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Rust How To Use Chainsaw

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 8 min read

The Chainsaw is a harvesting tool that is useful to cut down Trees. Once started, it can be used by clicking and holding down the Left Mouse Button.

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It deals 12 damage per hit, with a total output of 60 damage per second. With an extremely interactive environment, the chainsaw makes for an ideal harvesting tool in Rust.

The chainsaw is extremely efficient in chopping down trees as it pays no heed to the “sweet spot.” The most important thing players need to note is that they require a level two workbench to craft a chainsaw.

Once players have a level two workbench in Rust, they will need to amass many items and scraps before they can craft the chainsaw. Finding them in crates and barrels Experimenting on workbenches; and Researching the item that they require a blueprint for.

Players can try any of the three methods mentioned to obtain the chainsaw blueprint in Rust. With player count constantly on the rise, Rust continues to grow eight years since its introduction.

Any new player having trouble with their chainsaw should find these steps useful in their Rust journey. This means that if you don’t know how to use chainsaw safely, then you should do all possible thing to prevent the spread of rust.


In order to prevent rust, you need to make sure that you don’t have the engine running while you’re working on the project. Second, you need to use a chainsaw with a rust inhibitor before you start work.

However, when you do this, you need to be aware that some rust inhibitors that are available in the market today, can get contaminated in some cases. However, when you do this, you should also be careful that you don’t add some more rust in this process.

This is a device that can be placed at the work area to prevent anything from being crushed or damaged. Fifth, you need to do the necessary precautions when you’re changing a chain on the side of the bed of the chainsaw.

Sixth, before you change the blade of the chainsaw, you need to remove the rust inhibitor first. The chainsaw can also be used as a melee weapon or for cutting through constructions, but beware that it loses durability very fast when doing these tasks.

2Once the chainsaw is started, you can press r to refill it at any time. As long as it doesn't completely empty, you can refill it instantly whilst still being able to saw.

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2great to use if you live in a Forrest, breaks quickly if used on a wooden wall Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Working with the machine is easy because of its convenient design, but maintaining it deserves your attention, care, effort, and time because after all, it is the investment of your hard-earned money. To properly store and maintain an electric chainsaw, you must first know the machine well.

Once you have clear knowledge about the machine, you will understand the kind of attention a particular part needs. The machine will die out soon and have many kinds of damages if you don’t store it properly.

So let us talk about how you can store your electric chainsaw and give it the good clean life that it deserves. Follow the steps that I talk about and you can learn how to store your electric chainsaw properly within a couple of minutes.

Storing your electric chainsaw properly plays a huge role in its life. The future of your electric chainsaw completely depends on how you are keeping the machine and how you are storing it.

farm chainsaws keeping condition tips chainsaw farmers

In my opinion, one should always do a deep clean before storing your electric chainsaw, especially after a long session of work. If you do not store it properly, the machine will get many types of negative impacts which will ruin the machine day by day and that will make your work harder instead of making it easier.

So let us find out how you can properly store the machine and keep it as new as it was when you first bought it! Find a properly ventilated place to set up as your workspace for cleaning your electric chainsaw.

Keep in mind that you have to clean up the workspace before you start opening up your electric chainsaw. With an untidy workspace, you have greater chances of losing small parts like screws and ultimately, you will end up wasting hours looking for them.

If you care about your electric chainsaw, you must check to make sure that the wiring is okay at least once every month. There have been many reported fatal injuries in the past due to wiring defects and sudden changes.

More importantly, if you’re planning on keeping the machine working for a long time, you should consult a mechanic once every two months to check the internal wiring system. The oil inside the chain has to be completely drained out and then cleaned if it has been filled for weeks or months.

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The oil might dry up and stick to the surface if it has been lying there for a long time. You must check and replace bar and chain oil regularly to reduce friction, keep your electric chainsaw from wearing out faster, and to make cutting easier.

Turn the knob in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to adjust the tightness of the chain. Once you have removed the chain from the electric chainsaw, put it aside for the time being as you will move on to it later.

You must take a brush and start cleaning out the dirt and debris from the guide bar. The chain must be properly cleaned to improve the efficiency of your electric chainsaw.

Give it thirty to forty minutes to properly soak in the solution. When you are done soaking the chain in the mixture, take it out and start cleaning it manually.

To clean it manually, you must take a strong brush and scrub the chain with it. You have to make sure that the holes in the chain are not blocked by dirt or any kind of debris because the holes of the chains let oil and other lubricants pass through and make the lubrication process efficient.

chainsaw sharpen chain safety tips avoid kickback accidents zone bar guide progardentips tip

So clean the holes and the chain also to get a proper and efficient result from your electric chainsaw. Once you are done soaking it, take the parts out and start scrubbing and rinsing them with a strong brush.

Your electric chainsaw has a kind of screen that protects you from the sparks that are generated inside your machine. Before putting them in a dry place, remember to clean and spray them with protective oil.

The electric chainsaw should always be stored in a dry place for long safe storage. You must always keep your machine in a dry and covered place so that it is safe from the sun and its UV rays.

The rays damage the machine in ways that your naked eyes would not notice. There are other integrated parts of the machine which I have not mentioned here because it requires skills and more experience to clean them out.

Rust is a slow killer for your electric chainsaw because your electric chainsaw slowly loses its efficiency and also the parts slowly get damaged from rust. The rust can rot your electric chainsaw slowly and the machine soon starts to die.

chainsaw training

By doing so, you have a chance of saving your machine from being ruined and damaged by any kind of rust. Now you must turn the tensioning screws clockwise, by holding the guide bar tip upwards.

Sometimes you might think about saving some of your money by using cheap chain lubricant to run your electric chainsaw. If you ever thought of using cheap oil to run your electric chainsaw, you were about to make a grave mistake.

That is why you must always take a good look at the wood before beginning to cut it and search for places where there are nails. Hitting nails suddenly can damage your machine’s blades badly.

When you are cutting wood while it is lying flat on the ground, there are great chances that you hit dirt and rocks. Your electric chainsaw can receive many types of damages from different things.

There are many reasons why your electric chainsaw would face these harsh things in its lifetime. Now if you are someone who has very little patience then I will try to give a quick chart on all the major types of damages, how they happen and how you can resolve them yourself.

chainsaw need

To sum up this entire blog post, I would say that your electric chainsaw is bound to face unexpected damage once in a while in its lifetime.

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