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Trump Hair

Christina Perez
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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The New York Times recently reported that Trump took $70,000 in tax deductions for hair care while he was host of “The Apprentice” on NBC in the early 2000s. Okay, it’s maybe not the most pressing issue of the times, but people are still wondering what the deal is with Donald Trump ’s hair.

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Ever since his first presidential campaign people have been making fun of Donald Trump ’s wispy yellow hair and how it complements his orange complexion. One of the most popular things to do when it comes to the 45th President of the United States’ hair is to question its authenticity.

With all the weird positions it’s drifted into over the years it’s certainly easy to imagine Donald Trump ’s hair is accompanied by faux tresses. Maybe at one time or another, he did try out a toupee but it’s become pretty clear the pale yellow hair we’re accustomed to seeing is all Trump ’s.

Trump even addressed it at a 2015 campaign event, prompting a woman to come on stage to prove that it was real by examining it herself. It seemed he only meant to bring up the topic of his hair in passing but then realized it was a good opportunity to vindicate himself.

Trump directed the woman at the campaign event to touch his hair and confirm its authenticity, “Is that sucker real?” he asked her. The woman replied, “It’s thin, but it’s real,” as Trump pushed back the hair at the front of his hairline for the crowd to see.

Many have pointed out how hard it is to hide a balding head when you’re constantly being escorted to and from the Air Force One with the wind jostling your hair. Trump once jokingly referenced himself in a TV monitor at a Conservative Political Action Conference saying, “What a nice picture that is.

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Although some joke the stress of losing an election has caused this change, a bottle of hair dye is the more likely suspect. Maybe Trump wants to embrace the wisdom of age instead of sporting the color J. Clara Chan once affectionately described as “dog piss yellow”.

He’s still sticking to his signature comb over style though, and who can blame him when he’s just barely holding onto what’s left of his hair. Pictures of Trump ’s luscious locks swaying in the wind as he walks to and from the Air Force One used to be all the rage.

Like, his hair leapt out of a twin-prop airplane at 10,000 feet, but his scalp was the responsible, sensible one that stayed on the ground and decided to just video tape it.” President Trump triggered social media buzz during a Nov. 13 press conference when his hair looked grayer than usual.

Stress could also cause hair to turn gray, as Harvard University researchers discovered in a January study conducted on mice, due to hair follicle damage caused by the physiological “flight-or-flight” response. Trump shares a commonality with past presidents who underwent hair transformations.

(Photos: Getty Images)But wife Michelle Obama refused to call him a “silver fox,” his nickname on social media. While President Bill Clinton, who served from 1993 to 2001, went gray even before taking office, according to Jim Miles, his former hairdresser in Little Rock, Ark.

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If you keep an eye on politics and the news, you may notice that the president's mane is a frequently broached subject. It's the kind of topic that has been covered in the New York Times, TIME magazine, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, and other places.

So, if you're ever been interested in a photo history of Donald Trump's hair, here's your chance to take it all in. For what it's worth, the president also seems to be aware of the public's curiosity in his locks.

In January, People Magazine wrote about Trump's White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, who said that Trump takes Alopecia, a common pill for male baldness taken once a day to purportedly slow hair loss. So it won't be wrong to say that the president puts care into his hair.

Here's a detailed and up close view of the president's hair from the front. If you've wondered what exactly Trump's hair color is, don't worry; Vanity Fair interviewed 32 celebrities who tried to describe Trump's hair color at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015.

Maybe this kind of from-the-top lighting should help people figure what Trump's hair color is. It may look thin from this angle but as Trump has assured the public time and again that his hair doing just fine.

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In 2011, the former Celebrity Apprentice host appeared in an in-depth Rolling Stone interview and explained his hair routine with intricate detail. It takes about an hour,” Trump said about his morning routine.

Remember that bit about Trump showing his balding spot to his Maryland audience in February? While some may not be interested in looking at Trump's thinning spot, combed sides, coiffed top, and other mane-related things, one thing is clear: his hair is going to be a topic for as long as he's President of the United States.

