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Trump Meaning

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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Donald J(on) 1946– American businessman and politician; 45th president of the U.S. (2017–) Printer Friendly Also found in: Thesaurus, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

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American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Nounverb To outmaneuver (an opponent), especially with the aid of some extra resource:The American Heritage Roget's Thesaurus. Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Troef mortar com trunk trumfovat Stephen true GAAR con UN triumph Trumbull loom vital vanilla prepare Alec l'about tuck atom Duval UT century tromp trendier koziriuoti trumpet menu troeventrumfe, spill trump prebid acute mortar com trunk a tail cu actual (PRE)trout Preeti z atom adulterate trauma kHz dynamic () cat bang Juan bad Chu “I say,” said East, stopping to look at him and rest his leg, “you're a trump, Brown. There rose the choral hymn of praise, And trump and timbrel answer'd keen, And Zion's daughters pour'd their lays, With priest's and warrior's voice between. Joan Durbeyfield always managed to find consolation somewhere: “Well, as one of the genuine stock, she ought to make her way with 'en, if she plays her trump card aright.

“Well, my love, I consider him a trump, in the fullest sense of that expressive word, but I do wish he was a little younger and a good deal richer. “All hands voted Queue a noble trump ; the captain begged his pardon.

Activists asserted a right to autonomously decide to try risky but potentially beneficial treatments, a right which they claimed should trump regulatory protectionism and paternalism. To trump an ethically justified requirement, there should be unambiguous evidence to support the underlying assumption that if asked, family members are unlikely to consent.

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2 1250–1300; (noun) Middle English troupe

Outdo, overtake, precedence, prevalence, influence, supremacy, leeway, utility, prestige, wealth, profit, improvement, avail, favor, asset, dominance, resources, boon, choice, protection Friendship is the trump card in the movement for equality, not etiology.

C13: from Old French troupe, from Old High German trump trumpet; compare trombone The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

The majority of people with the surname live in the United States (close to 5,000 individuals, about 900 of whom live in Pennsylvania); the surname does survive in both Germany and England, but is comparatively rare (below 500 individuals in each country). It is on record since the early modern period, with immigration to colonial North America from the 1730s.

His son Johannes Christian Trump (1829–1877) married Katharina Sober from Wachenheim, and their last child, Friedrich, emigrated to New York in 1885. There are two spellings of Donald Trump's surname in Chinese, both introduced before his entering the political stage.

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The spelling (pinyin Telugu) was introduced for the Chinese translation of his The Art of the Deal (1987, trans. 1989 ) and (pinyin Chuan) for the Chinese translation of Trump -Style Negotiations by George H. Ross (2008 ).

With the election of Donald Trump as US president, there has been some debate in Chinese media as to which spelling to use, because it seemed impractical to keep using two variants. Apart from these two spellings used in mainstream media, there are deliberately disparaging spellings used in Chinese social media, such as or (pinyin Change, including the pejorative “low-quality; poor; lousy”).

Philip Thomas Trump was recorded as part of a group of Germans from the Palatinate. One William Trooper is recorded in London in 1320, and one John LE Trump our in Yorkshire in 1327.

One of the Monmouth rebels transported to the West Indies in 1685 was Humphrey Trump of Member, Devon. In modern English surname Trump is localized in Southwestern England, especially Devon and Somerset.

Kelly Trump (born August 27, 1970, as Nicole Hakka), German pornographic actresses Lexer, Mittelhochdeutsches Handwörterbuch (1872-1878) records variants in d- (drummer, drum, drupe) under the meaning “drum”, ^ Vain fur Computergenealogie: Torfaen on Friedrich “Fritz” Trump Archived 2017-08-03 at the Payback Machine.

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Ship Pink Mary, Captain James Been, arrived from Dublin Sept. 29, 1733. ^ Trump in Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press (2013).

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