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Trump Health

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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On Friday morning, ex-White House doctor Ronny Jackson confidently told Fox News that Donald Trump was not exhibiting any symptoms from coronavirus. Eyebrows were raised over Trump ’s supposed robustness during his first presidential campaign, after his then doctor released a hyperbolic letter about his health.



The letter gushed that Trump ’s “physical strength and stamina are extraordinary”, and his blood work was “astonishingly excellent”. Bernstein, whose flowing hair, gray beard and penchant for chunky silver necklaces gave him an unlikely appearance for a man of medicine, also claimed that Trump ’s longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, had conducted a “raid” on his office in February 2017, scooping up Trump ’s medical charts and lab reports.

Just as contradictory messaging was sent out about Trump ’s Covid-19 symptoms, the White House offered differing descriptions of why the president was taken to the Walter Reed national military medical center, just outside Washington. The then White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, initially said Trump had gone to the hospital to begin his annual medical, but CNN soon reported that the visit “did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam”, and was not listed on the White House schedule.

In September this year a book by the New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt alleged that Vice-President Mike Pence was put on standby as Trump went to the hospital. The president has repeatedly said he aced a “difficult” cognitive test, as Trump has attacked Joe Biden’s sharpness.

We're going to continue to make a full throated case for Vice President Biden, and we will forcefully correct the record when Trump attacks and lies,” spokesperson Mike Win said in a statement. ET, October 7, 2021 President Donald Trump waves from the Blue Room Balcony upon returning to the White House Monday, October 5, in Washington, after leaving Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Two White House officials conceded today that President Trump has not been tested daily for coronavirus. That runs counter to what White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany previously told reporters that Trump was tested sometimes more than once a day.

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A source familiar with tracing at the White House said administration officials are looking at two possible spreaders of the virus, the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett to be Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, and also Trump's debate prep sessions. It is safe for Vice President Mike Pence to participate in the vice presidential debate tonight, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield said in a statement released Tuesday.

ET, October 7, 2021 President Trump is back in the Oval Office and is being briefed on stimulus talks and the hurricane, White House deputy communications' director Brian Jorgensen told pool reporters. Dr. Amy CHO, an ER doctor from Minneapolis, spoke out about the serious dangers of Covid-19 following President Trump's messages downplaying the impacts of the virus.

In Twitter thread that went viral, CHO emphasized the serious risks' coronavirus poses and how even medical professionals are fearful of the pandemic. Dr. Rochelle Zelensky, chief of the infectious diseases' division at Massachusetts General Hospital, says the White House and federal government are not following policies that people in infection control live by, as they try to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zelensky noted that there are standard definitions and guidelines around quarantine, isolation and contact tracing. “Some of those policies that we all live by in infection control as we’re trying to contain this pandemic have not, at least by appearance, been followed at the White House and in the federal government,” Zelensky said during an Infectious Diseases Society of America webinar on Wednesday.

ET, October 7, 2021 Attorney General William Barr testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing in the Congressional Auditorium at the US Capitol Visitors Center July 28 in Washington, DC. Attorney General William Barr tested negative for Covid-19 on Wednesday, according to Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Super.

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Barr was seen at the event without a mask, shaking hands and mingling with people in the crowd, including former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway who announced she had tested positive Friday. ET, October 8, 2021 Sam Mass, former White House chef and adviser to first lady Michelle Obama, voiced his anger with the Trump administration’s handling of coronavirus as it relates to the White House residence staff.

In a four-minute Instagram video posted earlier Wednesday, Mass expressed his outrage following reports residence staff have been put in danger. There’s been no transparency … and it’s putting real lives at risk,” Mass told CNN in an interview Wednesday afternoon.

After a report from the New York Times that two housekeeping staffers had tested positive and were asked to use discretion, Mass raised the possibility that other potential close contacts were not informed internally. In his opinion, both President Trump and first lady Melania Trump, who were both diagnosed with Covid-19 last week, should not be at the White House around residence staff “unequipped” to deal with infectious disease, and, rather, in the care of trained medical professionals.

Many of the workspaces used by residence staff are tiny and have a potential for spread, including the pastry shop, which Mass said is “like a walk-in closet,” and “tiny little offices' underground” including the engineers’ room, the carpentry shop, and the electricians’ office. Mass said he was “horrified” by images of the President walking into the residence from the Truman Balcony without a mask after he returned from the hospital.

President Donald Trump leaves Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, heading towards Marine One on October 5. Regeneration, the company that makes the experimental treatment given to President Trump last week, told CNN their antibody treatment could have affected the blood test that shows Trump has antibodies to the coronavirus.