It can sometimes be challenging discerning whether Trump's issue is due to his obsession with achieving his ideal hairdo (he coifs his famous swoop-over look himself, according to those with knowledge of his styling habits), or the actual water that does (or does not, in this case) wet his hair. A building as massive as the People's House, approximately 55,000 square feet, and constructed before indoor plumbing even existed, is bound to have challenges.

Pipes displaced and updated throughout the decades, lavatories added based on the various needs of individual first family preferences, all have inevitably caused backups. One might assume, based upon the continued, public complaints, that the main problem is the fault of the shower in Trump's own master bathroom, part of the President's suite.

In 2017, then-White House chief usher Stephen Cochin told CNN that the staff had to “scramble” to find the “perfect rain shower head” prior to President Barack Obama's arrival. John Quincy Adams insisted a pump from the well at the Treasury building be installed at the White House, not for the purposes of bathing -- that was what the Potomac River was for -- but so that he, an avid gardener, could look after his plants and flowers, according to materials provided by the White House Historical Association.

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Andrew Jackson, in 1833, was the first president to actually put the water into the White House building, ordering it be pulled from a newly purchased spring near Franklin Square in downtown Washington, DC, and piped to the White House, but it wasn't until Franklin Pierce that permanent bathing fixtures with running hot and cold water were added in the East Wing. Prior to Pierce, Martin Van Burden, apparently a stickler for bathing apparatus, had copper tubs lugged to the residence for he and his family, according to White House historians; the task of filling them with hot water fell to the housekeepers.

Chester Arthur wanted to enlarge the private presidential bathroom, which he did by combining two smaller, more public ones, wrote the former chief usher of the White House in a 1934 story in the Saturday Evening Post. A comprehensive modern update to White House plumbing didn't occur until the massive renovation overseen by Harry S. Truman, from 1948-1952.

The message read, “In this tub bathes the man whose heart is always clean and serves his people truthfully.” Despite the varying degrees, and personal grooming habits, of past presidents, none was quite as consumed with showering than Lyndon B. Johnson.

Kate Andersen Broker, a CNN commentator and author of “The Residence,” said the two presidents do have similarities in personalities, and that while Trump continues to emote about water during a global pandemic, “Johnson did the same during Vietnam.” At the time, the White House's plumbing foreman was a man named Reds Arrington, who, Broker writes in “The Residence,” was “tortured” by LBJ's obsession with the White House water pressure, which he wanted “like a fire hose,” and temperature, which he demanded be as hot as possible.

The project, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, was paid for with classified funds that were supposed to be earmarked for security,” wrote Broker, who adds Johnson would still call Reds and yell his displeasure, one time bellowing: “If I can move ten thousand troops in a day, you can certainly fix the bathroom any way I want it!” It's difficult to say whether Trump will ever find satisfactory levels of water pressure, only time will tell, but America will likely hear about it.

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And with those shower heads, even Trump might feel better about the efforts he puts in to achieve what he calls his “beautiful” hair. “You turn on the shower -- if you're like me, you can't wash your beautiful hair properly,” said President Donald Trump at an Ohio Whirlpool manufacturing plant visit.

One Twitter user theorized that Trump was seeking a more dignified look for the 2020 race, which would certainly align with his brazen political strategizing in the face of a global crisis. Historian Alexis COE, author of New York Times bestseller You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington, thinks the latter is unlikely.

While COE acknowledges the long-held truth that being president ages a person, she doesn’t believe Trump ’s silver hair is a sudden physical manifestation of emotional strain as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the U.S. but rather a studied strategy. “Gentlemen, you must pardon me, for I have grown not only gray but blind in the service of my country,” said Washington as he pulled out a pair of glasses while reading a letter aloud to his troop.

It is one of the most well-known stories about Washington, and presidents tend to look to him for inspiration.” Still, COE notes that because Trump appears to show no interest in presidential or American history, it’s unlikely he’s drawing from the past. “He wants to be easily recognized in the same way a car salesman does, so this is a surprising departure for his brand.” If going gray was indeed Trump ’s conscious choice, she’s almost certain the idea didn’t originate from him.

A narrative contrivance that won’t be lost on many, Trump ’s newly minted gray hair is just another way he’s showing his true colors amid catastrophic tragedy.

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