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Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Trump Dancing

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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Many Takeovers are pairing their videos with a particular mashup of two songs: Coldplay's “Viva La Vida” and Savage's “Swing.” The man who loves to work a crowd into a frenzy has started a TikTok trend that’s creating its own buzz on social media.

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The Associated Press has called it his “dad dance” but as of late, President Donald Trump has been swinging happily along to the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” as the finale at his re-election rallies. Social media users are split on whether the trend’s popularity shows support for Trump or is simply having fun with his dance moves.

Victor Willis, founder of the disco group Village People, asked the president to cease using the tune, as well as “Macho Man” at his rallies. Imagine if Biden tried to bust a move after a speech, he would probably just end up breaking his leg again.

Donald Trump ’s presidential campaign anthem made something of a comeback Monday night as he dad danced on stage to the YMCA at the Senate runoff rally in Dalton, Georgia. The president launched into some awkward shuffling and fist-pumping to the Village People song at the close of the last-ditch rally held to try to drum up support for the two GOP candidates Kelly Offer and David Purdue.

The anthem and dance became synonymous with Trump ’s rallies in the run-up to the presidential election as he made a tradition of closing out each event with a boogie. Claudia posted a video of herself on TikTok dancing to a song with the lyrics, “Well, Joe Biden is my president it’s time to get drunk, so I guess that I’ll just piss on Donald Trump.” Kellyanne is sitting at a table in the background of the video, and when she saw what was unfolding, she immediately got up and stormed out of the room.

Kellyanne previously served as a Senior Advisor to Trump, and was his campaign manager ahead of the 2016 election. However, she stepped down from her White House role in Aug. 2020 amidst a public feud with Claudia, who was vocal about her disdain for the president.

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Although Kellyanne didn’t comment on this in her statement, the declaration came right around the same time that the 53-year-old left her role at the White House. Claudia has clearly become a social media sensation for speaking out against her mother and not being afraid to criticize Trump.

President Donald Trump, a man who is famously particular about his appearance, is fully embracing doing a dad dance to the Village People’s “YMCA” as the finale to his rallies in the campaign’s closing stretch. Trump ’s rally dance has become a rare moment of levity in an otherwise miserable campaign year marked by a deadly pandemic, an economic recession and racial turmoil.

And while Trump has largely been shunned by pop culture, the dance has spawned a viral TikTok video challenge (even though he’s threatened to ban the site in the U.S.) and a parody on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Then order ‘ Dancing with The Don’t and let President Trump teach you all the hottest moves!” Colbert’s show advertised in a parody infomercial.

Trump ’s campaign staff and family members have also been promoting clips and copycats as the president trails in most national polls and in many battleground states just two weeks out from Election Day. The efforts to make the dance “a thing” come as the president has been trying to demonstrate his vigor after returning to the campaign trail following his infection with the coronavirus, which put him in the hospital for three nights.

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