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Rust What Should I Recycle
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Friday, 15 October, 2021

Rust What Should I Recycle

Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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These unique machines are scattered throughout the game but, sadly, are not player draftable. Due to this fact, and since there is a finite collection of recyclers, players must be strategic with their farming and also be able to defend it.

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With our RUST Recycler Guide, we will shed light on the deeper game mechanics surrounding the recycler, why they are so important to a successful start to the wipe, and how to find them on the game map. Not all items can recycle, or break down into other components and will be left untouched in the input hopper.

When running the recycler, it does take some time for the device to break down items into their components. If the player has added stacks of items, it will take that many times longer to process.

Other players will likely be drawn to your location due to the audible sound of the recycler running and the promise of free loot. Knowing this fact, players should take precautions to keep themselves out of view while waiting on the recycler to do its thing by hiding, closing doors, etc.

Knowing where to find recyclers is a big part of resource farming in RUST. Recyclers are important for farming resources quickly in the early game when every minute counts.

Building up a secure starter base and learning blueprints is a costly endeavor in terms of resources, time, and scrap, which is why knowing where to find recyclers can help players maximize the results of their farming efforts. Some items that will be gained from boxes and barrels in roadside junk piles will break down into additional scrap.


As a player on a farm run, you will encounter more diversity of loot than you have available inventory spaces. The recycler will slowly start churning out resources over time, much like a furnace or refinery.

Recycled components will appear in a specially reserved output space that can contain up to 6 different item stacks. Keep in mind that should you leave the recycler unattended with items inside, other players can run up to it and take them.

We’ve created a listing of maps of these monuments with highlighted locations to make the recyclers easier for you to find. MonumentRecycler Abandoned CabinsNoAbandoned SupermarketYesAirfieldYesBandit CampYesGiant ExcavatorYesLarge HarborYesSmall HarborYesJunkyardYesLarge Fishing VillageNoLarge Oil RigNoLaunch SiteYesLight HouseYesMilitary TunnelsYesMining OutpostYesOil DomeNoOutpostYesOxum’s Gas StationYesPower PlantYesSatellite DishYesSewer BranchYesSmall Fishing Village 1NoSmall Fishing Village 2NoSmall Oil RigNoTrain YardYesWater Treatment Plants Recycler Locations recycler is easily accessible on the backside of the supermarket.

Follow the outside of the building until you’ve reached a chain-link fence attached to the back wall. The first can be found inside of Hangar 2, along the left wall behind a group of crates.

The second recycler can be found in the large building opposite the tarmac from the hangars. When facing the building, head to the left side and you’ll come upon the large doors of a garage.

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The yard of the shipping building is mostly enclosed by chain link fence and crumbling stone walls with plenty of spaces for hopping over. The recycler will be to the left of the lift along the wall next to a large pile of spare tires.

To get up to the office, locate the chain link fence that connects to the crane and extends over to the container of a partially sunken trunk. Another recycler can be found inside the large, central puzzle building in the middle of the monument.

There is a concrete wall that wraps around to provide a bit of cover, and the recycler can be found inside this semi-enclosure. Find the manhole entrance in the center of the monument, next to the par-cor jump puzzle.

Once you’ve unlocked this door, follow the tunnel until you enter a sewer main room that appears to be inhabited. The recycler is inside the tower that has lost the metal plating on its dish.

If you come across a research table instead, you’ve picked the wrong tower and need to run over to the other. RUST Train Yard Recycler LocationS tarting at the water tower, follow the pipes that lead to a red warehouse building.

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The recycler can be found in a small interior room with no door on this floor. RUST Water Treatment Plant Recycler Location water treatment recycler can be found on the top floor of the long warehouse building seen at the bottom left of the screenshot above.

Use the table below to prioritize the best loot to keep in terms of scrap when breaking barrels and boxes. Rust is the common name for a chemical compound known as iron oxide.

This compound forms when iron reacts with water and oxygen, presenting itself as a rough, orange-red substance. If you’re interested in recycling your rusted-out metals, there are some preparation measures you can take in order to maximize your return.

The fact of the matter is that, regardless of whether you remove it, rust can reduce the recycling value of a metal item. For this reason, it’s wise to try to prevent rust from forming in the first place.

By applying an anti-corrosion coating your trampolines, fences, and other metal materials, you help them to stave off rust in the long run. After rust has been removed, you can either reuse the object for another purpose, or you can sell it to a metal recycling company.

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In search of a metal recycling company in Chicago or its surrounding suburbs? Our team of seasoned recycling specialists is well-versed in the handling of rusted metal materials.

We will help you with the materials you wish to dispose of, and ensure that they’re handled in a professional and environmentally-friendly manner. The easiest and fastest way to get Him is to recycle components and items.

As a core mechanic of Blueprints 3.0, components are found throughout the map. Many early game items can be crafted without components or blueprints.

Here is a list of all major components along with their rarity, where to find them, and what crafting recipes use them (quantity required is in parentheses next to each item). It can be used in work benches to gamble for a blueprint from the respective tier.

Used mainly for melee weapons and salvaged tools, blades are plentiful in barrels. It’ll take stacks of this component to complete your Rust armory.

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Recycler return 1 high quality metal5 Scrap Speaking of firepower, you won't have much till you have the springs to back it up.

Recycler return 1 high quality metal5 Scrap A key piece of several firearms, rifle bodies are found rarely in weapon crates.

Recycler return 100 metal frags1 high quality metal8 Scrap Recyclers cannot be crafted at the moment, you can only find them in dungeons and monuments around the map.

Train Yard The recycler can be found on the second floor after going up the stairs on the small building. Water Treatment The recycler is found on the second floor after going up two flights of stairs in the long building.

Nuclear Plant The recycler is found inside the garage door on the right in the small building next to the conveyor. It is located directly behind the first building on the left in the first harbor, and between the cranes in the other.


Supermarket The recycler can be found in the fenced in area behind the building. Junkyard The recycler is found by climbing up to the raised shipping container next to the crane.

The Outpost When entering from the side with the rusty watch tower the recycler is found in a collapsed building with “repairs” sign to the right of the road.

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