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Trump Kids

James Lee
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Now that Trump is president, here's a comprehensive look at the current first family of the Untied States. Lately, Donald Jr. helms the Trump Organization alongside Eric.

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On March 15, Vanessa filed for divorce from Donald Jr. after 12 years of marriage. According to Page Six, Donald Jr.'s Twitter habits were a source of contention in their marriage.

It's also rumored that the eldest Trump had an affair with former Celebrity Apprentice star and Sanity Kane member Aubrey O'Day while Vanessa was pregnant with their third child. The first Trump daughter, Ivanka, is also a child of his first wife, Ivana, and the middle sister to Donald Jr. and Eric.

She has an office in the West Wing, and holds an official government title : special assistant to the president. Before both she and her dad's political careers took off, Ivanka appeared occasionally on The Apprentice and formally served as an executive vice president to the Trump Organization alongside her two brothers, but took a formal leave of absence for her father's presidency.

Like her big brother, Ivanka graduated from University of Pennsylvania and followed in her mom's modeling footsteps when she was younger. In 1997, she hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant (which is partially owned by her dad).

Though her father has faced harassment allegations and rumors that he favors attractive female employees, she says he's a feminist and has consistently talked about how he encouraged her success: “He always told me and showed me that I could do anything I set my mind to if I married vision and passion with work ethic,” she said in July 2016. She has a fashion brand in her name, but she stepped down from it after Donald Trump took office.

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Ivanka's first magazine cover, back in her modeling days, was Seventeen : She got married to real estate developer Jared Kushner (the publisher of the Observer) in 2009, and they have three kids together.

Kushner will be Trump's senior adviser while he is in office, and the family will relocate to D.C. After assuming her office in the West Wing, she posted this photo on Instagram, which was widely criticized for being oblivious to the fact that her father's staff is primarily made of white men.

The third and final child from the Donald-Ivana marriage is Eric, also a guest judge and boardroom adviser on The Apprentice and executive vice president of the Trump Organization along with his brother Donald Jr. He also founded the Eric Trump Foundation, which raises money for terminally ill children at St. Jude's Research Hospital.

Eric married Lara NASA, a personal trainer and producer for Inside Edition, in 2014: Tiffany is the only child of Donald and actress Marla Maples, Trump's second wife.

Tiffany was born shortly before their wedding in 1993, and yes, she is named after the jewelry store, Tiffany & Co. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (like Donald Jr. and Ivanka) earlier this year, but before that, she released a club pop song that's resurfaced recently. Tiffany used to date someone named Ross Mechanic, who she went to Belize with earlier in 2017.

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According to ABC, Barron has the nickname Mini-Donald because he likes to wear a lot of suits and ties, and will occasionally go golfing with his dad at their estate in Mar-A-Lago. He and his mom, first lady Melania Trump, will reportedly move to the White House this summer.

He tends to stay out of the limelight, since he's still just a little kid, but recently made his magazine debut on a cover of People : This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump made his children the future of the Republican Party. As someone who has suckled at the teat of nepotism, I can attest that you’re only as famous or as popular as the parent who made you relevant in the first place.

Sure, many of us knew Trump would kill the Republican Party like five years ago. The infamous day started like any other, with the Trump sons shopping civil war to the president’s supporters.

(Especially given the fact that some of Trump's children have played a prominent role in his political career.) He currently serves as the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at The Trump Organization.

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He has five kids with his ex-wife Vanessa (they finalized their divorce in 2019, per People), and is currently dating former Fox News personality Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle. Before that, Ivanka “oversaw development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization alongside her brothers” and “led some of the company’s largest and most complex transactions,” her official White House bio says.

He’s currently the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, according to his official bio, where he’s responsible for overseeing a boatload of stuff. Since graduating from college, he appeared regularly on Celebrity Apprentice alongside his dad.

Ivanka’s role in the White House was initially sold to the public as serving as a moderating influence on her father, but that almost immediately went out the window when her alleged support for the United States remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement failed to convince her father not to abandon the historic deal. Similarly, Ivanka has said that she opposed separating families who were entering the country, but she did little to actually stop it from taking effect, resulting in the theft of thousands of children, hundreds of whose parents still haven’t been located.

Her false branding as a moderating force on her father, though, is not nearly as important as the area in which she excels perhaps as much as or more than the rest of her family: public graft. In 2018, she was awarded seven new trademarks that just happened to coincide with her father promising to save a Chinese telecommunications company that had previously been punished for violating trade sanctions with Iran and North Korea.

• Ivanka herself has been party to dozens of Hatch Act violations, using her White House position to publicly campaign for her father, endorsing on Instagram a food product brand whose owner supports her father’s campaign by holding up a can of Goya beans, and seeming to violate the anti-corruption law eight times in one single 48-hour period earlier this month. • Ivanka and her husband came into the White House with a sprawling series of international conflicts of interest, perhaps most notably in the Middle East, and her father had to overrule career officials to ensure they were granted security clearances that otherwise would have been denied.

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• As of last month, Ivanka and Jared had visited Trump properties during their time at the White House, with the accompanying Secret Service entourages and federal payments to the family business, more than any other White House officials had, with 36 visits for Ivanka and 39 for Jared. • Jared and Ivanka likely broke the law when they pushed the administration to enact tax breaks for so-called opportunity zones, a program that happened to benefit the couple to the tune of millions of dollars.

• Ivanka and her husband last week threatened to sue the Lincoln Project to try to force it to take down Times Square billboards that were critical of their roles in her father’s disastrous COVID-19 response. • After promising at the start of their father’s term to do no “new” international business, the brothers have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in Secret Service fees to accompany them on international travel to hawk Trump licensing deals around the world.

The short list of these destinations includes Uruguay, India, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Dubai. • As reported by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Eric last year claimed that when administration members and Secret Service visit Trump properties, “they stay at our properties for free,” with only nominal housekeeping fees charged.

The New York Times further reported that Indonesia is “helping to build a major new highway that will make a new Trump development more accessible” after a launch event in Jakarta attended by Donald Jr. and numerous local government officials. The Times also reported that the Aberdeen shire Council in Scotland dropped local development requirements to allow the Trumps to build.

For instance, Eric Trump last year complained on Twitter about a supposed double standard being applied to Hunter Biden and less than five hours later posted on Twitter boasting of the local approval of a second golf course at a Trump property in Scotland. This year, meanwhile, the Trump campaign has paid both Eric’s wife and Don Jr.’s girlfriend annual salaries of $180,000 to support the president.

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The Post reports that since Inauguration Day in 2017, the Trump campaign and fundraising committee has spent $5.6 million at his own properties. • Trump Jr., whose new political crew has been called the wolf pack,” has also been active in lobbying his father’s administration for favors, suggesting Montana’s Ryan Zine for interior secretary after a 2016 elk-hunting trip with Sen. Steve Danes.

More recently, they may have committed a number of federal and state crimes prior to their father’s elevation to the White House. Ivanka was also heavily involved in the organization’s most questionable licensing and property deals, including one in Azerbaijan that has been linked to apparent money laundering.

And New York’s Democratic attorney general has a fraud investigation into the Trump Organization underway. In a world where Donald Trump ’s clout has evaporated, though, odds seem to be that at least one of the three of them would end up in prison, for one of these many schemes.

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