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Three Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 21 min read

Photo © Frank Tagline/Getty Images It's probably fair to say that even cat lovers don't love litter boxes. It's practically impossible to find a good place to put the litter box in a small house.

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Photo © Ryan McKay / Getty Images There's only so much play you can do with your cat. Photo © Frank Tagline/Getty Images Cats are usually sensitive to their environments and dislike change.

Many dogs tend to accept change more easily, especially when their owners act like it's no big deal. Of course, there are plenty of anxious and fearful dogs out there, but as a species, they're often calmer in the face of significant alterations to their lifestyles.

When it comes to introducing new people, pets, or items to your home or moving to a new house, cats generally need more time to adapt. If you're cool and calm when that new baby comes in your door, chances are that your dog will be, too.

Photo © TheGiantVermin on Flickr Try to control a cat and you might hear the tiny sound of kitty laughter. Then there are those hairballs, which are most easily found when you're barefoot in the middle of the night.

Try putting a cat in a crate or behind a closed door and you'll have one unhappy kitty. Corrective training and a stern voice can have a lot of power over a dog.

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Try this with the average cat and you'll be lucky if he glances in your direction while continuing to do whatever he was doing. Photo by Scott Barbour / Getty Images Okay, cats can technically be trained, but even cat lovers admit that it's not usually as easy as training a dog.

Even food-motivated cats will soon tire of training sessions and walk away. Plus, many dogs are highly motivated by food and attention.

They'll gladly sit, stay, shake, lie down, and roll over in exchange for a delicious reward. Dogs seem to display a sense of pride when they've done a good job.

Photo © Action on Flickr It's not in a cat's nature to defend you or your home. On the other hand, most dogs will instinctively protect their owners and their territory.

They'll bark or growl to alert you to the presence of strangers, and many will even scare off intruders. Dogs can sense our fear, and they'll respond if they think we feel threatened.

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It's true that cats have an important place in animal-assisted therapy, but they're generally not as well-suited to other types of work the way dogs are. Dogs have been helping people just about as long as they've been on earth.

They were working on farms as herders and drovers hundreds of years ago. Today, many dogs still work on farms, and they serve even more noble purposes.

They act as service dogs, guiding the blind, assisting the handicapped, helping the police and military, participating in search-and-rescue efforts, and comforting the sick. Some dogs can even detect seizures and sniff out cancer.

Some people have been known to walk their cats through the neighborhood on harnesses, but that's not the norm. The great thing is that we can make them part of our own exercise routines.

Many dogs make wonderful hiking companions. Decisions, Decisions Photo © Photo disc / Getty Images There are different breeds of cats, but many of them don't vary a lot in shape and size.

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Sure, you have your giant Maine Coon and your uniquely-coated Devon Rex, but most house cats are mixed breeds, sometimes called doggies.” It's hard to believe that a tiny little Yorkie is the same species as the huge Great Dane.

Would you like a herding dog with endless energy or a cuddly lapdog? True Love Photo © LaCoppola-Meier/Getty The term “man's best friend” exists for a good reason.

Dogs have been the faithful companions and loyal helpers of the human race throughout history. I think it's fair to say that a dog's human is the center of his universe.

Cats and dogs can learn to live happily together. Unlike the notoriously indifferent cats, dogs provide endless love and affection and are proven by science to boost your mood.

A study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that even just a few minutes of petting a dog releases a serious cocktail of feel-good hormones, including: Our canine friends teach us to be responsible, selfless, tolerant and patient, even though we don’t even realize it.

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Training your furry little rascal to be obedient, good and to follow orders, makes you a better person, while it also properly prepares you for future parenthood. So definitely I am not one of those dog lovers who consider cats as overly independent, aloof and selfish.

As a pet owner and vet, I love all animals but If I have to choose only one species to live with, it’s needless to say dogs would be the winners” (Please don’t say this to my kitties!). Though I can justify it with hundreds of reasons, here I have listed only a few of the important, undeniable facts.