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“Of note today, the President’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-Cov-2 Egg antibodies from labs drawn Monday, October 5th; initial Egg levels drawn late Thursday were undetectable,” the memo read. Trump received a single infusion of Regeneration’s dual monoclonal antibody treatment on Friday.

“Most of the standard assays for Egg would not distinguish between endogenous (self-made) antibodies and the ones delivered by our therapy. Treatment with REGN-COV2 had the greatest impact in viral load reduction and time to symptom alleviation in this seronegative group.

World Mental Health Coalition President Bandy X. Lee hopes the move will provide information that can make the 25th Amendment possible at the same time as offering immediate security measures. “His ability to mount an even larger insurrection and violent upheaval remains, in addition to his retaining full access to nuclear and other weapons and the power to launch an international war,” said the document, which was co-signed by two D.C.-licensed psychiatrists.

Ben & Jerry's Urge 25th Amendment, Trump Impeachment After Capitol Riots The “Goldwater rule” states psychiatrists should not give opinions on those they have not personally examined. Named after Republican candidate Barry Goldwater, who ran for president in 1964 and who successfully sued the magazine Fact after it polled psychiatrists about whether he was fit for office.

Lee told Newsweek : “While the 25th Amendment negotiations are happening or the impeachment process is started, there are not likely to be safeguards, given the lack of understanding of his true dangerousness from a mental health perspective, which is critically relevant.” SAN DIEGO -- President Donald Trump on Thursday extended pandemic-related bans on green cards and work visas to large groups of applicants through March 31, while a federal appeals court sided with him on a rule that requires new immigrants to have their own health insurance. The twin developments on the final day of 2020 encapsulated how Trump has made U.S. immigration policy more restrictive without support from Congress.

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In April, Trump imposed a ban on green cards issued abroad that largely targets family members of people already in the United States. By contrast, the administration's edict to immediately expel asylum-seekers and others who cross the border illegally from Mexico was justified on grounds of containing the coronavirus, though reporting by The Associated Press and others found that government scientists saw no evidence for it.

The twin developments on the final day of 2020 encapsulated how Trump has made U.S. immigration policy more restrictive without support from Congress. Biden also doesn't directly address the health -insurance requirement in his platform, and a lawyer who sued over the policy on Thursday urged him to immediately rescind it.

In April, Trump imposed a ban on green cards issued abroad that largely targets family members of people already in the United States. By contrast, the administration's edict to immediately expel asylum-seekers and others who cross the border illegally from Mexico was justified on grounds of containing the coronavirus, though reporting by The Associated Press and others found that government scientists saw no evidence for it.

In October, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled that the work-visa ban could not be enforced against groups that sued and their members, who represent much of the U.S. economy: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Retail Federation, technology industry group Techno and Intro Inc., which manages cultural exchange programs. In December, a federal judge in Oakland, California, prevented the green-card ban from taking effect against families of 181 U.S. citizens and legal residents who sued.

Esther Sung, an attorney for Justice Action Center, an advocacy group that sued to block the rule, said she was disappointed. The ruling “makes clear that the Biden administration must move swiftly to rescind all of President Trump ’s xenophobic presidential proclamations, including this health care ban,” she said.

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With their upset victories in this week’s Georgia runoffs, Raphael Warlock and Jon Scoff will give Democrats the edge in the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2015. “Count me out” of the plan to object to the Electoral College certification, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told his colleagues on the Senate floor Wednesday night.

Graham was never really on board, but had previously suggested he was at least willing to listen to his fellow Republicans, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who wanted to challenge President-elect Joe Biden's victory because of unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud. “Graham provided the chamber with a brief history lesson, arguing that the objectors were making a mistake by citing the 1876 election between Samuel Tilde and Rutherford B. Hayes as precedent for their actions.

Hayes, the Republican, eventually received the votes he needed to become president. But, Graham noted, the commission wasn't the real reason the matter was settled. Behind the scenes, Republicans met with Democrats, who agreed not to accept a Hayes victory as long as federal troops were pulled from the South, bringing an end to the Reconstruction era.

Members of Indonesia's anti-terrorism police squad on Wednesday shot and killed two suspected militants who they believe were connected to a deadly suicide attack at a Roman Catholic cathedral in the southern Philippines, and arrested 18 others, officials said. A group of Republican senators who objected to the election results have been called the “Sedition Caucus” and accused by Democrats of “standing with the mob”.

