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Trump Odds

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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(Staff Photo By Matt Stone/ Mediates Group/Boston Herald)President Donald Trump, despite numerous failed attempts to maintain his position in the Oval Office, has been one of the most popular betting options to retake the White House once again in 2024. As support for his big to overturn the election results continued to grow, Trump ’s odds to return to the White House in 2024 fell as low as 6/1.

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Nothing is certain in politics and, as the sudden and drastic election night odds swings taught us, it doesn’t take much for the momentum to shift completely. Yesterday’s actions put this on full display as Online was quick to report that they were sliding Trump down the board of potential Presidential hopefully in 2024.

“In wake of the unfortunate and historic events that transpired on Capitol Hill yesterday, we’ve slashed Donald Trump ’s chances of being elected president in 2024.” Pence was applauded by many for what appeared to be a direct defiance of the desires of his superior, a move that betting markets also felt justified the sudden odds swing.

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With Democrats calling for another impeachment, and reportedly some Cabinet members whispering about invoking the 25th amendment to install Mike Pence as Acting President, Predict It prices for Trump finishing his term went from $0.90 to $0.74 on the day of the action. Although his initial tone on January 6 was definitely bellicose, he’d backed off that messaging when it became just how terrible the day was going to be, telling his supporters to go home.

Although both houses of congress are currently returning home ahead of the January 20 inauguration, Democratic leaders have promised impeachment if Trump isn’t removed from office. Some are publicly voicing their support for the 25th amendment to avoid the lengthy impeachment process entirely, but if Trump ’s cabinet resigns rather than removing him, who knows if that could work.

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Finally, on a related note, odds of a self-pardon by Trump have jumped significantly, from $0.36 on the morning of January 6 to a current all-time high of $0.57. November 4 Update: With just a few swing states still counting their ballots, Trump reelection hangs in the balance.

Donald J. Trump defied all Vegas election odds in 2016 when he became the 45th President of the United States of America. He outlasted a strong field of 11 Republican Party candidates and then toppled Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Washington and Connecticut have passed laws that forbid all forms of online gaming, but we’ve yet to see where anyone has faced prosecution in these regions. Still, if you live in WA or CT, it is advised that your stick with the local mandates and refrain from online election betting.

Donald Trump first became prominent nationally as a billionaire real estate mogul in New York City and was a stereotypical example of American success (and excess!) In 2003, Trump began production of a reality television show called The Apprentice, which ran until 2015.

Now, Trump has easily taken first place atop the Republican odds for the 2020 nomination, though most bettors think he will lose to Joe Biden in November. Although Donald Trump has flirted with running for President of the United States since the 1980s, he had no political experience prior to being elected.

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Because he is a sitting President running for reelection, Trump's message is centered on what he has accomplished and how he plans to continue those efforts over the next four years. Job numbers were surging at all-time highs until the coronavirus lockdowns that have put 40 million Americans out of work, and wages were on the rise.

Trump leaped to the top of the polls in 2016 when he expressed his views on limiting immigration into the United States. In the future, economic recovery from the coronavirus will be predicated on cutting more regulations, and Trump will run on this stump for November.

Across the USA, various activists, protesters, and rioters are destroying American landmarks, tearing down statues, and otherwise causing local municipalities to censor or erase their “problematic” histories. This movement to revise America's history is reviled by the right, and while it has given the Trump campaign a new angle to stump on, it is giving the left plenty of ground to stomp on.

Racial disharmony fomented by activists and the media is now the biggest wildcard in the 2020 election, and Trump is likely to push “law and order” harder than any other issue. They're even worse than when his presidency was in doubt due to the Senate impeachment hearings and the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

Currently, Trump trails Biden by about 100 points on average across the major US election betting sites. The US Senate acquitted Trump on February 5, 2021, after the subsequent trial, and his Presidential term was unaffected.


Donald Trump relinquished control of his business interests to his children upon assuming the office of President, but he has maintained that his net worth is closer to $10 billion than the numbers being reported by the “fake news” media. The White House lists Donald Trump's height at 6'3”, but there has been speculation that he uses lifts in his shoes and that he is around 6’1”.