Researchers suggest that the bonding of dog and human is more similar to that of a parent and child. Cats are as affectionate as dogs but when comparing with “dog love” they can’t come closer.

Dogs wouldn’t ruin your house with piles of vomit, and they do not need to litter boxes. Like cats, They wouldn’t run around the home searching the jingle ball.

On sensing potential dangers, even the small teacup dog breeds who can’t stand against an intruder will try to keep you safe by doing their best. No matter how busy you are, your dog would not let you skip the morning walking sessions.

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Playing with dogs has been proved to relieve stress among all age groups. If properly trained, your dog can even imitate your yoga poses.

You can walk with a giant dog and boss around, or you can dress a teacup cutie humiliatingly and take him out for leisure. It’s the reason why we train dogs to detect everything from drugs to bombs and even cancer.

The accuracy of dogs detecting the lung, ovarian and prostate cancer rates are proven to reach as high as 99%. They bring purpose to every life especially to the elderly people and those who have lost their loved ones.

Apparently, it gives them a strong urge to live and love their life. When a dog sees an owner in a sad mood, he will definitely try to entertain or soothe the pain by doing tricks.

Dogs act as a medium through which you can quickly establish social connections. Walking leisurely with a dog often leads to more interactions, you can meet and create a bond with many new people.

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When they sense you are stressed or bothered, they will start doing tricks and make you laugh. Studies suggest that dog owners laugh more often than the rest of the people.

If you ask, why dogs are betterthancats, try to train a top brilliant cat and your dog. But in the case cat, you will either hear kitty laughter or see them disappearing to the place where they please.

Whenever your dog sees a postman arriving at your doorsteps or suspect a trespasser to break into your home or sense some danger to you or your family member, he will show that through barking. Cats just don’t care about the things going around; they make noise only when they need something, or you give something for them.

When you go somewhere, leaving your dog alone, they will desperately wait for your arrival until you return. Cats just don’t care whether you are alive or dead as long as their tummy and bowels are full.

Regardless of the breed, every trained dog will happily respond to the comments. If your dog refuses to obey suddenly, instead of yelling at him with a high-pitched voice, try to find out the reason for why he acts so.

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You can train your dog to obey the written iPod commands like sit, run, come, etc. If you are still not convinced of the fact, dogs are betterthancats, I bet, you will accept it with the next point.

Dogs happily engage with the tasks that involve with leading blinds, locating bombs and criminals at a crime scene, finding survivors during a disaster and so on. Because of their social nature, dogs have been identified to grow more intelligently over time.

Recently a dog in Chile made the headlines worldwide for breastfeeding a malnourished 2-year-old orphan child. If you train them properly, your dog can buy you stuff or pick up a newspaper from the nearest shop.

Generally, training sessions are alone enough to answer the question, why dogs are betterthancats. When you are sick, ill or injured, your dog will understand your pain.

He won’t stay relaxed until he sees you getting healthy enough to throw his tennis balls again. When it comes to accommodating the changes like moving to a new place or introducing new people or new pets into the home, dogs quite easily accept it when their owner behaves like it is no big deal.

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Cats don’t trust anyone automatically by just taking cues from their owners. It’s kind of cute when your dog accompany you while searching for something that is lost.

You don’t need to cut short your shopping session just because of a complaining tag along. When you take your dog for rides, he will happily sit next to you in another seat even for long hours.

No matter how playful your dog may be, they know how to be gentle and soft with a new little family member. Dogs if properly trained can assist the elderly, can help senior citizens with any vision troubles.

Dogs can be the best friends for those who are enjoying their retired life from work. The companionship of dogs have been proven to reduce stress, tension, lowers blood pressure and can help you through your recovery (a feeling that your pet is waiting for you in your bed side in the subconscious of the owner will be a great motivator, after all mind and heart is important for recovery) and most of all gives a sense of companionship.

Dogs are amazing in filling the space with loss of dear ones. We can see people who have coped up with their loss of loved ones by bringing in a pet dog and raise them in their lost one’s memory.

