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Rust Where To Use Red Keycard

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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Face punch’s Rust has a system in which you need various key cards to access certain areas within monuments. Monuments are the largest areas on the map and include things like Lighthouse and Gas Station, among many others.

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With the introduction of the electricity system to Rust, it’s meant that the key cards will often serve as one part of a larger puzzle involving fuses and switches. Solving these puzzles will usually give you access to a bevy of crates with lucrative loot, as well as key cards to get into other areas.

Not only do they spawn pretty repetitively in certain spots, but you can also find them on the bodies of Scientists (the AI blue hazmat guys) on occasion. You don’t need any other key cards to access these, and they can always be found on desks in the mentioned monuments.

Find an open little container with a fuse box and then insert the fuse, switching the power on via the mechanism outside by the door. You can also find a blue key card in Rust in the Sewer Branch, though this isn’t recommended compared to the other locations mentioned so far as it can be quite the deadly area.

Descend the ladder, bring out your torch and then follow the tunnel until you find a door that requires your green key card. In addition to all of these, you can also simply pay 100 scrap at a vendor in Outpost to get a blue key card.

The first place you could make your way over to is the Power Plant monument, and you will need the blue and green key cards as well as two fuses. As before, you will need blue and green key cards, as well as two fuses and even a hazmat suit ; a light source is also recommended.

rust keycards

Find the building containing a recycler and oil refinery and then walk into the open garage, going through the door on the right before going into the room on the right. You will again be on a timer, so quickly run out the way you came and then find the little radiation enclosure and make your way down the ladder while wearing your hazmat suit.

The next monument where you can find the Rudyard in Rust is at the Train yard, which may also be the easiest and most lucrative spot to nab one. Find the building near the coal mountains and enter through its garage door and flick the switch that you should see as soon as you walk in.

Exit, hang a left all the way around and then keep going forward until you find a tower-esque building on the other side of the monument with a big hole in its wall. Walk up its stairs until you reach the top, and then flick a switch on your left on a balcony.

Enter, run to the end of the room and then place your fuse into the fuse box, simply flicking the switch beside it afterwards. There’s an outrageous amount of crates in here, but you can find the Rudyard you are after on the desk with a computer near the shelves.

The final spot to find a Rudyard in Rust is Water Treatment Plant, though the loot here isn’t nearly as eye-catching. Go back to the top of the stairs and exit through the locked door by pressing the emergency button.

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Climb a small ladder and then some stairs until you find a door that will require your blue key card. Use the key card, enter, and then find your Rudyard on a desk with a computer inside a small office.

Some coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site. Advanced tier puzzles are accessible once you've obtained a red card from Medium (Blue) puzzles.

They provide better loot than Medium puzzles, and are the hardest to complete overall. Note: Puzzles are brand new to the game and subject to change.

1This card for rad Airfield and Launch site When you are exploring the world of Rust, you might come across what looks like a locked door in a Monument.

The only way for you to get inside these doors is if you complete a small objective and find a certain item. It consists of turning on more power and Fuse switches so that you can get the door open.


Even though the Red doors are very hard to get into, the loot you get is totally worth your time and effort in the end. The puzzles are very simple to get into the Green Doors and is a good way to get some decent loot in the beginning of your adventure.

Source: Rust Visible Doors are the medium puzzles in the game because it has the perfect loot for an average player. These Blue Cards can be found on Scientists or through the Green Doors in Harbor, Satellite Dish, and Sewer Branch.

All you have to do is try to power the door with electricity and you may swipe the card and steal the loot. Remember that while you are trying to complete the puzzles, there may be an enemy waiting in the shadows for you to finish the puzzle and open the door, so they can kill you and take everything you have and the loot inside the door has.

The Red Cards can be found very rarely on Scientists or through the Blue Doors in Water Treatment Plant, Airfield, Power Plant, and Train Yard. You can get lucky if another player is selling it at the Bandit Camp, but it is up to them to how much people can buy it for.

Remember that whenever you use a Key card on a locked door to open it, it takes damage and is not infinite, so be cautious of how and when you use it. Also, you will need a Fuse to complete every Monument Puzzle there is to reroute the power to the door that you want to open.


Source: Rust Impeach of the doors has a certain amount of loot hidden behind them. There are a total of 2 Monuments that have a Red Door, and they are Launch Site and Military Tunnels.

Source: Rust Winchell, you could just play through the game while only using the natural areas for loot, but you can only get the extent of the items that you would be getting if you risked a lot to get into one of these doors. All I am saying is if you want a rush of adventure and danger, then you should at least try to get into the Monuments and get the good loot, it is the least you could do.

It helps you figure more out and it makes you feel better about actually putting the time in to get the loot. If you play Rust and you have not tried to get into the doors, I would highly recommend doing so to get better loot and unlock new blueprints.

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