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Rust Valley Restorers Season 3

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
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The popular rockeries originally premiered on the Canadian TV network History in December 2018, but Netflix acquired the worldwide streaming rights in 2019. If you’ve binged the first six episodes of Season 2, you can follow the Rust Bros Restorations on Instagram and/or sample a few episodes of a similar show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, on Netflix.

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As noted above, RustValleyRestorers airs on the Canadian TV network History. The next batch of RustValleyRestorers episodes that drop on Netflix will technically be a continuation of Season 2.

Based on recent history, we believe we have a pretty good idea of when the second half of RustValleyRestorers Season 2 will debut on Netflix. The Season 2 finale of the series aired February 6, 2021 on Canadian television, with the first six episodes dropping on Netflix on May 8, 2021.

If the series follows a similar timetable, the second half of RustValleyRestorers (episodes 7-12) should premiere on Netflix in August 2020. Sign up with Facebook We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

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‘ RustValleyRestorers is an automobile-themed reality show that follows a group of spirited misfits, overhauling rundown cars, and selling them for a fortune. It originally landed on History Canada and after that, it was picked up by Netflix to air for the international audience.

Prior to its global release, the second season landed on November 21, 2019, on History Channel in Canada. Mike Hall’s passion lies in collecting rust, and he also describes himself as a hippy capitalist.

‘ RustValleyRestorers follows the expert team, comprising Mike, Avery Sheaf, and Connor Hall as they restore, trade, and sell classic cars for a profitable price. In season 2, we witness them revamping a 1968 Camaro, a 1966 Super Bee, a 1966 Pontiac Parisian, and a ’68 Chevelle SS, among others.

Some restorations featured in the next season include a 1969 Road Runner, 1964 Acadian, and a 1942 Harley-Davidson, to give a few examples. As you may have already guessed the show airs on history but was made by Mayhem for the network.

Michael (Mike) Hall Avery Sheaf Cassidy McGown Connor Charman-Hall Sarah Ward Hall is a car expert and rock scale, he is one of the most experienced restorers on the crew.

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Mike lives in Happen and has 26 acres of land there where he parks his 300 cars. He was born in the late 1950s in Saint Boniface, Manitoba, and moved to Balloons as a kid.

He is Mike’s buddy and has a keen interest in making old cars into new smooth machines. In addition to this, he has mad engineering skills and can fix just about any car no matter how far gone.

His duo with Mike is the core of their whole operation and without Avery restoration wouldn’t be possible. It is amazing to see them fix a car that has been lying unattended in a plot of land for over 50 years and turn it into a smooth-running machine.

Connor, Mike’s son, trying to learn the ropes of the business is also a highlight of the show. As of August 2020, there has been no official confirmation about the 4th season of RustValleyRestorers, but they might renew it due to the popularity of the show.

' RustValleyRestorers is an automobile-themed show that features free-spirited individuals go on to overhaul rundown cars which they later happen to sell for a fortune. Extravagant rebuilding with some reality TV drama thrown into the mix is what contributed to the massive success of this show.


‘ RustValleyRestorers follows the expert team, comprising Mike Hall, his son, Connor Charman-Hall, and Avery Sheaf. Season 2 saw them revamping a 1968 Camaro, a 1966 Super Bee, a 1966 Pontiac Parisian, and a ’68 Chevelle SS, among other cars.

Some restorations that will feature in the next season include a 1969 Road Runner, 1964 Acadian, and a 1942 Harley-Davidson, to name a few, according to The Cinematic. In the trailer, he admitted that he was running out of time to restore them all and that is why he decided to team up with his son Connor and best friend Avery to try turning his passion into profit.

(Netflix)Connor shares his father's vision and does everything he could to ensure every car that enters the garage is spruced up and sent out the door quickly. Avery is the manager of the garage whose primary mission in life is to prove that there's money in the restoration business.

Mayhem Entertainment’s ‘ RustValleyRestorers is a Canadian documentary series about a car restoration shop located in Happen, British Columbia, which is colloquially known as the Australia for being the home of hundreds upon hundreds of old and abandoned cars. Unique, honest, and full of heart, ‘ RustValleyRestorers has managed to enthrall its audience since it came out in 2018.

The show was originally conceptualized as a web-based Metropolis cartoon but was later turned into a cable-TV documentary series. Over the years, ‘ RustValleyRestorers has built up a loyal fan base, who eagerly wait for the release of every season.

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RustValleyRestorersSeason 4 Cast The show revolves around Michael “Mike” Hall, a 60-something hippie with an insatiable passion for cars, and his equally enthusiastic employees. The crew also includes Greg Greece, the lead body man at the shop; Rick Palmerston, the chief welder; Cassidy McGown, the auto body apprentice; and Sarah Ward, the manager.

Mike’s neighbor and fellow car enthusiast Doug Mel nick, salvage Big Donny, also known as the Great White Shark, and Mike’s business rival Of make sporadic appearances on the show. The ending of the season3 finale has a somber tone because of the passing of Mike’s mother, Berth Hall.

‘ RustValleyRestorers follows Mike and his employees’ efforts to restore classic cars and then sell them for profit. Season3 shows Rust Bros Restorations finally breaking even, with Mike hoping that the next year will be even better.

Mark Seen Episode 1 Aug 21, 2021 An iconic 1969 Road Runner gives Mike a run for his money and a crash course in bodywork; a client build cuts very close to home; while out on a simple errand to buy shelves, Mike manages to make a deal on something for his trusty companion, Lincoln. Mark Seen Episode 2 Jan 10, 2021 Mike struggles to finish the restoration of a legendary muscle car, and trading gets chaotic when he goes up against The Great White Shark; one of RustValley's own heads to The Detroit Automata with a 1964 Acadian.

Mark Seen Episode 4 Jan 24, 2021 Connor's out to avenge the Rust Bros' failure at last year's demolition derby, but gets more than he expected when Avery and Shafiq enter a car of their own; Mike restores a 1965 GMC van with an emotional past. Mark Seen Episode 5 Jan 31, 2021 Mike bites off more than he can chew when he helps out with a 1938 Buick Special for an employee.

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