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Rust Where To Get Cloth

Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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From your first sleeping bag after fresh-spawning on the beach to your end-game raiding and PVP tools, the cloth will be a necessary resource every step of the way. It may seem merely a source of clothing at first glance, and so a lesser priority over gathering wood and stone to get a starter base going.

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Deserts will feature small clumps of hemp fibers, and they are even rarer in winter and mountainous biomes. Hemp grows well in temperate and grassy breasts method is the least practical but is all you will be capable of doing in the very early game.

However impractical, it is worth doing as you begin your initial stone and wood gathering phase. Taking a moment to grab any hemp fiber plants you see on your path from tree to stone nodes will provide you with enough cloth to craft yourself the first pieces of effective head armor, notably the wood armor helmet and the bandana mask.

Alongside armor, your early-game cloth is also well-invested into a hunting bow; an invaluable tool as you compete with other fresh-spawns for precious resources. Having a bow is the difference between finishing a PVP engagement before it begins, and is far more dependable than the flailing of wooden spears and bone clubs.

If you decided to start your wipe in the desert biome, you will find fewer hemp fiber plants than you would have if you began in the greener areas. You can also use a rock or a bone club, but they only have a percentage chance of gathering cloth on each hit, unlike the tools mentioned above.

The added benefit of this method is the additional cactus flesh you’ll gather on the way, which is an excellent source of food and hydration early in the game. All animals, large and small, and even humans, will yield cloth when harvested after death.

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With the bone knife in hand, animals will begin to give considerably more cloth : If you’ve started farming the roads and monuments, you will find yourself with plenty of resources you either do not want or need.

However, there are some standout materials that you will find in bulk that you likely won’t need a lot of, and therefore are prime candidates for recycling down to cloth. Tarp, Rope, and sewing kits, in particular, can stack in your inventory and make worthwhile trips to the recycler practical if you find yourself running short of cloth.

It’s not uncommon to hear your food and hemp being picked impossibly fast in the dead of night by a stray naked. Advanced farming guides can point you in the right direction for this far more effective cloth gathering method.

Underestimating the importance of cloth is what separates the spongy naked, who will take a few days to get their two by two base going, and the RUST chads who will let those arrow-magnets do all the farming for them. Cloth is one of the basic building blocks in the game and is used to create many low-level items (including ones that can cover a player’s nudity).

Finding a steady source of cloth in Rust is essential throughout the game, even once players get to higher-tech tiers. Both of them will give the player around 5-10 cloth depending on the age and size of the plant harvested.

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If these seeds are planted outside, any player can run up and ruin a Hemp farm by harvesting the whole thing. Sowing Hemp Seeds in planters and giving the plants water and the proper amount of light will give players a better yield of cloth than wild Hemp plants.

At this point, players can even start getting into Rust ‘s advanced botany system by using cuttings to clone the Hemp plants that yield the most cloth. Cloth is a natural resource obtained by killing, then butchering Animals with a Hatchet or other tool.

Additionally, it is used in the creation of medical items and Low Grade Fuel. Cloth is an essential resource in Rust, used in a huge range of crafting recipes.

Instead, you can get cloth in a couple of key ways: killing and butchering animals, or harvesting Hemp Fibers. The simpler and more sustainable method to get cloth in Rust is from Hemp Fiber plants.

These typically spawn in forest and desert domains, close to rivers and water, appearing as small green bushes as shown in the image below from © Face punch Studios, Rust labs.romance you find some Hemp Fibers, you can work towards preparing your own cloth farm at your base.

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Finally, you can also get cloth in Rust by gathering items and dumping them into one of the recyclers found around the map. You can use the resource to craft armor, medicine and some fuel, so make sure you know how to keep your stash topped up before you embark into the world.

Henry Steakhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of Ballgames. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video game journalism stole his soul.

The best ways to get a decent amount early on are recycling sewing kits and rope from barrels/crates, using a bone knife or combat knife to harvest animal flesh (excluding humans), or picking hemp that spawns in the wild. If you are interested in creating a growing setup, keep the seeds, otherwise you can plant them immediately after harvesting to help out another new player later on.

Grabbing some rock is an important early task in the survival game, but you can’t just go around bashing any old hunks of stone that you see and hope to get results. © Face punch Studios get stone in Rust, all you’ll need in terms of equipment is a rock or a pickaxe.

They appear as a light gray rock or boulder covered in jagged lines, similar to sulfur and metal ore nodes. As you hit the node point, it’ll start to fall apart and eventually break.

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Basically, your early harvesting in Rust will involve exploring the map extensively to find these nodes. Good luck starting out in the world, because it can prove a nasty, uncompromising place for many.

Henry Steakhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of Ballgames. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video game journalism stole his soul.

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