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Trump Queen

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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President Donald Trump does a little dance after speaking at a campaign rally in Newport News, Va. in October 2020. The video posted by Chapman then cuts to the song’s climax where singer Freddie Mercury famously sang “I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me,” though, in this version, it’s Trump who appears to belt out those lyrics.

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Obama has hit back on the campaign trail while support Biden’s presidential bid. He has always been quick to heap praise on the UK's longest serving monarch, even going as far as saying they had “automatic chemistry” as they “really got to know” each other when they met.

But not every meeting went according to Mr Trump's plan, as he was unable to stay at Buckingham Palace during his trip to the UK last summer, due to refurbishments being carried out. One UK official, who helped plan the state visit, said: “It was very, very clear Trump loved the Queen.

According to the insider the possibility of President Trump staying at the Palace was thoroughly looked into but “it couldn’t work”. Speaking to the Telegraph, the UK official added: “We went to the point of saying to the Palace ‘can you tell us which rooms are undergoing refurbishment’.

Donald Trump accused of insulting America’s dead World War One hero As a gift from Number 10, a genealogist traced Mr Trump ’s entire Scottish ancestry.

He was then given the full Scottish family tree was presented to the president with a flourish along with a sample of what was quickly named Trump tartan”. Adam Canto, 37, a catering assistant, took some 77 items from the queen ’s gallery shop, staff lockers and Prince Andrew’s storeroom between November 2019 and August 2020, British media reported.

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Police officers said they uncovered “a significant amount” of goods inside the Royal Mews at the palace, which serves as living quarters for employees. Prince Harry and Meghan Marble could be banished by Queen Elizabeth if they comment on the political situation in the United States, according to a royal expert.

Speaking to UK's Daily Express, Howard Hodgson said that this could have serious consequences for the royal couple based in the US. Cameras captured the North Carolina state flag on full display as rioters entered the capitol Wednesday.

FOX 46 found Murphy and Tim Ivy outside the Charlotte bus station on their way back to Georgia. The duo says Wednesday started peacefully with a speech from President Trump and a march to the capitol building.

Crazy is an understatement, with people breaking into the capitol and politicians running for cover. Instead, the two say their goal was to remain peaceful, show love for America, but voice displeasure about election results.

FOX 46 checked the voter history of the nine people arrested from North Carolina and all were registered Republicans who have voted in recent elections. Trump did appear to notice, and in the video below you’ll see that as she catches up with him, she gives the tiniest gesture with her hand, signaling to him to continue walking.

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Earlier, the president and first lady Melania Trump defied protocol when they greeted the queen : They did not bow or curtsy, but instead opted to simply shake hands. They also were late when meeting Queen Elizabeth, causing her to check her watch, on camera, several times.

Trump will be the latest in a very long line of American presidents who have met Queen Elizabeth. HM has met with every sitting president since ascending to the throne in 1952, except Lyndon Johnson.

In addition to weighing in on a race for the prime minister's job and negotiations over Brexit this weekend, Trump managed to ruffle British feathers while he was still on Air Force One. A mostly ceremonial trip that will wrap up in France with commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Allies storming the beach at Normandy, Trump's visit promises to mix in statecraft at the margins of an official schedule full of pomp.

Touching down in Marine One on the sweeping garden beneath the West Terrace of Queen Elizabeth II's residence and administrative headquarters, the Trumps were greeted by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall. They took a short walk to a covered entryway, where the queen, wearing a chartreuse dress and matching hat, shook their hands and smiled before leading the first couple inside.

The five-person party re-emerged a few minutes later for a welcoming ceremony led by the Guard of Honor, which played American standards such as the national anthem,”The U.S. Air Force,” “The U.S. Army Goes Rolling Along” and “The Marines' Hymn.” Later, they visited Westminster Abbey, the site of coronations and royal weddings, as well as the final resting spot of 17 monarchs, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin.


After tea with the prince and duchess, they returned to Buckingham Palace for a state banquet in the evening, where Trump and the queen toasted their countries' historic bonds in wartime and in peace. Upon their arrival in the NATO reception, the US President and the First Lady were greeted by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Camilla, marking their second State visit this year after their trip to the palace in June.

A video of the meeting shows both the President and Melania opting for handshakes instead of a traditional bow or curtsy. The website advises that “while some people prefer to shake hands in the usual way,” the traditional form of greeting Her Majesty and other members of the family would be to bow or curtsy.

This rule is even followed by other members of the royal family while greeting the Queen in public. Meghan Marble and Kate Middleton show off their different curtsy styles at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham for a Christmas Day service.

During their State visit in June, the couple again opted for handshakes instead of a bow or curtsy while greeting the royals. According to White House protocol documents from the Ford administration, the Queen doesn't always expect Americans to follow this rule.

It's not enough that massive demonstrations took place in London and elsewhere, complete with a giant Trump baby” blimp balloon mocking the president from the skies. None of these moments were especially horrifying: He didn't grab her in a bear hug or trash her in a tweet as “fake news,” for instance.

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But he did keep her waiting for more than 10 minutes (which may not have been his fault), shook her hand instead of bowing, turned his back on her for a few seconds, and he left his jacket open and flapping and his too-long tie trailing. Absolutely clueless, classless, thoughtless, lacking in any dignity and without a shred of respect,” sputtered Matthew McGregor.

Many of them seized on the TV footage of Trump and the 92-year-old queen preparing to review scarlet-clad troops assembled in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle where they met. He turns his back on her, walks ahead and looks the other way as the diminutive monarch moves from one side to another behind him.

“Very few people are this oblivious to the Actual Queen (images from witness),” British journalist Janine Gibson tweeted in disgust. The president and first lady Melania Trump were late getting to the castle (or the queen was early), forcing her to wait with some of her palace courtiers under a covered dais in the Quadrangle in temperatures nearing 80 degrees.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, who works for CNN, Trump's least favorite news network, insisted he was on time. British men who follow tradition bow when meeting the monarch and women curtsy, but they don't have to anymore and Americans certainly don't have to (1776 and all that).

You're supposed to shake her gloved hand when she offers it and that's fine (as long as you don't grip hard enough to leave white marks the way French President Emmanuel Macron and Trump have done to each other.) Shows how disrespectful to women he is if he is like that to the most famous woman in the world!,” tweeted a user named BEA.

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Trump was At that moment oblivious of the Queen, who in some ways might reasonably be regarded as one of the World's greatest leaders? He comes over to our country on a supposedly working visit berates our Prime Minister on Brexit then back tracks accusing our papers of spreading fake news.

Then to add insult to injury he keeps the Queen waiting 15 minutes, doesn't bow just shakes her,” tweeted Melanie Cassandra Bur stall.

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