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Dog’s tend to listen when you speak so it would be nice to have them to pour your feelings out. With this piece of post, let’s put a full stop to the age-old question of why dogs are betterthancats.

Let’s end this battle here itself and learn to accept and enjoy the diversity even among the specifies. “This idea that cats don't really care about people or respond to them does not end,” said Dr. Vitaly, and in a 2017 study, Dr. Vitaly and her colleagues found that the majority of cats prefer interacting with someone over eating or playing.

Then they returned to explore the room, and periodically return to their owners, and the researchers concluded that these animals were safely attached to their owners, which means that they consider them a safe base in an unfamiliar situation, and Dr. Vitaly said: “This may be an adaptation of the bond they would have with their parents When they were young, ” she added, this behavior might mean:“ Everything is fine when the owner appears, so you feel comfortable and at ease. . The results reflect those found in studies of dogs and human children.

“This finding indicates a similarity in socialism between humans and companion animals,” said Katsuki Saith, a behavioral scientist at Sophia University in Tokyo. Researchers have shown that dogs have in their brains more than twice the cells available to cats, in areas related to thinking, planning and other complex elements of behavior, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The researchers say, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, that the number of neurons in the animal's cerebral cortex is a distinctive feature indicative of intelligence. “I believe that the absolute number of neurons in an animal, especially in the cerebral cortex, determines the richness of the internal mental state, and its ability to predict in its environment, based on experiences,” says Dr. Hercolano-Hausel, the lead author of the scientific study.

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The researchers applied the theories of intelligence to several types of carnivores, and found that larger brains did not necessarily imply more cortical neurons. In terms of brain size, the proportion of cortical neurons in one of the most intelligent animals has been found in a raccoon.

The team of researchers warns that this intelligence is not conclusive, but rather a subjective assessment, which means that it is not absolutely certain that dogs are smarter than cats. 1- You can play a lot of games with your dog, like Fetch using a ball or a disk.

When was the last time you saw a cat in a sweater working hard to help people? It is true that cats have a place in animal assisted therapy, but they are usually not suited to other types of work.

Today, many dogs still work on farms, and they serve more noble purposes: service dogs, guiding the blind, helping the disabled, aiding the police and the military, participating in search and rescue efforts and calming the sick. Intelligence : Dogs have special intelligence that differs from other animals, as they are able to read body language, recognize and track people, based on activating their subtle senses, and for this reason, criminal investigation and investigations centers use police dogs to trace crime clues and arrest the perpetrator.

Communicative language : This characteristic may seem strange at first glance, but studies have proven the ability of dogs to build a bridge to communicate with people and understand and understand what they want, such as raising the tail, sitting, frequent barking, licking the feet and turning in the same place, all of which are signs indicating certain messages that predict their desire for food or play Or the desire to defecate, or the alert of an imminent danger. The ability to learn : It is true that God Almighty did not create a mind for the animal, but many animals are able to acquire many traits through taming and contact with the human environment, and dogs are among the most prominent of them as they preserve all the movements and sounds directed at them and remember it when repeated.

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Dogs are able to detect the scent of a spoonful of sugar in a deep and large swimming pool, and they can pick up smells at great distances, and dogs depend on the sense of touch to communicate with each other and with others. When raising dogs and dealing with them daily, a person learns many things, such as the value of sacrifice and the importance of loyalty and love.

Dogs provide humans with protection and guard thanks to their supernatural senses and their ability to grasp any strange smell, which makes a person feel safe and comfortable. Researchers at the University of Austin conducted a study of 4,565 people, and asked participants to determine whether their personalities bore the traits of dogs or cats, or both.

Then the participants completed an assessment to gauge their tendencies toward various personality traits. Some psychologists have rejected the results of this and other similar studies, arguing that they may not be completely accurate.

