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Trump Insurrection Act
The Detroit Post
Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Trump Insurrection Act

James Smith
• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
• 7 min read

A few days ago I ran a poll asking if you think President Trump should declare the Insurrectionist and implement Martial Law to save the election and the country. There is a ton of confusion out there about those topics and since I can’t reply to every email when there are literally hundreds, I wrote this article.

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It’s so good you’re probably going to want to bookmark this article and show your family and friends. The formatting is a little hard to follow but trust me, just tread through it in order and it will ALL make sense.

President Donald Trump's threats to deploy active duty military forces to quell nationwide protests have sparked debate at the highest levels of government and drawn widespread attention to a centuries-old law granting the commander in chief authority to allow American soldiers to police their fellow citizens. The collection of statutes now known as the Insurrectionist provides the president with the authority to employ active duty military against U.S. citizens during extraordinary circumstances of civil unrest or rebellion that threaten a state or its government, superseding other laws that generally prevent the use of forces like the Army domestically in a law-enforcement capacity.

It was also invoked amid widespread riots in 1968 around the nation's capital and elsewhere following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. And Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy called upon it to enforce desegregation during the civil rights era over the objections of state governments. It is generally reserved for instances in which state authorities request the help of the federal government, though the president has some limited leeway to follow through unilaterally if, for example, he believes civil disobedience obstructs U.S. laws.

Presidential historian Aaron Scott Crawford, an assistant editor at the University of Tennessee's Papers of Andrew Jackson project, says the Insurrectionist dates back to the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, shortly after his political rival, former Vice President Aaron Burr, engaged in an act of perceived insurrection when he attempted to create an independent republic in the fall of 1806 by forcibly annexing Spanish territory in Louisiana and Mexico. Jefferson, in an annual message to Congress in December 1806, noted that the law had mechanisms for punishing people who commit crimes that could result in rebellion.

Steve Vladek, a professor at the University of Texas, wrote in a string of tweets late Monday that among the issues with the president's consideration of such a drastic and historic step was that his casual threats left some confusion about his intentions. A Pentagon official speaking on the condition of anonymity told reporters Tuesday morning that the military stood ready to deploy active duty forces if required, but that it would much rather rely on National Guard troops who are better prepared and trained for domestic missions.

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Defense Secretary Mark Ester on Wednesday warned about using the authority and spoke out publicly in a rare admission of his normally private advice to the president. He announced he had already authorized thousands of troops to deploy to Washington D.C. in response to days of increasing unrest in the city.

The Posse Cogitates Act of 1978 says the military cannot enforce law in U.S. states or territories without the express authorization of Congress. “But there’s also been a long tradition of it actually being used.” The Insurrectionist was invoked multiple times to enforce desegregation during the Civil Rights Movement, for example.

The Insurrectionist of 1807 gives the President the power to deploy the National Guard or the military to enforce laws in certain circumstances. Presidents have invoked the Insurrectionist dozens of times throughout U.S. history, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

For example, President Lyndon Johnson invoked the Act to deploy federal troops to Detroit in response to the 1967 riot. The last time it was used was in 1992, during the Los Angeles riots in response to the acquittal of four white police officers who had been charged with the beating of black motorist Rodney King.

In that instance, California’s Governor Pete Wilson requested federal assistance suppressing the riots. For example, President Dwight Eisenhower invoked the Act in 1957 to send the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock, Ark., to maintain order during the integration of Central High School, against the wishes of Arkansas’ governor.

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Their evidence-deficient reasoning: Democrats illegally rigged the election and are attempting a coup, and Trump must send in the troops to undo this conspiracy. While scattered theories about a “deep state” arrayed against Trump have long circulated in MAGA circles, calls for troops to stop a democratically elected president from taking office have taken those ideas to a more conspiratorial and militaristic level.

“The central theme here is that there supposedly exists a network of nefarious actors trying to undermine Trump and destroy the United States, and that this is a tool that Trump could use to save the day,” said Jared Holt, a research fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab, who focuses on far-right extremism. The idea has also become intertwined with the QAnon movement, the far-reaching and baseless conspiracy that Trump is secretly working to disrupt a cabal of pedophilia, sex trafficking Democrats and global elite.

Trump himself leaned into the idea, suggesting to a rally audience that he would use the act to put down “leftist thugs” protesting that summer. “The president's authority is the Insurrectionist and his ability to declare martial law,” he told host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

And now, with the Electoral College confirming Biden’s win, recounts failing to change the results and courts at every level swatting down lawsuits challenging the outcome, some MAGA figures have latched on to the specific Insurrectionist clause granting the president authority to use the military to quash a “rebellion against the authority of the United States.” In their strained interpretation, the clause gives Trump the power to go after the Democrats and deep state actors conspiring to remove him from office. “When you're talking about a group of conspiracy theorists, and others who lack any kind of legal knowledge, they'll just pull that arrow out of their quiver when the rest don’t work,” said Brian Kevin, executive director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

***Support BeforeItsNews By Trying Ergonomic Natural Health Building Products Including Humid & Pelvic Liquid Trace Mineral Complex, Communist Beverage Concentrate & Ultrapar Bio-Available Curcumin! With no legal obstacles, if Trump does not enact the Insurrectionist, the Democrats will be free to implement whatever they desire.

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The radical Democrats running for President are amazingly consistent in what they are calling for. It was just revealed that several US senators have received coffins, with attached death threats delivered to their homes.

We will see the reintroduction of preferential hiring for minorities in new affirmative action plans. Only this time around, the country will pay homage to illegals as they will go to the front of the line.

Florida Rep Wilson is already calling the arrest of online Congressional critics. Google will implement its Chinese-based social credit system and people will be denied freedom on the net.

And just like in China, people will be prosecuted for their online expressions of freedom and liberty. Extreme limitations will be placed upon Christians and where they can practice their faith and what the pastors are allowed to say.

A planned economic collapse will be implemented in order to gain total control over the economy. The new carbon credit system will lower the average American’s lifestyle to those living in 1890.

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Public education will continue down the same path and will consist of little more than lifestyle perversion education coupled with the full emergence of the modern day version of the Hitler Youth who will be trained to tattle on their parents. As resistance mounts against Biden’s coup, the Chinese, Russians and the UN will move in to subjugate (meaning murder) American citizens.

The man who launched Obama’s political career, Weathermen Underground leader, Bill Ayers, once told FBI Special Informant, Larry Grathwohl that if he won, he would imprison 50 million Americans into re-education camps and murder more than half of them. And then read a history book about the rise of Hitler, Mao and Stalin because this is the period we are entering.

The governor, referring to the rioters as an “unhinged mob,” also said federal authorities should identify as many of the people as they can who broke into the Capitol and that they should be “arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Violent pro- Trump rioters broke through police barricades at the Capitol Wednesday, forcing an evacuation and lockdown.

The riot happened hours after Trump spoke to supporters who gathered in Washington to protest his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential election. The U.S. House and Senate were holding a joint session Wednesday to formally confirm Biden’s win.

He then called on his supporters to march to the Capitol to “cheer on” some Republican lawmakers who planned to contest the results. “We are witnessing one of the darkest days in American history,” Murphy said on social media Wednesday.

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