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Tapjoy For Avakin Life

James Smith
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 7 min read

They enable developers to boost ad revenue, monetize non-spenders and positively impact app retention. They enable developers to boost ad revenue, monetize non-spenders and positively impact app retention.

avakin tapjoy


Users access the offer wall at key moments in gameplay, often through the app’s store or a contextual message. The ad unit consists of a list of advertising offers which users can choose to engage with in exchange for in-app currency.

Watching a movie trailer Completing in-app events Surveys Installing and running a promoted app Visiting external media Making a purchase or starting a trial Completing branded mini-games Signing up for a subscription Making an online purchase The Tap joy offer wall gives publishers ultimate control over which ads and offer types are shown to their users.

This feature affords them the freedom to optimize the offer selection for their audience and, by extension, maximize ad revenue. The amount of virtual currency paid out to users upon offer completion depends both on the exchange rate, set by the publisher, and advertiser bids.

Tap joy offer walls keep your most devoted players engaged for longer by providing an alternate path to earn virtual currency. Also, because the offer wall model is highly dependent on third-party ad attribution, they should also investigate whether the provider offers dedicated customer support.

Mobile developers can maximize the impact of an offer wall with a number of techniques, including optimizing its design and strategically placing engagement CTAs. A ‘Game Over’ screen, for example, could link players to an opportunity to gain an extra life or collect additional resources.

avakin tapjoy

Promote to non-payers: Optimize in-game messages and notifications by segmenting players into three groups: payers, non-payers, and inactive users. Segmentation allows developers to maximize player LTV without cannibalizing IAP, and has been proven to: Deliver retention rates of at least 50%.

Currency deals increase the likelihood that players engage with offer wall objectives and will continue to do so once a sale is complete. Our offer walls are compatible with Android and iOS platforms and are designed to match your brand while maximizing ad revenue.

The Tap joy SDK includes a combined rewarded video and offer wall platform that can be customized to meet your specific monetization needs. The SDK allows developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate offer walls into their apps from a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard and comes with an array of tools and resources to ensure full UI customization.

Our developer dashboard grants full visibility of the reward fulfillment process and even lets you manage payouts manually. With a few simple clicks, anyone can implement custom exchange rates, launch a currency sale, or deploy in-app promotions to help drive awareness and engagement. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Tap Joy Customer Service. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004.

avakin tapjoy

I've completed the offer in 8 ball pool about downloading Lord's Mobile and Upgrading my castle to Level 11 but I still haven't received my reward/coins yet and it's starting to get frustrating especially when I spent my time and effort to complete that offer for nothing. I have already submitted a Request Support, and they told me to check my Email for response but there was nothing.

Tim Galley · Jul 25, 2019This review was posted BYA verified customer I completed an offer, and I was banned, I sent proof that I did this, and I was told I violated their policy and my team name is JESUSREIGNS72 Case ]- Case number As stated in our previous response, we will be unable to go into further detail regarding the suspension of your account from Tap joy services, as we do not provide information regarding proprietary systems and/or methods of detecting this type of behavior.

First bad experience with Tap joy came after I completed a game download offer and when I told them that I wasn't rewarded after completing the offer the**hole customer service department replied days later stating it's after hours, and they're close.days go by and I'm not understanding, are they closed every day and like a month later sent me a message through the game acknowledging poor they're poor customer service skills, so I let it go and continued earning diamonds. So I completed this Disney club offer which requires payment and valid information but I thought was decent and the requirements I was ok with because I do tend to purchase a lot of movies.

After completing the offer, submitting the proof that my card was charged the company refuse to hold up their end of the deal. They're customer service department is joke and I'm starting to believe the entire company is fraudulent.

Phillip Pittman · Jul 19, 2019This review was posted BYA verified customer I completed an offer for the game soccer stars but by the time I was able to file an issue about not receiving my reward being 828 bucks in that game the offer was taken down, when I contacted support and provided evidence that I completed the offer all they told was they couldn't reward me since the offer was taken down even though I did complete it before it was taken down the offer I had completed was reach level 11 in Rise of Kingdoms it took so damn long to reach level 11 and to not be rewarded just makes me so disappointed for believing tap Joy would honor the reward.

tapjoy offer screenshot screenshots imvu link paid credit hulu

Logged in with my face book account as GUI hanks played till level 50 on fairway solitaire as asked. I have completed the request of tap joy but the reward stated fail.

I have played kleptomania for 3 days straight in order to reach LVL.30 I was supposed to receive a 15k amount but never did. It is very disappointing because it is the only way we can earn coins.and if we play it legally it took as what we should do now.

Manila Haiku · Jun 19, 2019This review was posted BYA verified customer Salve, Volvo condividere la MIA brutal Esperanza con Tap joy Che VA av anti the due anti ORMA. Non SI riceve Mai la recompense dodo aver finite lo quest, ache quango LI Mandy IL ticket Marco l'email ti mandate più, ultimate LE STO Acevedo solo perch STO faced brute recession. L'ultimo mail e state categorizzata come spam.

Saqibsinnie · Jun 18, 2019This review was posted BYA verified customer I'm sorry to inform you that the advertiser of the “Upgrade your Castle to Level 12 offer has determined that your transaction is ineligible for reward because as per Egg, this app was installed from a different partner, not Tap joy.

Design lady · Jun 17, 2019This review was posted BYA verified customer It's now been 7 days since the completed offer and Tap joy no longer responds to my emails.

avakin tapjoy

Hi I have completed several surveys and tap joy offers and have not received my av akin coins. I spent a lot of my time doing these things as per the items are expensive on this game.

Did all of what was told to get reward but apparently, I didn't receive it and I request an explanation for this and I need it as soon as possible as I deposited $10 already and I'm the offer it stated minimum was $10 and I did just that. Please resolve this quickly for once. This is for the game Arcane Legends. My email is Thank you for your understanding. Reaching level 51 would take a long time, possibly months.

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