Donald Trump was first elected to political office in November 2016 when he became the 45th President of the United States. After all, he won in 2016 against all odds, marking the biggest underdog upset in the history of American politics.

This time, The Donald is the underdog once again, though some analysts expect an easier road to victory than he navigated four years ago. Distinguishing features include extreme right-wing beliefs, dictatorial use of power, and complete control of society using heavy-handed propaganda, and at times, violence.

Although Trump has used strong language at times, his political views are not unusual in the American capitalist oeuvres. Most honest historians rate him roughly alongside Ronald Reagan in terms of national and foreign policy.

A primary focus of President Trump's early campaign in 2016 was building a border along the Rio Grande and making Mexico finance the project. Although this would seem to be a definitive sign of poor performance, the graphed trajectory is similar to that of most US Presidents dating back to World War II.

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Interestingly, Trump has often held higher ratings during his administration than former President Barack Obama did during his, even taking into account the coronavirus and the anti-police protests and race riots currently engulfing America. According to research conducted by the Washington Post and CNN, Trump averages 14.8 false or misleading statements per day.

US voters and those that are interested in Vegas odds on elections will have to decide which side of the argument they fall on. We suspect that if you put a D next to his name, Trump would be celebrated regularly by the mainstream media for his economic and labor achievements during his first term.

Based on current approval ratings, it could be said that Trump ’s presidency is not up to par with previous administrations. But in fact, his charted approval trajectory mirrors that of the last several Presidents, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

A Donald Trump rally became deadly this week when violent protesters stormed the US Capitol building arguing for the result of the US election in November to be overturned. Lawmakers were forced to suspend their activity and resumed only once the police managed to remove the mob.

Mr Trump made no reference to the violent protest at the Capitol building during which four people died. President Trump called on his violent supporters to go home, but repeated false claims the election had been stolen which many said helped to incite further violence.

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Donald Trump impeachment odds : Mr Biden's victory was certified today (Image: GETTY) Speaking from the White House, President Trump stressed his priority is now to arrange an orderly transition for Mr Biden's administration.

He said he was “outraged” by Wednesday's “heinous” attack, which came as politicians in Congress certified Mr Biden's victory. Mr Trump returned to Twitter after a 12-hour suspension, posting the video emphasizing his intention to ensure a smooth transition on January 20.

The video has been seen by many as the closed he has come to a formal acceptance of his defeat after weeks of falsely insisting he won the election by a “landslide”. Donald Trump impeachment odds : Four people died as a result of the riots at the Capitol (Image: PA) Millions around the globe have expressed their outrage at Mr Trump with the hashtags #Lockup, #25thAmendmentNow and #ImpeachTrumpNow trending on Twitter.

One person tweeted: “A woman died today because Trump lied to her that the election had been stolen and made her believe that taking part in an attack on the US Capitol was a legitimate way to overturn the Electoral College. Another added: “No, Mr President, these are the things and events that happen when a deranged egomaniac cannot accept defeat and whips the worst of his supporters into a frenzy with a steady diet of lies and misinformation.

Donald Trump impeachment odds : In a recent poll 62 percent of people thought the riot was a threat to democracy (Image: PA)Democratic and Republican lawmakers have also tweeted in support of using the 25th amendment to oust Mr Trump from office. Mr Lieu later tweeted: “Leadership in the Senate and House are misreading the situation if they simply adjourn after we accept the electoral college results.

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Another impeachment could be undertaken in a bid to challenge Mr Trump and potentially look to remove him from office early. However, the 25th amendment would rely upon support from within Mr Trump ’s Cabinet and Congress, which many political insiders claim is unlikely.

According to bookmaker Markets, Donald Trump is still very likely (94 percent) to remain in office for the next two weeks and see out his first term in full after his supporters stormed the Capitol building yesterday to disrupt Congress officially confirming Joe Biden's victory. There was a brief period of trading on the exchange last night where the likelihood of the president being ousted early rose as high as 84 percent.

Markets Head of Political Markets Orbit Takashi said: “Unprecedented scenes at the Capitol between the supporters of Donald Trump and the police caused wild trading on our Trump to serve a full term” betting market last night.

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