Eight Republican senators and over 130 of the party's members of Congress voted against certifying election results even after the debate was shut down by rioters. The country has ordered 66 million doses from AstraZeneca and China’s Insofar but has not yet received any, AIT Tale told state 2M TV channel.

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But Pence looked pretty irritated and maybe even a little presidential when he reconvened the congressional count of Biden's electoral victory after police removed the pro- Trump mob from the Capitol. “I've known Mike Pence forever,” Sen James Income (R-Okla.) told the Tulsa World on Tuesday night, after a day of public abuse by Trump.

Boston Marathon bomber Shikhar Blarneyed has sued the federal government for $250,000 over his treatment at the Colorado prison where he is serving a life sentence. A Capitol protester pictured with his feet up in the offices of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been identified as Richard Barnett, a self-described 'white nationalist' Trump supporter from Arkansas.

After then fleeing outside, he waved the letter around and gave a foul-mouthed interview to a waiting reporter, where he complained of having been squirted with mace spray by police trying to protect the building. In what officials see as a result of misinformation about possible side effects or supposed malicious properties, turnout for vaccines has been low among Arabs, who make up 21% of Israel's population, and Jerusalem Palestinians.

Cruz, for all of his obvious ambition and penchant for stunts (remember when he read Green Eggs and Ham during a 21-hour speech to the U.S. Senate in 2013?) Donald Trump stole the show by making Cruz’s antics look like child’s play, and the rest of the Republican primary field was too fractured to coalesce around someone fit for office.

Perhaps he really was a man of principle. Wrong. Surprised by the chorus of boos that greeted him at the RNC and chastened by the avalanche of criticism that he faced in his speech’s aftermath, Cruz backpedaled and endorsed Trump. Unfortunately for Ted Cruz, and for the rest of us, he is sometimes hopelessly wrong about what exactly that is. Which brings us to yesterday, when rioters who attended President Trump's “Stop the Steal” rally tore down fencing, climbed over barriers, and attacked law enforcement while Vice President Mike Pence and both chambers of Congress were busy certifying the Electoral College results inside the Capitol.

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Inside the Capitol, our own John McCormack reported that the Senate loudspeaker warned its inhabitants to stay away from windows and doors, and that gas was used to repel rioters. And instead of unequivocally condemning the violence and disorder, Trump egged them on. He tweeted that Pence “didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution” because the vice president wouldn’t unilaterally yet impotently attempt to overturn the November election.

Forget that these claims have been investigated, litigated, and disproved over and over again, Cruz was willing to muddy the waters further, divide the country more deeply, and even risk violence to do what he does best: stage a political stunt. In fact, he still is. Right when his country and party needed him most, when its most high-profile, rock-ribbed, ruby-red conservative in the Senate could have stood up and said “enough” to the lies, he couldn’t bring himself to be any more responsible than Donald Trump.

Except Cruz is perhaps even more culpable, since he assuredly knows better. Mitch McConnell gave extraordinary speeches before and after the attack on the Capitol, dismissing the president’s conspiracy theories and calling the vote to certify the election results the most important of his career. Mitt Romney blasted the president for allowing his “injured pride” to “incite an insurrection.” Ben Sassy and Mike Lee both unequivocally denounced the effort to overturn the election and the incursion on the Capitol.

But many Republicans believe Romney to be a squish, McConnell to be a snake, Sassy to be a glorified history professor, and they don’t know who Mike Lee is. AP journalists were recently allowed to cover Indian army counterinsurgency drills in Pooch and Mahjouri districts along the Line of Control.

The Hudson Yards aerie, which Atwood shares with his physician husband Jake Dutch, is literally “a glass box in the sky.” Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest. Donald Trump ’s own cabinet members are reportedly considering whether to forcibly remove him from office via the 25th amendment after his actions before the storming of Congress triggered widespread condemnation.

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CBS News reported that discussions about invoking the maneuver, once derided as a liberal dream by Trump supporters, were under way at the top of the US government after a mob smashed their way into the US Capitol. But it is a reflection of how infuriated and concerned previously ultra-loyal members of Mr Trump ’s own administration have become by his fanning of the flames of anger over the election result.

Jailed Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was arrested on a new charge under the national security law on Thursday while an American rights lawyer who was detained in a sweeping crackdown was granted bail. Friends and family of Wong, who is serving a 13 1/2-month prison sentence for organizing and participating in an unauthorized protest in 2019, were informed that he had been arrested on suspicion of violating the national security law and was taken away to give a statement on the new charge, according to a post on his Facebook page.

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