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Rust Where To Find Explosives

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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For instance, doors in RUST can require anywhere from 2 to 12 satchel charges to destroy. Once you learn how to find explosives in RUST, you can craft superior raiding tools, such as the timed explosive charge.

rust explosives zero


The resounding crack of a singular explosive taking out a metal door will let less geared players know you aren’t to be messed with, and will even give better-geared players pause before they decide to kit up and roll out. With the time saved from waiting on satchel charges or silenced explosive rounds, you might even make it to the target’s tool cupboard and get your replacement doors down before counter-raiders arrive.

The oil rigs’ containers will summon an NPC Chinook helicopter with a host of armored scientists to defend the location before the crate becomes available, which brings us to the next method of finding explosives. Incendiary rockets have a 50% chance of being recycled down into explosives but only from the APC and Helicopter crates.

Given how often you’ll fight Bradley or the Helicopter, it may not seem like a great idea to depend on these drops for explosives. Remember to hang onto at least one of the rockets or timed charges found so that you can research them into a blueprint.

Players are often reluctant to give up raiding tools unless they’re very confident that they’re not a target. This fact doesn’t stop many players from putting recyclable rockets and or explosives on the market due to their high value.

If you find yourself unable to perform any of the above methods in a pinch, you can roll the dice and experiment with a tier-3 workbench. And you run the risk of getting a random blueprint from the list of tier 3 items.

rust explosives charcoal

If you’re reaching the end of the wipe, you’re desperate, and you have a lot of scrap to burn, experimenting might be the way for you. Just keep in mind that the odds are against you successfully getting explosives until you have significantly whittled away the list of tier 3 item blueprints.

Now that you know how to find explosives in RUST, you get to leave the sandpit and take on the larger groups. Just remember that now you’re in the big leagues, larger groups and clans will be gunning for you too.

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There will be enough coal after processing the ore, but only 150 units are needed. From 100 sulfur and charcoal we obtain 50 gunpowder.

I played a lot of Legacy rust and the main way to get explosives and c4 was to get airdrops. The Timed Explosive Charge (commonly referred to as “C4”) is a draftable explosive weapon that can be thrown onto walls, doors, or deployable items.

rust ammo explosive incendiary

Once a Timed Explosive Charge has been thrown, it will automatically arm itself and then detonate after 10 seconds. Due to its destructive power, the Timed Explosive Charge has proven to be an ideal method of entry in raids, where, if your opponents happen to be online, speed and precision are of the essence.

Press CTRL + D to BOOKMARK so you can check back for Updates ! (12 Gauge Slug) This shell type fires one projectile which can be used in long range.

Raid towers are a simple 2×1 structure that allows raiders to climb on top of a building. To build it start of with a simple 2×1 wood thatch.

(Make sure to add a bed before jumping) Keep adding as many floors as you want. This is how you create a simple raid tower, upgrading it can come useful if you can afford the resources.

This chest method allows you to get you closer to the area you’re trying to jump to with very low stability. Attempting to expand further will result in destruction always, due to the stability being low.

rust damage explosive explosives guide building steam

This section shows you the damage c4 deals on specific objects, doors, walls. This technique is very useful, it allows you to blow 4 walls with 4 rockets. A hammer is recommended, it makes things a lot easier.

So the first thing you need to do is grab your hammer, point it on a base’s wall. When you find it make sure to keep your RPG crosshair aiming at that corner. Then fire 3 rockets.

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rust explosives

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To obtain Military Weapons you will need to loot them or purchase them from the Economy. The Wasteland area north of Hacker Valley is a ‘No Raid’ Zone for new players.

Mumble Server : and use port 4412 (200 Slots) Clan rooms can be set up for groups. Download the Mumble Client here Oxide Add-ons Running.

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