For example, the fact that bachelors are more inclined to own cats while families are more interested in owning dogs may be due to the simple fact that it is easier to take care of catsthandogs, and that many apartment buildings (where singles often live) do not allow for ownership. However, this does not affect our great love for pets in general, whatever our personal traits, according to what American writer Maggie McCracken concluded.

Nervousness The dog is characterized by rapid anger, curiosity and love of adventure, and these are characteristics that affect dog breeders, while cat breeders tend to be sober and think before making a decision. Domination and control The cat breeder is characterized by the inability to lead others, and shyness, while the dog breeder is characterized by strength and firmness in decisions, and the ability to lead others.

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Athletic or lazy Dog owners are characterized by a love of sport and keenness to exercise it on a daily basis, while cat breeders prefer laziness, overeating, and lack of exercise. Both dogs and cats are great pets, and they both have their pros and cons.

10 minutes of walking each day can boost your mood, help you lose weight, prevent or manage health conditions and help you sleep better at night. It's certainly much more common to see a dog being walked on a lead by its owner than a cat.

Cats prefer to stay in and around their home and wait for time to pass by. The capability of a dog in learning tricks never fails to amaze me.

Training a cat to sit, rollover or play fetch can be a weird sight to see. A dog can provide protection to a home and the surrounding property.

The size of cats along with their inability to bark means they cannot provide the same protection that dogs can. In summary, dogs are betterthancats as pets and are much more practical (and can help save your life!).

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One reason why dogs prove popular is that they train easier compared to cats. Cats can be trained some, but once they bore they’ll swat the treat out of your hand and run off with it.

Even the tiniest of dogs have heart, and their audible bark is enough to make some burglars go break into someone else’s home. They’ll tilt their heads, trying to understand every one of your words while trying to make you feel better when you’re sad.

Dogs are such social creatures that their relaxed owners tend to have lower blood pressure and longer lifespans, even when living alone, as compared to those who don’t own any pets at all. Walking is a low-impact form of cardio that does wonders for your legs, low back, and midsection.

You can fill your tiny apartment with the relentless heart of a Chihuahua or let majestic Great Pyrenees roam your mansion. The discerning noses of dogs make them very useful in all kinds of crime-fighting applicants, whether it’s manhunts for fugitives, finding missing kids, or sniffing out bombs.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are actually training German Shepard's and Golden Retrievers how they can sniff out ovarian cancer. Kids that get exposure to ‘dog dust’ might have lower risks of developing asthma and allergies later in their life.

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Dog dust looks like it has microbes which influence how many immune cells wind up responding to allergens. It’s only necessary to pick up their poop, but cat owners have to deal with urine in litter boxes.

Cat owners could probably point out a few reasonswhycats are betterthandogs, but they’re too busy pulling dead mice out of their slippers. However, research and actual facts paint a version drastically contrary to what cat owners would want to believe.

Even a small feisty pooch is enough to scare off nasty strangers with its shrill barks and growls. Cats on the other hand prefer to run far away from a menacing situation or simply hide instead of putting up a brave front.

2) Dogs Encourage An Active Lifestyle For Their Owners Canines enjoy running or going on long walks with their humans. This means dog owners will have to indulge in some form of physical activity & interactive play to keep their pets motivated and engaged.

A five-year study performed on 2000 people in Australia brought to light the fact that dog walking can increase the level of physical activity in a large section of the community. Cat people are rarely seen walking their felines on a harness since this isn’t a standard practice.

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Independent by nature, cats hardly accompany their people on walks or outdoor time. Training sessions also offer mental stimulation to your canine and this aspect is as important as physical activity.

Your dog will enjoy learning commands to sit, stay, lie down, et al. The reward reinforcement approach works well with dogs and gets them to learn new commands and tricks.

6) Dogs Don’t Need To Litter Boxes A house-trained pooch will go outdoors to relieve itself or to do its business. 7) Dogs Appear Calm and Accepting When Confronted With Change When shifting to a new home your pooch will be able to accept the changed environment more readily provided its human appears to be calm and happy.

