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Sunday, 17 October, 2021

Ryan Dallas Real Estate Zillow

James Lee
• Sunday, 17 October, 2021
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He listened to what I was looking for in a home and walked me through additional questions to narrow my search, and ultimately helped me find and close on the right house for me. I am very pleased with the ease of the process and recommend working with him.

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First time home buyer, Banjo was always available to answer questions and give his advice where needed. Banjo and his team made this a great experience for me.

We looked into a fixer-upper and made frequent requests due to the condition of the house, which Joshua mediated smoothly. This having been my first experience in the housing market, it was a pleasure to deal with Joshua Dallas and I highly recommend him.

Specialties Buyer's enlisting agentProperty ManagementLandlord As a former investment banker and a lifelong resident of Dallas, Ryan Strafe offers buyers and sellers a strong work ethic, an analytical approach to the market, and a knowledge of niche neighborhoods that is truly unique in the Dallas residential real estate industry. After graduating from Lake Highlands High School in East Dallas, Ryan excelled academically at Southern Methodist University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Having grown up in the area, and also currently living in the neighborhood, Jason had a wealth of knowledge about the schools, streets, and community. He was easy to get in touch with and super flexible with scheduling.

Considering this entire transaction happened during COVID-19, Jason was also super respectful in regard to wearing masks and making us feel comfortable as we looked at homes. Furthermore, Jason's contacts (title company, inspector, etc) were all top-notch.

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It's a bit of a shame that homes aren't purchased more often, as I'd love to work with Jason again in the near future. Since we're planning to stay where we bought for a long time, the best I can do is give a 10/10 recommendation for any future clients.

He is quick to respond and was able to answer all of our questions throughout the process. He made the stressful process of purchasing a home into one that was streamlined and one in which we were informed every step of the way.

It always helps to know what you want/need ahead of time, but having a knowledgeable and energetic agent at your side to fill in the gaps and provide honest advice is really important. Buying a house can be a stressful experience especially when it comes to negotiating.

We listen, we learn, and we lead, implementing industry-leading practices and techniques to exceed client expectations. Combining years of experience with genuine personalities, we have become a company that homeowners of high-end luxury residences can rely on to achieve their goals.

Combining years of expertise with genuine personalities, Supreme Auctions has become a company that homeowners of high-end luxury residences can rely on to achieve their goals and in which others have tried to imitate. As a Dave Perry-Miller client, you’ll benefit from knowledgeable, respected agents and a team of trusted professionals dedicated to making buying or selling your home one convenient experience.

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While our skilled agents help you navigate the market, our family of affiliated core-services companies will handle your mortgage, title and insurance needs with the utmost care. The Seattle office of Care has been the leading commercial real estate services provider in the greater Puget Sound region for over a century; since 1908 we have been representing clients of all sizes in a range of functions.

Backed by world-leading research, we ensure our clients utilize our industry market expertise to make careful and informed decisions. Care’s comprehensive service and delivery platform has set the benchmark for the commercial real estate industry.

We cover every sector critical to the success of both the local market and the wider global economy. In depth detail on each of these business lines are available on their respective sections of this website.

We’ll reach out to you if we need additional info to find your ideal real estate agent. With over 2 million Realtors and real estate agents in the U.S. & Canada, it’s not easy deciding who to trust when buying or selling a home.

They’ll quickly respond to your needs, help you find listings before they’re public, mind every little detail, and earn your respect for life. We search local neighborhood and boutique brokerages, as well as larger firms like Century 21, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams, to find the best agent for you.

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“Buying and selling a house is a life altering process. Agent Pronto allowed us to do both with very positive results from a perfect real estate professional.

The cost of purchasing buyer leads from companies like Zillow is extremely high, often in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per deal, with no guarantees whatsoever. Sellers have gotten more savvy in realizing that most real estate marketing is a waste and that being on the MLS is pretty much all they care about.

More and more, they look at listing presentations as B.S., and just go with the agent that has the highest name recognition (who sells houses full-time and possibly with a team of agents reporting to her or him) or some discount alternative, like a flat fee MLS entry-only listing. Many people enter the real estate field because they realize that 6% multiplied by just about any six-digit number is a huge amount of money; on the other hand, sellers and buyers are increasingly skeptical, if not flat out angry about an agent skimming that much money off a simple sale.

Then if you do have someone who is ready to buy or sell anywhere in the U.S., you can refer the business to a top agent, and most of them will happily pay you a referral fee of between 20 and 30% of the commission they earn on the deal. If buying or selling a home is a rare event for you, you need to run the numbers to make sure that continuing to pay licensing and other fees makes sense if you will need to pay these fees for years between sales.

They teach courses full-time to students that are obtaining their sales or broker license for the first time, and licensed agents that need continuing education each renewal cycle or are seeking to earn a designation like GRI, CRS, or CCI. Oftentimes the larger complexes are owned by large investment funds and real estate investment trusts and offer good benefits packages and a path up the management ladder.

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There are foreclosure bidders that will study which properties are coming to sale and will bid on behalf of other investors for a fee. You typically need to be quick on your feet and extremely organized and trustworthy, as you will be dealing with large all-cash buyer-clients.

They are responsible for obtaining all required paperwork, ensuring deadlines are met, etc. If you are a real estate licensee with great organizational skills, you can become a transaction coordinator and get paid a fee by the agent or broker to manage the file.

Some transaction coordinators are employed by a single agent or team, others by a real estate firm, and still others coordinate transactions for numerous agents from numerous firms. To avoid unlicensed activity, it is a lot safer for that brokerage to bring along an interpreter that is also a licensed real estate agent.

This skill is particularly useful in markets like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York which have a lot of foreign investors. This might be something as simple as offering your expertise to consumers on a website like Fiverr, or as complicated as doing in depth research for a major corporation.

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