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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
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But for some of the president’s fans on Fox, the events of Wednesday afternoon seem to have changed the calculation. Boosters like business host Stuart Barney, who once claimed that Trump has never lied, said the pro- Trump mobbing of the U.S. Capitol that left four people dead signaled the end of his political viability.

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When Barney’s guest, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schnapps, argued that “we have to get through this moment before we understand what the political consequences are,” Barney replied, “I think the political consequences are beginning to unfold. “I like you a lot.” Barney expressed his doubts about the president even before the usually Trump -sympathetic Wall Street Journal editorial board published a scathing piece Thursday evening calling for his resignation.

Also speaking out on Fox on Thursday was libertarian Fox News personality Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, appearing on the show “Outnumbered,” where she criticized Trump ’s rally speech preceding the charge on the Capitol, which she said was “rambling” and “full of self-pity.” Fox News contributor Tom Lauren, an extremely vocal and loyal supporter of the president, said she disagreed with Montgomery’s assessment but demurred when anchor Harris Faulkner asked if she thinks Trump should run again in 2024.

Referencing Trump ’s less hardcore supporters as “everyday Republicans,” Hume said, “I think those people now almost certainly have deserted him” in the wake of the violence. “ Trump ’s post-election conduct, I think, has split him off from about half, maybe more than that, of his voting base,” Hume added.

“ Fox & Friends” host Brian Limeade also questioned what the future of Trump ’s political movement will be. Health, who has endorsed a Trump 2024 candidacy, repeated this argument on Thursday morning:“These are not conspiracy theorists motivated just by lies,” he said.

When asked by Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhart whether Trump “has a shot” if he runs again in 2024, Health replied assuredly, “Of course he does.

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