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Rust Where To Get Metal Fragments

James Smith
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
• 3 min read

MetalFragments are a type of resource, used mainly in the crafting of various items or as a building material in player made structures. The main and by far easiest and safest way to obtain metal fragments are to mine Metal Ore from Rocks, then smelt the ore using a Furnace or Large Furnace.

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Mining Metal Ore from rocks and then smelting it using a furnace or large furnace Mining Quarries Breaking down items in a recycler Looting other players Smelting empty cans Once you have obtained enough MetalFragments in Rust, you can use them for various crafting and repair purposes.

Attire : You can craft boots with the fragments. Apart from the fragments, you should also consider reading how to get some high-quality metal in Rust as they too are very important for crafting.

The metal fragments inside rust are of type resources The stack size of these chunks is 1.000 Within the clothing that you can make are the boots Regarding the armor you can make a coffee can helmet, riot helmet As for weapons we talk about war pipe shotgun, crossbow and rifles In repairs, it is very useful to fix plates Remember that each object that you want to create or repair will have a different value of metal fragments depending on the difficulty or rarity of these.

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Some types of armor use fragments for crafting, for example bucket helmet or road sign jacket. If you find a typographical error, inaccuracy or a mistake, please tell us about it in the comments.

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Basic crafting in Rust requires you to have the proper ingredients necessary to make the item in your inventory. Blueprints may be found on the bodies of slain NPC characters or loot boxes.

Upon obtaining the blueprint and using it, the recipe will show up on the right side of the crafting screen. Sulfur and metal fragments are key components to crafting as they are required to make gunpowder and weapons.

To craft metal fragments you need both fuel and metal ore. Place them both inside a furnace. Ignite the furnace and the ores will slowly start to turn into metal fragments.

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