s populist economic stance allowed him to trounce his 2016 opponents and propel him to the presidency. He should be able to paint Biden as the establishment candidate who supported the trade deals that harmed New Hampshire.

As previously stated, Trump ’s populist economic stance also helps him in Northern Maine. Additionally, Trump has cultivated a warm relationship with Maine’s lobster fishermen.

There are very few opportunities for Trump to flip states that voted for Clinton, but Minnesota is a very real possibility. They have voted for staunch liberals including Walter Mondale and Paul Well stone.

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Voted for staunch conservatives including Rudy Auschwitz and Tim Plenty. Voted for independents including former Governor and professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

Her repeat of anti-Semitic tropes has harmed the traditionally warm relationship between Democrats and liberal Jewish voters. Small business owners who want safety and security are flocking to Trump.

This brings Trump ’s victories to 28 states plus Maine’s Second District for a total of 263 electoral votes. Biden reversed himself on the Hyde Amendment in 2019 in what was seen as a craven and desperate appeal to his leftist base.

His campaign was faltering, and there is zero chance a pro-life candidate can win the Democrat nomination today. His running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, has publicly and gleefully vowed to ban fracking and implement the Green New Deal.

Vice President Mike Pence will effectively remind Pennsylvania voters of this. With help from Catholics and coal miners, Trump will survive in Pennsylvania again and win reelection to the White House by a slim 283-255 electoral vote margin.

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For those Americans wondering whether their 401(k)s will see a bigger boost under Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president, it turns out that the stock market cares more about which party controls Congress than it does about which one wins the White House. That suggests that markets may prefer divided power come November because it would make it harder for lawmakers to undo policy measures already in place, experts say.

One reason why is because the status quo is maintained, which signals to investors that the U.S. economy is holding up well enough that the incumbent isn’t voted out of office, according to Keith Lerner, chief market strategist at Entrust Private Wealth Management. Higher business taxes directly impact the earnings of publicly traded companies, which may flow through to stock prices.

A Biden administration may raise the statutory rate back to 28%, but it would likely take a Democratic sweep of Congress to enact, experts say. Conventional wisdom would suggest that a Democratic sweep would be negative for markets, especially for heavily regulated industries, but further economic pain could demand more fiscal support from Washington, Raymond James said.

Lerner is advising clients to be cautious on selling stocks based on next week’s election outcome alone because they could miss out on future gains. Investors selling just prior to President Barack Obama taking office would have missed out on a 26% total return year in 2009 and the kickoff to the second strongest bull market in history, according to data from Entrust Private Wealth Management.

And investors selling just prior to President Trump taking office would have missed out on a 22% return in 2017, the figures showed. Under a Biden presidency, renewable energy, infrastructure and stocks affected by trade policy stand to benefit.

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In a blue wave sweep, the U.S. can expect corporate tax increases, continued fiscal relief and spending, along with health care and technology regulation, Raymond James analysts said. In this scenario, cyclical stocks tied to the economy's possible expansion would outperform, helped by fiscal stimulus, according to Raymond James.

In a split Congress scenario, technology stocks would perform the best with a Biden victory, along with a Republican Senate and Democratic House, Raymond James said. Consumer discretionary and technology both posted double-digit returns during both of their presidencies, while financials and energy were the bottom two performing sectors.

I will list the aspects that form in their astrological charts for the election night, in other words, their Horoscope. Intervention of household chores and relatives will negatively affect your professional and business sphere, and here you need to find a reasonable compromise.

Difficulties in solving financial issues, current and internal problems of the company make this day difficult and unsuccessful. Often the performance of professional duties, business life is hampered by domestic or personal problems.

You yourself can suffer from coldness and lack of attention from the right people: partners, leadership, influencers. This is an unfavorable time for visits to official bodies to seek understanding and financial support.

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Forced economy, shortcomings of the conducted financial policy emerge. There is a need for constructive relationships, so old ties can be destroyed, making room for new and promising ones.

It is possible that agreements are violated, partnerships break under the influence of existing relationships. Complications in matters of joint finance, corporatization, taxes and duties, debts, as well as alimony and inheritance.

A particularly unfavorable period for artists, culture, show businessmen and luxury goods dealers. This aspect has only been observed twice in a 12-year cycle, and mistakes you make may be felt in the future.

This transit does not have a significant impact on the business sphere, but you should avoid exposure to emotions and unrealistic projects, as financial mistakes and miscalculations are possible, as well as veiled deception and fraud, intrigue and slander. Uranus in 10th House in Solar Return suggesting a strong irreversible change in career.

Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn in 7th House indicate a strong and open opposition and difficulty in winning over an opponent. Period of increasing perseverance, endurance in business and plans, diligence and good attitude towards you from the leadership.


It is a good time both to consolidate the achieved success and to start large projects, open enterprises and conclude long-term commercial transactions, and sign contracts. You can start drawing up a work plan, further actions, lay an ideological and material foundation.

A good time to pass serious exams, for serious research, work with documents and sign or receive them. Good relations are often restored with bosses, influential people, and representatives of government bodies.

Marks the period of opportunity for stabilization of the business sphere, social status. But this aspect will help in this only on condition of qualitative reforms of consciousness, a leap in spiritual development.

An excellent period for scientific research, for progressive technological or methodological changes in production and business. A good time to actively resolve issues common with partners or employees, to open new businesses and start projects.

The issues of taxation, insurance, inheritance, joint capital investment, corporatization, profit distribution is being successfully resolved. A period of deep reflections, changes in communication style, areas of interest and your views, important intellectual achievements.

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A good aspect for continuing education at a qualitatively new level, obtaining unusual knowledge and information, contributes to clarity of mind, discoveries. The use of joint capital and distribution of profits, as well as debts, taxes, duties, insurance, alimony, and inheritance can have a great impact on your business affairs and help solve the accumulated problems.

The period is favorable for a change in the style of doing business, trade, for changes in the career of writers and journalists, merchants and intermediaries, managers, producers, dealers, as well as for research, work with important documents and contracts, for negotiations and discussions, responsible transactions and purchases, for trying to implement something that seems not entirely feasible. A period of increased opportunities for qualitative transformations of your financial situation, the constructive use of personal energy and assertiveness.

The period is favorable for resolving issues of joint finance, corporatization, taxes and duties, debt obligations, as well as alimony and inheritance. Apply widely the knowledge and skills gained, your own life experience and the wisdom of generations.

You can count on the help of bosses, influential people, officials and law enforcement agencies. Feel free to engage in lecturing, publishing, conduct an advertising campaign.

The period is favorable for the opening of new or subsidiary enterprises, the successful reform of old production. It can last from ten days to two months and is observed only once every twelve years, so you need to use it as much as possible.


A good period for charity work, gaining public popularity, interacting with management, official and legal bodies. Probably, social activity will require a lot of effort from you, will impose additional duties and responsibilities.

The time is especially favorable for contacts with foreign partners, firms and organizations to receive financial support. Successful negotiations, cooperation, performances, conclusion of deals and contracts, travel, planning.

The period is especially favorable for artists, show businessmen, and the sale of luxury goods. But Jupiter is conjunct Venus in 2019 Solar Return indicating a reason for joy.

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