Cats don’t like to be faced with changes and take more time to adjust to a new environment, family member or pet. People with hearing or visual impairment can benefit from the support of service dogs.

The alerting behavior includes pawing, circling or barking and may surface some minutes or almost an hour before the beginning of the seizure. Cats do come in interesting colors and beautiful coats but don’t offer much variety when it comes to size or shape.

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For an animal lover dogs and cats mean one and the same thing, a bundle of fur to be cosseted with love and cuddles! Rather than racking one’s brain over the choice of pet, why not create a compassionate and ideal setting where a cat and a dog can co-exist harmoniously.

I was on Facebook when someone shared an article listing 10 reasonswhydogs are betterthancats. As a writer for Caster, it felt like my civic duty to write a rebuttal since IMHO, an animal that sniffs butts doesn’t deserve to be called “top dog.” I found a number of similar top 10 articles and compiled a list of the most common reasons given as well as some asinine ones too.

Cat lovers don’t need or want a pet that will do whatever we command them to. Hmm, this one falls into category of dogs being great because they do stuff for you.

Cat lovers are fiercely independent, just like their pets. Being forced to go out every day at an ungodly hour through torrential downpours and frigid snowstorms is not a benefit.

Sorry, if the “one size fits all” games don’t apply to cats. Sure I have to scoop poop, but I get to use a long utensil that puts me at a comfortable distance away from the excrement.

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Stooping down to pick up warm feces fresh from the oven is infinitely more disgusting. The only thing between you and E. Cold is a thin layer of plastic.

By the way, a cat’s purr has been proven to lower blood pressure, alleviate depression and it might also promote the healing of bones. He’s also waiting by the door when I return home, and he meows a greeting to me every day.

When we moved the couch to the other wall, the cat was freaked out for the entire day. I don't generally like to lump myself in with one group (I grew up with three cats), but I can recognize the vast benefits of owning a dog over a litter-trained fur ball.

“Pet dogs can act as catalysts for human social interactions, and it has been suggested this may enhance feelings of well-being,” according to one study, which found that strolling around with a dog led to more interactions, especially with strangers, than when walking solo. While most cats are busy batting crumpled tissues around the house, some tech-savvy dogs are learning how to recognize and respond to written commands on an iPad, like “sit” or “whirl,” as well as mastering the art of taking selfies.

A London-based company called City Dog offers sessions to train your dog how to take flattering photos of himself by swiping his nose over the screen. “Older people with dogs are covering an average daily distance of approximately 0.95 miles,” one study found.

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A separate 5-year-study of nearly 2,000 people in Perth, Australia, noted that “dog walking has the potential to increase physical activity in a large proportion of the community.” Dogs are known for their discerning noses, which can be used to sniff out bombs, find missing persons, or track down criminals.

The dog will warn the victim using “attention-getting behaviors such as whining, pawing, or anxious barking” anywhere from “15 to 12 hours before the attack,” according to National Geographic. The dogs can even be trained to hit a button on the phone that calls 911.

Dogs give a certain meaning to their lives, since the task of caring for a dog also means a great responsibility,” a 2011 review noted. Being the owner of three dogs and counting, I can definitely say I am a dog person.

Somehow when you're having a bad day, when you're sick or sad, they understand that. They give you extra kisses and cuddles and want to make you feel better.

They're so enthusiastic and love to play indoors and outdoors. I know my lab loves to go crazy outdoors and run around and being me all her toys to throw around.

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Cats are usually known for not generally being protective of their owners or defensive for them. Dogs can even be trained and have a long history of roles like guarding, hunting, police work, and more.

Unlike cats, you can take them out for walks and runs and take them to parks and even exercise with them. Dogs had become so special to humans through the years and become so close to us than any other pet.

I love cats too, but dogs hold a special place in my heart. Of course, for a lot of people cats can do these things too, they're also wonderful creatures for many reasons.

“There are no bad pets, only bad owners.” Report this Content This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator.

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